just pouring salt into the wounds

How I see kpop groups and their traits

Exo: referred to as gods by the future generation; they could release an album full of high pitched screaming and still would make the best selling kpop album; china line who?; we are 1 what?; korean members with chinese stage names; don’t let the satan near you; yehet, kkaebsong; give Sehun lines

Bts: from nowhere to everywhere; hyperactive kids making good music; kids with mental health issues doing vanalism; they look at you - you faint;  shit down, beach - bitch?, ikskjuz miii; zoo; give Jin lines

Ikon: B.I, Bobby and friends; favoritism by yg; “the next bigbang”, but yg seems to forget about them so does the crowd; being hyped up then ending up disappointed; capable of doing good music but refuses to; give chanwoo lines

Got7: no mvs in the future just videos of them dabbing; b side tracks always better than the titles; acrobatics until their neck breaks; not so creative fandom name; bamx2 is big; jaCSon, hard carry by Monsta x

Winner: searching for them - error404: nowhere to be found; somewhere in the yg building; Taehyun had enough shit, wants his own band, searching for members through tumblr; capable of being unique, yg aint letting them; let them break out   

Day6: now 5live, nope, day8, members: sungjin, wonpil, dowoon, youngk, jae, chicken little, brian, younghyun; the one who has a stage name but seems like everyone is forgetting about it; dancing king; hashtag king; let dowoon sing

Astro: too much sugar in my eyes i can’t see; too pure for you; won’t ever do other than cute concepts;  michael jackson; giant maknae; voice cracks for life; new generation of flower boys

Seventeen: too many; pledis has a thing for girly boys; pledis’ only income; leg breaking choreos; adore u remakes as title tracks; no dark concepts in the future; sebeuntin; carrots, mounteen; slipping here and there; dino nugu aegi; thughao, 10:10; divaboo; noone looks like suga; jeongcheol, meanie; give china line lines

Vixx: concept kings but kinda ran out of concepts; oldschool kpop feel; from vixx ravi to solo ravi - full upgrade; one of the prettiest fandom names; endless leader bullying; serial killer; let the maknae line sing

Shinee: going strong since 2008; people seem to pay less attention to them; taemin upgraded; weird fashion taste - key; cola cola; don’t sleep on them

Infinite: dope intros - give you chills; old kpop sound, unique sound; scorpion dance, live singing + synchronized choreos; dinosaur who’s laugh can be heard without a mic; endless leader and maknae bullying; saved woollim; give sungyeol and sungjong lines

Monsta x: future strippers; stuck between hiphop and sexy concepts; wtf is going on here mvs, gay mvs; cringiest fandom name; weird noises by the rapper; damn daniel; how to learn hungarian by changkyun; abs, memes; ten years later: waiting for their first win; mosta x, moista x, monster x;  give hyungwon lines; 

Bigbang: legends; noone can dance, too lazy to dance; fashionistas; min hyorin; yg = bigbang

B.a.p: started to rise - shit happened - nobody cares about them anymore; getting killed or killing others in mvs; unappreciated dancers and rappers; high notes for life; actual meaningful lyrics

Block b: zico and the boys; biggest weirdos of them all; no friendship just business; give jaehyo lines

Nct: taeyong and the boys; pouring salt at the wounds; mess of a noise music; rotating as much that i can already see the tornado; dozens of units; horrible fashion; unnecessary ps; damn hoverboard skills; great vocals being hidden; johnny somehow managed to get out; let hansol free; give lines to everyone

Pentagon: putting them through an unnecessary scripted survival show to make people foget about some disbanded groups (4minute); sm and yg let some gems slip out from their hands, at least they are not in the dungeon; giants and dwarfs; ugly crying; lame jokes; ultrasound screams; nudity; wooyu; yutoda; give shinwon lines

Btob: being forgotten by cube; weird, extra; slowly turning into a ballad group; is minhyuk a rapper?; give peniel lines

Beast: what is happening with u cube? shit happened; new name - bea5t?;  lost their spirit after shit happned; great lives 

Suju: waiting for ot15; shit still happening; growing out of kpop; concepts don’t match their age; still waiting for kibum; don’t forget about zhoumi & henry; diaries of a married man; being succesful in the military

Nu’est: best debut song ever; had the most potential as a rookie group; pledis messed up; now they’re popular anywhere besides korea; getting worse and worse title songs; aesthetic mvs; creative fandom name; again pledis has a thing for girly boys

Ft Island: hongki and the others; awesome dope music (let’s not count puppy here); people don’t appreciate quality music anymore; this gem is lost in the ocean of cute, badass & hiphop concepts; pretty fandom name

Cnblue: another gem; better japanese releases; boring new songs because they have to fit into the kpop standard; yonghwa’s unique teeth; visuals; let the others sing

SF9: another group coming from a survival show; covering their seniors’ songs so they can’t even recognize them; thumbs up for the K.O choreography; don’t go with them to amusement parks; deep af voice maknae; park jimin 2.0; hwiyoung got them lines in roar

