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Can't Hate on Kubo Without Hating on Legend of Korra and Prince of Egypt

Kubo was a perfect movie. Perfect. It was constantly upping the ante on its gorgeousness and overall action. Definitely the most thrill-heavy of the Laika pictures.

Ignore the whitewashing complaints. The representation is there on screen and if it doesn’t count then neither does Korra, Aang, Prince of Egypt, and even MIYAZAKI! The majority of the cartoons people reblog here on tumblr aaaall star white actors as the majority, no matter the race of the character.

Get a new argument and stop being lazy. And stop ruining the positive flow of energy for a movie that’s trying its damnedest to be accurate and respectful of the culture it’s based on.

If you’re a Carat and you don’t like Pledis Girlz, it’s okay. If you’re a Pledis Girlz stan and you don’t like Seventeen, it’s okay. What’s never okay is to compare them and make one of them superior or inferior than the other.

It hurts me that some Carats and Pledis Girlz stans make it a big deal when others say that Pledis Girlz are the female counterpart of Seventeen; as if the idea is so wrong and violating. But seriously, some are just unnecessarily making it a major concern. It’s not like the girls are going to be SVT’s copycats or using SVT’s popularity. They did not train so hard for many years just to live up to what you think, and I am pretty sure the girls can stand on their own.

Personally, I think that the reasons why some people (including me, I have to admit) refer to them as the female SVT are: 1.) They have many members, 2.) they compose and produce their own music, and 3.) and if I’m not mistaken, they are also deeply involved in the choreography of their songs.
So we can’t really avoid it when people say “Wow Pledis Girlz are like the female Seventeen.”

I know some will disagree with me, but tbh it’s such an honor to be called as the female counterpart of Seventeen. If we are clueless about Seventeen’s achievements, teamwork, respect for each other and for sunbaenims, work ethic, versatility, humility, and struggles, then let’s just be quiet. You may disagree with me, but it’s really not necessary to compare and weigh them up. You can’t compare night and day, apples and oranges—you get the picture. Lastly, they’re like a brother and sister group, because we all know they came from the same company. If you don’t like Seventeen or Pledis Girlz, it’s okay. Just don’t bring down the other and make it seem that they are in a competition.

P.S. If you don’t like something, just take away its only power: Your attention.


I have so few things to remember my family by. They took everything from us.

Shopping with Daddy
  • Kitty: Daddy!!!! There's a Build a Bear Workshop!!
  • Daddy: No, kitten.
  • Kitty: But-
  • Daddy: No!
  • Kitty:
  • Daddy:
  • Kitty: ....but can't we just look? Pleeease?
  • Daddy: No, darling.
  • Kitty: Just a tiny little look?
  • Daddy: No, kitty, because you know as well as I do just looking turns into buying a new one or three.
  • Kitty: *guilty look*
  • Daddy:
  • Kitty:
  • Daddy: *sighs* Come on, let's go to the Disney Store...

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I've just read the script and THANK YOU SO MUCH ITS A GODSEND, it's more glorious than mere words could express. I'd love to wax poetic about it forever, but there IS something: could you please give me as much info on Charlotte and Johanna's appearance as you can? I want everything - hairstyle, fashion, makeup, posture, bearing, just EVERY DETAIL because I'd really like to a. draw some fanart, if you'd allow me to and b. I JUST WANT TO KNOW, PLEEEASE. Thanks so much again for your amazing work!

thank you for the read! by all means make art, I’m so glad I inspired you! you know Holmes and Watson for demeanor/posture. Look up Ruby Rose for Charlotte and Tessa Thompson for Johanna. And then for fashion, search seattle women/street fashion. My only specific article is for Charlotte a denim jacket circa 1990s. Johanna is a bit more femme in style but not impractical.

That’s really all I have in way of details, hope it’s enough to get you started!

Twist of Fate by OakStone730

Title (link): Twist of Fate

Author (link): OakStone730

Pairing: Drarry

Length: 312,324 words, 29 chapters (complete)

Rating: M

Era: Fourth Year - Post War (1994-2002)

Summary: “Draco asks Harry to help him beat the Imperius curse during 4th year. The lessons turn into more than either expected. A story of redemption and forgiveness.”

Okay so I know I don’t do fic recs ever. As in this is my first (yay!). But hear me out. This fic. Oh my god this fic. If ever there was an emotional rollercoaster it’s this one. It starts out all nice and sweet with some fluff and some humor in fourth year with our li’l drarry bbys and also cedric being all mentor-y. and then. angst. oh my god angst. the amount of tears that were shed over the course of this fic is quite frankly embarassing, but i love it so so so so much, it is beautiful and tragic and brilliant and also has a happy ending i promise.

