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Done with the artbook pieces, a self-rewarding quick doodle for me :’) Choi twins Mafia AU! If I’m not mistaken I’ve read on @promiscuous-jalapeno ‘s writings that Seven always carry guns everywhere plus wearing a hat. So why not make Saeran to double the fun <3 (Gonna draw a serious piece of them, kinda similar to this pose on my personal artbook later)

Sorry for the messy quality and if it’s not exactly like your writings bby ; v ; It just crossed my mind that I want to draw something after finishing the artbook piece. Gonna post the preview of kagehina piece + some of coloring tutorial which will be included in the artbook = v = /

Off to bed we go. Omg I can sleep at 2 AM this is a miracle :’)

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aw man one more yoi post before I go to bed though because I’m still not over it

I’m so so so so SO happy they didn’t kiss in the parking garage. I got spoiled before watching the ep so I knew they’d kiss, but I didn’t know when, and I was worried it would be after Viktor made Yuuri cry. I was fearful of that cliche where conflict seems magically resolved with intimacy (and, usually, invasive intimacy - aka The Suddenly Kiss™, most despicable of all kissing tropes). 

BUT, yoi didn’t do that, instead we got a great scene where Viktor was totally confused; he fucked up, and he was remarkably helpless and human. Meanwhile Yuuri got to convey some deeper feelings and feel cathartic about it afterwards. 

What I wanna point out though, and what I appreciate most, is that this isn’t the first time this has happened. 

In episode 4, on the beach, Viktor makes an effort to understand Yuuri, and then asks what Yuuri wants him to be for him. He suggests being his ‘lover’ as if that’s something they can simply BECOME for Yuuri’s comfort, like that’s a solution to the problem at hand. Yuuri refuses, insistently; he’s more interested in having Viktor be supportive and honest with him, and to be his true self. 

In both instances, some form of romantic and/or physical intimacy is put on the table (both times by Viktor) as a solution to a problem, or a means to an end. Does that make sense? Viktor wants to understand his place in Yuuri’s life, but when he asks Yuuri if he wants them to be together as a couple, it doesn’t come off genuinely at all - it sounds more like he’s simply trying to do whatever works for Yuuri in order for him to succeed (although, to Viktor’s credit, I personally think he was at least half-teasing Yuuri with that line). It’s a really blatant example of ways Viktor is horribly inexperienced. I’d say not even in a sense of his coaching - in general, Viktor doesn’t seem to understand how deeper and more serious relationships are meant to work. 

This is exactly what happens with the crying scene too, and this time we even have way more relationship development under the belt. Viktor has no idea how to help Yuuri, and his (shitty and dumb) attempt to motivate the other man results only in a more distressing situation. Viktor doesn’t know how to handle the crying and immediately resorts to suggesting, once again, a form of romantic/physical intimacy as a means of fixing it. And, once again, Yuuri rejects the insincere offer and asks only that Viktor be there for him. 

When the two of them finally do kiss, it’s not because Viktor thinks he should for Yuuri’s sake. He’s not even doing it to surprise an audience - he’s doing it to surprise Yuuri. He wants to show Yuuri how much Yuuri’s affected him. It’s a way for Viktor to express himself and say ‘I understand you’! He does it because he wants to be close and share in those good feelings with Yuuri.

I think it’s AMAZING that not once but twice is an inherently romantic proposal brought up as a means of fixing emotional distress and then soundly rejected in favor of honest conversation and asking for support instead. Not to say I don’t enjoy the romance, or the physical intimacy - these are both great aspects of Viktor and Yuuri’s relationship. But it’s never made into a tool to be used only to smooth over issues, or something that can magically make everything okay. We’ve all seen plenty of scenes between friends or lovers where an honest conversation or argument is shut down in favor of a Suddenly Kiss™ or supremely ill-timed confession. That doesn’t happen here, and I’m super grateful for that. 

this last fanfic reading touched my biggest weakness

katie in skirts/dresses

With regards Prompto’s barcode...

This post got me thinking… did Prompto always have it covered? For some reason I always figured it was underneath the skin no idea why. The answer is: Yes.

I always found it strange that he had wristbands over his gloves, but I just chalked it down to typical FF design albeit modernised.

So I was talking to a friend about this and we were discussing if he had wore it as a child.


Even when he’s washing Pryna.

And going to bed.

Even before facing Noctis, he fixes his armband and squeezes to make sure nothing is shown. (At first I thought it was just a little ritual he does to boost his confidence - like when someone snaps a rubber band on their wrist as a good luck charm.)

Dear god… Poor Prompto. What was just a small thing before now makes so much sense and means so much more. Not only was he conscious about his weight but he was agonising over his past being revealed and his identity made known. Fuck.  

