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My parents have been denying me a cat for the last eight years. I have made powerpoints and have even pulled up free kittens on the Internet in hopes of getting one. They said if I get 6,000 likes I could finally have one, but that’s absolutely impossible. But I would still really appreciate if you would like and reblog this so maybe if I get enough they can reconsider. I know there are a lot more important issues on here but please take a minute if your time and like or reblog.



     I’ve seen SO many of my friends struggle with motivation these days, so I wanted to make a little psa about how to attempt to get motivation back ( this also helps fight depression yo ) — It’s all about POSITIVE VIBES. Positivity attracts positivity. Motivation is driven by the WANT to do something, and that doesn’t ( usually ) come on its own, but needs a kick-starter ( this is where inspiration comes into play ). Inspiration is easily triggered by positivity, and everyone has positivity stored in them ( it is a human thing after all ), so what’s needed is to extract it. This part is where people say that their depression prevents them, and a big reason for that is because they are waiting for the positivity to come to them, but relying on something to come to YOU is not as good as generating it YOURSELF. So, can positivity be generated when you feel down? By: DOING YOUR BEST. This is a cliche saying, but it actually works. Do one more thing than you did yesterday. For some, this is a slow process. Doing one more draft, answering one more ask - but the thing is, the more you do, the better you will feel about yourself. And, there it is: you have made a positiv feeling/vibe/emotion. By feeling good about yourself, and sending out this ‘ positive vibe ‘, you are attracting inspiration, which will turn into motivation. Then, it’ll be easier to do more things, which, again, will give you an even better feeling - more motivation - more productivity - more positive vibes! When you hit a certain point, you will have “excess” positivity, which you can give to the people around you! So now you’re not only making positiv energy, but you’re also distributing it to your social circle, which will make good things happen to you. You’ll feel better about yourself, your work, and the people in your life ( and they will feel better about you ). And all of this JUST because you decided that you wanted to do a little more than usual. People who say that “this won’t work for me”, are ruining for themselves, because that means that instead of generating positivity, you are making negativity, which brings NOTHING good. Don’t say: “this won’t work for me”, don’t say “this might work for me”. Say: “THIS WORKS FOR ME”, because — Well, it does.

     Small personal note about my own experience with this ‘ method ‘ of generating motivation ( feel free to ignore this) ; People tell me that I can’t understand what it’s like to be depressed and that it’s impossible to just “do” things when you’re feeling down, but, trust me, I DO know what that’s like. I suffer from a rare medical condition that causes me a lot of pain, which I have been very depressed about ( still feel down sometimes about it ), but I can STILL use the method described above to make motivation! So, I have no doubt that it will work for you too! 


Since Danganronpa V3 is coming out soon, I request EVERY. SINGLE. PERSON. yes, EVERY SINGLE ONE to PLEASE TAG “SPOILERS” in WHATEVER NDRV3 related post you’re showing off, if you do so, then you will be able to PREVENT EVERYONE WHO DIDN’T PLAY THE GAME FROM GETTING SPOILED, including me, since I cannot read Japanese and the game will take a while to get translated to English, so please, TAGGING YOUR POST WITH A SMALL “spoilers” WARNING WILL DO YOU NO HARM AND IT WILL HELP US ALOT!

Sorry for ranting alot, but this is important for both you and me, getting spoiled with game content is very unfortunate, please, and thank you!

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Coloring Tutorial for Shadowhunters S2

Hello pals, I’m gonna show you how to achieve a quality coloring for Shadowhunters Season 2 despite the horrid lighting of the show this season. 

  • Please like/reblog if you find this tutorial useful.
  • This will not magically work for every scene, adjustments need to be made. This is just here to help you learn and gain some tips.
  • If you have any questions just let me know.

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Guys, I finally got to start the college of dreams (Savannah College Of Arts & Design) traveling all the way from Nigeria (Africa) and yet I’m finding it hard financially because of the recession back home. I would REALLY REALLY appreciate it if you could commission my art or even just reblog someone might like my style of art. But please do share I will really appreciate it and it might help me more than you think…
PLEASE… this will mean the world to me.

sos my dash is ded

please reblog or spread this post i need new people to follow (& hopefully make mutuals) that reblog any or all of the following

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  • comedy tv (friends, crazy ex girlfriend, new girl, parks and rec, etc..)
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whoa hey hi it’s me, that annoying asshole u probably don’t remember following. I’m taking commissions!

