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Sleep Deprived

Summary: You’re exhausted and really just need some sleep but Bucky is nothing but trouble.

Request/Prompt(s): -4,31,62,76,9 Preferably in that order?

4. “I’m too sober for this.”
31. “I haven’t slept in ages.”
62. “If you can’t sleep… we could have sex?
76. “Please put your penis away.”
9. “You can’t banish me! This is my bed too!”

Warnings: swearing, mentions of sex, super mild smut I guess? maybe?

Word Count: 1910

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Exhaustion crept through every inch of your body, slowly dragging your thoughts into an irritable whirl. It had been a stressful few weeks, and coming off of a daunting double shift the only solace was the idea of a shower, bed, and cuddles. The idea of curling into Bucky’s warm body while you fell asleep was the only comfort to motivate your last few steps up to your apartment.

The second you turned the key in the lock and pushed the door open that comforting feeling shrank to nothing, replaced by a heavy tension. You set your things down as the excited shout of several voices assaulted your ears. The boys were over, judging by the late hour, they were also up to no good.

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Okay so after seeing Rogue One for the 4th time last night (I blame my new OTP), I am fully prepared to put my RebelCaptain thoughts into text.

Here goes!

- Cassian kills the informant on Jedha. He doesn’t want to, you can see the feeling of regret on his face after, he knows this guy is expendable and will drag him down. Everything he does is for the cause. The Rebellion. That being said, Jyn at one point became expendable to Cassian. On Jedha, he knew he needed to find Galen, he got that info. But he wasn’t willing to leave her behind. Why? Why indeed….

(okay, going back to this being sort of in order..)

- So they extract Jyn from Wobani, and take her to Yavin IV. Cassian interrogates her, but before he does, while Mon Montha is debriefing her, he checks her out. Did anyone else see this? Maybe he was sizing her up. But it was the full up-down check out. (I’m getting to the point where I want to notice every subtle nuance. My future copy of Rogue One on blu-ray is already tired)

- And she doesn’t brazenly check him out like he did, but you tell there is intrigue on her face when she turns to look at him. This film is setting us up, these two people, whether you like it or not, are here to be interested in each other in one form or another.

- On the ship about to leave for Jedha I think you can tell that she went through his stuff to get a blaster. And there must’ve been something in her that said “he’ll probably let me keep it…” because they already have a weird connection.

- “trust goes both ways” yup

- it could be just me, or maybe it’s Cassian super not looking forward to this mission, but when K2 asks him if he knows the odds of her using the gun against him, I swear Cassian’s face looks sad. He already wants to trust her, and would hate himself for putting himself in harm’s way by letting her keep the blaster unnecessarily. But I also think he doesn’t want his new budding crush to for nothing. (Also, he already doesn’t want to kill her father)

- Checking out the city from the ridge, talking about the Star Destroyer… Jyn says something snarky to K2. Okay, K2 is Cassian’s droid. Like Poe and BB-8′s relationship, you’d think Cassian would eventually be like, “hey, be nice to my droid.” Does he? No, he’s always like, “my future girlfriend is so funny…”

- Walking through the streets of Jedha…. as close to each other as humanly possible? Why not. What is personal space at this point? They have just met and now they look like a couple. And he’s SO protective of her already, which I know it’s because he needs her to get to Saw but… boyfriend much?

- Fighting, again, super protective. She put herself in harm’s way to save that little girl. Cassian didn’t want her to (again, she’s a current necessity) but you know he liked that she is so self-sacrificing and now he knows she’s not as bad as he might have originally surmised. And he’s really impressed that she can handle herself… like damn. Cassian already has heart eyes.

- Jump forward to Saw’s hideout. Cassian’s concern for Jyn has doubled. He found out where Galen is (thanks Bhodi). He doesn’t need her anymore. Plus he’s going to end up doing something that will destroy her anyway (i.e kill her father) and yet, our boy can’t stop himself. “Where’s Jyn? Jyn! I have to get Jyn.”

