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I would kill to see so much. Like how the hell did Roan get banished? Why did Nia have such a deep hatred for Lexa? What was Lexa and Anya’s dynamic like – both in front of others and alone? What was her relationship with Cosita like? Who was she before and after she woke up to her love’s head? What was her dynamic with Titus like prior to the sky ppl falling to the ground? What was she like as a mentor? Did she have one on one time with all of them or just Aden? What happened to her family? If any of them are still alive, does she keep in touch with them or keep tabs on them? How did she manage to cope after Costia’s murder? Were there any grounders that shared her bed and nothing more? What was her relationship like with other grounders in high ranking positions? Who was she before and after her conclave? How did she manage to make the coalition happen? How did she deal with the mountain men/reapers?

There’s always a good reason why someone acts like besties with someone else they apparently should have NOTHING in common with. What would Jesse Williams have in common with the Nnobody?

Well… both Mediatakeout and Enty today are saying that dear Jesse Williams is on the down low. On top of the fact he doesn’t want to pay alimony to his ex wife. NOW THESE two things make him a PERFECT MATCH with the Nnobody whom he has known for years, since LONG before Kerry was EVER associated with the Nnobody (there are multiple photos of Jesse Williams at “foundation” events, and he’s posted more than once on social media calling the Nnobody his “homie”, they go to basketball games together).

Everything all of a sudden makes PERFECT sense.


context: each twice member were given hand-written messages from the other 8 members anonymously

Momo was reading anonymous Mina’s message but got exposed by Nayeon!

+ Momo’s simple reply to Mina’s message

did yall see on jareds instagram that tom’s nails were painted?? that makes me like. so immeasurably happy

i KNEW the padaleckis werent the people to keep a traditional and strictly gendered house i love it

like esp after gen tweeted multiple times abt protecting trans kids and how she was at the womens march in austin i just

i know jared cant tweet “political” things because hes under contract but hes said so many sweet things about lgbt sam fans at cons and im just over the moon that his whole family is accepting and progressive and im happy his kids will be able to grow up with safety and equality and love no matter who they turn out to be

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Ahem, I saw on an old post you have OCs :0? Can we hear about them? :0

Oh boy. Someone actually wants to know.

Alright so long story short: I’m the most self-indulgent piece of shit ever, and I gave into the desire for a next gen AU that no one wants except for me.

I repent my sins, I promise.

Everything below the cut because I’m ashamed.

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Charmed meme: optional scenes [2/?]
↳ Cheaper By The Coven (7x03)

actual sweetheart Victor Bennett smiling sweetly to himself at his little girls bickering


{ No comic book counterpart, an unexplored military background, the status as an aspiring H.I.V.E. villain with no special powers, an assignment from the Brotherhood to go after Jericho specifically in Calling All Titans, Slade’s temporary involvement with the H.I.V.E. Academy, blue eyes which match Slade’s, and Teen Titans’ total deviation from the comic book universe.

In the same way Red X could be Jason Todd; Private HIVE might be Grant Wilson. }

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hey <3

Send me a ”hey” and i’ll do this:

  1. First impression: indifferent
  2. Truth is: I’m always afraid of coming off as a jerk to you bc I know I can be abrasive
  3. How old do you look: 20???? 
  4. Have you ever made me laugh: You got me laughin on them skype calls
  5. Have you ever made me mad: We chill o3ob
  6. Best feature: You dish out that salt. I loveeee it!
  7. Have I ever had a crush on you: nope
  8. You’re my: Guide to all things Batman 66′s
  9. Name in my phone: We’re actually not friends on skype
  10. Should you post this too? yeee if you want o7o
What my boyfriend smells like

He has a physical job, and more often than not dumps his work clothes on the living room floor, and leaves anything he has used in the house where he sets it down. Well this morning I can smell it strong, all his things they have had time to fill the room with a scent I can only attach to him.

Firstly there is a strong metallic smell, this can only be coming from the tools he uses, his hands are callused and strong from them, frequently cut, a few scars complete his working hands look.

A sweet and sour smell of sweat, he works hard and sometimes in tight spaces, so it gets hot, he isn’t the clean collar type, his clothes are dirty every day he comes home. He doesn’t use deodorant (unless he has to), or after shave.

Smoke, he smokes, there is an ash tray in the room with me which where the smell is coming from but it’s his smell. He doesn’t smoke cigarettes, he rolls his own. I hate that there is a lingering ash smell, but that’s who he is.

He has a strong Dr Pepper and Coffee addiction so there is always that smell, the sugar sweet of the pop, and comforting warmth of the coffee which he drinks as strong as he can get it.

Lastly beer, last night before he went to bed he had a beer and the bottle is still sat on the table, it was a craft beer so it’s got a distinct smell, a faint whiff of honey to it, he doesn’t drink any other type of beers so there is never a left over cheap larger twang.

