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I have so few things to remember my family by. They took everything from us.

Just a little longer

Description: Damon wants you to stay in bed all day but you’ve got important things to do at school, although your temptations get the best of you and you end up staying for a little more than just cuddling.. xx

Character: Damon Salvatore x Reader

Warnings: Smut (M), Swearing

Word Count: 1340

I woke up to Damon breathing on my neck. He was spread across half of my body with his head resting in the crook of my neck and his arm across my chest. I could only turn my head so much without waking him up, although I managed to tilt my head just enough to look down at him, and god he was adorable. I laid there admiring him for a few minutes before taking my first shot at escaping his unconscious grasp.

I slid one leg out from under the sheets and off the side of the bed, the other soon following. Now, my upper body remained lying flat on the bed while my lower body was contorted off the side. “Damon”, I lightly whispered, trying to gracefully wake him, but still nothing. I shook a little, trying to wriggle my way out. He groaned and gripped me tighter so I immediately flung my legs back up onto the bed, stretching myself out once again.

At this point, I was seconds away from peeing everywhere; I needed to go desperately. I felt him moving around slightly although he maintained his grip on my chest. “Daaaamon”, I whispered a little louder, tensing my thighs together to stop the urgent flow of pee from evading but still nothing. It was time for plan B. I unhinged his fingers from my body, one by one, before finally holding his hand in mine. I picked it up and placed it next to him softly before wriggling out from underneath his head. Surprisingly, he was still dead asleep with no sign of waking anytime soon.

My feet lightly tapped the ground as I tried to make a break for the bathroom, looking back every few seconds to check that Damon was still asleep. He was. My teeth were gritted and my face was scrunched up as I flushed the toilet, not wanting the flow of water to be as loud as it was. Washing my hands was only a tad easier, only because I could control the pressure of water spilling out.

I tiptoed back out into Damon’s room to find him still asleep, I let out a sigh of relief and wiped my wet hands on his shirt that I was wearing. Crawling back onto the bed was a more difficult task than I had imagined. It required me not to make sudden movements and do everything at an awfully slow pace. I succeeded and crawled my way over to Damon before tucking myself back under his arm and cuddling into him.

“Nice try, babe”, he shot his eyes open and playfully glared at me. I was shocked to say the least, I seriously believed he was asleep. “Damn, I really thought my stealth skills were improving”, I laughed and Damon moved his head slightly to peck me on the lips. “Good morning gorgeous”, he smirked before rolling himself onto his back and staring at the ceiling. “Morning, yes. Good? Not so much”, I sighed. Damon turned his head to face me, “What’s wrong?”, he pouted. I looked over at the clock on the bedside table and turned back to Damon, “It’s 8am, I have school in half an hour”.

“Aw, no fun”, he sighed as he pulled my body on top of his chest. I looked down at him and glared, “No! Not today Damon. I really need to go to school, Mr Saltzman said if I miss any more history classes I won’t pass!”, I whined. “Well surely I can have a word to Mr Saltzman for you. He and I happen to be good friends”, Damon said with a smirk on his face. I paused for a moment and considered staying in bed with Damon all day, but I seriously did need to go to school; history wasn’t the only subject I was going to fail.

I propped myself onto my arms and looked down at his beautifully structured face, pouting a little bit as I realised how much I would miss kissing it while I was at school. I bobbed my head down and locked our lips into a long, slow kiss. I hummed with displeasure as I detached myself from his lips, “I’ve gotta go to school baby, I’m sorry”, I said as I scrunched my face together.

I made my way to the edge of the bed and didn’t look back, knowing that I would change my mind if I took one more look at him. Just as I reached the edge, his hand gripped my wrist tightly. It was silent for a few seconds before I turned my head around and saw his pouting lips and puppy dog eyes trying to pull me back in. “I’ll sort out all of your school stuff if you’d pleeease just stay here with me”, he begged. For a split second, I forgot about all my school work and just admired Damon’s determination to keep me in bed with him. “Fuck it”, I said as I crawled back on the bed and straddled his waist, leaning down to kiss him passionately. 

