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Hey, I read you answered questions on witchcraft and I'm just about starting out on being a witch and I'm just kinda lost. How do I find out what kind of a witch I am, for example? And what about room decor, plants, drying herbs, crystals, sigils and others? How do I even start being a witch?Do you have any websites or blogs (or tips?) that could help me out? Thank you ♡ x

Hi there!

You find out what kind of witch you are, by deciding what kind of witchcraft you want to practice. Most people just choose what they want to be, based off what they like, what they feel drawn to, or just what they want to do. [Here] is a list of types of witches that might inspire you / help you get started on finding a type of magic you want to work with first. This list is not extensive, and what you choose you aren’t stuck with forever - you can try other things, combine things, whatever you want to do! Witchcraft is super personal, and it’s all for you, by you. You also don’t need to confine your magic to any singular label; you can choose more than one to work with.

I picked sigil magic to start with, for example, because it seemed easy, and I knew I could draw; it also required very little supplies, and it also honestly seemed the least likely to backfire. xD My craft eventually evolved into eclectic magic, because I began using a bit of everything else (crystals, herbs, candles, etc.) in my magic to get what I needed.

As for room decor, that’s up to you. You don’t need it, though. You don’t need to *look* witchy to *be* witchy. If you need to be on the down low about your magic, you don’t have to draw huge pentacles on your walls or wear all black or anything like that to still have magic work. What makes you a witch or magic user is what’s inside you, not around you (it can help but, you know, not required). But, if you want to make your room look “witchy,” whatever that means to you, go right for it. But I don’t think it will impact your magic in any way. (I don’t view altars / magical work spaces as decor - they are more than just decorations.)

In regards to plants, it’s another case of if you want to. All my herbs I get pre-dried in grocery stores and bulk stores, because I can’t grow plants worth squat. I’ve taken fresh herbs from grocery stores, actually, that’s a lie, but they were already grown, and I just hung them in my window to dry them. If you want to try growing your own herbs, feel free, but it isn’t necessary - pre-dried and store bought have worked perfectly for me for the last two years. (I also don’t know anything about growing herbs or gardening, so you’d need to go elsewhere for those answers.)

Working with crystals and sigils are optional - they can prove beneficial, but if you don’t want to do that, you don’t need to. 

Working with *anything* is optional, when you get right down to it - all these things, candles, herbs, crystals, are just amplifiers and focuses for magic. You can perform witchcraft with just your own body, energy, and intent. You just need to know how. (P.S. [energy work] is how.)

Doing your own research will never go amiss, let me tell you that right now. I know it can seem daunting, and you don’t know where to start, but seriously, just a Google search of “witchcraft crystal magic” or “witchcraft sigil magic” can pull up a lot of information and give you more ideas of where to go that you can follow on your own. (I really recommend specifying “witchcraft” when searching on the internet, because you might get a lot of pop culture links that just aren’t relevant, or a variety of other articles that might not be applicable.)

You start being a witch by deciding you want to be a witch. Boom, congratulations, welcome to witchcraft! :D From there, it’s going to be a lot of research. Research will help you determine more about witchcraft in general, and from there you can decide what you want to do with it. Once you have an idea of things you might want to try - working with crystals, herbs, sea magic, etc. - you can do more focused research on those topics. 

Once you have an idea of what you want to do, try it out. Give some things a shot and practice. Write down what you try, so if it doesn’t work or things go wrong, you can look back and think “what if I try this instead?.” and then try it. It really is all about experimentation. You will make mistakes, spell may not work - it is something that has happened to us all, and likely will again. Nothing is perfect and neither is magic. Don’t be daunted, though - you are new to it, it will take some time to get the hang of and build your confidence up. Just stay positive, and remember that mistakes are learning experiences, and help define you more as witch. Never give up. The magic is inside you, you just need to find the right way to work with it. 

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Long post, but yeah, I hope that helps you! If you have any more questions, I’ll do what I can to help you. :)

Although the title says speeches, you can really use these tips for writing and presenting any sort of oral presentation. Hope they help :))


  1. Research the topic: Duh. This is really basic but very important. If at all possible, try to have a deeper understanding of the topic than needed, you don’t want to be caught out by a difficult question.
  2. Have an introduction: Include your name, the topic you’ll be discussing and why you chose it. Even if you were given the topic, try and say what you found interesting about it (make it seem like it’s not just for a good grade). Personally, I wouldn’t outline any key points in your talk here, you don’t want people to zone out due to an information overload.
  3. The main body of your talk: Try and link the points together with phrases such as: to reinforce the previous idea, similarly, to clarify, in contrast to that, conversely etc. Just try to make it sound cohesive and not like you’re saying whatever pops into your head. I’d say to include a minimum of 3 points, but that can vary depending on what’s required.
  4. Devices: List things as triads (in 3s), this gives a nice rhythm and flow. Use rhetorical questions(!)- this is especially important in speeches and persuasuve writing. You want your audience to really think and examine the information you have given them, not just half-listen to whatever you’re on about.
  5. A brief conclusion: Summary of main points, pretty standard stuff. But you should thank the audience for their time, it just leaves a really good impression and clearly says you’ve finished speaking.


  1. Have confidence: If you don’t think you’re worth listening to, no one else will either! You know this topic like the back of your hand, you’ll do great.
  2. Speak clearly: Kinda to do with confidence. Nice and loud so you can be heard, enunciate (but don’t be too overdramatic lmao-people can go a bit crazy with this one).
  3. Know your notes: Not necessarily off by heart (sometimes I think this just gives you more problems bc if you blank, you’re screwed), but don’t stare at them the whole time. Look down every know and then but don’t have your nose glued to the page!
  4. Practice: Similar to knowing your notes, I wouldn’t recommend learn it off by heart. If something throws you and you lose your train of thought, you’re screwed. Most importantly, you need to practice out loud, and in front of a mirror- if you have one. Again, you’re building confidence and creating a routine so it’s not as daunting when you do the real thing.
  5. Visual aids: Use colours, graphs, images or whatever else to get your point across. Power points are great, but even just a poster works. I put this one last because it’s not necessary but if it’s possible, 100% you should do it because: 
    1. Takes the focus off you (great if you’re self-conscious/worried about going up in front of a group to present- this is the main reason I use visuals)
    2. A reminder in case you blank
    3. Stops you rambling/getting distracted and going off topic
    4. Grabs the audience’s attention (why do you think studyblrs often use cute images at the top of posts?- it draws people in!)