Follows the events of the books pretty closely, until the horrible awful that is revealed at Draco’s trial after the war. Also there are dragons.

Of Selfies and Nudes

[Yoonmin] fluff; implied sex; drabble

Based on my prompt “I was trying to take a selfie on your phone and is that a nude in your recents”

“Hyung~ pleeease! Just one picture! Please please please!” Jimin whined.

“Why can’t you just take it on your own phone Jiminie” Yoongi asked. His resolve was quickly slipping though as the younger pouted his lips.

“Becauseee! That’s not cute!! Plus, I want to put it as your wallpaper!” Jimin complained, frustrated at Yoongi. “Please hyung…” He asked again, bringing out his puppy dog eyes”

“Fine!” Yoongi sighed, giving up. He handed over his phone to Jimin who clapped gleefully before grabbing it in his hands. He unlocked Yoongi’s phone, still surprised that the elder had told him his password, and went straight to the camera. Putting the camera above his head to get a good angle, Jimin moves it around until he can find good lighting. He snaps a couple of photos by himself and a couple with a grumpy yet amused Yoongi before bringing the phone back down and swiping between the photos he just took.

Deciding he didn’t like any of them, Jimin deletes all the photos and resumes taking new ones. He decides to go for a different angle this time and holds the face at forehead level, close to his face before looking up from below his eyelashes. As he goes to take the photo however, the icon down below on the left catches his attention. It’s the small square that shows the most recent picture.

And it looks suspiciously close to a nude.

Jimin struggles to keep on a straight face as he turns himself so Yoongi can no longer see the phone. He holds the phone so it looks like he’s simply changing the background or something, and clicks on the little square. The photo enlarges into a full screen picture of a very attractive and very nude Yoongi posing on the bed. And as his eyes catch the BTS monster on the bedside table, Jimin realizes it’s his bed. Jimin would be lying if he said he wasn’t turned on. He realizes, a couple seconds too late, that his face was heating up and his breathing was faltering but by the time he catches it, Yoongi has already plucked the phone out of his hand and is turning it around to look at the screen.

Jimin sinks back against the other end of the couch as Yoongi’s eyes go wide at the photo on his screen. They quickly turn into predatory glares though as Yoongi locks the phone, throws it aside, and slowly crawls over Jimin until he’s straddling the younger boy.

“Well, well, well…aren’t you a little sneak?” Yoongi growls, biting Jimin’s ears.

“I-I didn’t m-mean to, hyung! I swear!” Jimin stutters. Yoongi’s teeth continue nipping at Jimin’s ears and the younger lets out a soft moan. Yoongi smirks and grinds down on Jimin’s lap, knowing the boy was turned on. Jimin lets out a loud moan as his hands clutch at Yoongi’s shirt trying to bring him closer.

“At least I know you enjoyed it” Yoongi whispers as he crashes his lips to Jimin’s. “Now I know how to remind you of me when we’re away from each other.”

Send me one of my prompts & I’ll pick a pairing to write a oneshot about. Or you can suggest a pairing from vhope, taegi, yoonmin, namjin, yoonseok, and vmin. 

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Domestic AU with Takao? Like what happens throughout his day. Just fluff everywhere pleeease~!!

YES MORE TAKAO. Thanks for the request anon, and enjoy! -Admin Red

Being married was something you’d planned for. Married life was filled with prospects that attracted you endlessly. You were a helpless romantic back then, and nothing sounded better than spending the rest of your life with the person you love, seeing them everyday and hearing their voice, and being loved.

Just like in the novels.

But being married to Takao Kazunari was a little different from what you’d imagined.

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I’ve been seeing some things lately about how adorable it is when you convince Dorian to give his father another chance.

I, personally, did not choose to convince Dorian to give his father another chance. Why? Because of this party banter between Dorian and Cole:

Dorian: I’ve been trying to imagine how to explain it to you, Cole. The thing is, sometimes the ones you love are also the ones who disappoint you the most. You think that if they love you, they should understand… they shouldn’t want to hurt you. So you feel betrayed. You say things you can’t ever take back.

Cole: “Get out. You are no son of mine.”

Dorian: Yes. Like that.

Cole: He wishes he hadn’t meant it.

Now, if I’m correct, Dorian’s father is the one speaking in this particular memory that Cole digs back up.