I’m not in dire need at the moment, I’ll be honest. I am trying to save up though, and since this is the only way I can really make money… If you wanna help me out or just.. really want something in particular drawn, feel free to check out my info page to see what I’m willing to do, and/or hmu with a direct message so we can discuss stuff.

Also, please note that I am understanding of the fact that many of you can’t, you don’t need to apologize to me for that, but reblogging this post n stuff to let other people know would be super helpful <3

Thank You Dan and Phil Project

So my friend Sam and I are making a book of messages for Dan and Phil that we will be giving to them at Playlist in May (hopefully)
So if you want to, you could reblog this podt with your message or just send it to me. Please format it like this
Dear Dan and Phil,
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Name/age/state or country
We just want to show Dan and Phil how much they’ve helped some people. Please tell your friends or repost this photo.


cute tileable 8-bit josh and tyler (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧ now ft. blurryface edition! notice tyler’s eyes in a couple of them in the bf one. let me know if you use them! stillstreet reelbearmedia

blue // red // blurryface

brotp tags masterlist

since i rarely see any tags masterlist for brotps (which are sometimes the best connections ever lbr), i decided to make one myself! so, under the cut you’ll find ## tag ideas for brotps. it might not be the longest but i might be adding to it as i remember more and more! these are lyric, quote and whatever else based! i hope this helps you guys in some way and please reblog if you find useful just so you can help me get the word out!

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Let me just say this...

I try to be a good person, I try to play by the book. All I do is reblog sims 4 cc and do recolors. If I am doing something wrong, then please explain to me what it is and I will fix it. BUT, what I really want to know is.. And I am calling out to all the cc creators, pose makers, lookbook makers, builders, etc.. Do you have a problem with me reblogging your post? Do you not want me to reblog your post?  If so, then please tell me and I won’t do it anymore. I am just sharing, no harm nor foul intended.   Everyone here who knows me and has talked to me, know that I am not a bad person. I treat everyone with respect and kindness.  This is really important.. Please reblog, I need to know because my integrity is being questioned.   So, please help me.  Thank you!! <3

Warm Me Up Pt 18

From now on I’m just going to link the first chapter for those who want to start the story and the chapter before the update for those who want to refresh their memory. Also, the end of every chapter should have a link to the next. :)

Also, I was listening to Little Things by One Direction and Chasing Cars by Snow Patrol on repeat for this one. I think I’ll mention the songs that inspire each chapter at the beginning :)

Click Here for Ch. 1

Click Here for Ch. 17

It was the first time he’d be celebrating Valentine’s Day. It was the first time he wasn’t dreading it completely. It was the first time he didn’t have plans to simply horde food in his room and watch Netflix from the moment he got home until the day was over.

It was the first time he was in a relationship and wouldn’t feel so lonely. If anything he felt excited when the red and pink decorations started going up in the stores.

Though it made him a little nervous that the fourteenth was two days away and Nico hadn’t mentioned any special date or event. Will had learned by now that Nico was someone who had to be asked direct questions in order for him to have an answer.  

So while they ate at the dining hall for lunch, Will nudged him for his attention. “Hey, are we… doing anything for Valentine’s Day?”

The fork slipped from Nico’s hand and clattered to his plate as his eyes widened and his face went blank. “Oh fuck, that’s a thing,” he breathed. “Shit.” Will raised an eyebrow and crossed his arms. “I… I’m used to ignoring Valentine’s Day, it honestly completely slipped my mind that it’s a thing couples do. Oh man, please don’t be mad.”

Will laughed and shook his head as he put the fork back in Nico’s hands. “Relax,” he said. “I was just asking. I thought it’d be fun to do something like other couples do.”

“Of course. Anything. What do you want to do?” Will shrugged and kept eating. “Well, we can go all out- tuxes, fancy dinner, candles, and stuff. Or we can keep it small- a picnic, pj’s, movies.” He took his hand and held it, a small smile on his face. “Anything you want.”

Will smiled and ran his hand through his mess of hair. “Sounds like a plan,” he said. “It’s the first time I’d celebrate it, you know with a boyfriend, not just… a group of distant friends or something.” He chuckled and felt his cheeks redden as he spoke because Nico was getting that look on his face.

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Feysand au

For the prompt: ‘you’re a vet and i’m pleading with you to save my goldfish and you’re the first vet i’ve visited to not ask me if i’m sure i don’t want to go and buy another goldfish for three dollars’ au

Please like and reblog? I’m trying to make friends in this fandom because you’re all so wonderful and I don’t want to just observe from afar anymore. ACCEPT ME! VALIDATE ME! LOVE ME!