Well, I hope that helps out and that you have a few new tricks up your sleeve! Good luck with your presentations/speeches and feel free to message me if there are any bits of this post that don’t make sense or if you have any thoughts/ideas :)))

City Pop: The Internet’s Lost Genre

by E. Schoop

In the internet age, we have all become crate diggers and plunderers of the abstract. One of the great things about the vast information we have at our disposal is not just its spread through communities, but how it takes on a life of its own. Online movements like net art or vaporwave may not have always conduced extraordinary work, yet it has brought about knowledge to pieces and genres many had not known before. By extension of the hypnagogic craze that Tumblr, 4chan, and Reddit have all spurred on, city pop has re-surged in popularity and rightfully so.

But let’s not give curation all the credit for city pop’s acclaim. To be frank, the genre has been ripe for a reawakening and the sequence of sampling connections linking Tatsuro Yamashita to today’s youth was an easy outlet. Despite anime’s huge presence here in the West, we collectively haven’t given Japanese music a chance, yet culturally there is a wide attraction to their media and style of creation. Hence, city pop enters as a perfect conduit. The rateyourmusic generation synthesizes as whole with this avenue, a type of music so focused on hybridizing jazz, funk, and pop that it’s easy to love whether or not you ever found smooth jazz far too kitschy.

Take Toshiki Kadomatsu for example. This is a composer that not only writes virtuosic melodies, but links the rhythm with a pictorial quality on the level of a Steely Dan or Bob Dylan. However, in his case, city pop was intrinsically linked with the prosperity of 80s japan. When one sees the neon lights and tropical locales everpresent on album covers, it belies the prospect of a serene, capitalist utopia that Japan modeled itself as. He makes you believe you’re on a beautiful Okinawa beach and not Ohio in February. It’s euphoria only an excessively funky Japanese man can provide, and doubly impressive being an all-instrumental album too.

City pop is also a genre that can pride itself on having a strong sense of gender equality. Some of the best artists who crafted this style were female, including Junko Ohashi, Momoko Kikuchi, and Noriko Miyamoto. One could argue that female singers were merely used as an object to draw in the male idol audience, but this reductive idea doesn’t acknowledge the presence these women commanded as Japan’s top artists of the 80s. Check out this clip of Momoko Kikuchi and watch how she only needs her ethereal voice in order to put on a classic performance, neglecting to move around as if showmanship can hold her back. It’s a moment of the sublime, city pop as true transcendence, and it beats through a shy girl’s heart.

We’re always wishing for a better place or a better time. To share experiences with ones we hold dear, and make meaningful memories. City pop makes these dreams a reality, at least insofar as providing a musical gateway to personal satisfaction.

anonymous asked:

Hi! I don't know if you answered something like this, I'm new to Tumblr and your profile, and I'm sorry if you have, but I just started writing a fantasy, and I as wondering if you could give some tips on physical world building, stuff like the terrain, buildings, animals, the colors, and some good describing words to help the world pop off the screen. I'm in no rush so take you time, thank you!

If I had answered something similar then I’d link you to it! I can’t blame repeat questions when I have a bad answer-organization system.

The thing about your question though, is that the answer is it all depends on your world. I recognize that “it depends” doesn’t help, so I will expand, but I can’t give you a concrete list of exact details because each story is so different and requires different care.

What I can do is give you some questions to potentially prompt answers from your mind. Part of being a writer is determining your own way to describe things, and there are no descriptor words that are “good”. It’s all relative to the mood/tone of the scene and what image you’re trying to convey.

What kind of world do you want to build?

From there you can move on to sculpting the details to your desire. Are you creating a planet, or just a few countries? You only need to plan as much as your story will be showing, but some people like to get a little more grand. Accept early on that unless a detail is plot-relevant, it may not show up in your story.

Culture before physical features and traits.

Not everyone does it this way, but for most people it’s easier to work with because it keeps the ideas in a tiny box. Know what kind of culture you want the fantasy societies to have and base the terrain, building, animals, on that. (Otherwise you’re just making up random stuff that may not realistically work together.) Some of this may require geography research to see how cultures (and the basic features of land) develop differently.

A few examples:

- A landlocked country probably isn’t going to be big on fishing or water-sports. Water might be a precious commodity, and/or the settlements may be concentrated on rivers.

- A hot island culture will probably eat a lot of fish, might not hold common activities during the hottest part of the day, and people might not wear as much clothing due to humidity. Biodiversity is highest in equatorial regions due to high amounts of rain and sun.

- Hot desert culture tends to involve lightweight pale-colored clothing that covers the body to protect it from the sun. Animals may have large ears for regulated heat release or water-storing adaptations, and plants will be succulents like cacti (water-storage plants). Activity may not happen during the sun’s highest point.

You also might consider how cultures can move and blend, especially with technology and city development. The Caribbean is good historic example of a mix of African, south Asian, English/French, and native culture, but the Africans, Asians, and Europeans were not originally there. New York City is a good modern example of how cultures can interact in a city space

Describing fantasy features and traits.

Who’s your narrator? It all depends on them. A protagonist who’s native to a certain culture isn’t going to marvel at how their people do things. It’ll just be a normal daily occurrence and should be narrated as such. Put them in a different place, and they might start admiring the buildings, the clothing, the city layout, it’s all relative to who they are and what perspectives they hold. Things that are “foreign” to you as the writer are not necessarily “foreign” to the character.