See that wording there? Meant. Not ‘said’. MEANT. Meaning, Dorian’s father still believes that. He still believes that Dorian being gay is so disgraceful that he is no longer to be considered his son. I don’t care how distressed he is over what he said/did to Dorian, and how much he regrets it. The fact is, Cole sees people’s true emotions, and Dorian’s father’s true emotion is that even though he wish he didn’t, he still meant what he said.

And that, folks, is why I will not convince Dorian to give his father another chance.


Alright. This “15″ year old kid as of NOW we assume since about 3 or so years ago they claimed being (14-15) around then.
The “abuser”, me, is currently 19. years ago which the friendship all broke down in the summer making me 16-17. I was a dumb teen still going through high school mind you was also SHELTERED by an overly abusive parent. Some people who know me now can argue I still am a child barely getting out of my mom’s life. Mind you wasn’t allowed to have sleepovers and friends till i was, mmmm about 15. I was still socially awkward as hell. And the basic mindset of “teen” was even foreign to ME. 
I met this person online, of course, here, via RPING. We had rp accounts and i was shy, i believe they followed me first then i followed back and from their they left basic ask memes and I responded and it came to, hey, lets get to know them. That’s how it mostly worked.

The friendship was basic at the beginning and when things got more deeper that’s when things became, stranger. How so? Let me tell you. This was in the prime of tumblr putting mental illness on their blogs up the ass, like so damn much. And people wanted to in fact be catered for every little thing even the things that DIDN’T matter, yes, those exist.

You want to call me abusive let me tell you a thing. I STUCK BY YOU BECAUSE YOU CLAIMED BEING AUTISTIC, DEPRESSED AND A WIDE VARIETY OF OTHER THINGS, I thought maybe we could work past your moments you snapped but here is where YOU abused me.
If I so as didn’t TEXT you in under a minute you bombarded my phone with calls and texts. I I wasn’t in the mood to talk you took that as I didn’t love you, what i said DID NOT MATTER TO YOU, all that mattered was me being there for you HAND AND FOOT. I got my ass BEAT staying up too late when my mom wanted me in bed by 8 no later trying to calm your ass down when you were DEPRESSED. 

When a pet close to me died I swear within half the day you changed the subject and dropped it despite it being on my mind yet when you lost pets and worried i kept it going i did my best to urge you through it and help things feel soothing. 

Hey? Remember that age old abuse tactic? “If you leave me I’d probably kill myself” I HEARD THAT FROM YOU NEARLY DAILY. Yes, I WAS THE LONELY DUMBASS WHO THOUGHT IT WAS JUST YOUR ILLNESS BUT IM NOT DUMB ANYMORE. Need I go on about all abuse tactics in the book done by you.
And here is where it gets to me being “abusive”
Is when we established a relationship. Mid way through it you confessed to me your actual age. You lied to me. I may have not shown it but i was hurt, knowing you at the time for what 2 years? and it took you till something like that? I said i was okay with it, and you might have noticed i was getting more distant. Because this wasn’t just a lie this was a basic thing about your identity you lied about. So when i was depressed and give the next day you repeated MY feelings word for word
“I feel no one cares about me or tells me the truth”
literally the next day you would say what i said word for word and i was there for you, distant but still there.
After the third time i was bitter. And you know how many of YOUR EXES probably are in the same boat? People YOU lied to.
Sexual abuse…pft. Me talking about basic TEEN hormones that I ASSUMED you were a teen too because YOU SAID YOU WERE FOR TWO YEARS.
… Even then, what i did was express personal things about me, it wasn’t. “oh i want to be fucked by you here and now.” NO, it was “you know.. i dont know if i associate as female. Ya know men don’t do it for me. the concept of being topped/dominated sounds.. good but-” etc.
Because i wanted help figuring out WHO I WAS. Why? It all comes back to the basics. Because i had no body AND YOUR ASS CAME INTO MY LIFE LIED TO MY FACE AND HAVE THE AUDACITY TO SAY I ABUSED YOU AND SOMEONE ELSE. I treated you like my own family. You are so dead to me now. SO DEAD TO ME.

Oh and BY THE WAY, I never stalked you. All those “stalkers” were either others you have hurt I bet, or MY ACTUAL friends who cared about me so much they scooped shit out about you to reassure me I am not a bad person. Even my OWN THERAPIST helped me out. 
I have people now.
So yeah, Minty, Ava whatever the fuck you are now. Fuck off. You are the biggest bullshitter around and if you can’t grow up your life is REALLY going to be a living hell.

I really hope that the boys (Rhys & Vaughn) and the girls (Fiona & Sasha) just become super good friends, with no canon ship. A ‘girls & boys can be pals without romantic or sexual tension happening’ end of story.
Just pleeease.