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I've been vegetarian practically ever since I was born, I turned vegan recently. The only thing I never ditched was comestics. Terrible, I know. Where I am from there are basically no other choices, although I know there's no excuse. BUT, now I moved to London and I'm sure I can find any brand that exists. If you could please recommend a mark that has good foundations, concealers, powders, I'd be really grateful. It would be a huge plus if they were as natural as possible. Before I'd buy max fac

I have not tried any of Lush Cosmetics’ face makeup, but the reviews on their site are pretty good! They are definitely on my to-try list! Just Pure Minerals is one of my favorites! Everything I have tried from her shop is fantastic. Her powders are light and free of irritants, and her lipsticks are smooth and go on very well! I definitely suggest trying samples first to find your proper shade! Also, the newest one I have tried is Cover FX CC Cream! But, unfortunately, it does not look like they ship to out of North America. Try checking Amazon if you are still interested. E.L.F. Cosmetics makes a decent line of very affordable cosmetics. The All Natural Face makes a whole line of concealers in different shades to cover different problems.  Everyday Minerals makes a fantastic line of foundations, powders, blushes, etc. and they offer samples! All you have to do is pay for the shipping plus $0.01!

Good luck! I hope this helps! (: And don’t put yourself down for not making the switch sooner! Better late than never!