You should also keep in mind what may or may not exist in their culture (or world-view). This can vary based on time period. I know what bears look like thanks to the internet, but I only recently learned that black bears are pretty small and polar bears are huge. Someone who has never seen a bear would not describe something as “bear-like” or use a bear for comparison. 

It also helps to learn animal groups for general naming. You can get away with calling something a “cat” (maybe add a special identifier, like “forest cat”) because “cat” actually refers to a group of animals with certain features, not an individual earth species. When tweaking physical appearance of earth-animals, you can give it an understandable name and then comment on the physical difference. 

“The mottled cat watched me from up the tree, its two tails twitching in annoyance that I ruined its dinnertime.”

Look at how other authors do it.

I could sit here for hours typing out the various ways to describe land and colors when it’s really best to learn by example. Once again, it’s all relative to your narrator, so unless your narrator is a painter or color-fanatic, you really shouldn’t be writing things like “eburnean white” in the first place. I do have this post that I reblogged about some color names, but keep them in-character to use.

For the writing process, here’s How to World-Build Without Boring Your Readers.

Good luck with your world!

Recommended Reading: Bawson Edition

Here’s a list of some of my must read fan fiction featuring my favorite couple from Pitch, Ginny Baker and Mike Lawson, also known as Bawson. This is just the first list. There will definitely be more to come.

A better man might by   lowriseflare, threeguesses  The day Mike realizes he’s actively looking for Baker’s ass in the dugout is the day he decides he should probably stop slapping it.           

And maybe that was love by oddlyfamiliar Ginny and Mike try their hand at something new. Turns out they’re definitely both into it.

Breaking the Code by Bawsanity (CrowsGirl15) AU - Ginny is the hot new pitcher called up by the San Diego Padres. Mike Lawson is the aging catcher for the Dodgers, and Ginny’s childhood idol/crush. What begins as some help between rivals is complicated by a desperate move at the trade deadline.

Catching nothing all the time by lowriseflare, threeguesses   Two things happen the morning after Mike fucks Ginny Baker in Chicago.   

Challenges  by   lawofavgs   His smirk is bordering on predatory as he meets her halfway, stopping just shy of touching her. “Girl I’m seeing, she’s insatiable. Can’t get enough of me. Loves to make sure I know who I belong to.”Her snort makes his smile grow. Allowing herself to draw her fingers lightly over his chest, she tilts her head to the side. “You sound pretty confident.”“With good reason.”             

Dinner with Friends (and Fools) by mikeginsanity(blahblahwahwah)  Mike has to deal with seeing his ex-wife and her fiance at a dinner with friends. But he doesn’t have to face it alone. 

 If you don’t have a good partner, you’d better have a good hand by oddlyfamiliar     Mike accidentally finds Ginny’s sex toy and asks for a demonstration.(aka, Ginny and Mike think they can just do this the once and then pretend it never happened. Watch how wrong they are.)           

Just Another One of Mike’s Girls  by   2shytheshippy   Spinoff from “The What in the How and Why.” AU. Ginny chooses the dress.After Rachel leaves Mike, he develops a reputation due to his fondness for groupies. So, it comes as a surprise to the team when he asks Blip to bring his new girlfriend over for couples night. Their no turns into a yes when Evelyn overhears the Mike and Ginny and, from there, the Sanders and Padres soon realize that there’s more to their relationship than the initially believed.             

The Littlest Padre by   MagicInHerMadness  Collection of loosely linked Bawson family one shots     

my heart stops when you look at me (just one touch now baby i believe)      by  fortunatedaughter    She comes to resent the words – Look what we got here. Ginny Baker, in the flesh. What the fuck does that even mean, her being there, somewhere, in the flesh? She’s not important; no matter what her Pop hopes will happen with baseball when she finally masters that screwball.orthe soulmate au no one asked for.     

Returning the Favor  by Bawsanity (CrowsGirl15)  After Ginny gives him one of his ultimate fantasies, Mike decides to return the favor.   Part 2 of Bawson Fantasies   

Seasons of Love  by  Writeonthrough (Schroederplayspiano) The year Mike Lawson decides is his last he’ll spend with to his first love, baseball, is the first he’ll spend with his last love, Ginny Baker:When Mike announces his plans to retire at the end of next baseball season, Ginny’s and Mike’s implicit plans for their future romantic relationship are finally acted upon, causing the couple to figure a way to have a personal relationship while leading their team to victory. A love story told in four parts.             

Sink or Swim  by Bawsanity (CrowsGirl15)  Mike and Ginny have been sneaking around, and she finds out he has a fantasy of taking her in the team showers. After a particularly hard game for him, she decides to make that fantasy come true.  Part 1 of Bawson Fantasies                   

Slow Like Honey   by neogenesis85 It takes time. A lot of it. It’s just sad that everyone else around them knows how this is going to end, can predict the play-by-play and make good money off the bets, but the two of them keep dancing around what’s inevitable. Or, the five times someone else notices how gone Ginny and Mike are for each other, and the times they finally figure it out themselves.           

Tell Me What You Want  by Bullpen_Antics   The team becomes aware of Ginny’s secret tattoo.           

there’s no place like home  by darlinginmyway   Mike’s grandmother is having her 90th birthday party, and he needs a girlfriend for the weekend.      

These are the practice oaths by lowriseflare, threeguesses  In the wildcard game against the Mets, Ginny pitches maybe the most beautiful game of baseball Mike’s ever seen. Part 1 of The box of multiple universes   

Traffic Stop by MagicInHerMadness  Ginny meets Mike when he gives her a ticket. It should be the start of an argument but things take an interesting turn.              

Unofficial Member of the Team by Bullpen_Antics  Ginny wears a sweater and people lose their shit.      

Why we call it playing catch   by   lowriseflare, threeguesses  Mike’s last game as professional MLB player takes place on the first of October, a tidy, subdued win against Arizona that sends the Padres into the offseason with an uninspiring 71 game record. Ginny doesn’t care.             

