just playing with some new actions

Best and worst parts of a potential V route:


  • seeing this man smile
  • taking away some of his pain
  • encouraging him to trust and confide in his friends 
    • you can’t do it all on your own, v 
    • you don’t have to take everyone else’s burdens, v 
    • let us help you
  • more information about all the other characters
    • yoosung and his high school days 
    • pretty much anything about jumin since dude never shares the past
    • zen’s wilder teenage years 
    • more about jaehee, i don’t even care what, just gimmie 
    • more about rika and hopefully whatever the hell her real name is
    • seven and saeran and things about the choi bois that aren’t pure angst
    • driver kim and his favorite dad jokes 
      • v making dad jokes with him
  • new phone calls! 
    • v has the voice of an angel and i am ready to sin
  • new chat rooms!
  • new text messages!
  • new CGs! 
  • v getting his own emojis! 
  • learning about his childhood 
    • finally figuring out what happened to his mother 
  • talking about succulents and cacti and his love of desert plants
  • hearing why he named elizabeth the 3rd that
    • learning what other odd names he comes up with 
  • passionate rambling about photography 
  • seeing more of v’s photography!
  • if they include mint eye, actually learning about it 
  • why does he have 20 spoons in his house??? v, tell us your secrets 
  • watching v be a philosopher 
    • while jumin is a scientist 
    • their banter though
  • yoosung hopefully producing some hilarious rants about v 
    • and them making up and both finding peace
    • watching the rants stop being sad and funny and then just funny 
    • v please play along 
  •  more shitposting
    • oh boy 3 AM! 
  • v trolling the chats 
  • potential new ending where some people aren’t worse off than at the beginning 
    • yoosung and zen aren’t in the dark 
      • and yoosung isn’t idolizing rika anymore
    • jumin isn’t miserable and alone 
  • rika is held accountable for her actions 
    • the people she brainwashed and hurt get justice 
  • getting this man out of the horrifically abusive and toxic relationship he’s in
  • watching him heal
  • jihyun kim being happy 


  • those bad endings are going to be bad
    • who is up for sacrificing their soul and getting them first to spare the rest of us the pain?
    • y’know. like v does. 
  • watching v idealize rika and not see what their relationship is truly like
    • having to see more of what she’s put him through
    • the abuse is bad enough, don’t let it get worse 
  • v possibly making more mistakes
    • “the road to hell is paved with good intentions”
  • new information about other characters being depressing as hell
    • good that we know more about them
    • but how much more can my heart take?
  • watching yoosung and jumin Suffer™   
    • hello potential unrequited love, how are you today?
  • probably more things that the good parts override because this man being healthy and happy is so important!!

Ink! Sans

INK! Done! Paaaiinnnt….sooo much fun…Probly my favorite pic to date~ 

ALSO! Tweaked around some things and played with some lighting tips and debris sparks to make it pop a bit more; I just discovered an artist called Ross Draws, he’s my new senpai…! Just the way he really explodes his art by incorporating complimentary colors and action shots to frame the shape…LUV HIM.


sometimes I think about how many different acting roles kyungsoo has done since 2014 already and how passionate he seems to keep learning and try new things and how that means that we’ll get to see him play so many more characters in the future. Like we’ll probably see kyungsoo in an action movie at some point soon and in the future we might see him in a romantic drama or see him play someone’s husband or someone’s father. He might make funny movies and sad movies and movies that makes you think and movies that are scary or interesting. It’s just exciting to think about all the future projects he will be a part of since he always seem eager to do things he’s never done before

Jon x Female Reader

♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡

Imagine working in a brothel and seducing Jon Snow into losing his virginity resulting in the two of you falling in love.

♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡

\ Request from anonymous /

Please some passionate Jon Snow smut!! There are not enough in this world

♡ ♡ ♡ Warning: SMUT ♡ ♡ ♡

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His Last Vow IS Sherlock’s six-month suicide mission

Sherlock is given the fatal 6 month assignment and it’s cut short before it even begins.  We all know how HLV ends.  But what if this exact same thing happened earlier in the episode, too?  According to Mrs Hudson fawning over the idea of a “spring wedding” in TEH and Mary’s wedding invitations in TSOT, it is apparent their wedding took place on May 18th. 

