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Your Past, My Present, Our Future

Hello, everyone ! So, here I’m with a new fanfic. I wanted to do something different, and this idea just popped in my mind. As you can see, it’s not about Negan but Joe Merriweather, a jdm’s character I really love. It’s my first ff out off twd so, don’t hesitate to give me your opinion and advices !

(Here is the link to my masterlist !)

  • Summary : “I’ll always be there with you. You know that, don’t you ?
    That’s what people say before they leave suddenly”.
  • Ships : Joe Merriweather x Female! Reader
  • Words : 1499
  • Warnings : Curses
  • Parts : 1/?

Tag : @itsneganslucille - @heartfulloffandoms - @negans-network - @backseat-negan - @autumnjade22

Enjoy !


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Linkin Park revealed their next single “Heavy” would include glitch-pop’s own Kiiara. The band tweeted a link to the single’s lyrics page today, confirming the collaboration. Word first broke about Kiiara’s potential involvement when Linkin Park discussed incorporating a female vocalist on “Heavy” in a video they posted to their website. “It could be interesting to maybe experiment with the vocals on the chorus,” Joe Hahn said. “Like bringing in a female vocalist to add harmony could be cool. I don’t know if those are good directions, but just something that feels out of the box for us could give that dynamic it needs.” The rest of the band agreed. Although they didn’t specify working with Kiiara at the time, rumors began circulating with her name attached. “I’m holding on,” begins the chorus. “Why is everything so heavy. Holding on, so much more than I can carry, I keep dragging around what’s bringing me down, if I just let go, I’d be set free. Holding on, why is everything so heavy.” The band has yet to share specific details about when fans can expect the new album, but “Heavy” will allegedly arrive on February 21st. Linkin Park released their last album The Hunting Party in 2014.

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Okay nerds, y’know what?  Money where my mouth is time, literally.  I have just purchased two Patty Tolan Funco POP figures and & I will give one away to someone who likes or RTs this post, and the other who likes or RTs the link I will post on Twitter.  I will pay for shipping in the US or Canada!  #loveforLeslieJ

As a sidenote, haters and racists are ALSO giving the fucking TOYS negative reviews for ugly, racist reasons, so dropping by Amazon to give the Patty Tolan action figures and POPs some love would be awesome.

Giveaway ends Friday, July 22nd at 6PM CST!

Please avoid donating to these random Go Fund Me campaigns that are popping up supposedly to give Katya $100,000. They are not official or endorsed by Katya and I don’t want any of you to get scammed out of money.

Katya will be crowdfunding for her show “Help Me I’m Dying”, but there is no official link for that yet. 

If you want to help Katya financially go to her shows or buy her merch. Or just send her a message telling her how much you love her. I’m sure she’d appreciate that more than any amount of money you might give her. 

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boom de yada pops into head

okay but what if all the undertale characters/aus sang this?

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writes out a lazy thing and plans to record it later and gives u lyrics under the cut

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Yeah! This is how we do it pure love F(x): Comeback Stage

The Queens of K-pop have just graced the Comeback Stage with their new chart-topping songs “4 Walls” and “Diamond”. Watch the ladies of F(x) give their all with their flawless vocals and sexy choreography. 

If you want watch F(x)’s Comeback Stages, click on the links below:

Puervy Giveaway!

This giveaway has ended on July 1st! All winners were notifed by ask and IM to insure delivery. All winners have a span of 72 hours to respond or a new winner will be drawn. All winners were chosen by random.org using a number generator. Any questions? don’t hesitate to ask. Join my current giveaway: Monsta x Monster

Liz Makes A Contribution to TD

As many of my followers know, I am part of TeamOnTheFence as I believe in what you all are saying here at TD, but I’m also not up to getting much hope up and thus I like staying on the fence to balance myself… Must be the Libra in me… Get it, cause we’re a scale… Hah…

Anyway! Since I’m sitting on this fence, often times I get to see all kinds of TD and TA stuff on my dash. The one thing that keeps popping up is the new promo pics they just released for TWD Season 6… And I love them!

BUT THEN these started popping up

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Have you guys seen this?

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Not the gifs themselves, but the way they’re presented. Tumblr has made it possible for people to post gifs from other blogs and it will post the source with it, so imagine blogs and whatnot can now both find gifs more easily and give full credit (+ the source blog gets notified)

Only problem is that you have to search through all the gifs ever every single time. You can’t just link something (that you had bookmarked for example) and have it pop up with full credit.