As usual feel free to inbox me your own recs. I’m always on the lookout for good reads. Until next time. Enjoy!

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Who's the Emison baby sperm donor?

I have to say before we begin that I’m sorry for what you’re about to read ahead of time. The moment this idea popped into my head, I literally couldn’t think of anything else.

So, who’s the sperm donor for the Emison baby (well, babies)? Well… Technically… Charlotte.

Yep. Charlotte.

It’s entirely possible that before Charlotte transitioned from Charles that she froze her sperm in case she wanted biological children in the future. I’ve read multiple articles from trans women who froze their sperm as they were transitioning for this very reason, so it just may be plausible that technically speaking Charlotte is the missing link in the chain here.

And if I am correct with Mary being A.D. and doing this… It would give an entirely new meaning as to why she’s doing it. She lost her daughter Charlotte, she lost Bethany (whom she saw as a daughter), so what better way to have a fresh start than to have a child (or *cough* twins) and take back what you felt was taken from you?

This would make the child biologically connected to the Drake and DiLaurentis family while making Alison the second cousin to the children.

I kept asking myself “Why would they make Alison pregnant?” There had to be some underlying reason for what A.D. wants and does, and I think this is it. A new start.

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Husband! Johnny

Request: hello yes i’m such a hella hella super johnny stan so if you could do a husband/fiancé bullet list thingy for him that would make my life ☺️ love you and your writing bunches ❤

  • another husband! request omg,, i’m still not over yuta’s one
  • but you might want to check out boyfriend johnny first hehe
  • i’m doing this kinda rushed so i’m sorry if it turns out bad :-(
  • let’s go

  • so you were just about to wake up one morning to make breakfast for johnny and you, like how you always would

  • but from the moment you woke up, johnny was not beside you
  • instead he greeted you with a big morning hug and kiss on the lips, a big and excited smile on his face
  • “why are you up so early today”
  • “i made breakfast for you hehe”
  • “what’s the occasion?”
  • “nothing, i just felt like i needed to do this”
  • and when you go out to the dining table, a big plate of waffles, eggs and bacons + all your favourites are on the table
  • with a special cup of coffee that he made specially for you
  • “make sure you drink all of it”
  • so without thinking much you thanked him and started eating
  • with johnny smiling at the side and watching your every movement,
  • and everytime you take a sip out of the cup he lets out a small giggle
  • what does that mean johnny
  • and when you finally get to the bottom of the cup and finish your coffee, johnny looks at you in anticipation
  • your eyes widen and you almost scream
  • because he drew cute little designs at the bottom of the cup, with the two words “marry me?”
  • and it all linked because just a month ago he mentioned about getting a ring for you
  • and every single time he saw a wedding event or dress, he’s just smile at you and pull you closer
  • even though it’s an unusual way to propose, you agree anyway and you see johnny give the biggest smile ever!!
  • okay on to the actually married couple part
  • the members pop by your apartment like it’s their own
  • especially ten and jaehyun
  • “Y/N!! did you forget to buy milk today”
  • “ten if you’re here to just eat my food almost everyday, you should just leave”
  • “i was just asking- HYUNG! YOUR WIFE IS BEING MEAN TO ME”
  • “what- did you ask her about the food in our fridge again”
  • “yeah, i just wanted milk”
  • “get it yourself ten, i’ll tell taeyong to get it for you”
  • “that’s right babe”
  • “what have you done to johnny hyung”
  • okay but honestly, the sweetest and most understanding husband ever??
  • he’s always willing to sacrifice his time to attend to you and just spend time with you in general
  • and doesn’t forget to make you feel better about yourself by complimenting you every single day
  • “you’re beautiful”
  • “wonderful”
  • “gorgeous!!”
  • attacks you with random cuddle sessions and kisses
  • and is really passionate when making love™
  • the atmosphere just turns steamy and romantic, and his hands are all over you, kisses around your whole body
  • worships you like you’re a goddess
  • and after all that he doesn’t forget to take good care of you
  • positive vibes everywhere!1!1!
  • the younger members are always so fascinated by your relationship, and teases him sometimes too
  • but on some days, the both of you just act like small kids all over again, and fight as if y'all are siblings
  • “why didn’t you buy more toilet paper yesterday”
  • “babe i didn’t know you were going to use THAT much”
  • “shut up, what am i supposed to do now, i’m stuck on the toilet bowl, COME BACK AND HELP ME”
  • “i have practice today babe”
  • “johnny it’s between your wife and her toilet bowl mess crisis or your practice, choose one”
  • “kidding, i’m already on my way back with two rolls of toilet paper, hang in there i love you”
  • but at times when he sees that you’re upset or had a bad day, he tries his best to make it better
  • by telling you jokes and making you laugh,
  • as little as giving you hugs and kisses,
  • to cooking a meal for you or bringing you out to your favourite place
  • whatever that can make you feel better, johnny would do it for you
  • sometimes you feel so bad because he’s always putting in so much effort to take care of you
  • so you try to make it up to him by buying him gifts and bringing him out to surprise him
  • one time you and the other boys hid in the practice room with the lights all off
  • and as soon as johnny entered all of you welcomed him excitedly and it got all emotional because it was a small ‘party’ to show your’s and the member’s gratitude towards johnny
  • he didn’t tear up or cry,
  • but as soon as he got home with you, he pulled you into a tight hug and thanked you for everything
  • but when he’s sad or upset he doesn’t show it that much,
  • only that he becomes more affectionate, asking you for more hugs
  • which makes him feel 10× better
  • he loves you so much he won’t stop talking about you to the other members
  • “she woke up early just to make me this sandwich today, i love her so much”
  • “youngho ah, you didn’t even say that about me when i made a sandwich for you once-”
  • “let’s forget about that, taeyong hehe”
  • “she’s wearing the dress i got for her on our wedding anniversary, isn’t she beautiful”
  • “hyung, this is the 4th time you’re saying that today”
  • “sorry, she’s just too gorgeous”
  • arguments and fights hardly ever happen because both of you are always so sweet and caring to each other,
  • and pretty chill too
  • but when it does happen, it's  usually about something serious and johnny would distant himself away from you for a while,
  • before apologising and talking things out with you calmly so as to solve the problem
  • and it would always be solved easily because y'all know that fighting and arguing won’t solve anything
  • honestly he’s such a caring husband, you’re like being taken care of 24/7
  • always there for you and always willing to lend  listening ear!!
  • he gives you the support and encouragement you need,
  • and just his affection itself and make you feel better
  • you’re blessed if you have johnny seo as your husband
  • i’m sorry this is so short, i’ll end it here!!
The Magic Disruptor Ft. Cherry, V, and Curse