KNK: a bunch of idiots - literally; tall af; models af; old school kpop feels; if you hear someone laugh hysterically from afar it’s probably them; falling dramatically to the floor while doing so; choking sounds; don’t let them feed you; horlolololo; astro x knk; bullying sanha

2PM: definition of men; hella hot bodies; starting to be unknown; when was their latest first win?; manly concepts; awesome vocals; the rap is still meh; go crazy is a jam y’all; great actors

U-Kiss: so many member changes; lit songs, but not getting appreciation; don’t complain about your faves not getting 1st place like 2 months after debut - it took for them years; the first kpop fathers; they need a comeback soon

B1A4: great vocals again; don’t let them being forgotten; cnu just rocks the short hair admit it; baby i’m sorry is one of the best kpop songs; but great ballads as well

Teen top: they need to go back to their previous style; cap rocking them tattoos; hilariously funny group - watch their weekly idol; promoting as five now - anticipate their comeback

Wanna One: what even is this name; salty af that Jonghyun and Samuel are NOT in the 11; Never is still my jam; i’m not lookung forward for cute concepts; god 10 year age gap between the oldest and youngest member; still salty some trainess weren’t even in top 20 *cough* hwanwoong *cough* taehyun *cough* gunhee* *cough*; some great inventors (round clap, jeojang, etc.) and psychos and a lot more.

Everyone please note that i dont mean to offend neither the groups neither the fans. its just for fun and me being 100% sarcastic by these statements. i love and respect these groups with all my heart!
sorry, its a bit long.

I’ve come to the conclusion that everything Allah has declared haram was only poison to my soul, and no matter how satisfying it may have been in the moment, it always left me empty and more damaged than I was prior to committing the act, just like pouring salt in an open wound.

What’s made haram is not here to rid you of the enjoyments of this dunya, rather it’s here to spare you of the unnecessary heartache and struggle. Save yourself.

don’t tread on the bear: the ncr just side eye you a little. you’re not welcome there but uh …sure, please keep poking around all the camps  that’s totally not rubbing salt in the wounds. by the way can you do some of our quests

beware the wrath of caesar: you open your fridge, 500 legion assassins come pouring out screaming ‘RETRIBUTION’!!!

The Bughead reconciliation we deserved

This is totally rushed and emotionally charged and probably has errors but enjoy

Jughead trudged home, the energy sapped from his body as the crushing weight of reality pushed further onto his shoulders. He couldn’t believe it: Mr. Phillips, the one person at Southside who had appeared to take genuine interest in Jughead, was the Sugarman. As if he didn’t have enough going against him.

He walked up the steps to the trailer, quickly slamming open the door and preparing to head straight for the fridge when he realized that the door should have been locked. 

He looked up, surprised to find a very nervous looking Betty Cooper standing in his living room. Quickly glancing down to check her fists, a habit he would need to work on letting go, Jughead breathed a small sigh of relief to find her fingernails free of her palms.

The relief was short lived, however, as an uncomfortable tension settled between them.

“What are you doing here?”

His voice was rough, a combination of anger and exhaustion giving his tone a darker coloring. Betty took a nervous breath, and he couldn’t help but feel a small sense of satisfaction as her eyes clouded with apprehension. She should be on edge. She didn’t belong here, not after she made it very clear that she was too good for Serpent trash like him. 

“Jug, there’s something I need to tell you.” She took a small step forward, to which Jughead parried with a small step back. He watched as her lips, once warm and lush and pink, tightened into a thin white line. 

“What? Are you here to tell me that you still love me again?” He crossed his arms across his chest, releasing a laugh that contained absolutely no humor. “Pretty sure you’ve already poured enough salt on that wound for one week, thanks.”

He moved into the kitchen, hoping that if he just walked away maybe she would get the message and let herself out. He couldn’t deal with this right now. He already had so much going wrong this week.

Of course, in typical Betty Cooper fashion, she didn’t leave. Instead she followed him toward the kitchen, leaning over the counter as she watched his back.

“Jughead, please. I need to tell you the truth. There are things you don’t know.”

“Yeah, well, that makes two of us.” Jughead mumbled beneath his breath, opening the fridge and pretending to survey it’s decidedly empty shelves.

He didn’t even have to look up to know Betty had furrowed her brow, “What does that mean?” She asked, her voice hardening just a bit.

He closed the fridge, looking her dead in the eye with as cold an expression as he could manage.

“Toni and I kissed. More than once.”

He wasn’t sure why he said it - maybe because he wanted to hurt her like she’d hurt him, or because he wanted to prove to her that he was fine without her. Something inside him told him it was more likely that he was simply incapable of keeping such truth from her. Absolutely none of him felt any better when he saw the pain in her eyes.

“Oh.” She whispered, her eyes flickering down to the floor, “Did it - I mean - Did it mean anything?”

Jughead shrugged, “What does it matter? You broke up with me, remember?”

“I did it to protect you!” Betty’s voice rose suddenly, before quickly finding its way back down to a whisper, “I did it to protect you.”

