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  • 1: what idols you associate with your mutuals
  • 2: just by looking at my blog, who do i remind you of?
  • 3: favorite color scheme?
  • 4: what is your comfort book, comfort movie, and comfort tv show?
  • 5: what words can you never spell?
  • 6: who are your favorite (insert group) bloggers?
  • 7: what is your favorite mythological creature?
  • 8: tag your favorite blogs!
  • 9: what's the scariest dream you've ever had?
  • 10: if you could have any fake object (i.e. wands, something sci fi) what would you have?
  • 11: what are some of your favorite names?
  • 12: whats your top 3 favorite actors?
  • 13: a favorite memory?
  • 14: have you ridden in an ambulance?
  • 15: are you a daredevil?
  • 16: committed a crime?
  • 17: whats your favorite cereal?
  • 18: favorite smell?
  • 19: if you could design your own house, what would it look like?
  • 20: what's one of your guilty pleasures?
  • tell me:
  • 1: tell me about your day!
  • 2: tell me an unpopular opinion
  • 3: something that was irritating today
  • 4: a fun fact about anything
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  • 6: tell me your ideal type!
  • 7: is anything bothering you? rant to me!
  • 8: do you have a crush? something exciting? gush!
  • 9: what you wish you were doing right now
  • 10: what's on your bucket list
  • 11: what your ideal day would be
  • 12: if you want to have a family/kids/get married
  • 13: whats one of your funniest memories?
  • 14: tell me about the most recent book, tv show/movie that left you messed up, but in a good way
  • 15: send me a movie rec, song rec, tv show rec
  • 16: tell me something cute & unique about your room
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Ghost Ask!

Leave number(s) in my askbox!

1. Favorite Album?
2. Top 2 favorite Ghouls?
3. Favorite Papa?
4. Favorite Interview?
5. Favorite Gif?
6. Favorite Lyrics?
7. Favorite Song?
8. Papa in shades or without shades?
9. Would you wear a Nameless Ghoul outfit if someone gave you one?
10. Been to a Ghost concert?
11. Put your playlist on shuffle until a Ghost song comes up. Which song is it?
12. Favorite cover tune from Ghost?
13. Favorite album art or song art?
14. Any Ghost tattoos?
15. Any Ghost mech?
16. Send me 3 Ghost names and I’ll say who I’ll Fuck, Marry, Kill.
17. Do you have a ship in the Ghost fandom?
18. I ship you with _____ !
19. Which song do you like better _____ or _____?
20. Song from Ghost that always makes you dance?
21. Ask me anything else about Ghost/Question not listed?!

Ok here’s my idea for AC mobile either a simplified version of AC(probable):
You collect bells, furniture, clothes, fruit, etc. You start off with a small town, some shops and a few homes. You unlock more stuff/gather more villagers as you play. You might still be mayor so you choose where you place everything buildings/houses, projects, and plants. Maybe they add simple minigames(fishing/hide n’ seek/like the island ones/whatever) and villager tasks to gain bells, items, friendship. There could also be the option to see others towns and see how well they’re doing as mayor. Besides friendship points they can also add collecting town/mayor points that you get as you play and how happy the villagers are.

or alt. idea some type of spinoff:
A sims-lite/Tomodachi life idea
You have a small town and you can collect villagers(more than you can have in other games) and do things with them, like dress them up, furnish their homes, feed them. Can use them to play minigames (like amiibo festival type) Might still have an avatar character (either human or maybe you customize your own animal). You can befriend them but they can develop different relationships with each other. Can still unlock stuff and develop the town maybe but the focus is more on the characters/playing house.

Or it could just be a mix of different ideas since honestly I just want an addictive chill game with cutesy graphics. I wouldn’t mind some off the wall spinoff idea but I know they’re going for the casual audience since FE:Heroes is supposed to be the more “hardcore” one


Ouran Host Club + Outfit Themes (1/?):

Balinese Royalty

“Gentlemen don’t bundle up in bulky clothing. It may be chilly, early spring out there in the real world but here at the club, we want to surprise our cold little kittens with a warm, tropical paradise. Oh, yes! We turned this place into Nirvana. A tropical island of everlasting summer!”

Are there actually any of my followers here who have some Haikyuu OC’s themselves and would like to see those drawn by me maybe?
If so, please send me a reference picture or description through PM, or submit it to me, I don’t mind, and I’ll give them a try!
Also, it doesn’t matter whether you’re a new follower or whether we’ve talked or not. I’m just curious to see what kind of OC’s my followers came up with and I’m feeling like drawing some new characters.

So send me your Haikyuu OC’s and I’ll draw them!