Then John and Mary go on their honeymoon and John doesn’t see Sherlock for “about a month”.  For the sake of argument, let’s assume John doesn’t see Sherlock until June 18th, one month after the wedding, the day he finds Sherlock back on drugs. That’s the night he gets shot in CAM Tower.  The night of Mary’s reveal is a week later, as Sherlock explains to the EMTs that come to pick him up and bring him back to the hospital. So, it is incredibly possible that Sherlock goes back to the hospital on June 25th.  Exactly six months before Christmas.  So what does that mean?

It means this is Sherlock accepting a six month suicide mission:

while this is Sherlock dying once his time is up:

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My New Comics out today: TAAO 12 and First Strike #1

Hey Comic Fans,

I have two big books out today. TAAO 12 and First Strike 1, an ending and a beginning, and I want to say a little about each.

First Strike #1 written by David Rodriguez and I, with art by Max Dunbar and Anders Zarate with letters by Tom B. Long. This has been in the works for a while and while you read issue 1, David and I are writing the final issue. This story means a lot to me as it was finally my chance to write Scarlett of G.I. Joe, one of my favorite characters in all of fiction. So here’s the secret about First Strike. It is this huge action event, but David and I have hidden a really great personal Scarlett story in the middle. I hope you’ll try it and discover this cool new side of the IDW Hasbroverse we’re building where all the toys get to play together. Also Max and Anders and Tom just are killing it on art, while David writes some of the funniest dialogue out there.

On to TAAO, wow, what do I even say. There’s still the annual to come but since I’ve already written it, it really feels like I’m saying goodbye to this franchise. This issue 12 wraps up a lot of what I have been building towards with Windblade and Starscream and I hope the resolution of this part of their story is satisfying. There’s more to come in the Annual, but this was a very special issue to me and I hope you enjoy it.

As always I couldn’t have done any of this without my amazing team. Sara, I have had no greater collaborator in my career so far. You don’t just draw the pictures you bring them to life in ways I could never imagine. Your passion for these characters is in every micro expression and every small gesture. I hope to someday collaborate with you again. Joanna, your work is a visual essay on why coloring is so important. The way you use light to paint these characters is incredible. I am so proud to have worked with you. Tom, every choom and rah is unique and jumps off the page. I’ve envied you since Combiner Wars and you still impress me every issue. Priscilla, your covers have been amazing and your colors on the early issues helped us define this book’s unique look. Thank you. John and Carlos, thank you for letting me take Windblade and Starscream on this journey, I am so grateful for this opportunity.

To my fans, I hope you can take the message of this book to heart, seek your truth and be your best self.

Be Well,

Tawny Gold

Request: Hi could I request a story where reader really likes the idea of having wings so Gabriel snaps up some angel wings for them and their wings start giving signals that gets Gabriel kinda flustered, fluff or smut I don’t care as long as there’s a lot of it. Also your guys blog is awesome! I’m obsessed with it keep up the good work! :)

Request: Hello, dears! I’ve been having a pretty crappy week packed full of exams, so here’s my request: Gabriel x reader that’s just pure fluff. Cuddling, tickles, wing kink, the whole nine yards. Please and thanks! :*

Request: Can we get Babe so cute Gabriel x Reader fluff?? Like the purest fluff possible. like cotton candy sweetness fluff

Warnings: wing!kink, lots of fluff, no smut

Word Count: 1540

Author: Gwen

Gender: Female

Your name: submit What is this?

Originally posted by suzyhazelwood

Some action movie with cars played on the motel T.V. screen, but despite those being your favorite your eyes remained on the archangel sitting next to you on the ripped couch. His shoulders were relaxed as a smile made itself at home on his already charming face. He was leaning forward, elbows on knees, and it making you wonder if it was because of his wings or if he was just really interested in the movie.

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Middle Eastern Al-Ghuls, anyone? I think we’re not getting enough and I mean that very seriously.

They are Middle Eastern a fact of which has been confirmed, and portrayed, in every single comic canon containing them. Their Middle-Eastern ancestry is one of the few things about them that has never changed in comic canon and they’ve have always had features that match that…




Damian Wayne:

Something of which that has been retained in all of their animated appearances:

They all have very, very, Middle Eastern features: dark hair, tan skin, narrow noses, slightly slanted eyelids. And yet in every live-action adaptation the Al-Ghul family has not been portrayed by Middle Eastern/Arabic actors and in most cases they don’t even look the slightest bit Middle Eastern. Let’s examine this further…

Christopher Nolan’s Dark Knight Trilogy:

Out of the four Al-Ghuls we get two of them. Ra’s and Talia. Ra’s makes his appearances in Batman Begins and Dark Knight Rises. Talia makes her only appearance in the last film of the trilogy.

