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Sketch Dump!

So I haven’t posted any art in a long time, mostly because I’ve felt like it isn’t worthy of posting. But that’s dumb, so I’m going to try and post at least one sketch a week. To try and get going again. So here’s just a few sketches to get started. Thanks to everyone who’s still stuck around!

Thank You

Well, here we are!

Not only is today my 21st birthday, but also another landmark- I’ve been on tumblr with all of you for one year now! And let me tell you, it has been a ride. Some of you may have noticed that I enjoy writing walls of text and being incredibly sappy. So lemme just go ahead and carry on that tradition.

I started to really pick up again with my art last January when I moved onto my college’s campus for the first time. I realized that I would would have more free time, and more alone time than ever before in my life. I decided to take this as an opportunity to advance and improve my artwork. I started taking drawing requests on /co/ and the Adventure Time threads, as well as the MLaaTR threads. After a couple months of this, people began encouraging me to make a blog to post my stuff to! I decided to make this blog one year ago today to post my stuff to on my 20th birthday.

I never really expected to make any characters, either! And since most of my characters happened to be made while doodling in class, I have the days recorded where I first incepted them! Reese was first doodled on February 16, 2016. Vivian and Sugar were first sketched on April 5th, on the same day! Tallow was designed July 23rd. And lastly, Clair was designed on September 26th.

The response to my drawings and these characters has blown me away. I never could have expected so much support, and I am grateful beyond words.

This past year has been a learning process for me, and so much has happened thanks to you guys. This wild ride has made this past year one of the best of my life, and I’m so happy that you all were a part of that.

I’ve met all sorts of new friends and cool people online, too! Some links are NSFW, but listed below are 100 people that have made my year better. People that have gifted me art, friends, people that have taken the time to talk and discuss things with me, and people that have been there for me the whole time:

@bulumble-bee @niiikooooo @mobstermelodies @yotomoe @hernyart  @spicyrab @brokenlynx21 @boonsky @feathers-ruffled @boxxwrench @awaerr @itsunknownanon @mightyworld @qwilman @davidbaronart @elenamanetta @weeeeps @missbutlerart @smaggthesmug @fawxy-things @angeliccmadness @getdestroyed-staydestroyed @daclusia @kt-draws @hrabboner @daveystudios @jeezerartnsfw @gountart @whygena-draws @dankodeadzone @hardtones @dead-carl-artblog @pixelhat @theshygamerart @themanwithnobats @prurientpie @kaboodlesque @chefart033 @mindream6 @djozuma @r-randall @terra-squalus @captainbutteredmuffin @blushmallet @grimphantom2 @smugglesart @angstrom-nsfw @cosmic-doodle @batrachiarch @saladraws @haaaaaaaaaz @sfjellyfishstuff @burntsquirrelman @wonkyaim @projectexxi @starmanjrblog @captnshane @moonlordress @benaticbro @masarts @loveart-anddrawingit @narksfw @wwwjam @marcoettoren @jokerpunkart @mr-groovyart @selphinrose @argent-maelstrom @blackwing115 @you-complete-bastard @ironbloodaika @gro-ggy @dracounreformed @fawriel @listen-and-reflect @sablejay @mastergee @buttsanddicksandstuff @ciderward @rensgeneralblog @krekk0v @korraspats @step-by-voice @jigglytoons @doonkay @zoopbooploop @joe-lasko @notyourgenitals @baka-666 @majinrabbid @chainchomped @metriccaboose @two-ts-two @robotic-alien-dude @ninsegado91 @gablesmcgee @peridotstash @chillguydraws @ck-blogs-stuff @bran-draws-things

I may have missed some people, but 100 is hard to keep track of! The support all of you have shown me is something that I will not forget, and will be forever grateful for.

You all are the best, and the reason that this past year has been so wonderful.

I’ve got close friends coming over, so I may be a little quiet this weekend apart from any reblogs I may do! Enjoying the company of good friends and food.

Thank you all. I hope this next year will be wonderful for everyone. You all are the best.


