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Dating Harry Styles would include

I’m bored so I decided trying this, first time doing ‘would inlcude’. Tell me what you think <3

  • We all know how much he loves his sleep so waking up before noon is not a thing unless you make him do it
  • You would start spreading kisses on his neck, cheeks, hair
  • Still nothing. He just puts his pillow over his head and rolls over because he knows you don’t want affection, you want him to wake up
  • Harry Edward Styles if you don’t wake up now I’m gonna take some extreme meassures
  • Five mo’minutes
  • I’m calling your mom
  • I’m up
  • The only times he really makes an effort and wakes up before you do are on your birthday and anniversary
  • You would wake up to the smell of fresh coffee and something delicious being cooked
  • Surprise! Happy birthday/anniversary, luv!
  • That leads to talk about gifts
  • He loves gifts. Giving them, receiving them, he’s a gift person
  • Even for no reason at all, he would come home one day and just give you a present
  • Hey babe, I was on the studio today and thought I’d get you a lil’ something on my way here
  • Where are you?
  • On my way home
  • Are you bringin’ me a present?
  • He knows there will be times when you’ll be apart from eachother for a long time because of his work, so he cherishes every second with you
  • Stop taking pictures and just enjoy my company, you social media addict
  • He wouldn’t deny a selfie when you ask though, he loves seeing pictures of you when he’s away
  • And talking about pictures, he certainly loves nudes. Sending and receiving
  • He doesn’t have to be on another country to ask for nudes
  • Whatcha doin’ babe?
  • Working, why?
  • And you wouldn’t be able to concentrate on anything else for the rest of the day but the picture he just sent you
  • But two can play that game
  • Hey baby, are you on the studio?
  • Yeah, why?
  • Thought you might use some inspiration
  • When you both get home that day you don’t even need to say anything, you just go straight to the bedroom
  • I wrote two songs about that picture you sent me
  • Harry Styles you’re not releasing those songs
  • He being all koala mode when touring date is approaching
  • Harry let go of me, I need to go to work
  • No you don’t, I have money, you don’t have to work
  • You know he’s just joking for you to stay in bed with him. He knows how much you love your work
  • There was one time or two when you actually called in sick to stay home with him watching movies and cuddling
  • We’re gonna FaceTime every day, I promise
  • You know he really wants to keep his word, even though you end up talking once a week if you’re lucky. 
  • But you never say anything about that. He works hard and you’re happy just hearing his voice if only for a few minutes.
  • If you’re into tattoos, couple-tattoos would definitly be a thing
  • If it’s your first tattoo ever and you’re scared he would hold your hand all through the process
  • It’s almost done now, babe. It’s going great
  • And he would help you taking care of it afterwards
  • You might wanna keep it covered for another day, make sure your skin absorbs all the ink.
  • This is something most people don’t know about, but you’re actually the one who dyes the lights on his hair
  • You were dyeing your own hair at home one day and you jokingly tried some dye on him to see how it looked like
  • He liked it so much he kept it and now you retouch it for him every month
  • Lots of nights in having fun
  • Movies, board games, re-decorating… You love staying in together more than going out
  • Lots of surprise hugs and kisses
  • Like that one time you were having a shower and he opened the curtain shower to hug you from behing
  • Hug time!
  • JESus fUcking CHrist!
  • And of course, lots of love
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she sits alone in her bedroom, mindlessly scrolling through her dash like every other day, nothing but countless pictures of two mediocre white men just like always. out of nowhere she is struck with a notification. then another. and another. new followers. this can’t be right. she stops, sniffs the air, someone has recced my blog, she thinks to herself. she’s right, its the only explanation. she stops and smiles to herself. you fools. part of her wants to tell them to run before its too late, before they are forced to read about her random opinions on adverts or one of her endless emotional rants about the lives of two people she’s never met. but she doesn’t. they chose this path. and now they must learn from their mistakes.


Ouran Host Club + Outfit Themes (1/?):

Balinese Royalty

“Gentlemen don’t bundle up in bulky clothing. It may be chilly, early spring out there in the real world but here at the club, we want to surprise our cold little kittens with a warm, tropical paradise. Oh, yes! We turned this place into Nirvana. A tropical island of everlasting summer!”

how do people practice Mindfulness my doctor is always asking me if i did any and im always like oh…no i forgot to :\ 

The Flash is the Jewish, autistic, ADHD hero we all need.


im a new blog that enjoys to create wallpapers!!
if you have like a request for one group or specific idol i’d love to create one for you!
you can choose whatever theme or idol etc it should have
i prefer creating phone wallpapers but pc wallpapers are also fine
here are a few examples i created for my friends :’)
im just a bored person please request something and i will try my best ✨