Jughead sighed, backing out of the kitchen to meet Betty on the other side of the dividing wall, “From what? The Serpents? Newsflash - you’re a little late.” He pushed up the sleeve of his t-shirt, revealing the black and green ink that hid underneath. Betty’s eyes widened, just a bit, but she quickly composed herself. Not that it mattered - he knew she was judging him. “Go ahead,” He growled, “Say it - say what you’re thinking. Say all the things you sent Archie to.”

“Jughead that’s not - What Archie said, none of it was true.” Betty looked up at him, her glassy green eyes searching his for even a semblance of understanding. “I told you I would support you, and I meant it. I still do.”

Jughead was reeling with emotion. Why did she have to be here? Saying these stupid things in that stupid soft voice of hers and looking at him with those stupid eyes. His whole body ached just thinking about her, her very presence leaving him feeling like an addict who had just been offered one last hit. He wanted her out, wanted the pain to just stop, but he took one last mistaken look at her crumpled appearance and couldn’t stop his heart from faltering.

“If what Archie said wasn’t true, then why would you break up with me? Why would you -” Jughead’s voice gave out, his throat tightening as he attempted to hold back his emotions, “Why would you take away the only good thing I had left?”

“Jughead,” Betty stepped forward, reaching out to stroke his face on instinct before realizing better and pulling away. 

“Just tell me what is going on Betty.” He was practically pleading now, desperate to know why she had left him. Why, if she never wanted to see him again, she had insisted on helping with the drag race and jumped in his car to ensure they both escaped the police safely. Why, if she really didn’t want him to be a part of his life anymore, she would tell him she still loved him.

Betty took a deep breath, and Jughead braced himself for whatever was about to come next.

“The Black Hood - he contacted me.”

“With the letter, I know.” 

Betty shook her head, “The letter was just the beginning. Last week, I started getting these phone calls. He’s been calling me, threatening me, threatening Polly and Veronica, threatening…”

“Me?” Jughead asked, the pieces in his mind slowly clicking together. He couldn’t believe he had been stupid. He had been too distracted by his insecurities and his anger to recognize what had been going on. He hadn’t even questioned it when Archie had appeared at his door, hadn’t even doubted that Betty was abandoning him. He’d just left her at the mercy of a psychopath. “Oh God, Betty -”

“Please,” Betty started, “forgive me Jughead. I… I understand if you want to be with Toni, if she makes you happy, but I don’t think I can live with myself if you don’t forgive me.”

She looked so small standing in front of him, so vulnerable and so very unlike the Betty Cooper he had fallen for. She had sacrificed so much for him, he couldn’t believe he’d been so selfish.

“Betty,” Jughead rushed forward, capturing her cheeks in his hands and pressing his lips in a bruising kiss. She released a slight sob against his lips, quickly grasping on to the fabric of his shirt and relaxing against him. He breathed her in, the fog that had been surrounding him lifting and giving way to a buzz of pure adrenaline. When pulled away, pressing his forehead against hers and wiping a stray tear from her cheek. “I’m so so sorry. I can’t believe I didn’t even notice -”

“No, Jughead - it’s my fault.” Betty placed a hand over his heart, “If I had just talked to you -”

“We should have talked to each other.” He reached up and took her hand into his own, melding his fingers with hers and wishing he could never let go, “I shouldn’t have just taken Archie at his word. I should have fought for you -”

Betty cut him off with a kiss, softer than the first but just as full. “Let’s just forget all of it, okay?” She smiled at him, that wonderful Betty Cooper smile. It hadn’t even been a week, but oh how he’d missed that smile.

If love were a drug, Betty Cooper was, without a doubt, the most addictive of them all.

“I love you.” He whispered against her chin, slowly tracing kisses along her jawline as his fingers trailed around her waist. “I love you, I love you, I love you…”

Betty captured his face in her hands, bringing his eyes up to meet her own. They were brighter than before, shining exactly the way he remembered them at night. “I love you too.” She said, her lips brushing against his with every syllable, before crashing down into him once more.


inspired by this fic, a lot of things @blackjacktheboss has written, and this song. happy birthday percy! and i’m sorry.

Annabeth Chase is twenty four when the world stops. 

“Fix this!” she screams to the heavens, hands clutching at her boyfriend’s limp shoulders, palms slipping on the blood that’s pouring from the open wound on the left side of his chest. If she looked, she’d probably be able to see his heart in there. 

But she doesn’t look down - doesn’t look at his broken body, or his vacant stare, or his pale lips. She just cradles his head in her lap and looks straight up, and she screams and screams until her throat is raw.

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Lucky Bastard | Jason Todd x Reader

Description: Roy gets a new girlfriend, a beautiful girl with the strength of Superman and a heart as bright as the sun. Everyone seems to notice, including Jason Todd, and… you.

Request(s): [I combined two requests!]

