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anyways my point was gonna be that im tired of people who are not aware of the fact that even the little thing femfreq points out have consequences and are just part of the big picture. not that i agree with everything they say but nothing they say is coming from nowhere

right? i dont even like femfreq myself but its super annoying when people hear them point out the sexism in a game or something and think they mean ‘wow, she wants this game to be changed’ like.. no…. if you use critical thinking youd see theyre pointing out the sexism in a game to get to a larger point about ingrained normalized sexism in our day to day lives like how women are treated as servants and goals and sex objects in media that we all consume regularly and how this might be a bit of a problem

its so easy and lazy to just say YEAH BUT BAYONETTA IS WRITTEN WELL. SHE DIDNT EVEN PLAY THE GAME and ignore the larger point being made



in fact he just has a wide forehead and therefore the designer simply liked to highlight his forehead for the laughs in some scenes


I just realised that at some point Piper must have complained about having an actor for a parent to Jason

and Jason would wonder that maybe, if things had gone differently, he’d be complaining about the fact his parent was an actor too 

i just wanna take a moment to appreciate the scene in which the training bot is attacking keith outside the airlock bc like. lance points out the bot’s next attack so that keith can duck, but he puts his own hands up as well.

theres a door between them. there’s no danger of lance being hurt by the robot, but he flinches anyway because its a natural reflex in the face of coming into close contact with something like that. and idk i just rly like the fact that the animators took that into consideration

pointless ransom headcannons because i……lov e  h im

  • he ate paste in elementary school, but like in a cool way. like he wasnt the weird kid, it was just a well known fact in the class that Justin would eat paste if you dared him to 
  • (in fact he’d do most things if you dared him to.)
  • he won the science fair three years in a row, and his parents still have the ribbons. 
  • hates spaghetti. “it feels like im eating hair” “its noodles” “yeah or like. worms” 
  • had a turtle as a pet once. most of his entertainment at that point in his life was caused by him feeding the turtle different vegetables and giggling to himself
  • has older sisters 
  • hates long periods of silence. it just creeps him out. that’s why his best friend is holster who is Very Loud and why he likes to surround himself with people
  • bi
  • once painted his nails pink and then insisted they were “salmon” for an entire week simply to piss holster off
  • has literally never dated someone who is not blonde 
  • has a secret, somewhat shameful collection of sticky notes and highlighters? like, he keeps it in a drawer that not even holster knows about. he literally has like every color, size, brand of highlighter and enough sticky notes to last him three lifetimes. he doesn’t even use them. he never fucking studies. he just. likes them. 
  • texts holster’s mom a lot. they have inside jokes. it’s gotten to that point. 
  • terrified of spiders

The way Eugenia Cooney just straight- up pretends she’s fine is terrifying. 

She’s literally going to die if she doesn’t seek help, and fast. This isn’t “body shaming” or “judgement”, this is reality. Her body appears to already have started the decomposition process. It is literally eating itself to stay alive, working on her muscles (including her heart) for protein, and the brain for fat. This lifestyle is KILLING HER. And the fact that she legitimately doesn’t see the problem makes me so sad. This is body dismorphic disorder at its finest. She just doesn’t see it, can’t acknowledge it, won’t seek help. 

Where is her family? Where are her friends? Someone in her personal life desperately needs to take the reigns and help her. 5150, if needed (and it’s needed, at this point; she looks like she weighs about 80 pounds. That qualifies as “danger to self”). 

This is a human being, and she is going to die VERY SOON if she does not get help and start putting on some weight. 

I don’t know what to do. I want to help, but how can I? I’m just a fan, I don’t know her personally. 

And how do you help someone who refuses help????

It all just makes me so sad. 

Just find out that the str8s believes that kara shouldn’t be wlw because it would “copy” alex storyline and kara needs her own storyline X, here some facts:

1. Surprise, every coming out story is different, believed or not, and also they don’t need to be dramatic, she could have one like waverly earp, casually, just a realization.

