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since it’s way too cold outside and seeing the boys all bundled up makes me happy (ノ゚0゚)ノ~ | © 지민이의집


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I’ve got no faith and oh did I mention?
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This is a little stim toy thing I made! I had two sets of broken tangle pieces, so I hot glued them together into a ring. It looks really cool when spun, but I put hot glue on one of the sides so it’s a bit textured and fun to just play with! I don’t know if this is useful to anyone else but I’m excited to have found a use for these broken pieces.



One of three Keyblade wielders who played a pivotal role
in a historic clash more than a dozen years ago.
To save a friend, she cast herself into the realm of darkness,
never to be seen again.


                    “It’s 180 days, Veronica. What’s 180 days to us?
                                      Our story is epic. Spanning years, continents…”
                                                                                    "Lives ruined, bloodshed.“


“the white noise in my mind won’t calm down. you’re all I think about.”

b&w kaisoo, requested by @okaysoo

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Just stumble across your simblr and ohmygod I love it! ❤ uhm, may I ask do you use any reshade presents or what photoshop actions do you use cos holyshet your screenies are eye poppin! So colorful!

Hi, friend! Thank you so much for loving my story!

I knew I would get this question someday so I have been both excited for it and dreading it. It’s taken me a looooong time to get my editing process perfected and I change it a lot but I’ll tell you how I’m currently editing, under the cut!

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Since I have a bad time with doing my hair, what would each of the members do to help style their s/o's hair?

(I hope everything went alright with your hair!)

2D: 2D loves being helpful and offers to help you with your hair when he sees you struggling. You stare at him for a minute to see if he’s serious. You giggle and hand him the brush, “Knock yourself out.” 2D looked like an excited child. He took the brush from your hand and started to gently brush your hair. He picked up ponytail holders, bobby pins, clips, and hairspray. 2D was concentrating so hard on your hair, he didn’t notice when you had taken a photo of him. After a few minutes, he stood back and sighed. “Der it is!” He pointed at your hair and you turned your head to get a better look. 2D was somehow able to braid pieces of your hair and draped them around a perfect bun. “2D, how were you able to do this so well?!” His face got red and he shuffled his feet, “I watch ‘lot a videos.” You laughed and kissed him. “It looks amazing, baby.”

Murdoc: You were having trouble with your hair and nearly gave up. But Murdoc had insisted on trying to tame your wild mane. He pulled at your hair, tried to use different products and tools, he even offered to just cut it all off. “Murdoc, I still want hair after this…” You began to worry. “Don’t worry, love! I can do anything!” He claimed as he tried to take the curling iron to your hair again. You gulped and debated on closing your eyes. Murdoc began chuckling as he grabbed another bobby pin from the counter in front of you. You closed your eyes and waited for the torture to be over. When Murdoc stepped back and yelled, “Done!” You slowly opened your eyes. You turned your head and saw that your hair had been half curled half straightened. You had a single, small braid in the middle of the two textures. “I didn’t really try, I just liked playing with your hair.” He snickered and you turned around to throw a punch, “YOU RUINED MY HAIR YOU CRUSTY OLD MAN!”

Noodle: Noodle didn’t have much experience with long hair, she kept hers short most of her life, but she offered to help you anyway. She brushed your hair back away from your face and continued to brush down your back until she reached the end of your hair. She made sure to gently detangle your hair before trying anything. Then Noodle looked at the products laid out in front of her. She grabbed the hair gel and ran a small amount through the top part of your hair. She teased your hair until it had the volume that she wanted. Noodle took the brush again and untangled some top pieces so the teased pieces couldn’t be seen. You watched in awe as she worked your hair. When she was done, your hair looked super edgy. You loved it. She made it look like you had volume and layers in your hair. “Noodle, this looks amazing!” You yelled and hugged her. “I’m glad you like it so much.” She giggled.

Russel: Russel wasn’t exactly sure where to start with your hair. Noodle had short hair when she was younger so he never really did much with hers. He eyed your hair and looked confused. Russel grabbed the brush and decided to start with that. He brushed your hair for a long time before you laughed and asked, “You alright?” He looked at you through the mirror and chuckled, “Yeah, your hair is just really soft now that it’s been brushed.” You shook your head at him and he laughed. He grabbed a ponytail holder and got you a single French braid down the middle of your hair. You admired his work in the mirror. “I didn’t know you knew how to braid?” He laughed awkwardly, “Yeah my mom taught me when I was a kid.”