- Cassian wants to believe her. When she’s recounting the message from her father, he tells her he’s not the one to convince. He is inching towards believing her, and he’s getting to the point where he really trusts her. He just doesn’t want her hurt at this point. He’s really looking out for her well-being, and you can see the doubt in his orders on his face. He’s hating himself at this point. Everyone on the ship can tell that there is something up with Cassian, and it boils down to Cassian and his relationship with Jyn. He usually would have no problem with following Alliance orders, but now he’s attached to her. (Well also the fact that he knows Galen is also not what he originally assumed) But dutifully he goes up to carry out his orders, and changes his mind. He can see that Galen is much like Jyn, where she gets her defiance from. And he, in that moment, admires Galen.

- He sees Jyn on the platform. And freaks out. Why Cassian? Oh I know why…

- He’s putting himself in harm’s way to go get her off that platform. He can’t leave her. Ugh, my heart can’t take it. And to think we’re only half way through this thing.

- That emotionally charged fight on the ship. Sheesh. It is basically the beginning of unresolved sexual tension, (maybe not super appropriate because her father just died, but still.. the tension was there). Jyn was starting to have an inkling of feelings, and Cassian might’ve just squashed them. She’s hurt, but they’re both wrong and they’re both right. But this connection of theirs is not severed. It’s still building.

- back on Yavin IV, Jyn uses Cassian’s line “rebellions are built on hope”, it shows she listens to him, and it shows what he says to her has an effect on her. I doubt that happens often, for her to quickly trust and listen to a stranger like that?

- Cassian believes her. He’s in her court. He has pulled together a team. In that moment he finally has true heart eyes. And she basically, in her Jyn way says, ‘i like you’ with “I’m not used to people sticking around when things go bad.” Cassian’s response “Welcome home” is just: ‘like me? Are you sure you don’t love me?’

- the circling each other and the eye sex and the UST. WHAAAAAAASFJAKF it would’ve been too soon (right? haha..) if they had kissed there, but it wouldn’t have been terrible. Just sayin.

- the flight to Scarif. Okay, WHAT WAS THE DEAL WITH THE LINGERING LOOKS? WE NOT TALK ABOUT THAT ENOUGH. She’s in the cockpit, Cassian comes up and the look they share. If they had been the only people on that ship, I wonder what would’ve happened between them. They’re feeling scared and they might already feel like they’re signing up for death. And those feelings catapult emotions and make you feel like you having nothing left to lose. So why not more eye sex? And the lingering checking him out moment she has with him before going down underneath the cockpit… YOU GUYS OMG

- her inspiring words with the crew, poor guys, they’re all scared. Cassian’s heart eyes are growing. he’s like, “my future wife is so cool you guys.”

- you know Jyn had some inappropriate thoughts once she saw Cassian in that uniform. Also, how did they dress in such a cramped place? That is a fic in the making…

- okay they have their ‘down to business’ faces on. Things are serious. But walking through the hangars on Scarif, you see Jyn give Cassian a few desperate looks, almost needing reassurance. Because she has finally found someone reassuring to her. YOU KNOW HOW CRAZY THAT IS AT THIS POINT? She has had no one for so long and this guy is now making her feel like she belongs somewhere, to someone, and finally has a home… and I CAN’T STAND IT I LOVE THEM SO MUCH.

- things are getting real tough. K2 seals them off and my heart can’t take K2 saying goodbye. I still can’t handle Rogue One. It’s like watching my children get killed off one by one. Why do I subject myself to this? Oh yes, because my RebelCaptain.

- also, K2 knows Cassian will be okay, because K2, although not fully understanding the spectrum of human emotion, knows that Cassian has a strong bond with Jyn and that Cassian will be okay with out him and oh look i just made myself sad.

- you can tell Cassian thinks the name Stardust is muy cute. And he’s thinking maybe they can call their future daughter Stardust…

- Cassian’s concerned heart eyes while Jyn is preparing to jump/twist (also HOW IN SHAPE ARE THESE PEPOLE, i can’t do a pull up to save my life) onto a different platform. And Jyn once again getting reassurance from him. These people are just destroying my heart.

- when Jyn pulls the plans out and almost hits Cassian in the face and you know what he says next to her? “Are you okay?” Like really Cassian? 

- Krennic, you bastard, you hurt my Cassian!!

- Jyn’s scream for Cassian as he falls and her brief moment of thinking of falling down to be with him. :(

- somehow managing to pull herself up again? I applaud Felicity Jone’s and her intense training.

- Krennic being shot by Cassian, who had just suddenly appeared not dead and ready to save the love of his life, might be one of my favorite things in the entirety of Star Wars.