I CAN’T BELIEVE THIS MOMENT HAVE FINALLY ARRIVED. Can you pretty please do one with Jason where him and the s/o have a thing that goes on and off all the time (they used to date but you know… he died. So now it’s just easy that way). But when one of his friends start to date a girl who is pretty much mrs super good at everything she starts to get mad because she’s scared that jason may find a girl like that and forget about her? SORRY IT’S TOO LONG, I KNOW BUT THANK YOU VERY MUCH FOR READING

And: Would you please write a fic when the reader is Diana Prince’s daughter? Just like super fluffy and cute

Words: 3414 (I have no idea how I wrote this so quickly??)

Notes: Yo I hope you guys both like this! I wanted there to be more fluff but I didn’t really know where to put it in lol. 

Masterlist | Inbox

Taglist: @followeroonieclassic@instantangelstudent@puggleprincess@robincoalition

“I missed you,” Jason says. You can’t help but smile a little giddily to yourself when he drops his duffel bag, so you try and settle it into something more peaceful and inviting instead of the pure excitement brewing in your stomach when he approaches. Jason wraps his arms around you in a hug that was clearly meant to be friendly, but his nose goes too deep into your neck and your arms knot too tight around him. He slips far enough out of your embrace to view your face. Jason smiles when he does, and it seems that, for once, he isn’t as good as covering his excitement or mutual attraction as you are.”You’re just as beautiful as I remembered.”

You try and fix this into your mind as the party continues. When Koriand’r had mentioned a Titans party, inviting old and new members, you had been elated to go. You hadn’t talked to Starfire since you left the team to tend to Themyscira in one of its times of crisis, and when you returned you found yourself mourning your boyfriend, Jason Todd, and replaced by Cassie Sandsmark as Wondergirl. But you adored Cassie—she was technically your younger sister, even if you were given life by Aphrodite and not Zeus—and still do now, so you held no grudges. As a princess of Themyscira and an Amazon, you weren’t raised to hold grudges. That’s why when Dick pulls your best friend Kori onto the dance floor, you smile and tell him to treat her well.

Jason would have been your second choice (or third, but you were unsure if M’Gann M’orzz and Karen Beecher would be present). This was only because of your previous relationship, and the new one that had been going on and off for years ever since his return. You can see him and yourself, freshly Titans and freshly heroes, leaning against one each other and the rooftop and overlooking San-Francisco.

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Too Much To Ask

BUCKY BARNES x plus size reader


Reader sees Bucky for the first time since their break up.

Warnings: sad, mild cursing, read at your own risk

a/n: going to make it a small series, please enjoy let me know waht you think and thank you. Also opening a tag list for this.x

Seeing him for the first time in five months hurt you, you hadn’t expected him to be here in front of you ordering his usual order. You hadn’t expected him to have his arms wrapped around someone that wasn’t you, and it hurt. You thought you had finally been able to forget and move on but seeing him here made you realize the wounds he had left were still open. He hadn’t noticed you yet, and you found yourself silently praying it would stay that way for the sake of your sanity.  You knew the fight that ended everything had not only hurt you but him too. You expected him to be grieving the same way you were, instead, it had been five months and he had moved on.

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anonymous asked:

what are your opinions on sad clowns, personally i think it would be cruel not to just let them die out naturally especially considering we're the ones that bred them into a state of constant misery in the first place. making them sing is just pouring salt in the wound

sad clowns are not sad, they are just bred for that skull shape which makes them appear ‘sad’. most are healthy.

breaking benjamin lyric starters


❛ I see nothing in your eyes, the more I see the less I like. ❜
❛ I know nothing of your kind. ❜
❛ I won’t reveal your evil mind. ❜
❛ So sacrifice yourself, and let me have what’s left. ❜
❛ I know I can find the fire in your eyes. ❜
❛ I’m going all the way, get away, please. ❜
❛ You take the breath right out of me. ❜
❛ You left a hole where my heart should be. ❜
❛ You got to fight just to make it through. ❜
❛ Cause I will be the death of you. ❜
❛ This will all be over soon. ❜
❛ Pour salt into the open wound. ❜
❛ Is it over yet? Let me in. ❜
❛ I’m waiting, I’m praying, realize, start hating. ❜

dance with the devil

❛ Here I stand, helpless and left for dead. ❜
❛ Close your eyes, so many days go by. ❜
❛ Easy to find what’s wrong. ❜
❛ Harder to find what’s right. ❜
❛ I believe in you. ❜
❛ I can show you that I can see right through all your empty lies. ❜
❛ I won’t stay long, in this world so wrong. ❜
❛ Say goodbye, as we dance with the devil tonight. ❜
❛ Don’t you dare look him in the eye. ❜
❛ Trembling, crawling across my skin. ❜
❛ Feeling your cold dead eyes, stealing the life of mine. ❜
❛ I won’t last long, in this world so wrong. ❜