Anyway, that’s what my boyfriend smells like, and he’s been the same in the 14 years I have known him. I think this might be him for life now..

An idea about Dorian and M!Lavellan

(Idk if this is a thing but I’ve seen the idea before somewhere)
Let’s say that touching ears is a sacred coughsexualcough act to dalish and when Dorian and Lavellan first confess there love for each other Dorian touches his ears not knowing what it means. Lavellan blushes and hugs him and says I love you over and over.
But Dorian doesn’t know what touching an elf’s ears mean. They’re out and about: Lavellan, Iron Bull, Solas, and Dorian. And while Solas and Bull are arguing about the qun Dorian nibbles on Lavellan’s ear and whispers that they should leave them and find a pretty spot to get comfortable. And Solas being a culture expert, sees Dorian touching Lavellan’s ears and Lavellan blushing and is completely appalled that Dorian would touch Lavellan’s ears in public.

Later Solas tells Dorian that touching a Dalish’s ear is the same as making love and isn’t suppose to be done anywhere but the bedroom. He also tells him it’s the deepest declaration of love to the dalish and that he shouldn’t do things he doesn’t understand. Dorian stops touching his ears in general not sure if Lavellan is comfortable with it.

Later Dorian Cole Solas And Lavellan are out and Cole starts sharing Lavellan’s feelings with the group.
“He misses the caresses to his ear. The heated breath against a bright red ear. His heart beating faster and faster as the caress gets slower and slower. Why did he stop? Love, love, so much he thinks he’s drowning in the red hot feelings. Burning burning brighter than–”
“Stop!” Lavellan is blushing and Dorian sends Solas a snarky smirk and walks up to Lavellan and caresses his ears. Lavellan mewls, and Solas rolls his eyes.
Cole looks confused but he feels Dorians new found appreciation for him.

It's horrible, isn't it?

It’s horrible, isn’t it? That feeling you get when you really want to sit down and read that one book (or any book) and you simply know you can’t because you are a grown up and have responsibilities and you need to put your actual real life ahead of a fictional character’s no matter how much more exciting their adventures are compared to your nightly escapades of reading up on clauses and of the sort. 

And then you think to yourself, what is it for? Is it even worth it?  

Because there was a time when you could have answered this question with a resounding “YES”. When you knew why you were putting in the long hours, welcoming the sleepless nights, sacrificing the outings, and bore the burden of disapproving glances from your mutuals, whenever you said you couldn’t attend. 

But it’s becoming harder now, isn’t it? 

Because you have fallen out of love with what you were doing. Because it no longer excites you. Because you have seen the world beyond the veil, and you did not like the side of it you glimpsed. Because the aspects of it that propelled you forward when you were young and inexperienced and naïve - they no longer do. 

And so you ask yourself, is it worth it? Is it worth denying yourself for the sake of something you no longer pursue with a passion? 

You’re not a quitter, that’s for sure. 

But is there a point in rigorously pursuing something your heart is no longer beating for? When you know - deep down you know - that it will not make you happy. That the reasons you went after it are not as pure as you once thought. Because you are no longer that person. You have grown and with it your self knowledge. And you are no longer scared of what you know about yourself. Of whom you really are. You accept it. You see the selfishness, the evil in you. You see the narcissism and egotism and self-centeredness. You see all the parts of you that decided that it was a goal worth pursuing. 

And you also see the selfless parts. The ones that made you think the fight is worth it. The ones that made you want to push through, and which still to this day torment you, like that last candle on the windowsill - a beacon of light, a promise of a possibility to cast away all shadows, a dream. 

But there are other things out there. Things that call to you, beckon in a way nothing has before. They almost consume you.

And then you ask yourself, is it worth denying it? Turning your back on that one last candle? 

Because it’s a long road, a hard road. A road that doesn’t hold the promises and security of your chosen path. A road cast in shadows. And yet those shadows call to you. Because they always have been. You tried embracing the light. You did. But just like that last flickering candle threatening to burn out, so is your resolve. Because you are just so damned tired. 

So the question is, will it be your choice to leave behind that glimmer of a light you lit so long ago, or will you stay and allow it to consume you, slowly asphyxiate you, only for it to take you with it when it enshrouds you in a different kind of darkness as it goes out?

Naruto: “Why would I date a guy like him!?”, huh… Hee hee!

Ino: I thought so! I thought so! 