- One of my favorite RebelCaptain moments: Cassian telling Jyn to let it go when she’s ready to kick Krennic off the platform, or who knows what. To me it was a simple moment that spoke volumes. Cassian knows that no matter what, they don’t have a lot of time left together and it shouldn’t be wasted on revenge, as they have already done so much killing and Krennic is basically done for anyway. Krennic isn’t worth Jyn’s time, or her energy. He wants her to be ready to let it go, they had done what her father had asked, and now she can truly move on, etc etc. Also - Jyn listens to Cassian. She lets it go. And he was so calming with her, so loving. “That’s it. That’s it.” Like omg, how are you guys not making out yet? Oh right, you’re on a platform, openly exposed to Tie-Fighters! You guys should go find an elevator and make out!

- ELEVATOR SCENE. DUDE JUST… OMG. How much extended eye contact can this movie have anyway? Seriously. This movie might as well be: ROGUE ONE: Cassian and Jyn bore holes into each other’s souls. And how close can they be? And again, HOW ARE THEY NOT KISSING?? They both found what they needed in the other person. Even if they don’t make it, they found their home. This movie hurts my soul.

- Last but oh so not least. The beach scene. They won’t stop touching, which I approve of. The hand holding, the eye contact. Let me just repeat myself once again for good measure: how are they not kissing??? (Curse my shipper heart). He is in pain, who knows how many ribs he has broken, but he manages to stand up and hold her while they die together. This has got to be one of the most romantic moments in cinematic history. I love it so much. But I feel so robbed by the ‘could haves’. They have become one of my most favorite, if not my most favorite SW couple, in the span of 2 hours. So thank goodness we have an outlet in fanficiton, art, etc, and maybe some amazing deleted scenes?? Gareth has got to give us something!

I apologize that this is so long. My RebelCaptain heart needed to be put down into words.


“the last thing i ordered was a pack…a little pack that you wear around your waist and you put dog treats in.”
“a fanny pack exclusively for dog treats?”
“i got this trainer that is coming to my house and she wears one…she’s guilted me into it! every time she comes she’s like "you guys really need treat bags.” she says you need to wear it around the house and so i ordered one so when i’m at my house i’m gonna be wearing a fanny pack full of dogs treats.“
"are you serious?”
“yes! because she said i need to be ready to reward barbara if she does good things.”
“i’m picturing you now in nothing but a fanny pack walking around your house.”

it’s still new years eve here so i still have time 2 do my 2016 follow forever lmao thank you for all the laughs and the emo moments it really brightened my life this past couple of months even if we just met or we haven’t talked that much yet 🌸 im excited 2 see what 2017 holds for all of us and for exo and i hope your new years is merry 🌸 

instead of alphabetical order i thought it would b fun to sort by bias (or if u don’t have one or multiple i just put u under the member i most closely associate u with!!) bold = mutuals, let me know if i missed you!

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My Favorite Partner Types (Part One)

(This is just a random opinion list of mine that’s not in any particular order)

The Contracted Pair:

My Defination: A pair bound together by a supernatural bond that allows them to understand each other better and to be much closer than they would be otherwise. Examples: Sharing a soul, a body, hearing each others thoughts, ECT.

Why I like it: I like that these pairs rarely start out easy. It’s hard to be so closley stuck with someone, but in the end, the bond keeps them from ever being alone. This pair puts an emphisis on getting to know all of eachother and accepting everything about someone. In these relationships the more they know each other they closer they get and ususally the stronger they become as a pair. I have a lot of respect for a relationship that promotes this level of understanding between two people, who are forced to know more about their partner than is usually possible in real life. 

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Childhood Friends:

My Definition: Two people who met as children and formed a bond that carried over as they grew older. 

Why I like it: This bond starts out so pure. Children have no ulterior motives. They just care for each other. So when this purity is carried over into an adult relationship it makes it really genuine and strong. It also allows a deeper understanding between the two and I really appreciate that. This relationship also tends to have an immence meaning to the characters because it was a part of their lives for so long, and/or romanced from their childhood. 

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I look like a minor. I have a face that looks like 12 even though I’m 21. My coworkers thought I was 16 when I started (the youngest you can be to work there)

Despite my youthful appearance, an old man probably in his mid to late 50’s kept calling me “dear” and “deary”. It was very off-putting for me.
He was kind though, like not inherently creepy, i think it just felt awkward to me because I am very aware of how young I look and sound.