…I need to hug my chocobo baby… ;_______;  

This is going to be an ongoing thing with Isak and Even’s relationship. Instead of post-it notes or texts it’s always going to be drawings. Before Even goes to the grocery store he doodles a drawing of him in the cereal aisle getting Isak’s fave cereal. Or when he has to go away for work Even draws himself in his hotel bed alone, not being able to sleep cos he misses Isak and can’t sleep without being next to him. And when Even proposes it’s going get down on one knee and hand Isak a piece of paper. On one side it’s going to be Even down on one knee asking Isak to marry him and on the other side of the paper it’s “50 years later…” with two old men sitting in rocking chairs next to each other holding hands. 

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I’ve never watched the actual victoria secret show before so i’m going to write this as if MC bought a ton of lingerie in general and modeled them for the boys hopefully that’s alright!!

why is V’s so damn long I’m just in such a V mood right now and craving a blue puff ball route :’)

lil nsfw wink wonk


- When you say you have a surprise for him and sit him down on the bed he doesn’t really know what to expect, of course his mind always switches to dirty thoughts in a situation like that but he didn’t actually expect you to come out in lingerie

- It’s s o hard to sit there without being able to run his hands all over your body, feel all your curves and dips when he sees you like that. You’re just so damn beautiful

- He has to clench his palms to resist jumping all over you then and there. Wolf whistles every time you come out and looks you up and down painfully slowly.

- His personal favorite is the lacey bright white set with angel wings

- nut af when you come out in that

- He won’t make it to the end, he has to have you before then.

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consider: lance has never kissed anyone before and he really wants to and so one day hunk is just like “you can kiss me” and lance is freaking out a lil cuz he’s definitely got a crush on hunk, who just offered to KISS him and he tries to play it cool and is all “dude really?? u would do that for me??”and hunk is like “i would do anything for u bro” (that makes lance’s heart flutter like crazy!!!) 

and so they’re sitting on lance’s bed and it’s kinda awkward and lance is trying to keep himself together cuz holy moly he’s about to kiss HUNK his best friend and crush and hes just “so um…im gonna kiss you now” and hunk says “okay” and they close their eyes and lean in all slow and nervous and then their lips touch and they’re both so tentative with each other and it’s really short and soft but when lance pulls away all he can say is “wow” bc WOW he’s kind of wanted to do that forever 

then lance notices that hunk looks kinda nervous and that makes him nervous bc what if hunk thinks this is a mistake and he’s ready to suggest they just forget about this when hunk asks “do you wanna do it again?” and lance’s heart just… flies out of his chest he never thought he’d get to kiss hunk once and now he can do it TWICE?? so they kiss again and this time it lasts longer but it’s still just as soft and hunk puts a hand on lance’s cheek and lance’s heart is Out Of Control 

when they pull away they’re both looking at each other, hesitant and unsure and lance swallows his fear with a nervous laugh and says “hunk, you’re a 9 and i’m the 1 you need” and now hunk is SMILING and it’s so beautiful and lance feels So Warm when hunk just goes “lance that’s ridiculous you’re a 10″ “you’re a 10 too” and anyway please just consider… HANCE

What would it take
To make you leave?
And what would it take?
What would it take
To make you l i s t e n?


// guys, the time has come

the time where I get my shit together and start adding Jaehee to my posts

why did I take so long to like her oh well
tell me how im doing! first time really writing her because the christmas special made me fall in love with her absolutely no regrets

Also apologies because that’s all I’ve been posting about, the christmas special! I lost 8 followers from my fangirling yikes!! Just am excited is all. I’ll slow it down soon!


- He is a very light sleeper! So seeing you sleep like a rock is a little surprising more or less.

- He’ll just sit there and watch you snore with a little bit of drool coming out of your mouth shit this boy love u too much

- But he’s so lonely when you’re not awake come on MC pay attention to me before I have to go to rehearsals

- Shakes the bed to wake you up but it doesn’t work and he’s like shit what do I do now

- Let’s you sleep until you wake up afterwards but he’ll ask you how or if he can wake you earlier when he’s lonely manually is there a switch or something here


- He’s used to Elizabeth the 3rd sleeping a lot during the day like a princess so he just assumes perhaps you’re the same way?

- He’s not a light sleeper himself but not heavy either, it depends on how exhausted he is.

- Waits for you until he just can’t anymore come on you need to eat breakfast MC

- He’ll shake your shoulder lightly but that obviously has no chance of working so he just gives up and hopes you’ll wake up soon

- three hours later and he’s a little frustrated because he’s been waiting for so long why did you ignore him??