Neither look Middle Eastern in the slightest. Why is that? Because neither actor is Middle Eastern or has Middle Eastern ancestry. Neeson is Irish and played Ra’s with a softened Irish accent. Cotillard is French her father is of Breton ancestry and her mother is of Kabyle ancestry. She portrayed Talia with an accent that was all over the place but never once touched Arab or Middle Eastern. But what about the others?


I’m not a big fan of Arrow, and completely stopped watching, because they did a lot of things that I can’t get past. But the show has had three of the four Al-Ghuls: Ra’s, Talia and Nyssa. (Also Nyssa had the most appearances out of them all which makes no sense to me because her comic run was short and she’s pretty unknown.) Anyway, onto the photos…

Ra’s was portrayed by Matt Nable. Nable is from Sydney, Australia. Not much was given on his ancestry.

Nyssa was portrayed by Katrina Law. Law is an actress from South Jersey and not much was given on her ancestry either.

Talia was portrayed by Lexa Doig. Doig is from Toronto, Canada and her mother is Filipina and her father is of Irish and Scottish ancestry.

Even though these actors do look more like their characters do it’s not ok. None of the actors are Arab. The accents they spoke with were vaguely British and Nyssa’s was actually extremely so. (Side characters in Arrow were obviously Middle Eastern and spoke with obvious accents.) And then again this is coming from the show that turned Oliver Queen into Bruce Wayne…


Now I haven’t been watching Gotham anymore neither but I know that has not actually had any of the Al-Ghuls. Officially that is. But I firmly believe that the next episode, These Delicate and Dark Obsessions, will contain their version of Ra’s. In the trailer we see Bruce talking to this man:

And this man, obviously American by his accent, tells Bruce that he’s excited to see him start his training. (Paraphrasing here, of course.) But he also says “I have so much to teach you Bruce.” We all know that Ra’s is one of the many people who trained Bruce. Further analyzing makes me really think that he is indeed their version of Ra’s.

Look at what he’s wearing. Reminds me a lot of Ra’s go-to clothing. Just all black instead of Ra’s go-to jade green. Jade does make an appearance in the trailer when he touches his jade ring to Bruce’s forehead. It also appears that his fortress is in a mountain, or at least underground, perfect place for a Lazarus Pit.

But if this man is indeed Ra’s then that’s another non-Arab version.

Raymond J. Barry is oddly not listed in the episode credits but he was credited in the photo gallery. Not much is in his IMDB bio but he is from Long Island, New York. White-haired, blue-eyed, white man portraying an Arab character is just plain wrong.

How many live-action portrayals is that?


And none of them are Middle Eastern. They’re all wrong to some degree but having non-Arab actors portray Arab characters is taking it to a whole ‘nother level. It’s disgusting and incredibly racist. Especially when there are perfectly good, and extremely talented, Arab actors out there who can play these characters.

I’m just hoping that if the DCEU movies have any of the Al-Ghuls they cast Middle Eastern actors. Disney is doing it with Aladdin and DC better follow suit!

“The snow won’t stop falling, so Dad said he’d stay here with me until it stops. He’ll probably leave again when it does, so I kinda hope it snows forever. ”

NieR is a peculiar little game that came out in 2010 for the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360. It was published by Square Enix and developed by now defunct Cavia Inc. NieR is what most would consider a flawed gem and a cult classic. In this guide, I’ll tell you what NieR is about, why I think it deserves your time, and I’ll briefly go over Drakengard, the series that ties into NieR, and the “sequel”, NieR: Automata.

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My best friend {James T Kirk x reader}

Hey guys! Due to all the positive responses, i have decided to write a part 2. I am so glad you guys liked it, I can’t believe that people like what I write. The joy I feel is absolutely surreal! Thank You for all the nice comments! Hope you guys like this one. 


Words: 1369 words

Warning: Jim Kirk is a warning as always. Broken hearts and friendship. Angst. Doubt. 

I do NOT own Jim Kirk, as much as I would like to. I do NOT own Star Trek. All these gifs and images are not mine. Credit to those who they belong to. 

By the way, this part is a bit different than the other one. This will be told from Jim’s perspective. Happy reading.

3:00 pm

He hurriedly paced back and forth the room. 