When he got his order, he had to pass by my register to go back to his table. He waited for me to finish handing change back to the customer I was helping (it was just a second or two) and then he leaned towards me and said “Thank you so much for talking with me, dear.” I guess bc while I was taking his order, I asked him about his day (the usual customer service stuff)

Idk I just don’t really understand it. Idk why he called me dear. Maybe I’m just too aware of how I don’t look my age, and maybe I just immediately thought the worst. But it just weirds me out in general when customers/strangers much older than me call me anything but “Miss”.


Pre-orders update~
I meant to update for a while, sorry!

Thank you again to everyone who purchased something from me! Just an update to say shipping has started~ Single books and prints are going out first!

Any orders with a Manga bundle will ship next week, I only managed to finish the artwork for the exclusive print for it…!! (pictured above, those are the wips) The exclusive print comes with hints explaining the meaning behind parts of the painting, because I put a lot of thought and love into it <3 Only you guys will know about these hints until this scene is (hopefully) revealed in the story (much later on).

Any orders with a Haikyu!! bundle will ship the same week but later, sorry for the delay - I will compensate with freebies.
Yuri on ice convention pre-orders will ship next week too!! You guys will get a little tiny freebie for being awesome :3

Seriously once the prints arrive next week on monday they will fly out of my house i swear

Hey everyone! ❤ 2k16 it’s almost over (thank gods) and I felt like doing a little something to celebrate!! I wish I could l thank each and every one of you individually but since I can’t, I thought making a percy jackson fandom family page would be a fun way to show my thanks! Also, to get your blogs the attention they deserve. (◕‿◕✿)

✧ how to join:

  • must be following this crazy demigod;
  • pls reblog this post;
  • send me an ask with the following: up to 5 pjo/hoo/toa characters in order of preference, your name, your cabin and few words to describe you. also, feel free to send an image so I can put as your icon (you don't have to, just if you want an specific one!);
  • fandom family page here;
  • make sure you check which characters are taken before sending your ask;
  • feel free to ask me if you have any questions! this has no deadline so feel free to enter whenever. anyone can participate, you don't have to be a pjo blog (づ。◕‿‿◕。)づ

Thank you again, and happy new year!! ❤

so i’ve seen people headcanon/write Dirk as the first/one of the first subject, i guess mostly because of Riggins’ “when i found you i knew it was real”; but

i was thinking about that list on that screen, in what order are they sorted? it’s not alphabetical, it could technically be by categories but i guess then we would have some distinctions (colours/arrangement); chronology would be a logical assumption. and it makes sense because:

the Rowdy 3 are first on the list. it was said on the show that they were “one of the first” subjects; but, we don’t actually know how often would a new project be created, it was probably irregular (unless there was some Big Pattern to it, which is actually also possible), like one day they bring 5 of them in and then they find no one for a month

in any case Dirk is a bit earlier than halfway through the list, and it adds up too, since in 2016 he’s 30-ish, then during the breach in 2000 his in his teens, then when the project was founded in 1988 he was literally a tiny baby, so assuming they’d take him as a little boy (but not a tiny baby) it could happen just a bit earlier than halfway between 1988 and 2000

also then earlier projects like Incubus or Marzanna would have been there longer, and they are, well, crazier. knowing less of real life. idk, but they’re pretty far gone, whilst Dirk is just.. eccentric, but can normally function. you know what i’m getting at. of course we don’t know what state they were in before and how much of what they’re like now is a result of being locked up and experimented on, but weeell, we can imagine.

so tying it back to where i started: i’m pretty sure the table is chronological. therefore i’m pretty sure Dirk was not one of the first subjects. also, as a side note, more of a personal headcanon: all the previous subjects turned out to be rather murdery, and whilst it probably pleased the military officials (who could imagine a good use for some holistic assassins), it wasn’t why Riggins came up with the project in the first place. he strikes me as a bit of an “i want to believe” type, who’d be more likely looking for some strange grand pattern in the universe - and that’s what he found in Icarus. amen.

oh dang thanks for the heads up, anon! i will cut all ties with this awful person immediately. boy you really helped me out of making a real social faux pas with that one!