He pulled away and looked up at me with a smirk, “I knew you couldn’t resist me”, he whispered before grabbing a hold of my neck and pulling me back down to his lips. His hands trailed up my sides before he swiftly removed my shirt and gasped with pleasure when he discovered I wasn’t wearing a bra. My hands traveled to his chest and I ran them along his toned body, feeling every inch of his delicate skin. I lifted myself up and threw my panties to the corner of the room only to look back down and notice Damon licking his lips.

I moved my body further down and slowly removed Damon’s black boxers, my lips slightly parted as his hardness sprung up and throbbed. I gripped it and began rubbing my hand up and down, feeling the slippery friction between him and my hand. Damon flung his head back into the pillows and moaned, grabbing hold of my hair for support. “Get up here now”, he demanded and I obliged with pleasure.

Damon held me by my waist and hovered me over him before he slowly slid my body onto his hard-on. I let out a gasp as I felt his whole length in me. Damon gave me a moment to adjust to his size before thrusting up into me at an inhuman pace. He gripped my thighs as he closed his eyes and parted his lips while his head sunk further into the pillow. He let out low groans as he continued to fuck me at top speed, going deeper inside with every thrust. I screamed his name as I felt my walls begin to clench, grabbing a handful of the sheets in each hand.

“Come for me, baby”, he yelled as his thrusts started becoming disoriented by his nearby release. Damon held my thighs tighter as he sent one last thrust into me before I felt him twitch and spill inside of me. I let go and came around him, my body trembling with aftershocks.

I rested my arms on his shoulders; hunching over him as I tried to catch my breath. I lifted myself off of him and collapsed on his side, resting my head on his bicep and wrapping my arm around his chest. We both laid there for a few minutes, listening to each others heavy rise and fall of breaths.

I glanced over at the clock that read 8:20 and then turned my attention back to Damon, “So, what exactly are you going to tell Mr Saltzman?”, I questioned. “Hmm, maybe I’ll just tell him you had more important things to be doing”, Damon suggested, “Or, you had more a important person to be doing I should say” he continued, smirking. I playfully slapped his chest and leaned in to plant a soft kiss on his neck. He smiled and hugged me tight. 

I could stay here forever.


i mean Even obviously respects muslims and he even learned the whole quran by heart!

Just imagine someone attacking Sana because of her religion (not that she couldn’t or wouldn’t defend herself) and Even defending her aaaah i need that pleeease

I just wanna see them hang together and being friends and occasionaly mocking and annoying Isak cuz why nOT

My two faves being friends is EVERYTHING I WANT

Okay, I’m all on board with no clip today (because save as many minutes as possible for friday tbh)… But can we just pleeease get a text convo between Sana and one of the boys? I really don’t care who. She almost only text the girl squad or Sara. Can we get some Yousef, some Isak, some Even… or even some Elias. I don’t care. As long as the boys enters the scene!

It’s about time. (and I really don’t care about the bus)

Can't Hate on Kubo Without Hating on Legend of Korra and Prince of Egypt

Kubo was a perfect movie. Perfect. It was constantly upping the ante on its gorgeousness and overall action. Definitely the most thrill-heavy of the Laika pictures.

Ignore the whitewashing complaints. The representation is there on screen and if it doesn’t count then neither does Korra, Aang, Prince of Egypt, and even MIYAZAKI! The majority of the cartoons people reblog here on tumblr aaaall star white actors as the majority, no matter the race of the character.

Get a new argument and stop being lazy. And stop ruining the positive flow of energy for a movie that’s trying its damnedest to be accurate and respectful of the culture it’s based on.

