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Model WIP

Geno is a model, Sid is a hockey player. They met by accident, fate, Geno always says, four years ago. 

December 20th, 2016

“You had to wear my jersey,” Sid says after the elevator door closes and a man in a business suit holding an overnight bag gets out on the fifth floor.

He holds his phone between his shoulder and face as he tugs at the knot of his tie with one hand and presses the close door button with the other.

Geno’s laughter sounds loud in his ear and Sid shakes his head.

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anonymous asked:

can you write some hannigram + possessive behavior, either from will or hannibal or both i'm not picky, and maybe some marking?

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“Is something on your mind, Will?”

“I wanted to kill the man at the market today,” Will says calmly, turning his gaze from the crackling fire.

“And why are you only mentioning this now?” Hannibal sounds vaguely amused.

“Seems there’s never a good time to mention wanting to flay someone alive for touching your husband.” Will sips his wine. “But now I can’t seem to stop thinking about it.”

“Which part are you unable to stop thinking about? The touching or the killing?”

“Both. I keep seeing his hand on your arm. I see myself breaking all of his fingers right there next to the romaine.”

“So why didn’t you?” Hannibal is curious, but his tone is tinged in disappointment.

“Seems a bit reactive, don’t you think?”

“Perhaps.” Hannibal considers him for a moment. “Or perhaps you could have told me. We could have arranged to kill him together.”

“We don’t kill innocent people, Hannibal.”

“According to you he was far from innocent.”

“There is a far more sustainable alternative.” Will stands, kneeling at Hannibal’s feet, gripping his thighs with two strong hands.

“I’m all ears.”

“I want everyone to know you belong to me, Hannibal.” Will digs his fingertips in, smiling at the small hitch in Hannibal’s breath.

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TF2 Fanfic - Bad Directions

So I promised @baguettefeels I would write a thing for Scout’s new voice lines because they gave us feelings. This should have been done earlier today but I originally tried present tense and immediately regretted it. I didn’t proofread it so just pretend you didn’t see any errors when you do lol.

In addition to the baguette, I’d like to dedicate this to @oddport-fiction and @markingatlightspeed for being constant sources of inspiration and ideas.

“Hey, I’ll say it. Everybody else here’s too scared to say it, but I’ll just say what everybody’s thinkin’: we’re all best friends. We are all dear, dear friends. Birthday party at my place this weekend, by the way. Nobody showed up last weekend, so I figured eh hey no big whoop I’ll just have it again.”

Two hours ago, Scout had been surveying the spread on his tiny fold-out table with pride. Everything was set for the perfect party with the guys. His teammates had all been provided with detailed directions to the small two-room flat he rented in downtown Tuefort. Yeah, sure, some of the other guys had fancier places, but Scout wasn’t very good at saving his money, and he sent a good chunk of it home to his ma, anyway. His deadbeat older brothers couldn’t be counted on to help her out, after all.

Two hours ago, Scout was set to have a birthday party with his friends. But 9:00pm had rolled around, and he really didn’t know what he’d been thinking, believing this would go any different than last time. He slumped his arms straight down over the back of the chair he was sitting in. Patience had to be his weakest trait, but really they’d had enough leeway. Last he checked, fashionably late never exceeded an hour. 

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What the hell. Because I’m in that kind of mood this morning. 

This is the beginning of the “excuse for porn that suddenly turned into a smutty romcom” story. Credit to shippeh and their marvelous AFK for making me think about Vox Machina as an MMO guild - my thoughts just run more towards inappropriate porn shenanigans than anything else, and this is what resulted. 

I’m not yet promising any more of this story, because holy shit, Yuletide and the CR Reverse Big Bang and I have a lot of writing to do, but the more plot this story gets, the more it makes me happy, so I’m pretty sure it’s going to continue eventually.

So yeah. Here’s a thing. In which Vex maybe shouldn’t be allowed access to beer and her webcam at the same time.


The first time, she blames it on alcohol.

Not that Vex is drunk, really - she’s had two and half beers by the time the raid is done, and finishes the third bottle as everyone else signs off their Discord voice channel. Eventually, the only ones left are her and Percy, which isn’t unusual. She’s cleaning up her inventory in-game when a private tell pops up on her screen. “Oh, go fuck yourself,” she tells the screen, rolling her eyes.

“Excuse me?”

“Sorry, dear, not you.” Vex hits the report button, and fills out the harassment form from unfortunate memory. “Just got an asshole in game who randomly asked me for nude photos.”

“What? Are you kidding? Who is it?” Percy sounds flatteringly outraged on her behalf.

“Don’t worry about it, it’s irritating, but not a big deal. I’m well familiar with the report harassment feature by now.”

“I - well, that is - that sucks,” he finally settles on.

“Yeah, it does. Hazard of having a female avatar in the game, especially when I’m wearing this costume.”

“Your video game character shouldn’t be harassed for her clothing any more than you should in real life.”

Vex laughs. “Thank you, dear, I appreciate the sentiment. And you’re right, but tell me again when you’ve convinced the rest of your gender.” Another message pops up on her screen - shit, she forgot to hit “block” after reporting this asshole - and she flips off the screen. “Sorry, asshole, I only send nudes to guys who can hit at least 40K DPS on a boss fight.”

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Achilles’ Heel [Kaoru Kirishima - oneshot]

Below cut is NSFW

            Kaoru had been reading a lot of books for his research lately. Today was also one of those days when there was no sign that he would finish reading anytime soon. He adjusted his reading glasses and I thought for a second that he would finally talk to me. But instead, he just flipped another page and ignored me completely. His eyes focused on the book and I flopped back on the floor. We were sitting at a homemade kotatsu. It was my idea to make one of those tables with just a lighter blanket instead of a thick quilt for some colder spring days. Instead of having the regular low table kotatsu, we had a pit underneath it so we can have our feet dangling while sitting underneath it. It would be like sitting on a regular table when we can stretch our legs because the regular low table kotatsu won’t do with Kaoru’s long legs. His legs would just peek on the other end. And my decision was correct because this kotatsu was one of Kaoru’s favorites. He loved it so much that he refused to move away from it unless it’s necessary.

The warmth from the blanket made me feel sleepy. I stretched my legs and had accidentally kicked Kaoru’s long legs.

“Sorry,” I said, sitting down quickly so that won’t happen again.

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please help!

hello friends!

as a lot of you know, im finally moving out of my abusive household! my mother, who likes to use my trans status as a weapon against me, will finally be out of my day to day life and ill be in a much more mentally stable living environment!

the only problem with that is: im broke.

not only do i owe half of the deposit, half of first months rent, and half of the pet deposit (totaling up to $800 that i do not have), i will owe next months rent in 30 days, so a grand total of $1100. this is more than i make in 2 months.

that said, my boss is cutting back hours for the summer, so my paychecks are becoming smaller and smaller - barely enough for the both to cover both my rent and my utilities, let alone food, and the necessities of having a dog.

im living with my best friend who tells me not to worry, but i do, i dont want to strain our friendship!

so for the rest of the summer, im gonna have less hours than im used to, and our third roommate isnt moving in until the end of the summer. which means tight times.

any donations can be made through the paypal button on my blog. (just a warning, i do have autoplay, and another warning will pop up for that!)

if you can help, all money will be put towards food, gas to get back and forth to work, dog food, and of course, RENT. no extras - just enough of a stockpile to be able to pay everything i have to! 

the only alternative, if i just cant make enough to keep up, is moving back into the emotionally and verbally abusive household of my mother, and that is not something i want to be in again.

thank you so much for reading!

signal boosts are VERY MUCH appreciated!!