While I’m at it i’d like to say that getting right to tis important message, making sure to not dilute it with any facts or proof shows a real respect of my time, and i greatly appreciate the thought and effort you put into it!

Additionally, dude, smart move doing this on anon! Personal responsibility is a bitch and you obviously sacrifice nothing in order get the word out about this craven scoundrel. Self protection always comes first!

Finally, while we are obviously dealing with the absolute dregs of humanity here, i enjoy that you’re keeping the cantor nice n light, just kinda throwing it out there for our consideration. It shows me that you’re used to this sort of thing, as if you do it on a frequent basis. Thank you hero, for keeping a vigilant eye and continually warning us of the horrible souls that lurk among us!

wheew, that sure was a close one, right everybody?

When in your presence I observe and stare,
I adore running my fingers through your hair.
I adore seeing your face light up,
when you talk about your passions.
I admire the way you put your ideas and thoughts into action.
And even though I make fun of you,
I can’t help but to adore your perfectionist ways.
Your need for order, preciseness and consistency
never lets me down.
I feel blessed just having you around.

Can I tell you,
I miss you, when we are apart?
Because overtime,
you have climbed your way into my heart—
soothing, reconnecting and healing the broken parts.
Can I let you know,
I knew you were special right from the start?
And if you ever decide to leave,
in my life—
you’ll forever leave a lasting mark.

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I really did try to give Jocelyn a chance but I'm just so over her character like she's trying to kill Jace just the other day and now she's trying to act all nice and act like she's on his side like I understand she did want to get Jace to Alec but the way she came across when she was talking to Jace just felt so fake and insincere

imo magnus is right about jocelyn making people do what she wants, he said that people fix the problems she creates in the first place and honestly she knew alec and izzy were desperate to find jace and he was ready to kill him but what she wanted was to find clary so he put alec’s life at risk, of course he is a grown man and can make his decisions but like i said he was willing to do anything to find jace and she used that opportunity to get to her daughter, she only does things that benefit her and that doesn’t mean she is a bad person but it’s not great, but i mean she is been in a coma for 3 weeks and the little we’ve seen of her she is portrayed as a horrible person “i thought valentine was the monster but you…” they are trying to make us see her in the same light that we see valentine and she isn’t like him

Holy shit I just realized that the reason Shouji has absolutely NOTHING in his room might be because he wants an empty open space to decompress

Like with his quirk he could easily suffer from sensory overload and needs a quiet and non-distracting space

His space is empty because he’s around Too Much™

2016 Fic Recap

2016 was the year I started writing fic. I’ve never thought of myself as a writer before, just an artist, so its been v challenging to put myself out there in terms of my writing. I still feel perpetually insecure about it, but thank you to everyone who went out of their way to comment on my work <3


Haunted, E (During his nightly security check Hux catches a glimpse of a familiar figure in Ren’s quarters)

Not so bad, E (The First Order has radically different ideas on sex and romance, finding that romance detracts from the common goal of procreation.)

Clutch, E (A Half-alien Hux is caught in an embarrassing predicament, Kylo simply wants to help–yes its oviposition I already said I was sorry)

Bite, E (Ren begins acting strangely, Hux is determined to find out why–aka the Force wants us to get it on trope)

Lightning, E (Hux isn’t sure whether Snoke has wiped Kylo’s memories after Starkiller. He’s not sure he wants to know)


Burn, E (ABO reylux for the Tropesgiving exchange. Hux gets in over his head during an interrogation)

Pawn/Knight/Queen, E (WIP long-fic, Kylo, Rey, and Hux get mixed up in the business of force-bonds and hostile takeovers–one of the first fics I started, features hot mess Hux, not sure I would write Ren like this anymore)

Cult Logic, E (Modern blood-magic AU that I will probably not finish though I like the premise, ha)

Vanilla, E (Indulgent nonsense sex therapist AU, reads like v bad porn)

The Witch Wood, E (New England Gothic AU with Witch Kylo, Priest Hux, and a curious Rey)

I ain’t no fortunate one, no, M (Road trip AU, Hux is none too thrilled to be dragged on a road trip with his best friend Kylo, particularly when his annoying girlfriend Rey is sure to be along for the ride.)