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i saw your auror!harry with short hair and i was like "okayy, GORGEOUS. just pleeease don't touch the beard!¡!" and then i read your captions... god bless you! 👐👐 jsjfjd <3

I wouldn’t dare! :D 

Are You Really Trying That?

That you @hailey-kansas who submitted this a little bit ago, and I have been working on instead of homework!

C’mon De, don’t be lame!” you continued your argument, earning a bitch face from him. “I’ll be lame if it means keeping baby safe!” he shot back. “Pleeease? I just want to go out and get ice cream and neither you or Sam will bring me!” you gabbed and lightly tugged on his arm, begging him. “Why do you always insist on ice cream when we’re at the most random of times?” he asked, not looking you in the eyes because he knew you were making the puppy eyes.

You held a bit tighter onto his arm and kept looking at him. He still wouldn’t look at you when he spoke again, “Stop with the face.” “What face?” you replied, knowing he was about break. “The face! The one you’re doing right- damn it fine! But I’m driving, I don’t trust you with baby!” You gave him a hug and smiled while you crawled into the passenger seat.

snk manga readers help!!

so I haven’t read the manga in a while and I don’t want to continue it until the end


can you kindly explain me why do those Marley people wants to destroy Eren & co’s city? like… they don’t even have memories about anything, bro. what’s the point?

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how is the big toy coming along? able to fit it in your slutty hole yet?

I had some wine lastnight and tried to stuff it in my hole, but I STILL COULDN’T GET IT IN! Can someone pleeease just force it inside for me?

Shopping with Daddy
  • Kitty: Daddy!!!! There's a Build a Bear Workshop!!
  • Daddy: No, kitten.
  • Kitty: But-
  • Daddy: No!
  • Kitty:
  • Daddy:
  • Kitty: ....but can't we just look? Pleeease?
  • Daddy: No, darling.
  • Kitty: Just a tiny little look?
  • Daddy: No, kitty, because you know as well as I do just looking turns into buying a new one or three.
  • Kitty: *guilty look*
  • Daddy:
  • Kitty:
  • Daddy: *sighs* Come on, let's go to the Disney Store...

Staring at the vivid screen with the calculations of other life, Dominator pounded her hand on the panels before her. The lack of resources wasn’t the issue, no- there was plenty, at least that was the information her robotic underlings presented to her. It was rather the lack of amusement that really bothered her. Sure, it was amusing blowing up a planet out of existence, but it was beginning to feel the same. She needed something new.

Closing her eyes and crossing her fingers, the woman pleaded, “Please just pleeease let there be something fun to dominate! Something that will actually be worth my precious time- something that will wow me ! ”

She slowly opened an eye, turning her focus back to the screen- it lacked any appealing features. All she could see now were bolded, green letters:

cannot display calculations

“Seriously?! Even after crossing my fingers and doing all that ridiculous nonsense, this comes up?” Dominator complained as she stood up from her seat, groaning. “Fine. Okay. Fine.”

Just as she was about to blast the screen, as she can always fix it herself a bot entered the room, hovering in the air with who knows what to report. She was quick to spin around, an eager grin waiting to form on her lips.

Finally!” she exclaimed, jumping her way over the bot. “This better be some good news because, ooohh boy- you don’t want me to explode your world. Literally.”

Taking a hold of Bot 32, she analyzed the content displayed on the projector.

“Whaaat?! You mean to tell there’s this portal-like thing and you don’t even know what lies behind it? Man, this is actually better than what I qualified it for!!”

She briefly glanced over at the ship’s screen and a sly grin danced on her lips. “Perhaps that finger crossing thing does work after all.”


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I'm almost dropping f1 after I experienced this whole indy 500 thing, like I've never been at peace like I am right now. But It's been 5 years since I've been so nervous about a race like I am, last time was Interlagos 2012.... FERNANDO PLEEEASE! I just want him to have a great result tomorrow, he deserves it

WELCOME PAL. this is what it’s like every race, the unpredictable nature is LIT and i hope fernando joins next season