2. Kara’s storyline is totally not focus on her, lately every scene has mon-el or she talking aboult mon-el. We haven’t been getting any danvers sisters just chilling scene, like we used to get in season one

3. Another point, not really about the twitts but its been bothering me for a while now. we’re losing lots a powerful girls screentime for boys who usually just treat kara badly, like Mon-el who just guilt trips her over and over again, James, who usually is realy nice, but is being kinda of a bitch with Kara about this whole guardian deal.

4. Kara has waaaaay more chemistry with Lena than with mon-el (not actually a fact, but it is actually a fact)


You make a good point. It may be time to move past just the catalog of violence that most narratives portray. But the fact remains, the silence around slavery is an extension of its brutality. And we aim to put the issue into every Northern home that refuses to see what’s really happening. Well, the narratives raise awareness. And the rallies. And the bake sales to raise funds, and abolitionist prints like The Liberator. All forms of disruption.

like, i rly dnt understand it wen ppl on here cite th “trans person has 1 in 12 chance to be murdered in a lifetime” statistic bc…im not trying to be mean, but do u understand why that cant possibly be true?

ignoring for now the fact that the 1 in 12 statistic has never actually been reliably sourced and is thought to have originated from a now-deleted article on the hrc america website;

 if u understand statistics, then thats an impossibly high rate of murder for any one group of people (and, before u point out ‘yes but this is what makes it shocking!’, its just…impossibly high.)

in USA, about 5.2 per 100000 people is estimated to be murdered. obviously, the rates go up depending on things like race, class, or indeed gender expression. but even for a group with proportionately one of the highest murder rates in the whole world, say, a black young man living in usa, the murder rate is estimated at around 19.4 per 100000. to express that as a fraction, it would be, uh, like around 1 in 5155. and thats only murders that were recorded as murders! the actual number is likely much worse. but anyway, for the recorded deaths, thats a really high number. much higher than pretty much any other group of people when u look at th stats in terms of race, age, sex, nationality etc.

According to the National Center for Transgender Equality, there are around 3,139,000 transgender individuals living in usa. so, applying the 1 in 12 rate to this, that would mean around 261583 murdered trans people in a lifetime. around 25 trans people per year are estimated to be murdered in the united states (but we can probably assume the actual number is much higher), so in a lifetime (lets say 85yrs just to be on the safe side) the total amount of deaths is estimated to be around 2125. thats an appallingly high amount, for sure, but nowhere near the 261583 that would be necessary for the 1-in-12 statistic to be possible. just for some context, the total amount of murders recorded in the usa in 2014, for ALL types of people, was estimated to be around 14,249. 

its not possible that trans people are on average murdered at a rate of 1 in 12 in usa. it isnt doing any favours for trans people to run around citing this totally made-up number when ur trying to argue with ppl abt transgender rights n stuff, bc anyone who has a basic understanding of statistics is going to immediately know that this number cannot possibly be accurate and wont take ur arguments seriously any more. the actual rates of transgender people murdered in hate crimes etc are (sadly) high enough, you dont need to cite made-up statistics to prove ur point, the evidence enough is here alrdy. 

no hate, and i hope this post was informative, pls correct me if i made any mistake + hav a nice day all


I just finished reading Once Upon a Time in the North and I think my favourite thing about it was the fact that Lee Scoresby and Hester (who I should mention are 24 years old at the time this takes place) didn’t know that Hester was an Arctic Hare until Iorek pointed it out. Like its so interesting to me that someone could go so long with a settled Daemon and not know their species.
“I thought I was a damn Jackrabbit” - Hester.

beside you (cassian/bodhi)

Bodhi Rook has a long-standing date with Cassian Andor. Not that he would call it that in front of Cass, only Jyn. Well, in actual fact, it’s mostly just Jyn that calls it a date, when on a Thursday evening the doorbell rings like clockwork and she leaves their flat or hides herself in her room, usually with a wink in Bodhi’s direction and a huge grin on her face.

It started back when they were in first year of university, when Bodhi, stupidly, had decided that doodling a portrait of the really cute guy sitting in front of him was a good idea. 