had enough

❛ Milk it for all it’s worth. ❜
❛ Make sure you get there first. ❜
❛ The apple of your eye; the rotten core inside. ❜
❛ Things couldn’t get much worse. ❜
❛ I’ve had it up to here, know your end is near. ❜
❛ You had to have it all, well have you had enough? ❜
❛ You greedy little bastard, you’ll get what you deserve. ❜
❛ I will be the one to leave you in your misery and hate what you’ve become. ❜
❛ You should have learned by now; I’ll burn this whole world down. ❜
❛ I need some peace of mind. ❜
❛ You think you’ve won this fight, you’ve only lost your mind. ❜
❛ Hold me down; I will live again. ❜
❛ Heaven help you. ❜

i will not bow

❛ Save your breath, it’s far from over. ❜
❛ Leave the lost and dead behind. ❜
❛ Now’s the chance to run for cover. ❜
❛ I don’t want to change the world; I just wanna leave it colder. ❜
❛ Light the fuse and burn it up. ❜
❛ Take the path that leads to nowhere. ❜
❛ All is lost again, but I’m not giving in. ❜
❛ I will not bow; I will not break. ❜
❛ I will shut the world away. ❜
❛ I will not fall; I will not fade. ❜
❛ I will take your breath away. ❜
❛ Watch the world through dying eyes. ❜
❛ Show me where forever dies. ❜
❛ And I’ll survive, paranoid. ❜
❛ I have lost the will to change. ❜
❛ And I am not proud, cold-blooded fake. ❜
❛ Open your eyes! ❜

Love Me Back Part 2

Summary: Y/N is Peter’s best friend and she’s in love with him. She finally admits her feelings to him only to find out he’s in love with someone else

Warnings: Language

Word Count: 1323

A/N: I’m going to write a part 3 to this just so you know!! This part might be a little boring but the story will get better! I loved your feedback from part 1 so I really hope this is somewhat enjoyable and that you like it!! (PS posting from mobile!)


The masked hero stood on your fire escape, the droplets of rain drenching his suit. Your heart was pounding, and your eyes widened. No words were spoke, you both stood there frozen in silence, except for the soft pitter patter of the rain. Your lips parted, but he spoke first.

“Hi… I’m sorry I bothered you at 2 in the morning, but your light was on… And I don’t know I guess I was, um, bored…” When he spoke, his voice sounded somewhat high for a guy, and then you realized he was either your age or close…

Your cheeks turned pink and you let a small smile form. “I don’t mind, I’m not getting any sleep anyway…” You murmured. “Would you care to come in? It’sa bit wet out here.”

“Yeah, sure, thanks…” He nodded. Spider-Man climbed into your warm room, and you both stood there in awkward silence. You were fidgeting with your fingers and biting your lip; two nervous habits of yours. “I’m Spider-Man if you didn’t know!”

“Um yeah, I wouldn’t have let you in if I didn’t. But I’m Y/N.”

“So… You said you weren’t gonna get any sleep tonight… Why was that?” Spider-Man said.

You sighed and took a deep breath. “It’s a long story and, well, I don’t really know you.”

“Aw, come on! I’m your neighborhood hero! Have a chat with ol’ Spidey!” He pleaded with a jokingly tone.

You just shook your head. “Trust me, I’d love to get the horrors of tonight off my chest but I can’t go telling random strangers-”

“I’m not a stranger, I’m Spider-Man! Who am I gonna tell anyway?”

The hero had a point; There was no way you had known the guy under the mask… Right?

“I-I guess…” You inhaled a sharp breath and exhaled slowly. “Well… So I had a crush on this dumb friend of mine since like 6th grade. Tonight I told him how I feel… or felt?” You felt a pain in your chest. Telling the story of tonight felt like pouring salt on a fresh wound. It hurt. “He just kind of told me he doesn’t like me like that, and that he’s been secretly dating this girl…” Your voice faltered, and you could feeling your eyes stinging. “And now I’m crying because of Peter Parker. I always hoped he’d be the one person to never make me cry.”

“I’m sorry…” Spider-Man said, and you could tell he was genuinely sorry for you.

“It’s just like I’ve been under some dumb spell for him! I hate it. I hate the situation, and I hate him… I hate how he doesn’t love me back… ” You had tears pouring out of your eyes, and you quickly wiped them away. “God, I just met you like 10 minutes ago and I’m pouring my heart out you… I’m so sorry.”

“No, no! Don’t worry about it, I don’t just fight crime, I make people happy. I’m your friendly neighborhood Spider-Man, you know?” The boy said in an effort to make you happier. “I really don’t mind it either; it’s good to let the pain out sometimes.”

You gave him a grateful smile. “Thanks.”

Spider-Man walked over to your wall, where you had some pictures you had taken and some poems you wrote. Your eyes widened once you remembered the lovesick poems you’d once written.

“Fuck, please don’t read those!” You cursed.

“Is this really how you felt?” Spider-Man turned around, with a poem pulled off your wall and now in between his fingers. “Did you tell him this?”

“I tried.”

“These are really good, Y/N! Are they all about t-this boy?” He said with a hint of nervousness in his voice.

You tucked your hair behind your ear. “Yeah… I was just ripe with poetry around him. I could’ve written novels with what I felt for him.”