*Cherry and V go searching for CTK after he goes missing after going on some mission for Anrez. They find him stuck in a portal loop teleporting him to different places across an island due to a magic disruptor created by Alphys that was lost after an accident or something. The disruptor has messed with his magic causing his teleporting magic to get stuck in a loop*

CTK: *waves arms* Hey! Quick! Hurry, come on! I don’t know how long this portal is going to stick!
Cherry: Curse, what have you-
CTK: Stop- stop- stop- stop. Look- look- long story, and it may look like I don’t know what I’m doing, but I do- K, maybe not- doesn’t matter. Destroying the disruptor at the origin point should break the loop and get me out of this portal mess. Have you got that? Say you’ve got it. Say SOMETHING!
V: Fine, I’ll say it! We got it, Curse. Now how did you-
V: *looks at cherry* I’m guessing that’s why Anrez doesn’t like him leaving the ship. How often does he get himself into these kinds of situations?
Cherry: *sighs* A lot…

*V and Cherry eventually find the magic disruptor but when getting close to it, it causes V to painfully change into a blaster beast and Cherry had to figure out how to destroy it by herself before V fully changed and looses control. At this point no one knows V is able to change into a blaster beast, curse had a hunch but didn’t know for sure. Eventually they find him hiding behind some rocks with a little stowaway*

CTK: Hey- hey! Down. Down. Down… *slowly pushes Origins head back down behind a rock and pops his head out. Looks at V’s ripped clothing* So its true. You do have some… powerful magic in you. Not that I’m jealous or nothin’, but take it easy out there will ya? Your making me look bad. *walks out from behind the rock*
*V tosses the broken pieces of the disruptor to CTK*
Cherry: what, may we ask were you going to do with that disruptor?
CTK: Use it to get up close and personal with Nightmare, Error and Cross, take them out. Then maybe eat a sandwich. *starts fiddling around with the broken pieces* Gotta work out a few kinks first. Fun fact about Alphys tech, not as intuitive as you’d think.
Cherry: Curse, you can’t do this alone.
CTK: *grunts* The heck I can’t… *gets shocked* OW!
V: Curse, even if you managed to take out those three, when they leave a timeline- defeat or victory- they leave nothing behind…
CTK: *pulls out a broken part* They are bad guys who do bad things. Yes, I get it. *tosses it away*
Cherry: Curse! I don’t think you do!
*CTK gets his hand stuck in a piece of the disruptor*
Cherry: They literally leave nothing behind! They have magic that can completely destroy a timeline and they are getting ready to use it on this one!
CTK: *gets hand unstuck* Hey- hey- hey! Easy, easy! Your going to strain yourself…
V: Anrez has a plan, but he needs you, Curse.
CTK: *grabs disruptor and begins walking away* Yes well Anrez always says he has a plan, but sometimes he just- *stops walking, turns to V and Cherry* Wait- ANREZ said he needs me? As in you heard those EXACT words coming out of his mouth?
Cherry: *rolls eyes* Yes. We did.
CTK: PLEASE TELL ME YOU RECORDED IT!!! *motions back and forth between Cherry and V*
*Cherry and V shake their heads*

CTK: Well did Mel and Senkiller at least hear it?!
V: Actually, we haven’t heard from them since the captain told them to spy on Nightmare and Cross.
CTK: *turns away from Cherry and V* Dream… Dream.  It’s… It’s who they’d go to travel between timelines. *begins walking away towards the rocks where origin is hiding who is slowly poking his head back above the rocks. CTK turns around* Hey um… Thanks. I owe you guys big time. *grabs Origin and teleports away*
V: Great. He’s gone again. We really need to put a tracking bell on those two…
Cherry: *sighs*


So I was playing destiny 2 last night and I don’t know why but Cayde to me acts just like CTK so I couldn’t resist when this scene popped up (I thought it fit him pretty well but we’ll see what perf says). I couldn’t think of any other villains to use besides nightmare, Cross and Error, I hope their creators don’t mind me using them in this. IDK. I don’t think I’ll ever make a comic of this scene, I’m too lazy and have other stuff I want to work on but I’ll at least post this to give you a couple laughs. =^= 

Link to the destiny scene so you can see what I’m talking about. (Sorry for the spoilers) 


Cherry © @cherryful-life

Curse/CTK © @perfectshadow06 

Senkiller © @anrez-op-skele

Mel © @golzy

Error ©  @loverofpiggies 

Nightmare © @jokublog

Cross © @jakei95

CHILL Playlist.


  1. MNEK - At Night (I Think About You) (x)
  2. Tove Stryke - …Baby One More Time  (x)
  3. Tove Stryke - Ain’t Got No…  (x)
  4. Soul II Soul - Back To Life  (x)
  5. Ariana Grande - Be Alright  (x)
  6. Bosco - Boy  (x)
  7. Britney Spears - Early Mornin’ 
  8. Luna - Free Sombody  (x)
  9. The Internet - Gabby  (x)
  10. Ladies’ Code - Galaxy  (x)
  11. Lianne La Havas - Grow  (x)
  12. Lianne La Havas - Green & Gold  (x)
  13. AOA - Good Luck  (x)
  14. Oh Wonder - Lose It  (x)
  15. Treasure Fingers & BOSCO - NAMES  (x)
  16. Alex Newell - Devilsih  
  17. Santigold - Chasing Shadows (X)
  18. MAMAMOO - You’re The Best   (x)
  19. Florrie - Real Love  (x)
  20. Izzy Bizu - White Tiger  (x)
  21. Allie X - Old Habits Die Hard  (x)
  22. EXID - L.I.E.  (x)

Honorary Track.