Salix, E (A kind of cinderella story featuring Matt the Garden Technician, Rey, and a force-sensitive tree)

Fleeting Glimpses, E (PWP which I kind of hate now)

Undercover Adventures, T (Kylo Ren goes undercover to investigate a suspicious new technician on the Finalizer–Still v proud of this one, my first fic and my longest complete fic! Goofy and fun)

Other/Short Fic

Check out my Drabbles tag to see my short fic/ other pairings 

Jeez I write a lot of smut.

Thanks again everyone, and special thanks to @brittlelimbs who has been my continual sounding board and support <3 


Just a stream of consciousness about how I feel about how i’ve changed around people and why i think thats happened. 

I think there are many different ways to cope with confidence issues. it could be by shutting yourself off from people or going to the ends of the earth to make sure they perceive you as the person you like to think you are in your head. 

It occurred to me recently that i actually was the person i wanted to be in my head, or at least for the most part. Now that I know thats who i am I dont feel the compulsion to prove it to others. if they missread my personality or just dont see it then that has no bearing on the person that i am in reality. in other words I can appreciate my own value and its on others to appreciate it or not. 

Anyways, apologies for this weird stream of consciousness. I was off ill from work today and was finding it diffifcult to put my thoughts into order so here we are….

Peter Pan {Sentence Starters}

  • “Oh, we had such a wonderful time!”
  • “You mean more to me than anything in this whole world!”
  • “I hereby banish you forever.”
  • “Oh, a little persuasion might be in order.”
  • “Thank you, my dear, you’ve been most helpful.”
  • “Girls talk too much!”
  • “And just what do you think you are doing, ______?”
  • “You mean this is only a game?”
  • “This won’t do. What’s the matter with you?”
  • “A jealous female can be tricked into anything.”
  • “This time you’ve gone too far!”
  • “All this has happened before, and it will all happen again.”
  • “It’s just that I never thought about it before.”
  • “I have the strangest feeling that I’ve seen that _____ before.”
  • “Put her back, you blithering idiot!”
  • “You could show us the way? Why, I never thought of that.”
  • “Now, think of the happiest things.”
  • “I’ll get you for this, _____, if it’s the last thing I do!”
  • “Safe? Of course they’ll be safe. Why not?”
  • “But what’s this? Tears? Then it is true.”
  • “I came to listen to your stories.”
  • “This ain’t no place for a respectable pirate.”
  • “Goodness gracious, whatever shall we do?”

Scattered Fett family thoughts and plot bunnies I’ve collected today while reorganizing a bunch of notebooks and papers at work. Kind of in chronological order?

  • Teenage Rex is trying to coerce little Elijah to come inside for bath time. Elijah argues that he’s not dirty. Rex smudges a handprint of mud on his chest. Elijah argues that he can just put his shirt in the wash. Rex smudges another handprint on his face. 
  • Teenage Rex pulls the centerfold out of a magazine and tacks it to the wall of the bedroom he shares with Cody. Cody enters and comments, “Sexy.” The two boys go back and forth for a bit, discussing the graceful beauty, alluring curves, tight body, etc. Camera cuts to the poster. It’s a motorcycle. 
  • Addendum to Echo’s ponytail: Actually it makes more sense if immediately after the accident, Echo has his head shaved. Stitches and scans and electrodes and whatnot. After that he lets it grow out to just long enough to get into a stubby ponytail, but it doesn’t last long before he goes back to his standard haircut.
  • Jesse and Echo both hate fireworks.
  • Jesse is a /fit/izen.
  • Fives is that guy who breaks the ice on tinder with puns.
  • All the boys played a sport of some kind through school, but all I know for sure is that Cody was in football and Tup was/is in soccer.
  • Dogma was actually the first person Tup told about his parents’ plan to move far away.
  • Dogma is talking shit in Mando’a in front of the other high schoolers; Tup passive-aggressively responds to him in English so he can’t get away with it.
  • Echo deadpan offers to teach Tup how to drive. No one is sure how to react.
  • Kix suspects (rightfully) that Rex is actually pretty awkward about giving Tup “The Talk.” He stops by their apartment and leaves a box on Tup’s bed, like a little first aid kit except filled with condoms, lube, dental dams, etc. A note on top reads: “So you don’t have to go snooping at an inopportune time. Love, the brother you’d all be dead of every disease without [Lightning bolt symbol]”
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