He would be married in an hour. 

To Carol Marcus.

Him. James Tiberius Kirk, the playboy. The man that had thought that he would never settle down, that would never find someone to spend the rest of his life with. Yet, here he was. 

With Carol Marcus.

3:45 pm

Just 15 more minutes and he’d be a married man. And Carol will be his wife.

15 minutes.

He was standing at the altar waiting for her to walk down the aisle. 

A commotion caught his attention. He snatched his gaze away from the aisle towards the first row in front of the altar. There she was talking and laughing at something Bones was telling her. Her smile was really beautiful but somehow, it seemed fake. Usually, when she smiled, truly smiled, her eyes would crinkle at the corners and her whole face would light up. 

This time, it wasn’t the case, and he knew that it was all because of him. 

Three years of running away from her, of avoiding his best friend. The one that truly knew him. He still remembered the day he first met her. 

22 years ago

Jim Kirk was playing in the front yard of his house in Riverside Iowa. His mother was on a mission in space and he was left behind with his abusive step-father, Frank. 

He didn’t like Frank. He acted all nice and fun when his mom, Winona, was on Earth. Jim was young but extremely smart for his age. He understood everything that happened around him. He knew that when Frank brought new women home, women that weren’t his mommy, and that they disappeared in the bedroom, that it was wrong. 

He hadn’t seen his mommy since his third birthday, now he was approaching his fourth. One year without his mommy, it was all the same to him. 

Jim was smart and a absolute “cutie”[A.N: I imagine Jim being a total lady killer since the second he was born], as would say one of the numerous women Frank had brought home. Unfortunately, his competitive personality and his smart-ass replies [A.N Yes Jim was always a smart ass.] led to him not having any friends. He fought with everyone. For the toy spaceships to the last colour crayon. He was his father’s son, after all.

Like everyday, he saw the nice ladies of the neighbourhood having their daily meeting at Mrs. Bradbury’s house. Everyday, the ladies would meet up at Mrs. Bradbury’s house and have tea and cookies while talking about the latest piece of neighbourhood gossip. Mr and Mrs. Bradbury lived next door to the Kirk household. Mrs. Bradbury was really nice, she gave him chocolate chip cookies whenever she saw him playing in the yard alone, she saw him as a son for lack of any of her own children. 

Although, today was different. Today, the ladies were talking about the new family moving in the house next to the Kirk household. The house where the late Mrs. Hudson lived in. She died and left everything to her son Greg and he had decided to sell the house. As it would seem, the new couple was moving in today. 

After that, the ladies started talking about Mr. and Mrs. Greenberry’s latest fight and Jim stopped paying attention, too lost in beating Klingons and Romulans. 

When noon rolled around, Jim saw a big moving truck parking in front of Mrs. Hudson’s house. Following the truck was a nice antique car that Jim couldn’t name, even if he tried. Out came a tall dark haired man and an average height brunette. 

“MOMMY!!! MOMMY?!?!“

The young couple sighed. The woman turned towards the car and began to walk towards it.


“Y/N, I’m here. Stop squirming darling. Just- PETER. Get her out of this.“

The man sighed and followed his wife. 

The rest of the conversation was unheard to Jim. The couple had started mumbling to each other. Jim couldn’t stop watching. He was intrigued by the strangers that would become his new neighbours. 

The woman marched towards the main door to unlock it while the man worked on getting the little girl out of the car.

He watched in rapt fascination as the man took the girl in his arm and sprinted in the house, presumably to the bathroom. The woman sighed, shook her head but smiled fondly towards the man and the little girl. 

The smile was similar to the one his mother gave to his father in the countless pictures Jim had found hidden in the depths of his mom’s closet. 

[A.N: I find this picture very cute. This is one of the pictures Jim saw hidden in the closet.]

A couple of days had passed since the new family moved in. Jim was, once again, playing in the front yard. Alone. 

He was sitting on the grass with his action figures when he felt a shadow over him. He looked up and saw a very pretty girl standing over him, of course, at that time he thought girls were gross and so he rudely asked her what she wanted.

The girl, frightened, just looked at Jim with a deer caught in headlights look. 

“I’m- I’m sorry, I didn’t want to disturb you but my mommy wants me to talk to new people and make friends.“

Jim just looked at her, in suspicion. 

“Hi. My name is Y/N. We just moved here.“

Jim stayed silent.