It probably would’ve been fine, just another sketch in the corner of his notebook that no-one else looks at, if he hadn’t bumped into said guy as he slid out from his row and dropped the book on the floor. With just enough luck, it had landed open on the page he had just be doodling on. 

Cassian had let out a bark of laughter and Bodhi’s cheeks were bright red, but somehow, he’d come out of the situation with a new contact in his phone and the promise of Spanish lessons in exchange for A3 sized drawing of Cassian’s face. 

Since then, the Spanish is long forgotten and the drawing of Cassian is probably in the hands of some girl he was half in love with all those years ago, but the Thursday evenings every other week are still standing.

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Big Bang reactions to their gf who is from Greece

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First of all. I love Greece. It’s such a beautiful country and I think I can say that mostly everyone wants to go visit Greece at some point. I would love to just help old people there in the old village. I also love this quote from Winston Churchill: ”Thus, we will not say that Greeks fight like heroes, but that heroes fight like Greeks.”
I know it’s a lot of stereotypes in it but hope you like it ^^


He loved the fact you were from Greece. He loves that country for its great art and interesting language. He couldn’t wait to take you back home and meet your family. When you arrived and he saw how full airport is he was really surprised. He never imagined there would be so many people there. You then drove him to your village on an island. He greeted your parents and tried to communicate with them. You were glad to see him trying to use all of the Greek you taught him. You both agreed to go fishing wit your grandpa later and he enjoyed that a lot. He never had the time to do that in Seoul. He loved the shining sun and he finally had to wear T-shirt. You had a great time watching him trying to catch fish and stay still on the boat while waves were big.

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He knew Greece is probably the most want to visit the country for everyone. And so was his, ever since you told him you are from Greece. You planned summer holidays there for 3 weeks so you had enough time to relax from your job and have more time for yourself. You went there by private jet and when you landed your parents and cousins were waiting there with a car. You have a big family so just your mom and 2 sisters came with her. Since they were seating in front you had to sit in the back. Jiyong found that very funny and smiled and then greeted your parents. When he arrived at your big house just by the sea, he couldn’t get enough of seeing it. He thought it was really beautiful. He wanted to get to know your family well but it was hard since his Greek was on a very low level but he tried a lot.
“Y/N! How do you say Barbie in Greek? *trying to give your little sister a Barbie doll*”

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You were just coming from work when he called you to tell you, your parents from Greece called you on Skype and he might have answered and told you’ll be coming home. You just stood in shock for a minute in the middle of the street. He then told you he already reserved plane tickets to there. The thing he was most excited was your family. You had a pretty big family and he wanted to meet everyone. He was very nervous on the way and tried to learn Greek the most he could. He wanted to know how everything in the plane is said in Greek and he wasn’t quiet for a moment. You wanted to chill him and told them they are speaking English too, even tho the most English speaker in your family was you and your sister in Italy. He liked the natural look of your villages and small white houses near the beach, but he was, even more, happier when he met your little cousins.
“Jagi~ What did they say?*acts really cutely to your younger family members and picks them up whenever he sees them*”

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Since he met you in Greece while he was there with other members on vacation he got to know your family really soon and when you told him you live in South Korea he was even happier. For every anniversary you came back and remembered old memories. He loved the Greek seaside and the warmth of the sea. He wanted to visit all of your favorite places and eat food you liked the most. He wanted to learn more about the country and convinced Big Bang managers to let them have a concert there for their Greek fans. By the time the concert was scheduled he learned a lot of Greek and talked a lot on the concert and fan meetings.
“Kalispera! Pos Isey? Gia sou me lene Daesung~”

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He loved exploring new countries, but more than the country’s art or culture he wanted to know about people. Who is famous there and what trends do people follow. After a while, he even opened a club and had an excuse to come visit your parents who lived alone in the city more. He loved helping them and talking with them. He couldn’t stop eating the food they cooked for him. When he had the time he loved chatting with your parents and ask them how they are and every time promised he’ll come soon to visit them. He loved Greece mostly because you were from there but he also like olives and he loved cheese and honey. It was really good and he wanted to eat it at home too but it just wasn’t the same.