My AMAZING FRIEND offered to do the colouring for this, ISN’T IT AMAZING!!!? It’s perfect actually~ Expect more of her awesome colouring on here in the future<33 

http://alexandraduhkiwi.tumblr.com/ is their tumblr~

Under the cut I have two slightly relate-able doodles, I’ve been wondering if I should post crossdressing art that I’ve done outside the blog on here as well~

A Critique for myself

I just deleted some drawings of my blog (yeah, like 12 or 13 posts,, im sorry abt that,) But I know what to do abt it, to try to not do it again (but I know I will eventually delete more drawings from my blog as long as i keep noticing things I dont like abt my art)

Even tho I left some of the recent drawings, I notice that theyre not as good as Id like them to be,, but as an artist, I have now th ability of knowing What I dont like about my art, so Here I am with a little list of what to change to keep growing as an artist, but keeping the things I love about my current style:

  1. Draw Backgrounds, dont just stay with the simple grey background youre currently using,, CREATE A SCENE for the character to be in, and remember that the background has to match the style of the character, bc if it doesnt match, it looks UGLY, or WRONG, and that is not ok. You can look at refs for that, it might be difficult to learn, but it will be SO WORTH IT, 
  2. Draw DIFFERENT EXPRESSIONS for the lov e of goku,, EXAGERATE!! DRAW UGLY EXPRESSIONS!! MAKE THE DRAWING LOOK AS EXPRESSIVE AS YOU CAN!! you can Always look for tips and tutorials, and references, theres no way you can learn this by yourself, look at your current art, If you havent learnt that by yourself already, it means that you ACTUALLY NEED references,, and thats not bad in any way, theyre necessary and Good.
  3. DRAW DIFFERENT PERSPECTIVES,, this one sounds TOO complicated, but it is not impossibleto learn abt it,, Stop drawing just the front view of the character, theres so many other perspectives to draw a character!! theres a lot of possibilities,, dont just stay inside of your comfort zone, thats lazy,,
  4. CHOSE ONE COLOR SCHEME AND STICK WITH IT. dont use ALL of the colors of the fucking rainbow to make one art piece, you should just choose TWO OR THREE base colors and then make all the other colors match with those base colors… Basically, read those color guides Gato showed you 2 years ago, that you actually didnt read. They will help you a LOT.
  5. use R E F E R E N C E S,, and tutorials and tips from artists who know better abt these topics,, and KEEP RECIEVING CRITIQUE from other ppl (i AM recieving critique gracefully, but not really as much as Id like to, but anyways, yeah)

im gonna do research to find tutorials and refs that help ME with these, and im gonna link them in this post, but these are the 5 things I gotta do to feel better abt my art

anonymous asked:

Hi! I want to start getting into making graphic tees but idk how to start. I know you don't make shirts but you talk to people who do so I'd figure I'd ask you if you had any knowledge on getting started (where to get the shirts, etc). Thanks for reading this!

Hey there! I actually have just started trying to make some designs of my own, so I can give you some information about what I know so far!

So what I’m currently experimenting with is Screen Printing, something I was taught in High School and wanted to pick up again :-) I was planning on making a post on my blog on how DIY Screen Printing, so do look out for that as it’ll include photos w/ better instructions. 

Firstly - it can be quite expensive. I personally didn’t bother buying a ‘starter kit’ because they are very expensive for what little you get.

Here’s what you’ll need for both making & printing the screens.

Making the screens:

You can buy your own screens from an art store, or make your own. I would really suggest just making your own as they’re nothing special, super easy and cheap to make.

  • Cheap/old canvas with a wooden frame (cut out the middle of the canvas, and replace it with the silk screen)
  • Silk screen (I bought this roll, as well as another that was more expensive)
  • Nails/push pins

Preparing the screens:

  • Emulsion and sensitiser (I use the Speedball Diazo brand, you can find it online or on ebay. It can be expensive, and this will probably be the priciest part of it all)
  • Newspaper
  • Push pins (not those flat ones)
  • Dark spot to place the screen

Printing the screens:

  • Newspaper/scrap paper (it can get messy)
  • Your screen
  • Printing paint
  • Squeegee or hard card 
  • Paintbrush (for fixing up any mistakes)
  • Hose/shower
  • Old toothbrush

There is a really great video here that will give you lots of information, I found this one the easiest one to follow as she explains everything really well. You can also download her free PDF that goes into greater detail. This one is also great too, but a little more professional. 

I won’t write down how to actually do the screen printing process as it’s way too long, but you can click through to those links and they’ll teach you a lot. I will be posting that blog post on this DIY soon though, so hopefully that will teach you a little bit as well.

Good luck with it all, and if you need anymore help please feel free to contact me again! :-)

A Girl...