The girl looked awkward. She was about to turn around and leave until she saw the figurines that Jim was playing with.

“OH! Are those Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles action figures? That’s so cool, I have some at home too, well I did until my mom lost them in the move…”

She had a small frown on her face and she was pouting. When Jim didn’t say anything, she turned around to leave.

“I’m Jim” he said suddenly.

She smiled.

That day, truly was different. For the first time in as long as Jim could remember, he had a friend. They spent the entire afternoon playing with Jim’s figurines. As days followed, Jim found himself with the greatest friend he could ever ask for. His best friend.


And now, here he stood, watching the one woman that knew him better than he knew himself. The one woman that loved him, or at least loved him 3 years ago, laughing with another man. His other best friend, Leonard McCoy. As much as he hated to admit it, Bones had always had a crush on Y/N. He comforted her when Jim broke her heart. He became her new best friend. 

He watched in envy as his best friend made his other best friend laugh. The laugh she gave when he made stupid jokes. He watched as she stood in a beautiful blue dress that hugged her every curve and stole the attention of every man present at his wedding. He watched as her gaze would occasionally flickered over him but he pretended not to notice. 

He pretended to look away.

And then it was time. “Here comes the bride” started playing and Carol walked holding onto her father’s arm. She was wearing a beautiful wedding gown.

She looked beautiful. Yet, somehow, Jim’s gaze kept flickering to the woman in the blue dress. 

As his bride approached the altar, he heard a communicator beep. His gaze snapped to the woman in a blue dress. He saw her read something on the comm and rushing out in a panicked manner. 

He watched as she walked away without another glance in his direction. 

His heart thumped painfully in his chest. 

Carol finally reached the altar, they both smiled at each other. 

“Do you, Carol Marcus, take James Tiberius Kirk to be your lawfully wedded husband till death do you part?“

“I do.“

“Do you James Tiberius Kirk, take Carol Marcus to be your lawfully wedded wife, till death do you part?“

His heartbeat accelerated. His palms became moist with perspiration. He swallowed hard and forced a smile on his face. 



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Btw, that’s Alice Eve’s actual wedding picture. If the response is as good as last time I’ll make more parts. Please tell me if I should continue this. Until then, folks!

In Defense of Action Cards

A lot of people don’t like action cards in Arc V.  I mean…fair enough.  Sometimes they’re pretty overly convenient.  I won’t deny that.

But the arguments people have against them don’t make any sense to me.  Most people claim it’s bad gameplay/duel writing.

Well, here are my points against that:

1. The show isn’t meant to be a paragon of game play.  It’s meant to be interesting, visually and narratively.  Otherwise, characters would play meta cards, games would be over in a handful of seconds after boring, repetitive plays, and we wouldn’t like Yu-Gi-Oh as much.

2. How are Action Cards any more “lazy game writing” than the other bullshit protagonist powers that previous protagonists have pulled out of their asses?  Shining Draw gives you the exact card you need for the exact situation; Yusei has a trap for every minisculely specific time, Yugi’s irl deck is crappy and yet somehow manages to pull out exactly what he needs in order to slam his opponent’s very specific set up.

3. In fact, Action Cards seem like less lazy game writing than previously.  Previous protagonists would just randomly, conveniently draw up a card with a specific effect for their situation.  Action Cards are pretty much standard; there are the same handful we see almost every time like Miracle, Evasion; etc.  They’re non-specific so the situation has to be built around what’s available instead of creating something new just to get the duel done with.

4. They’re not specific to Yuya, either.  They’re available for all characters; some choose not to use them, but the option is there.  Protag powers in previous series were just for the protagonists, so these aren’t quite as convenient for Yuya.  They’re on a slightly more even playing field.

5. Literally the ONLY MAJOR DIFFERENCE between Action Cards vs. traps, which is what I see most people telling Yuya to use instead, is the level of tension.  Think about this: if Yuya used a trap instead every time he used an Action Card, something would change.  Sure, to outsiders, they would be worried and in shock thinking that Yuya might lose, but Yuya himself?  He knows what he has set, and it’s just right for this situation, so why would he be worried?  But if he has to go for an Action Card?  Narratively, the story just got more tense and action-packed, because now Yuya has to find a card, get to it in time, and hope to god that it helps in this situation.  Not only does it put Yuya in a more vulnerable position which is generally where you want your protagonist to be, but it’s visually more entertaining to watch!  It works for the show, and it works in-universe too.  Yuya wants to entertain, and what’s more entertaining than sitting on the edge of your seat wondering if he’s going to make it to the card in time?