Anyway, still neat. You should check it out.

it really is not that hard

Of all of these, two of them actually link to the original source. Most of them link to the (low-quality) YouTube video someone created showing off the menu someone made showing it off (that also doesn’t link to any source). The video author just says “someone” told him. Nice.

I know it’s hard, but if you see news popping up, maybe just try searching for the relevant terms. “mortal kombat ejb” gives the above results, after the search was poisoned by all the news about it. The actual source is the second result.

The worst part is that, of course, most of these articles are parroting bullshit instead of actually, well, describing what the menu is. There are a lot of comments everywhere about how this is the “normal test menu” or “something you can get with a dip switch”. It is neither. It is a different menu that can be accessed without access to the machine’s guts, has several functions that aren’t on the normal menu, and even has a shoutout to a bunch of people. So not only do you sensationalize the “discovery” of these menus (only 4 months late!), you also fail to adequately explain what is going on.

It can take days and weeks to reverse engineer these things. Take a goddamn minute to research and do your job.

h/t to the actual discoverer and longtime TCRF contributor GoldS.

The In-between times, part three. (Another day)

Harry teaches Eggsy many things.

He teaches him how to make a proper martini, (gin, Eggsy, never vodka) and even the proper way to drink it; not too quickly, but to enjoy it slowly, often with polite conversation and just the right finger food to accompany it, either one that will compliment it’s flavor with a similar taste, or one that will enhance it with the opposite. The trick in knowing which to choose, of course, depends entirely on the gin. But that is a lesson for another time.

Either way, Eggsy always mixes them far too strong.

He teaches him how to tie a tie, and how to wear a Bespoke suit without tugging at the cuff links so much, because Eggsy says he likes the way they pop in and out of the little slits. Harry gives him a pair of his own, the silver ones, as opposed to the onyx ones he himself wears, because they matche Eggsy’s silver tie and compliments his blue eyes rather… nicely.

Not that Harry really pays much attention to that. Of course not. But once fully dressed, with Harry standing behind the other man, both observing the newly dressed protege in the mirror, Eggsy meets his gaze in the mirror and winks at him cheekily. 

He promises not to lose the cuff links.

Harry teaches him the proper way to sit at the dinner table to give the impression of wealth and power, (a very useful tool) and how to fold his hands and Eggsy hums The Rain in Spain Falls Mainly in the Plains, which makes Harry sigh, even though a small smile threatens to make itself known. He only somehow manages to keep his composure, of course, but Eggsy knows, and he smiles that sweet smile that…. Harry never quite thought of being as such before.

He doesn’t teach him the proper way to speak, however, (you gonna teach me how to talk proper, like in My Fair Lady?) because Harry truly doesn’t believe a man’s accent says anything about him, despite what society says otherwise. It’s the way one holds himself, he tells Eggsy. The way he conducts himself.

Unsaid: He enjoys the rhythmic way that Eggsy speaks.

It’s a Tuesday before a mission in France when Eggsy makes them each a perfectly mixed drink for the first time and By George, I think he’s got it.

In exchange, Eggsy teaches Harry about things that Harry never dreamed he would find himself doing. Silly things. Ridiculous things. Playing cards with a pint of Guinness in the center, for example, and Eggsy tells him that he has to ‘down it’ if he draws a certain one, (but Eggsy changes which card it is each time, changes the rules, Harry thinks, just so it’s guaranteed Harry will pick the right one.) Harry can hold his liquor better than the average man, but Eggsy seems convinced one day he’s going to see him drunk. 

Eggsy wants, very much, to see that, he tells him. Someday.

He shows him the easiest way to pickpocket, because while Harry is good, he’s not quite a light-fingered as the younger man, and it’s quite a useful trick, indeed. Harry is impressed.

Sometimes Eggsy looks up at him from whatever mindless task they find themselves doing: tonight, a game of cluedo while Ella Fitzgerald playing softly in the background, and Eggsy asks him with that same smile, the one that makes the blue in his eyes light up a bit brighter, why he’s humoring him so much. Surely Harry isn’t really enjoying himself, even though Eggsy is smiling while he says it, because he knows that either way, he’s getting what he wants.

Harry doesn’t have an answer. Not right away. 

So he only smiles and tells him to go and change the record.

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