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It’s too dark to open your eyes, the wind whipping past your ears making it too loud to hear, to say anything in the first place. You were never one to follow rules. You say it anyway.
I love you.
If she heard you, she doesn’t show it.
You fall fast, and long, and hard. You cling to her, breathe her in, remember anything to push back the dread of the ground’s inevitable greeting.

Salt spray, blue candy, your mother’s smile, messy blonde tucked into a tight ball cap.
Horns hidden under a beanie.
Freckles splattering her nose, eyes the bluest you’ve ever seen– daughter of Zeus, everything changes.
Firey red hair bouncing around her shoulders, a smudge of paint across her nose. A snarky response to something you say. A blue, plastic hairbrush.
Their defeat. Your triumph. Your sorrow.
Newfound friends among the loss of your old ones, or their memory.

Too late, there’s no more time for thought. She holds onto you as if you’ll stop it from happening.

Water is familiar to you. It’s family.
This is water. It’s not your water– it’s a stranger. It’s not a friendly stranger.
You fear drowning. It plagues you. It doesn’t make sense– How would the son of the sea god drown?
This water wants you to drown. It wants her to drown.
She’s fighting, of course she is– she’s a fighter. You don’t want to fight.
So you don’t.

She takes your hand, she looks at you, she tells you she wants you to dream.
You dream for her. She laughs– she thinks you’re funny, even when you’re not trying to be.
Somehow the fight is won.

Dark. The air is acid and the water is fire and the ground is glass.
It eats through your skin. It makes your eyes boil over and your lungs go tight to bursting.

There she is. Strong and fighting and beautiful as she always is.
She gives you fire to drink, and it falls down your throat like nightmares.

Days. Days, you think.
Fighting, fire, monsters, fire, horror, fire.
A titan– a friend. Fire.

Vendetta. Revenge. Final curses of those you hurt. You’d forgotten about them.
Horror, horror, comeuppance with every defense you give out.
She stares back at you, her eyes cloudy and sightless.
An old dream of a girl on an island quickly goes bad.

Friends. Help. A skeleton cat. Her.

The goddess tried to hurt you. Many, many goddesses have tried to hurt you.
Misery tried to hurt her, tried to hurt the fighter with the messy, curly blonde hair and the tired gray eyes like a storm.
Lots of goddesses have tried to hurt her, too.
You make misery as miserable as you can manage, anyway.

Fire again.
You fight, and in the end, you leave a friend behind.
She clings to you as the two of you go up, achingly similar to when you went down.

Your friends. Your seven, including you, and the boy with the eyes darkened to black from too much heartache.
You don’t get to know how much, exactly. You thought you did. You don’t, not until later.

He takes your hand, and you take the fighter’s.
You fade.
The fire’s there. You know it won’t ever really go away.

You tell the stars hello for a friend.

I was playing Tomodachi Life on my ds because somehow I got back into that game and I went to set my ds down and as soon as it touched the desk it practically screamed at me and then shut itself off and I am scared now. I didn’t even set it down that hard it just got very angry at me for some reason.


I think my goal at this point is to do the cut i had in january (aka bascially the same length as now but just a bit shorter on the sides) for about a month and let my hair just grow out bc if i do the undercut now then the middle part will be too short. Also i’m gonna dye it half green half blue. And then like mid august once it’s longer then I’m gonna do the frank iero hair for when i go back to college, since everyone on the other post suggested doing the frank haircut and ppl seemed to like it a lot in college the first time around too. yay for looking good for first impressions. 

The main issue rn is that I’m worried that i won’t be able to do the undercut if I do the blue/green emo cut first??? I know that’s irrational and doesn’t make sense bc technically the cut I had in january is literally the same thing as the undercut but just much longer on the sides. I’m also worried that if I do the blue and green I won’t be able to bleach it out, which is a much real-er fear. But the issue is that I’ve been intending to do the emo green/blue hair for like a MONTH now and so if I don’t at least try it for a short while it’s just gonna drive me crazy, esp bc once I do the undercut it’ll be like two months till my hair is long enough for the blue/green one again. PLus I was able to get the blue out just fine last time before I went red so. 

Other things to consider:

Doing a full hawk instead of just the undercut. This idea is actually quite tempting, bc maybe the hawk would look good on me and i’ve been considering doing one for a while ??? Also it’s not too risky bc if i get a mohawk (after i do the blue/green emo kid hair) and don’t like it, I can just shave off the back bit to turn it into the undercut, thus sticking with the original plan. Thoughts???

But also: even though I feel like the frank hair is cool hair, can i stlll be cute and emo with a hawk/frank haircut? I guess if i’m looking like frank iero then of course I can. But i’m also afraid it doesn’t look as good on my face as the long sort of emo-style hair does. alskdhf    ????????

I need more heads so I can have more than one cool haircut at once. Or I need to be like Tonks. Actually yeah let’s go with that. 

(another worry i totally just thought of but like, part of my wants to try growing my hair out once the t is more noticable. But i guess that’s in a while so it’s silly to worry about it rn. but just like if i do the frank hair then that will take longer) 

if anyone has input on this you’re a rockstar pls help me with my weirdly obsessive, wishy-washy hair troubles !! ?

the signs as moments from the "Girls Like Girls" music video
  • Aries:beating the shit out of the abusive boyfriend
  • Taurus:one of them puts lipgloss on the other's lips and they stare at each other's lips the whole time
  • Gemini:chillin on the couch and ignoring fuckboys
  • Cancer:riding a bike and smiling bc they just kissed the girl they like
  • Leo:goofing around in the pool
  • Virgo:painting each other's nails while their hair dries
  • Libra:one of them resting her head on the other's shoulder and they almost kiss
  • Scorpio:sharing cigarettes and blowing smoke at each other
  • Sagittarius:glancing at each other while they're changing into their bathing suits
  • Capricorn:sneaking out to see her while everyone's asleep
  • Aquarius:wiping the blood off her lip and kissing
  • Pisces:watching her dance in the field
The signs as characters from Buffy the Vampire Slayer
  • Aries:Spike, Faith
  • Taurus:Dawn, Cordelia, Spike, Tara, Harmony, Joyce, Kennedy
  • Gemini:Drusilla, Xander, Kennedy
  • Cancer:Willow, Joyce, Giles, Tara, Xander
  • Leo:Buffy, Spike
  • Virgo:Oz, Tara, Kendra, Willow, Angel
  • Libra:Harmony, Dawn, Tara, Cordelia, Riley
  • Scorpio:Drusilla, Angel, Faith, Spike, Robin, Tara
  • Sagittarius:Cordelia, Kendra, Anya, Faith
  • Capricorn:Kendra, Giles, Robin, Anya, Riley, Buffy
  • Aquarius:Willow, Faith, Oz, Kendra, Anya
  • Pisces:Xander, Tara, Willow, Riley, Dawn, Spike

and the center of eclipse