6. Let’s be real guys, do you really miss duel writing that had characters standing on opposite sides of a field and just shouting at each other?  Sure, the monsters duke it out, but they wait their turns until they crash into each other and one disappears.  Boring.  But let’s watch Yuya and the other opponents run around the field trying to fight each other for the advantage now, and wow, that’s way more visually appealing.

Look, I’m not saying they’re good gameplay, and it’s not like they could be translated to the real world.  But that’s not the point.  The point is to make the anime entertaining, and I personally think they did a great job with it. 

Action Cards and Fields were a fascinating gimmick for the series and I really will miss them next series.

Day 97/100 of Productivity: 26 June 2017

these are some revision notes from a science test I had a couple of days ago! currently doing some final revision for maths and revising some new vocab from Japanese

Day 26 of June Study Challenge

26. What things about school discourage you? How do you stay motivated despite them?

I really dislike how it can be really obvious when some teachers play favourites, which is really annoying because it just means that sometimes the teacher will mark unfairly. Also, some people are just… really annoying and don’t understand that their actions are impacting others negatively.. nor do they get the hint.. but just trying to avoid them and hanging out with people who support and care for you make school so much more fun :) 


Jack Sparrow: ENTP [Pirates of the Caribbean] 2016 ENTP FOLLOWER FAVORITE WINNER

Dominant Extraverted iNtuition, Ne: Ne is similar to Se as they are both Extraverted Perception; both Se and Ne dominant characters crave interaction with the world. But what they get out of it is different. Yes, Jack craves to be part of the world and to interact with it, but he isn’t present-oriented or focused on the objects of the moment. Everything he does is put into context of unexpressed potentials and patterns. To the outsider he looks nuts, but he is always making connections of the world around him, seeing patterns that others wouldn’t even think of. 

Jack Sparrow is often able to get out of many sticky situations because of his ability to see possibilities without having much information from the present. Sometimes this gets him to the wrong conclusions, but other times it allows him the ability to escape as he sees possibilities of escape that others wouldn’t normally conceive. Sparrow has already thought of what might happen if X,Y,Z goes wrong. This is also what gives him a tendency to seem like a coward. It isn’t that he can’t step up and do the right thing. He just already played out the possibilities in his head, saw that he would fail or die in scenario A, B, and C, so he opts out of those going with some new stratagem that others haven’t seen expressed yet, so they assume the worst of his actions. 

We also see Jack Sparrow get excited and invigorated with energy when he comes upon an initial discovery. He gets infectious with new ideas and can be incredibly convincing to those around him. But we see when it takes too long to realize his ideas and discoveries that he often gets bored. Jack Sparrow also gets bored with the mundane, with the details. He can’t stand them. This is a big reason why he is obsessed with being Captain. He loves to delegate the mundane tasks to others, while he focuses on the big picture. He needs followers to delegate these tasks to or else not a lot would get done. His need for freedom and ideas of his Ne often inspire others, despite him not being the best person morally. 

Secondary Introverted Thinking, Ti: This is what makes Sparrow competitive and opportunistic. Ti is situational logic. While his Ne sees the different options, his Ti is what takes advantage in the moment of opportunities to escape a trap or to make unconventional alliances. Combined with Ne he sees systematic relationships others haven’t conceived of. It is why I mention unconventional alliances. It is why we see him seemingly align with Cutler Beckett and others that may seem like a morally wrong decision. To F types like Will Turner and Elizabeth, these decisions can seem immoral, but they are usually the more pragmatic and opportunistic decision.

Tertiary Extraverted Feeling, Fe: Jack Sparrow uses collective expectations for a tactical advantage. He plays with social gestures and conventions in order to get what he needs. Again, we see him play along with social Pirate and Navy decorum when it suits him, when the opportunity is there to get the best result. He can play the part, do the gestures, and seem fluent in these social and cultural rules, but he uses them as tools. These aren’t things he believes in or instills. 

We also see him use Fe in order to acquire a crew or get people on his side. He displays relatedness to others, he displays what he expects people want from him emotionally in order to get them on his side. He wants these efforts to be appreciated and can be hurt and not quite get why people don’t find these displays to be enough.