F(X) - 4WALLS (Live) (Music Video)

So…yeah. These are the songs that I have on repeat. Each song gives me some sort of feeling. Hope you like it. I also added links to Live performances and Music Videos. Just me being extra AF. 

(Literally copied the playlist from my phone. Sorry that a lot of the singles are just previews.)

Made with SoundCloud

There are four (4) types of Lisanna popular in fanfiction!

*Note, I typically only read nalu fics, so this is what I’VE seen.

1) Evil Lisanna! Comes back from Edolas. Only purpose is to be evil. Probably brain washed the guild because reasons. Loves Natsu a lot. Wants Lucy dead/gone. Evil incarnate. Jealousy is a bitch. In AU fics she’s the bitch cheerleader that was dating quarterback Natsu before new girl Lucy showed up. Just not a nice girl. Retains none of her canon personality. Is probably banished from the guild at the end.

2) Pre-Edolas Lisanna. She’s not there. That’s it. She just doesn’t exist. Probably dead.

3) Post-Edolas, but might as well be Pre-Edolas Lisanna. Also not there. Banished to the back of the plot. Just becomes the “younger Strauss.” Occasionally pops up with Elfman and Mira, though usually has no lines. In AUs she might actually just be dead for the purpose of giving Natsu a tragic backstory and lost love. 

4) Lisanna we deserved! May not be super important to the plot, but serves as a good friend. May or may not be romantically linked to Bixlow. Overall a very nice girl, can be the sassy/mischievous friend. Actually has a personality besides “younger sibling” and “present but not really.” Has her own agency and doesn’t serve to prop up a male character as a romantic interest.

The Car Ride

Dennis hated how he had to sit in the back seat of the truck. His older brother always made sure that he was back there. It didn’t matter if it was his girlfriend riding with them or one of his friends. Dennis always had to sit in the back. Even at 19 Dennis was still incredibly small. His compact and thin frame fit pretty well in the back seat. However he hated everything about it. It always felt like they treated him like a little kid even though he was an adult.

Even before they went to pick up Jerry he was forced back there. “There isn’t a reason for you to sit up front. You’ll be moving back there anyway,” his brother told him. Dennis ignored it and pulled out his phone.

‘Hey dude check this out,’ Dennis’ friend sent him a link. He wasn’t sure what it was but clicked it anyway. A website popped up that looked like it was going to give his phone a virus. Dennis’ phone vibrated again, ‘Just mess around with it. It’s great.’ He downloaded the app and wasn’t sure what to expect. There were bars he could adjust but he didn’t know what they did. At the bottom he found an open text box. ‘[Insert text here]’

Dennis decided to type something. ‘I have dark hair,’ He wasn’t sure why that’s what he typed but he waited a few seconds. His hair started to turn jet black and he smirked at how good it looked. ‘Maybe a little facial hair too.’ In an instant after typing, what would have taken him a month to grow grew in an instant. It wasn’t much but he felt like it was a perfect amount. In his excitement he accidently kicked the back of Jerry’s seat.

“What the fuck man!” Jerry shouted.

“Sorry,” Dennis said. Jerry looked back to see him grinning widely.

“Sure you are,” he rolled his eyes. “Just know why you’re sitting back there.”

For a second Dennis was about to sit silently. Then he remembered the thing he was holding in his hands. ‘Worse comes to worse I type in something stupid on a program no one will see.’ His smile broadened as he typed in, ‘Jerry is smaller than me.’ Dennis couldn’t believe his eyes as the man in front of him changed. His large thick muscles quickly disappearing as the seconds went by. Jerry’s body was nowhere near what it had been. He looked like he’d never even been in a gym; despite them just picking him up from one. Dennis stifled his laugh but he could see Jerry staring at him in the rearview mirror.

“What’s so funny?” Jerry threatened.

“Nothing.” Dennis tried to regain his composure. He knew exactly what he was going to change next, himself. It was something he’d been wanting to change for years. He hated being the scrawny kid who his brother’s friends picked on. First thing he typed in was, ‘I have huge muscles other guys are jealous of.’ Instantly his 5’6” frame started growing wider. It was hard for him to stay comfortable with his arms jammed into the window. His must have weighed over 200 pounds. He adjusted himself and bumped into Jerry’s seat.

“Really dude?” Jerry groaned.

“Sorry,” Dennis smiled. Jerry didn’t say anything. He wasn’t about to make a big deal over nothing. It was just annoying that he seemed to want to push his buttons. Besides, Dennis was so jacked it was hard to think that he wouldn’t bump his seat. He tried ignoring it.

Dennis went back to checking out his new body. There wasn’t much room to move but he knew what he wanted to change next. ‘I’m 6’6.’ He couldn’t help but grin happily as his body grew longer. His line of sight was passing the top of the chair in front of him while his knees grew towards it. He didn’t realize just how squeezed in he was going to be. His legs bumped into the chair in front of him.

“That’s it!” Jerry shouted, “Pull this car over. Your brother is pissing me off!” Peter groaned. He was so annoyed with the situation. Normally Dennis didn’t make a sound why was he being so annoying today?

Jerry jumped out of the car. His 5’6” body was ready for action. He put up his fists and pretended to punch the air. Dennis opened up the car door. He was squeezed into the backseat. ‘Damn…’ Jerry’s confidence drained in an instant. It took a little bit but Dennis was able to get out of the car.

“You got a problem little man?” Dennis’ voice boomed. “Cause we can do this if you want to.” Dennis was a good foot taller than Jerry. Sure Jerry spent a lot of time in the gym but he wasn’t able to make any of the gains that Dennis was. The guy gained muscle like it was magic. And somehow he sat squeezed in the back seat of the truck.

