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Tfw you’re casually enjoying your evening and an angel falls through your ceiling and is super hot oh no

I’m calling this one the Angelfall AU! Keith has to learn how to live with an angel who is way too egotistic about his one (1) wing and angelic powers even though he has no memories whoops



That’s his story. You wanna hear mine? Hmm? FP was a mess. He was stealing from the company and selling stuff on the side. All things considered, I was pretty generous. [So generous you didn’t give him a second chance?] Of course I did! You have no idea how many times I bailed that man out of jail. Son … when someone is drowning, you can try to save them.


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this is just upsetting

so apparently my art has been reposted?? and i’m telling you it’s not a good feeling… 

why.. why would people even do this?? can’t they empathize with the artists and think how it must feel to steal all their hard work away and just.. do this??

well apparently not. where do they even find this if not from the source???

and don’t even give me the excuse that artists should feel “flattered” because no. this is NOT a form of flattery. reblogging from the source and adding cute tags that is a form of flattery. this just makes me feel upset and there is that feeling of regret in sharing my work.

well i guess it’s time to put in that huge watermark then because i really don’t want this to happen again.


From the 8.19 Engeki Haikyuu Line Live Stream!

Since Ryoutarou was in Osaka hosting his birthday fan event, he couldn’t be with everyone for the stream.  So they made a stand-in by putting a pair of glasses on a volleyball.  Kairi would call out to the ball, “Tsukki!!”


heeeey everyone– I really hate to bring it up here- but if you guys could report pearl.marina.love on instagram I would SUPER appreciate it- they’ve reposted my art and have ignored my requests to remove it. This is my first time my art has ever been reposted, and it feels.. bad (╯︵╰,) 



So since their next play is going to be the Summer of Evolution, they had their activities be summer-themed.  

When they eat the noodles off the track, it’s called Nagashi-somen and many restaurants offer it as a summer specialty.  Usually the noodles are placed in a long flume of bamboo across the length of the restaurant and guests just pick the noodles off as they wish.  They make a game of it by changing up the dipping sauces.  Kouhei pulled the card for chili sauce, Kazuma pulled tomato flavor sauce, and Fucchi pulled BLUE HAWAII.  Apparently that tasted like gummies.

Since shaved ice is also another summery food, again they make a game of it by changing up what flavor they pour over the shaved ice.  Hiroki got aojiru which is basically kale juice.  I guess he really hates his leafy green vegetables because ooooh he did not like that flavor lol.  

Spending My Life Falling Deeper In Love With You by @oddcoupler222

Alex is drinking brandy the first time she sees Maggie Sawyer, beer the first time she meets her, and rum when she realizes she’s in love with her.

No matter what she’s drinking, she doesn’t think there’s a strong enough liquor on the planet that could dim the way Maggie’s eyes sparkle or how deep her dimples are, or the way it all makes Alex feel.

She just wishes Maggie felt it back.


SO!!! I was trying out new brushes and ways of colouring and end up with some cool stuff! (i guess?)

I love my sons! Plus suguru with snakebites and tendou with his hair down!!!

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Victor Nikiforov // History Maker ❉