just putting a little quote to stop my tears


Hi Taylor!
I know you probably won’t notice this since I’m not one of those well-known blogs but let’s try. Hope is the last one that dies, right?
My name is Cristina (but most of people call me Crisy) I’m a 15 year old Brazilian swiftie. I’ve been your fan since 2009/2010 when I was just a little bun (still am actually). I’ve got a cat named Dallas. My favorite albums are Speak Now and of course 1989.
My biggest dream is to see you live, or maybe even meeting you if I get the chance. Unfortunately I never got the chance to realise it (you came here once on the Red era for a closed show, and since it was on Rio I wasn’t able to go). I spent years crying in front of the computer watching videos of your shows or your DVDs thinking how it must feel to see you in person.
You help me through so much. At 6th grade I used to get bullied every single day, and I remember sitting in the back of the class with tears in my eyes writing ‘Mean’ lyrics on my notebook. Three years ago when I really really really liked one of my friends I used to write little notes with quotes from your songs and hid it on my backpack. A year later when his girlfriend made him stop talking to me I locked myself in my room every day and listened to YBWM. This year I got diagnosticated with depression, and sometimes when I feel sad I just put ‘Fearless’ or ‘Shake it off’ on and dance until my feet hurt. When I feel ugly and useless I listen to Enchanted on repeat till my thoughts go away.
You’re the person that can put a smile on my face. You’re the person that can make me confident. You’re even the person that made me interested on feminism.
This fandom… Also helped me though so much. I love them with all my heart, they are my second family. I met amazing people here. I usually get really shy and don’t have the nerves to try to start a conversation with some of you that I find really nice and sweet. I’m afraid that you guys will think that I’m boring or annoying so I just keep it to myself, but I just want to have this chance to say that I really care about you. You’re all so important to me.
I know I would never get a package or get invited to loft ’89 or to anything like that since I live so far away. I’m not asking for any of that. Just knowing that you saw this would bring tears to my eyes and a smile to my face (which doesn’t happen in a very long time). I want to thank you, for everything you’ve ever did and still do for me without even knowing it. I’m so thankful for having you in my life. I love you so much, you’re my sunshine.
Keep being this wonderful woman. You’re my role-model.