“No sir,” Jerry squeaked. “I don’t have a problem at all,” he paused for a second while Dennis stared down at him. “Sir,” Jerry had no idea why he would even think that he could do anything to Dennis.

“Good.” With that Dennis made his way to the front seat. He pushed it all the way back allowing his tall built body fit more comfortably. “You ready to go? Get in.”

Jerry felt like he should protest. Something about the situation seemed off. He always had the front right? But now Dennis was telling him to take the back.

“Get in.” Dennis commanded. Jerry stopped questioning anything. There was no way he was going to antagonize someone as huge as Dennis. He instantly hopped in the back like it was completely normal.

Besides All Your Fault: Pt. 2, you also have a collaboration with Louis Tomlinson from One Direction. What can we expect?

He sent me the song, and the first 10 seconds caught my ear. Later I went to take a shower and get ready for the day, and I couldn’t stop thinking about it in the shower. I just wanted to listen to it again. I went to my phone, but the link had expired. I was texting my manager like, “You have to send me a new link or email me the mp3, you just need to send it to me.” I ended up cutting my parts and meeting Louis. He was really sweet and kind. One Direction was really big, so I didn’t know what to expect. But he was very nice to everybody around me and my team. No diva. No ego. He seemed really down to earth and centered. Just a normal guy.

What does it sound like? Is it a banger? A ballad? Pop? EDM?

It’s a mid-tempo — I can’t give too much away! But the production is very cool, very fresh.

The Rogues Save Nygmobblepot 2017

Basically… we’re gonna have Fish Mooney, Ivy Pepper, and now Victor Fries saving Nygmobblepot 2017.

The whole damn rogues gallery is going to get these two back together, just you wait.

Fish comes back just to scold them and try to get them together.

Ivy and Oswald are bffs so of course she going to help.

Victor Fries is going to talk about how is wife was his one true love, and Oswald will realize he still feels the same about Ed.

You know Firefly and Selina will be rolling their eyes but will help just so Ed and Oswald stop this nonsense.

Zsasz is there too saying “PLEASE” because their little war is getting on his nerves.

This is the real reason why Jim and Harvey are breaking Jervis Tetch out of Arkham. Tetch is going to irritate Ed with his rhymes and give Penguin his newspaper top hat. Jim and Harvey will wonder what they were thinking until Ed starts blushing and asks Oswald if he knows any Amy Winehouse songs.

Jerome pops out of nowhere yelling “You ain’t seen nothing yet!” and links his arms over their shoulders bringing them closer together.

Harvey Dent shows up, not really sure why he’s there but feeling compelled to flip his coin. “Heads Ed says sorry first, tails Oswald says it first.”

And Finally Barbara storms in and yells, “Oh my god just kiss already!”

Cardcaptor Sakura: Clear Card Arc Chapter 11 Translation  [PREVIEW]

It’s that wonderful time of the month again, guys!  I translated these at 2:00am though, so if anything looks weird, please give me a shout. :)

Thank you to @chibiyuuto for posting the scans here and to @meimi-haneoka​ for letting the Discord channel know. [Link Removed by @cardcaptorcoconut]

Nakayoshi’s release date this month is Monday, April 3rd and barring craziness at work, I will try to have the full translation out then (or sooner if more spoilers pop up online). I’m getting really excited for Sakura Fes this Saturday too, so I will keep you posted! ^^

Disclaimer: These are just fan translations. Please support the official release.

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Post S3 Langst idea???

In which Lance mistakes his own anxiety// depressing thoughts as the Red Lion’s mind link. Like when he’s on some sort of mission with the rest of his team, these random thoughts just pop into his head, telling him that he’s a failure, and that he should just give his new lion up.

He immediately thinks it’s Red, and kind of yells at her to stop while his coms are on, and Red kind of does a flip of some sort like they’re gonna crash, and everyone freaks out about it ,thinking he’s in trouble but when asked, Lance just says that he and Red are having some mental link problems.

Writing Fantasy: A Manifesto

Lacking motivation to finish that novel? Same. But here are a few things I’ve learned so far…

1. Dream regularly

Accept that all fantastical elements of your piece— whether mythological, fabled or downright absurd— have already been thought of. A school for witches and wizards? Done. A powerful piece of jewellery? Seen it! What about a magical word existing in our own one? Oh, please.

To avoid this, dream nightly and rely on a good sleep cycle to generate those ideas on how to make your piece different from the rest. Have a dream that you turned into a flying toad with human limbs? Yay, (disturbing) originality!

2. No boring names allowed

If a Google search of your characters’ names gives you links to profiles on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn or elsewhere, it’s too dreary for fantasy. Stuck? Try swapping the vowels and consonants around (see Game of Thrones).    

3. Night owls only

Most writing will be done under the cover of darkness, just as you’re about to go to sleep and the one and only good idea you’ve had all week suddenly pops into your head. Write it down! You definitely won’t remember it in the morning.

4. Dragons are fool-proof

If all else fails, add a dragon to the story. Rowling, Tolkien, Martin…you can’t go wrong with one of these flying fire-breathers.

5. Write, write, write (or type, type, type?)

What are you doing still reading this?! That 500-page best seller isn’t going to write on its own, you know!

Angus Macgyver x Reader: Devil Music

A/N: Mac’s a fan of classic rock while you like modern pop, rap and rock music and you two fight over the station.

Warning(s): None; Just short and sweet; Links to songs in the imagine so…turn down your volume so you won’t hurt your ears.

Originally posted by shirokirito-sao

*Not my gif

You and your boyfriend, Mac, were driving cross country on a mission. Mac was driving because, well, he’s Mac and he always gets what he wants and because he gives you those puppy eyes to get what he wants. You were both in charge of the radio. You flipped through the station and put it on a moderately modern station that played pop music. You turned up the volume and you looked out the window. “Oh no.” You heard Mac say and he turned the station dial. It played Aerosmith’s Dream On. 