I don’t want just a friend
I want a girlfriend
Not only a girlfriend, but a partner
Not only a partner, but a wife
Not only a wife, but a rider
I need a girl that has no problem
Giving me as much attention
That I give her
I need a girl that will have no problem
Acknowledging my wrongs and rights and will still love me
A girl who will put me in my place
Be silly in my space
Unconditionally support my faith
A girl who’s quick to notice how I can be upset and still make me smile
A girl who hasn’t yet walked out on me cause she knows what’s that is like
A girl who isn’t hesitant on her feelings, but can say “This is how you truly make me feel.”
Wake up to my phone blown up by just her cause she was worried
Good morning/good night texts acknowledging my feelings
When we get into an argument she ends it with something cute
A girl that can bug me, literally open my phone and see her name
Is the most important feeling to falling in love, but scared to be hurt all over again. 💔😔

i really wanted to do an outside transformation animation for en while futzing with tvpaint, now if only i could figure out how to do in-betweens, and if the preview images are an indicator i might have fucked up the background.

and once again i begin posting all the art i drew a while back that i have saved up!

i dont actually know how light or fire works please go easy on this one


Here it is! My blog’s first anniversary Art Raffle!!!

Please click the pictures to have a better look! If you want more samples of my art, just search the tag “my art” on my blog!

To join, just follow and reblog this post and you’re in! Yes, LIKING THIS POST WON’T DO ANYTHING! Winners will be chosen by a random name generator, no cheating I promise~ :)

BUT! Chosen winners MUST reply to me within 48 hours with the requested characters along with their reference(s), or a new winner will be chosen again. Sorry. :( I will inform you through both ask/PM and tagging in a separate post, please do take note!

Also if you don’t mind, send the references through PM, okay? Submitting is also fine, but I don’t recommend doing so.


Anyways, thank you all for supporting once again! Have a nice day, and I wish you good luck! :)

Ever since I made Marisol Ryder with bubblegum pink hair I WONDERED ABOUT THIS. How much hair dye and bleach did Ryder smuggle from the Milky Way? Cause that shit’s gonna run out. Do they have some kind of fade-free permanent dye in the future? her roots are still gonna show. *_*

(don’t worry about spoilers on my blog, but if I decide to post one I’ll make sure it’s super tagged and under a cut or something)


Completed Project: Fran FFXII FanArt Embroidery

Hi all! Just a super quick update as I wanted to write more about this than I probably will have time for - but I finished the Fran embroidery and posted this yesterday on social media in celebration of the FFXII remaster launch. 

This is one of my favourite games of all time and I’m so happy it’s receiving super positive praise the second time around (although it did on the first) and more people are giving it a chance! 

This embroidery is based off of a fan art drawing by @shadowmeowth who is super awesome and does some wonderful FF stuff both on here and on DeviantArt so please do check her out. 

I’ll try and get a proper post to the blog with WIP photos soon (but again, work is getting mad and it’s back to busy, just like when we did the FFXV one!)


first official Critical Role art, here we go!

if you aren’t following my personal blog, you probably don’t know that I’ve been mildly obsessing over watching this show since may 2016 (and have been “almost caught up” since like december, but they keep airing new episodes). it just took me this long to post art of it because headcanons are hard, man :0 these are still subject to change, and I may have forgotten some canon details, but it felt good to be able to do some art again!


(I’m a little late I’m sorry!)


Thank you guys SO so much for 300 followers on here. It really does mean so much to me that y'all enjoy my blog enough to want to follow me. I never ever expected this blog to get as big as it is now. I honestly was just here to post occasional fan art and stuff for Jack in the beginning. I didn’t know that people interacted with each other on here, and was too shy to even attempt to make friends anyway. But I’ve obviously overcome that mindset, because now this blog has hundreds of followers, and I’ve made so many amazing friends on here. Again, thank you guys for being as amazing as you are and for following me. I can’t believe that I get to be part of such amazing communities :)

As a thank you, I put my art skills (ish) to use and made this (sorry for the weird coloring, I had bad lighting when I took the picture haha): 

I made it the color theme of my blog, as you can probably see. This is for you guys. I wanted to show my appreciation, and @nerdqueeniplier gave me the idea to do a painting of some sort. So here you go everyone! :D

I love each and everyone of you, even if we don’t talk or you’re not as active as some others. Just the fact that you clicked that follow button means the world to me, so thank you <3

And now…I’m gonna tag every. single. one. of. you! (takes deep breath) 

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Here are some pals hanging out! This has originally been flatly colored with a beach in the background as commissioned by @arc-hammer (don’t worry I emailed them the colored version they paid for) but I don’t like how it came out so I’m going to cower behind my shame and post the line art instead. Landscape backgrounds and I just aren’t meant to be ;v;

I recently remade my blog so if you haven’t re-followed me yet, please do so! My old blog had 8.7k followers so I’m hoping to get that back eventually.

[Commission info] [Art usage/repost rules]

Guys, I glanced at my followers just now and I’m close to 500 now. To any bigger blogs this may not be too much but I went for 3 and ½ years not being able to gain more than 150 followers or any real activity, hell, I think I had only made over 100 notes on a post one time but that’s not important.

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