“You’re really poetic huh?”

You nodded. “I never share my poems. I’ll never really show my emotions, but I’ll always write them. They’re personal.”

“They’re amazing is what they are.”

“But they’re all about him, and I can’t love him anymore.” You mumbled, taking the poem from the hero’s hands and ripping it up. “Can you die from heartbreak? Because right now it feels like you can…”

You squeezed your eyes shut to hold back the tears. You hated the feeling of being emotionally vulnerable, especially in front of Spider-Man. Tears had just began to escape when he wrapped his arms around you.

“I know I, uh, just met you….” He cleared his throat. “But you’ll be okay. I’m so sorry Y/N”

He opened his mouth to speak again, but instead of hearing his voice, you heard sirens. Spider-Man’s head snapped up and all he muttered was, “I have to go.”

The hero hopped over your window and before you knew it, he was gone, swinging around Queens.


The next day at school, you showed up with dark circles under your eyes and messy bun; you had gotten no sleep. MJ found you pretty quickly, and began to interrogate you. “You have to tell me what happened!”

“It’s nothing MJ! Just drop the topic please…”

“You’re doing that thing where you shut people to avoid showing basic human emotion again!”

“Well what do you expect! He broke my heart!” You said a little too loudly, causing people to look in your direction. You stormed away from MJ, or rather the people whose eyes seemed to be glued to you.

You turned the corner of the hall, colliding into another body and your books falling down in front of you. You bent down to pick them, and muttered, “It’s been a really long night. I’m sorry…” You looked up, only to be met with the same chocolatey eyes you’ve loved since 6th grade. Peter was holding your binder up to you, which you quickly snatched away.

You grabbed the rest of your books and began quickly walking away. “Y/N wait!”

“Fuck off Parker!” You yelled back at him. He tried to chase after you, but lost you in the crowd.

The next few classes dragged on, and when lunch rolled around, you were exhausted. You walked with Michelle towards the lunchroom, telling her the events of last night. “It just hurt MJ. I feel like I’m not good enough for him.”

“Y/N, you’re beautiful and amazing, if he can’t see that there’s no way he deserves you.”

“I guess, but I can’t help-” You paused looking at the sight in front of you. You had made your way to your usual table with Peter and Ned, but there was another face there, and it was Liz. Now, you had lost your best friend and your stupid table. Your eyes widened, and you turned on your heel and muttered, “God I’m such an idiot.”

The rest of the day was thankfully uneventful, mostly due to the fact you left school early after lunch. You only had easy classes after lunch, and you were exhausted anyway.

When you arrived home, you put a comfy baggy sweater on with fuzzy socks. You made tea, too, and watch the rain fall onto Queens from your small bedroom window. You loved the rain, you always have, so this moment was somewhat calming for you. The rain was glowing on the Queens skyline from the lights, and you felt at peace. You began to write a poem, when you were interrupted by a tap on the window.

You saw the same red and blue figure you saw before. You excitedly walked over to the window and slid it up. You only met him once, but there was something about him that made you feel better…

“You came back!”

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Mini fic of fluff leading up to Maggie and Alex's cuddling??!?!??

They know they’ll fall asleep.

These days, Alex has trouble falling asleep in bed. Unless it’s in Maggie’s arms, immediately after being thoroughly fucked. But tonight? Tonight’s a cuddle night.

So they know when they fall asleep, it’ll be on the couch.

It has been lately.

Since the white Martian infiltrated her brain.

Since Jeremiah.

Since… since Jeremiah.

And Maggie’s been having her own difficulties.

Her own traumas.

With her own set of memories that Valentine’s Day stirred up.

With her own set of memories, of terrors, of the bar full of her friends’ bodies, of wounds that haven’t even gotten the chance to scar yet, that Cadmus’s latest attacks stirred up.

That Alex nearly being launched across the galaxy, being held at gunpoint, conjured.

Maggie doesn’t like to talk.

But Alex knows.

Alex knows, and she makes her dinner and she pours her scotch even though Maggie’s insisted she doesn’t need to keep any in the house – and she surprises herself, because she’s not even tempted to have any for herself – and she pops popcorn, allegedly just for Maggie (I don’t know how you eat it with just coconut oil and sea salt, it’s gross, Sawyer and Doesn’t stop you from stealing it out of my bowl, Danvers and Any excuse to be closer to you, babe and Get over here, woman, you never need an excuse to be closer to me).

Alex melts when Maggie moans happily with her eyes closed at the pasta Alex made, because unless Maggie’s cooking for someone else – namely, Alex and Kara and Adrian – she never bothers being much more than utilitarian with her food. (Tiramisu doesn’t count. It has its own category, Danvers.)

And Maggie melts when Alex gets out the pillows and the blankets and refuses to let Maggie get up to put her dishes in the sink, because you work so hard all day, Sawyer, let me take care of you for once, and Alex’s top is lacey and low cut and Maggie watches her move, listens to her hum to herself, watches her smile over her shoulder because Alex knows – she always knows – that Maggie’s eyes are glued to her body, to her bare skin and to her collection of bruises, and she almost swoons.