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No nasty Maiko shipper can't explain her treatment of her brother. Just keep pretending it never happened. Or invent some baseless theory Mai was "scared" of Azula and not a henchman. Yeah.. big surprise you can't bother denying a FACT. Mai isn't that great or respectable.

Like Azula, you mistake Mai’s intrigue for indifference. While it’s true that she suppressed her emotions to the point of perpetual apathy, Mai was never able to completely destroy them. They were simply buried in a deep, dark hole. Slowly but surely, she climbed back out of that hole, fueled by the excitement of adventure and the lure of romance. Eventually, when life gave her a second chance to decide whether she wanted to follow the path of the hero or the henchman, Mai chose to become a hero.

Then life asked her again, and once again, she chose the path of the hero–this time rescuing the same boy she had failed in her first test.

Mai’s made mistakes, but like Zuko, she knows that a mistake is simply something you learn from and work to mend. That’s really the moral of the entire series, and it’s a powerful one. 

Can you guys imagine Ed and Os dealing with homophobes/homophobia? Real headcanon; 

Like Oswald is the sappy romantic “love is love” guy who points out things like how sad it is to make such a big deal of love and romance and then go on to assume its a right reserved only for people who meet a certian & very petty criteria 

Then Ed who is the Science Fact ™ guy who in true nerd genius fashion quickly and factually points out things such as homosexuality/romanticism is found in a wide range of different species & all throughout human history & culture. 

And together they’re a giant homophobia wrecking ball of feels and facts, sentiment and logic and basically get out of their gay way. 

( Also imagine them like having a fancy important dinner somewhere and some douche brings up some homophobic ‘but its unnatural’ crap but in a ‘polite conversation’ way just to take a low key shot at them both and Ed and Os go into this, and all the while they’re ‘politely’ tearing apart this homophobic trash they’re having total “eye sex” and making it real obvious they are digging the hell out what the other one is saying and possibly getting somehow gayer for each other because of it. )

Ryan Ross is a Vampire

@theballadofryan​ and I wrote this together with her writing most of it and me adding pictures and some more theories and fixing grammar errors.

We understand its 2017, but due to intense boredom and the topic about how Ryan sleeps during the day because he is always on Instagram during the AM times. We have concluded that George Ryan Ross III is a vampire.  We have gathered some intense evidence to prove our point.

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On the other hand, the fact that Gon knew he had to use excessive force in order to get Illumi to pay attention to him says a lot about his character. He doesn’t like to be looked down on, and this scene proves he’ll do whatever he needs to in order to get his opponent to take him seriously.

Even at this point, I can see the boy who coldly stared Pitou down, and convinced them he was a serious threat through the force of his will alone.

(I wonder if Killua ever found out Gon confronted Illumi in order to rescue him? Does he know Kite’s not the only person he would face down monsters in order to save?)

the fact that it’s some kind of radical statement to say that we need to have ethical standards as a religious community -standards beyond “always be nice and polite to everyone uwu”- is really telling and really, really sad.

we need to be able to tell each other “hey, what you’re doing is kinda fucked up” without the other person immediately acting like they’re being attacked, going on about “tumblr gone wild!! damn sjws!! this is isfet!!!!” its just childish at this point.

i honestly dont give a damn about people “Doing Religion Right” and Proper Respect for the Gods and all that shit the rest of pagan!tumblr is so preoccupied with; thats yalls own business. but it’s crucial that we can tell the difference between trying to dictate how people practice their religion, and having standards for how we let people in our community treat each other. how’s it overstepping one’s boundaries to say “what you’ve said is racist, please acknowledge that and apologize”? how’s it “isfet” to say “we will not tolerate antisemitism of any kind”? how does it harm our community to say “our concept of correct treatment of others from antiquity (ma'at) discourages this kind of behavior”?

tl;dr: people will go on and on about how “the kemetic fandom’s” preoccupation with jokes and puns about the gods is impious and limits our development into a more adult, developed religious group, but the refusal on our part to really examine what our religion says about how to treat one another, about ethics and practical application of those ethics, is limiting us in a far more profound way.