Sakura: Oh my… 

Shikamaru: So this is Asuma-sensei and Dad was talking about… So troublesome…

aside from all the drama & f*ckery that happens around here, can I just take a minute to say how incredible this hobby is? like, all of us are coming together to create characters & towns & entire universes for us to make our own. that’s incredible. the fact that we can create an environment where someone can come in & create their own world with their own people & rules & history, & then they get to share it with other writers & let them enter the world & take control of a character inside it? that’s so amazing.

it might not seem like much at the time, when you’re doing gif chats or plotting with friends or doing para replies.. but when you create a new character, you create a new human. you created a little human bean with a life & a personality & a history & hobbies & flaws & strengths & weaknesses. you did all that. whether it was all by yourself or with the help of other admins or writers– you did that. isn’t that so cool? i think that’s so cool.

we’re creating entirely new worlds, guys. whether it’s in a group RP, indie, 1x1, or even if you’re just writing by yourself.. you made a new world & everything you do can help shape it into whatever you want it to be.. idk I just think that’s really incredible.

I’m really proud of y'all for creating your own little human beans & helping them navigate through whatever comes their way, in this new world you’ve created for them to exist in. they couldn’t do it without you.

good job, my dudes. let’s keep up the good work.


Anonymous said:Can you do some Dallas Winston fluff about him really opening up to you in private? Lol just shower thoughts but I can’t write to save my life 😂😂😂

A/N: Yeah of course, my lovely! I’ll be happy to write this for you. I hope that you enjoy it, and sorry for the fact that it took ages for me to post it. 

Not my gif. Gif credit goes to the amazing creators!

Imagine: Dallas Winston opening up to you.

There was a silence that stretched for several minutes as you huddled up nice and close to Dallas in the vacant lot. There was a mini fire burning, crackling away as Dallas wrapped a secure arm around you. “You cold?” his voice seemed distant, aloof, as though he wasn’t really present with you, but in some far secluded land that only he had complete access to. You give a gentle nod before Dallas pulls you even closer.

The silence looms within the air, causing your stomach to twist and churn, nauseousness taking a hold of you. You were afraid that you had become mundane to him, but quite frankly, Dallas was thinking, reliving old memories of New York.

“Did I ever tell you about that time I saw that kid get shot right before my eyes in New York?” Dallas’s voice remains aloof, his eyes wide and grim, but they were deep, like there was a story brewing up behind them.

“No,” you shake your head, averting from saying much else, simply because pushing Dallas Winston was never a grand idea. It got you hurt and you were smart enough not to get yourself hurt.

Dallas’s languid slouch deepened, that look in his eyes extending into menacing animosity. “A kid from a rival gang came into our turf, boasting and what not about his gang. Stupid thing to do, but the kid was rip roaring drunk, - as Two-bit would put it.” Dallas shakes his head, chucking his cigarette butt into the fire. “Next thing I know, the guy next to me pulls a gun out, presses the barrel right to the kids forehead.” Dallas stops for a moment, something tugs on the corner of his lips, but his eyes sting with guilt.

“ ‘Do it. I dare you.’ The kid said, and I didn’t think the guy would do it. That was one lesson I learnt in New York: If a guy pulls out a gun, he’s gonna use it.” his voice sounded different. It didn’t even sound like Dally. “The sound was loud, almost left me deaf. The way that kid’s brains shot out and he crumpled to the ground like a piece of meaningless paper did something to me. That kid looked like Johnny…” and Dallas trailed off, leaving you gob smacked.

Who knew that Dallas Winston was innocent at one time…’ you thought astonishingly within the safe vacancy of your own mind.

Please keep requesting imagines! If you like it, please follow more.

Mustard Coffee?? O-O

Hmm. But I don’t want to imagine Fritz insulting Prussia’s flute-playing. ;^; Knowing how Prussia lives to be praised, I think it would hurt his feelings to hear Fritz didn’t enjoy his ‘awesome flute concert’. ;)

I tell you what we should absolutely NOT imagine tho:

Prussia and Fritz, face-to-face at the party. And Fritz says, “I heard you were playing the flute again the other day, Prussia…I’m glad.”

And Prussia just nods, and stays quiet, because he doesn’t want to cry in front of everyone, but…

Fritz leans in close, and says, “So are you ready to come home with me yet?”

And Prussia shakes his head no; sniffling, he says, “Not yet.”

(I swear to God. If Fritz is there to take Prussia back to Heaven with him, we’re all doomed. u-u Ah! But maybe they’ll just play their flutes together, and everyone will clap and cheer, and Prussia will feel so proud of himself again! ^-^)

Jimin CHOSE to be a napa cabbage HIMSELF so Kook could eat him. Now imagine if he became a cheese and kook as the mouse. Wouldn’t it be adorable?

I don’t know man.The fact that they plan everything together, from choreography, to dance covers, to this, doesn’t it make you feel some sort of way? Like the amount of time they spend, or the little things they do without the interference of others? I personally think they function the best when their other half is around haha.