She would claim almost, anyway.

But Maggie knows the truth: that her gaze doesn’t make Alex almost anything.

She full-out swoons, and Maggie settles back into the couch and waits eagerly for Alex to return, because she has never felt quite this domestic, quite this safe, quite this… home.

“Thank you, Ally,” she says softly as Alex sits back down and throws out her arm and puts Maggie’s favorite pillow onto her own lap, inviting Maggie to lay down on her.

“For what?”


For dinner. For giving me scotch but not drinking any yourself. For that top with that lace and for that smile and for letting me lay in your lap and letting me put on Doctor Who episodes that you didn’t love but I did as we fall asleep and for putting the dishes away and for knowing, just knowing, that I’m spending the night, for pulling the blanket over my legs but not my torso because you know how claustrophobic I can get if the blanket is up too high, for putting your arm on my waist and making me feel safe, for making me feel wanted and making me feel loved. So, so, so loved.

“For you, Danvers. For you.”

Alex tilts her head – a habit she’s quickly acquiring from her girlfriend – and tilts her mouth to one side.

“Come here.”

Maggie does – eagerly – and when their lips meet, it’s fire under a waterfall and it’s stars exploding in the vacuum of space and it’s lethal hands turning tender and strong hearts being vulnerable and soft lips on tossed-back necks and low moans growing louder and unspoken love transporting on hitched breath and passionate sighs and whispered names.

“You knocked my pillow on the floor, Danvers,” Maggie teases, her voice several octaves lower than normal, when they part for breath, their foreheads pressed together, their arms around each other, their legs somehow, now, entwined.

“Oh, it’s your pillow, is it?”

Maggie freezes and Alex realizes her mistake, and she takes Maggie’s face into gentle hands and strokes her hair and kisses her nose.

“I love that you’re at home here. I want… I want you to be. Hell, Mags, you can have all the pillows in the universe if it means you sleep in my arms more often.”

Maggie swallows tears and Alex bites her lip, because maybe it was too much, maybe –

“I don’t want all the pillows in the universe, Alex. Only the ones that keep me here.”

They both lean down for the pillow at the same time, with the same smile, with the same hope and the same fear and the same love, love, love.

And the promptly knock their heads together.

They laugh and they take turns spluttering apologies and kissing each other’s foreheads and eventually – somehow – Maggie makes sure a pillow is behind Alex’s head (she always forgets), and Alex resets Maggie’s pillow on her lap, and Maggie lays back down, and Alex puts the blanket back on her, and Alex sighs, and Maggie sighs, and Alex plays with her hair and holds her safe, holds her close, holds her perfect.

And if they both breath soft I love yous when their eyes are dragging and they’re drifting into a more peaceful sleep than either of them have ever gotten on their own, the air between them holds their most cherished, most exciting, most terrifying, most beautiful secret.

Until they’re ready to speak the obvious into existence in the full awareness of day and not just the soft glow of sleepy perfection on the couch at midnight.

[request] [scenario] sleeping beauty

Originally posted by soniathearmycarat

(requested by @cosmic-weird-soul o mg idk wat this is im sry if this is a mess AHAH ty for requesting luv u <3) 

Title: sleeping beauty

Member: hansol ft. members

Genre: fluff // angst if u squint 

Word Count: 1649

“Uncle, when you said ‘summer job’ I was thinking more… You know, convenience store cashier,” you mumble, glancing out the window at the fans lined up outside, cameras flashing and girls screaming. “Not assistant manager for an idol group.”

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I was reading a bit of Naruto Gaiden again because I like the SaraChou friendship a lot, and despite his unfortunate romantic circumstances, I like seeing Hokage Naruto in action. Then I came across this panel.

Can someone inform of the reason Kishimoto did this. Like, please, this wasn’t necessary. You’re pouring salt on old wounds, Kishi. Dare I say that’s a hint of regret reflection on Naruto’s face? I mean, I’d be thinking over my life choices, too, if I were in his situation.

Sakura’s panel alone would’ve been fine, but he just HAD to add Naruto and that facial expression? Like, you trying to tell us something, Kishi? Or you trying to troll?

He Was Found


I recommend reading He Was Lost before reading this.

Ethan Dolan forgot what it’s like to be annoyed at his brother. Not ‘dammit Grayson, why’d you have to go and drink all the milk’ kind of annoyed, but more like ‘dammit Grayson, why’d you have to bring up the love of my life who I stupidly let go of and miss more than anything’ type of annoyed. He is peeling oranges near the counter and Grayson’s mixing some pancake batter, tossing in handfuls of chocolate chips.

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Let’s have a talk (spoiler alert): Malec 2x06 last scene

       First of all, let’s all agree that this episode was wild, and all the malec scenes were very, very good. Essential talks and communication. Let’s also make a point that insecurities are really well portrayed, back at the bar. But my attention has been particularly focused on the last scene, just before the kiss, when they are back at Magnus’ loft.