“Mac, what the hell?” You asked him. “What?” “Why’d you change it?” You asked him, changing your view from the window to Mac. “It’s not real music.” He simply said, giving you a smirk. You groaned. You realized that the only thing that you and Mac didn’t agree on was music taste. You ignored his comment and turned the radio dial again.

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secondstar-acorn  asked:


Prepare yourself, this is long.

1.) Contour: To accentuate your features. You can place a brown color that is a few shades darker than your natural skintone in the hollows of your cheeks, your temples, above your forehead to make your face seem smaller, various places on your nose depending on the look you want - although my nose is impossible to contour I’ve been trying for a year - , the crease of your eyelids (thats just eyeshadow dont worry), and your jawline. 

Tips: If you're just starting to wear makeup and want to contour then use a shade that isn’t too dark. It’ll be easier to blend into to your skin. Personally, I don’t use bronzers like a lot of people do (bronzers make you tan) to contour because I don’t like the look. I actually use a gray toned brown, which will make some people shriek but I feel like it looks like more of a natural shadow.

What Do I Use:
I use an LA COLORS Brow Palette from ROSS $7???(we’re on a budget okay)

Link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4qsLJArkAe4

2.) Eyeliner: Eyeliner is not necessary. Makeup is not necessary. It’s just hella fun. The usual way to do eyeliner is to make your eyes pop. Like a thin line on the top of your lids, close to your lashline, or tight lining your eyes. (tight lining in putting eyeliner on your lash line. like that thing in movies where they make a weird face and put stuff right on their upper and/or lower lash line.)

Tips: If you have a paler complexion, use brown for a natural look or black for a more prominent look. For deeper skintones, I would recommend dark browns and blacks. If ya feelin’ risky, pop some color on your waterline. I use pink because I have greenish eyes and it makes then more…..there.

What Do I Use?:
Essence Super Fine Felt Tip Liner $3 (waterproof formula is bomb af but use powder on oily lids before applying or it will bleed, if you do that it stays all damn day.)

Link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1kg0fWCGBhA

3.) Eyebrows: The trend is to have fuller eyebrows. While I already have full brows, they just kind of…. go everywhere. So I give them a shape. Sometimes it’s a dark and dramatic arch, or sometimes it’s a soft straight brow. Depends on the natural shape of your brows and how you like them.

Tips: Unless you dye your hair black, don’t use black for your brows. I dye my hair the blackest black I can find and I still use a dark gray. For beginners, try a pencil or brow gel first. Brow gels are light mascaras but for your brows. They hold the shape in place, give the hairs color, and/or make ya eyebrows look fuller.

What Do I Use?:
Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Wiz (pencil) in Granite $21
NYX Pomade in Black $7

Link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_DoXCvp5a3g

4.) Face-Colored-Cream aka Foundation: This is used to even out your skintone. It comes in several forms: Liquid, Cream (thicker form of liquid, often gives fuller coverage), and Powder. There is also a thing called concealer, which is more pigmented foundation that you can use on places your foundation doesn’t cover. If you wear foundation, then consider one for your skin type. Matte helps oily skin and luminous helps dry skin.

Tips: Have someone else match your foundation/concealer you know has experience with makeup and can help you get the perfect match. I go with friends or a beauty store will always have someone to help you. I haven’t done this in particular, but if you bring foundations you already have or samples to someone working to counter at a beauty store, they will probably help match you. Hopefully.

What Do I Use?:
MAC Studio Fix in NC15 $27 (Matte but not matte enough for this oil slick)
Maybelline Dream Cushion in Porcelain $13 (Luminous but not dewy)
Maybelline Fit Me Matte and Poreless in Porcelain $8 (Matte and actually helps my skin)
Maybelline Age Rewind Concealer in Light Pale $6
NYX HD Studio Photogenic in 4.5 $7
Rimmel Stay Matte Powder $5
Cody Airspun in Translucent $5 


Link for Pale Skin: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5v6QdzXg464
Link for Medium Skin: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=94efRhR3UCM
Link for Deep Skin: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fbX5ETj4sXQ

4.) Lip Liner: Honestly, lip liner just helps map out the shape of your lips so it’s easier to fill them in with lipstick. I use it to slightly overdraw my lips for a fuller affect.

Tips: You don’t have to use this. Just find a shade that matches your lipstick and go. I sometimes use lip liner over my entire lips and put a balm over it. Acts like a stain.

What Do I Use?:
Loreal Infalliable line of Lip Liners $3
NYX Suede Lip Liners $5

Link for People Who Don’t Have A Deeper Skintone: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AjTrbcjmktw
Link for People Who Do I Have Friends Who Try and Come To My White Ass and I’m Like “Uhhhh” : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_WC_7ekcaSI

5.) Ear Contouring: Is a thing that practically no one does cause it’s literally just concealing the redness in your ears. No clue why they called it contouring. I will not leave a link for this because I think it’s stupid.

6.) A red lip and smokey eye are classics in the beauty community so of course, everyone wants to be good at them. I actually hate red on me so I can’t help you there. Also, I don’t do natural smokey eyes.

Tips: Blend. If you think you’re done, you’re wrong. Keep blending.

Link for Natural Smokey Eye: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=d1Td4lMMCiE
Link for Intense Smokey Eye: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dF_iBT4KgvM
Link for Red Lip: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=I104Fof_Kwo

7.) Undertones: A good way to understand your skin’s undertones is to look at your wrist and see if your veins are blue, green, or in between. Blue means cool toned, Green means warm toned, in between mean neutral. Having a foundation that matches your undertone really helps it blend into your skin and appear natural and flawless. That method is not always accurate btw, so it’s a good idea to have a professional or ya local trash for beauty help you out.

Links for Pale People: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4ImBGGKazs4
Links for Darker People: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5Z_fYGC7uC4

The End

Got anymore Makeup/Skincare questions? Send me stuff! I’ll try!