Now enjoy some Feysand goodness.


“Please somebody help!”

Feyre burst into the vet’s office in a frenzy, her hair flying all around her and her eyes wide as saucers.

She then immediately froze, looking around the tiny waiting room and seeing everyone staring at her, even the various dogs and cats and the one random parrot.

“Um, ma’am?”

Feyre jumped at the secretary’s voice, whipping her head around to look at the most stunning blonde woman she had ever seen. The woman gave her a bright, sweet smile.

“Are you alright?” She asked cautiously.

“I – what – no!” Feyre finally managed to spit out, rushing to the counter. “Please, I need to see the vet immediately, it’s an emergency. No one will see her and I’m getting really scared and –“

“Slow down, honey,” the woman – Mor, according to her nametag – said gently. “What kind of pet is it, and what’s wrong?”

Heat bloomed on Feyre’s cheeks and she glanced behind her at the rest of the waiting room eavesdropping on her. She leaned over the counter as close to Mor as she could get and mumbled incoherently.

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hey y'all so some of y'all saw this post, (tl;dr, my parents are poor and in a financial rut and can’t come to my first college play, please don’t reblog it) but I was hoping y'all could help me out? it’s super important to me that they come see this play (it’s In The Heights) mostly because, as mentioned in the post, it’s my first college performance and I want more than anything for them to see it, and partly because I feel like it’s just an important play for them to watch, as immigrants in this country. Really all they need is money for the plane tickets, arrangements for the one night they’ll spend in Cambridge can be made later. please, if you can help in any way venmo me @AbrahamR, or use paypal.me/abrahamr, I would b extremely grateful 💖 thank you

Here is a (long overdue) free icon of Dr. Gaster, as requested by you guys!

You may use this icon wherever you’d like, size/crop it however you want, just remember to credit me somewhere (and don’t profit from it in any way please).
A reblog would also help me out a ton!  Thanks. ;u;
(Also, big thanks for over 2200 followers! I’m so happy you enjoy my art.)

My first wave of Undertale icons can be found here!
More Undertale stuffs from me

- - - - -
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Hey guys, I have just unfollowed over 100 inactive blogs and am in desperate need of some more inspiration/motivation/friends to join me on this journey to a healthier, happier *me*.

I already have a fabulous following of over 1.5k but I need your help. If your starting or current weight is 275lbs or above - please, please, please message me/reblog/like this post, so we can talk.

(I am not intending to discriminate against those who are 274lbs or less, I am purely trying to reach out to a community that has the lingering worry of becoming more unhealthy or unhappy.)

I am willing to be anybody’s and everybody’s accountability buddy…heck we can all be each others.  I need to do this for *me*, and I know some of you feel the same, so please, reach out to me. Lets do this together.

Please commission if you can

I don’t really like doing this, most people know i hate asking for money for my artwork. but i feel like i must. Not just for me, but for the situation me, my family and mostly my parents are in. every little bit helps.

we have major debts, and we have come to a point where we can’t pay for our heating. (or some bills)

i can do quick sketches like these; easily for 5-10€ (5.2 - 10.5 USD) 
if you want portrait sketches that can easily be arranged aswell!

but also paintings like these; for about 15-20€ (15.6 - 20.8 USD)

ofcourse, pricing will vary from difficulty and background. right now i’ll only be accepting sketches, coloured sketches and full colour and lines. no backgrounds since i need to be able to pump these out. 

like i said, every, teeny, tiny, bit counts, so please please please, if you can’t spare a little money, reblog this! THANK YOU.


Hiya guys! I’m a co-moderator for the The Sim Squad! I decided to just make a new post since I’ve since changed my username!

We’re a group of simmers and gamers who want to make new friends, help each other out, and have a good time!

The squad is LGBTQAA+ friendly, and any and all games can be talked out; not just the sims! We’re going to make sure to keep the best interests of the group in mind, to make sure every single one of you is comfortable. So if something makes you uncomfortable, please do tell us and we’ll do whatever we can.

Do feel free to reblog this, please! It’d certainly help out.

If you want a link to the Sim Squad’s discord chat, send me the password! c^;

So my boyfriend and I are in a pretty bad situation that basically is leaving us on the brink of homelessness. I was wondering if I put up a link to donate if anyone would actually donate. All we really need right now is money for essentials like food, clothes to keep warm and toiletries. Please please please if anyone is willing to donate let me know and I can put up a link. Even just reblogging to help spread the word around would help us out so much.