       When they arrived we can already feel the tension but that is not what matters the most here, if we look well at Alec body language, when he ask Magnus if they are “too different” he just really hope for Magnus to tell him that though they indeed are very different, they are not too different, he waits for Magnus too comfort him on his insecurities.

       Magnus doesn’t take the hint, and he kind of pour salt in the wound. Let’s take on note that about that difference, when Magnus says “totally different world”, in my opinion, it is different world as “you’re a shadowhunter, I’m a downworlder.” but Alec takes it as “we’ve been born centuries appart.” and it really strike me because it’s not really about the fact they’re from different “species” for Alec. It kind of moved me lol.

       Alec is hurt and decides to leave Magnus let him go and it’s quite important to notice, remember the “I’m a lot to get used to” ? Well, yeah, Magnus isn’t that confident and doesn’t want to be one more burden on Alec shoulders? It’s also a very healthy thing to not force the other to stay, but, it broke my heart. Magnus is just plainly sad and defeated. Before Alec he didn’t think he would never find love again, so, imagine, when Alec pointed out the reason why they might not work together… It’s like he’s found love but can’t have it and he is ready to accept it as if he doesn’t deserve it.

         Alec physically can’t leave. He can’t move further, literally, yes, he reconsiders at that moment but the way he stop on track… He just can’t go. It’s impossible. If you look at it, you realise that even if he wanted to, he wouldn’t be able to. Something -his feelings- is holding him back.

       And then Alec decides to swallow his insecurities and to try anyway because “I don’t give up on someone because they’re a hard choice” and Magnus isn’t sure he should let himself hope or not so he mirror Alec’s statement : “I don’t care how many people you have been with” => “I don’t care how many people you haven’t been with”.

       And then Alec kisses Magnus and it’s so soft and adorable and Alec voice is so deep when he says that relationships require efforts, and this moment is so pure, because both of them decide that this, their relationship, worth the try.

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Toriel is actually my least favorite Undertale character. She tells Asgore that he should've taken one soul, crossed the barrier, then taken the rest, and that he's a coward for not doing it. Well why didn't YOU do it Toriel? And way to leave your depressed husband to rule hopeless people to hide in the Ruins. Maybe Asgore isn't the only coward... Then to pour salt on the wound she comes back and resumes being queen? And just fires Alphys?! She acts like she did nothing wrong (no apology either)

(undertale spoilers)

Toriel’s suggestion of the alternative plan does not mean she condones the plan. It is likely done to fill an important plot hole – Asgore could have used one soul to take six other souls on the surface. However, Toriel is not a perfect role model. In fact, she could be considered a mirror image to Asgore.

Asgore made an emotional vow to kill all humans. When he came to regret that decision, shame and misery kept him bound to that choice. To go back on his word would be to take away hope from his people.

Toriel is similar in that she seems to have made a vow to not get involved when she banished herself. One might speculate that she did not fight Asgore’s decision because she knew it would steal hope from her people. Toriel may have also lost faith in her people since the monsters condoned Asgore’s declaration of war. So instead Toriel sealed herself away, and perhaps the shame of her choice keeps her locked in. Then, when she fails to protect the humans, failure may have instilled guilt in her. 

Neither of Asgore nor Toriel could face their differences against one another and six children paid the price.

Little Ham Man (Hamilsquad x Reader) Part 20

Words: 4000+
Warnings: Cursing, blood mentions
A/N: This is it!!! Thank you for the long journey, it was splendid! I’m happy to finally throw in my towel and say that this is complete.

Previous Chapter // Epilogue


Alexander was speed-walking, navigating all of you around the debris and other nonsense that was spewed about. You were trying to hold on, but your wound was making you struggle to keep up. Thomas and Lafayette held you, but it still was hard. Thomas saw the sweat pouring down your cheeks, and stopped everyone.

You took a deep breath, closing your eyes. You licked your lips, tasting the bitter salt. Thomas crouched down, looking at you. Lafayette did the same, a hand still supporting you.

“We can take a break, Y/N, we’re not in a rush. Just take your time,” Thomas said, smiling at you. You shook your head, looking at Laf.

“No, we have to keep moving, we have to-” Your vision was getting spotty, your head pounding. You felt your legs give way under you, and you fell face first into Thomas’ arms. He held you up, shaking his head.

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just talking

REQUEST: Sebastian has been talking to his ex and the reader finds out so she gets mad cause she has been in that position and it didn’t end up well, so they say really hurtful things and that leads to their first big fight (seb is not cheating tho). 

WARNINGS: language. 



You weren’t the overly jealous type. Sebastian never gave you any reason to be. You also didn’t like the feeling that took over you when it happened. 

But recently, Sebastian had been stuck to his phone; a very rare thing for him to do. Every time you would ask who he was talking to he’d just reply with “a friend.” You shrugged it off. 

Days passed and you got home from work. You heard the shower running throughout the shared apartment. You tiptoed over to the master bedroom and heard Sebastian humming in the shower – one of your most favourite things in the world to hear. 

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