- Jumin I was sleeping how was I supposed to know you were already awake

- He’ll give you the cutest little pout because he was lonely while you were busy being a boulder.


- He’s really scared you’re hurt or something because you just won’t wake up like are you okay??

- But you still groan a bit in your sleep and move so phew! he’s relieved.

- He just plays video games usually until you wake up honestly, he doesn’t wanna bother you too much.

- Makes you breakfast for when you wake up, it’s a little cold by the time you get to it but that’s okay!

- He only sleeps really heavy when he falls asleep really late so he’s worried about your sleep schedule.


- She tries to wake you gently at first but that doesn’t work very well.

- Worried that perhaps you could be ill..? Hopes thats not the case, but you don’t feel much warmer than ordinary.

- She’ll make herself busy while you’re still asleep, watching one of Zen’s DVDs or finishing up some early morning paperwork until you finally wake up.

- Asks if everything’s alright with you over a light breakfast, go on and explain how you’re a heavy sleeper and she’ll find it a little humorous because she’s the complete opposite.

- Whenever Jumin leaves Elizabeth the 3rd with her the tiniest noise the fur ball makes and she’s awake, it’s so difficult to get a full nights rest most of the time.


- He will pull the most bullshit pranks on you while your sleeping prepare to be filled with regret

- It’s classic camp pranks too, like whip cream in the hand and a feather to the nose so you smack yourself in the face and surprise surprise. Always gets it on camera, but saves it for himself because it’s just adorable.

- You’re never safe from the pranks, even in your sleep.

- Honestly he’ll never go too far though, just all in good fun. He likes seeing you so deep in sleep, it’s like you’re in ~another world~

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Quick doodle sketches of these three before I go to bed, I had already drawn Seung-gil lee before in the last bust post but I wanted to draw him again because I just love him so much.

Also Otabek and Chris are cool (and they’re all pretty man), all three of these guys need more screentime.


noun | trag·e·dy | \ˈtra-jə-dē\ | 悲劇
: a very bad event that causes great sadness and often involves someone’s death
: a very sad, unfortunate, or upsetting situation : something that causes strong feelings of sadness or regret
: a play, movie, etc., that is serious and has a sad ending (such as the death of the main character).

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Just Hold Me

“You’re so cute when you’re half asleep like this…”
“Do you want me to leave?”
“Stay the night. Please.”

Pairing: Markiplier X fem!reader

Warnings: uh. “hell” I guess?

A/N: OUR FIRST POST! Kinda sorta my first go ‘round. Like, it is but it’s not. I’ve written things before, basically… I AM willing to take constructive criticism, though… :) enjoy! -Xoxo Em

You walked through the door of your bedroom after one hell of an exhausting day at work, and plummeted onto the bed with a groan. Your body ached and was practically begging for a massage. You had almost passed out then and there, had it not been for Mark walking in and seeing you lying there on your stomach, fully dressed and still above the comforter.

“You’re so cute when you’re half asleep like this,“ he stated, leaning against the door jam with a knowing smirk on his face.

"Shut up,” you groaned into the pillow. He stood up straight and made his way to your position on the bed. Sitting on the edge, he started running his fingers through your hair, slightly massaging your scalp with every pass. With a sigh, you could feel almost all the tension in your body melt away.

“You’re basically a cat,” he said, chuckling. “Did you have a long day?”

You nodded and mumbled, “Very.”

“I’m sorry to hear that, babe. If–”

“Stop talking and just hold me,” you mumbled into the pillow, cutting him off.

Mark gave a small laugh and took off yours and his shoes. He then laid down and wrapped his arms around you. You rested your head upon his chest and gave a sigh of contentment as his fingers ran through your hair again.

After about 30 minutes, Mark tried getting up and leaving–figuring you were asleep–but you weren’t having it. You gave a groan and a small “no.”

Softly, and reluctantly, you asked him, “Stay the night. Please.”

“Do you at least want to get under the covers?”

You groaned and gave him a playful shove, “Shut up.” And started to get under the covers.

With a knowing smile, he sarcastically retorted, “Do you want me to leave?”

Once you got situated under the covers, you looked up at him and pulled off his glasses, setting them on the nightstand and stated firmly, looking up into his eyes, “Just. Hold. Me.”

concept: mccree calls genji “pumpkin” as a term of endearment. genji thinks its adorable, but he also thinks its kinda fun to mess w/ mccree, so one time he replies by calling mccree by some other fruit/veggie. mccree picks up on it like… right away, & by the end of the week they’re calling each other ridiculous things (think like… Menu items or full recipes, just goofy & over the top) and laughin their ass off abt it, all while being kinda blushy bc well…. th bf is cute af and i love him