Inferior Introverted Sensation, Si: Si demands of Jack to create inner priorities to stabilize his life. But he is extremely resistant to it because it feels like it restrains him. Si deals in an unchanging inner meaning, but Jack feels constrained because his Ne gives him freedom to change his direction at any time. He doesn’t have to have responsibility to others. It is why he doesn’t understand people like Norrington (dom Si) who have these inner priorities they stick to. If you stick to those beliefs and meanings you can’t be as opportunistic all the time, you have to stick around and claim responsibility. Jack Sparrow is very unhealthy and afraid of this Si. 

He starts to get extreme, viewing anyone trying to question his way of doing things as trying to control him. This creates a bucking reaction of Jack doing extreme things to get approval of his way of thinking. We see this a lot in his relationship with Elizabeth. Her questioning his motives and how he does things offends him. It bothers him immensely. He sees her as trying to control him, tame him, domesticate him. This brings him to push her and try to convince her of his way, often wielding Fe of what he sees as what she expects him to be or wants him to be. She often sees through these displays though. 

The moments we really love Jack is when we finally see he does have some inner priorities. He does have loyalties to Will and Elizabeth and in the end does the right thing and sticks with them despite it limiting his personal freedom. Of course, for Jack this doesn’t last long as he is off to the next adventure.  

Mulan was the original ENTP 2016 Follower Favorite, but she was retyped to ISTP (as seen here). Therefore she is not the true ENTP 2016 Follower Favorite, but Jack Sparrow is.

jeon jungkook as your boyfriend

a/n- the time has finally come for kookie as your adorable boyfriend. i am so sorry this took so long but… also i got a bit carried away i love boyfriend!jungkook

Yoongi / Taehyung / HoseokJimin

Seventeen / Got7


- okay so he says he’s not the type to cuddle in bed but when you wake up, your face is shoved against his chest and his arms are holding you tightly and he’s snoring in your ear and you’re like ‘yeah no cuddling my ass' 

- he has a hard time waking up a lot of the time so you have to lure him out being like ‘ahem yeah i’m shirtless’ and then he’s WIDE AWAKE and also kinda sad you’re wearing a shirt

- you are in charge of his outfit a lot of the time because if not he’d literally be wearing the same thing every day (aka his white shirt, jeans, and timberlands) so you find him cute outfits and in return he picks out your outfit sometimes which uh…is usually a white shirt and jeans, sorry bro

- when he gets his license he is very adamant about driving you to work. like he thinks he’s hot shit now that he can drive so you he drives you up to your work building and makes an effort to open your door and be like 'i drove you today you’re welcome loser’ and you’re like 'shut up’ ((he picks you up from work when he can too with just as much sass))

- dates are super fun even if half of them involve physical exercise. like jungkook’s the type to like to go chill and watch a new action movie in the theaters, but his fave thing to do is like go play laser tag or rock climbing or roller skating like he likes to m o v e and you love it but he is usually a lot better at it so you always give him -.- that look 

- one time you two went on a hike up some mountain and it was like a ten mile hike all in all and by the seventh mile of going uphill you were almost passed out and like jungkook was so scared because you did look paler than usual but you were just like 'hand me some water u stupid head’ and he was such a worried little bunny like he even offered to carry you all the way down and you were like ‘no i’m not dying i just need a rest’. he eventually was convinced you were going to live and was like 'okay no more hiking but uhm i did reserved us for paintballing next saturday, you down?' 

- but don’t get me wrong he’s completely fine with sitting at home watching anime and eating pizza and chicken wings in a tshirt and sweats and making out on the couch 

- meeting him outside the bighit building with the car and driving him to the nearest like sonic and ordering slushies that turn your mouth blue while talking about anything and everything ('kookie do you think aliens exist’ 'uhm yeah i think so i mean the universe is really fucking big’ 'don’t curse like that omg you’re still a child’ 'shut up i am a man’)

- when he goes to work out you tag along and sometimes try to use the equipment but when you “don’t get it”, a sweaty jungkook will come and try to guide your body the right way and you really don’t want to tell him you understand how to use the stair climber you just really want to feel his biceps/abs against your body as he sets you in the right direction

- he tries to be all tough and macho all the time and act like he’s not affected by anything but as soon as your lips touch his his whole face lights up pink and he freezes 

- but when he finally comes to his senses he is a really good kisser and i mean reallyyyy good like they don’t call him the golden maknae for nothing. he knows exactly how to guide your lips and all the lip balm he puts on definitely does its job because omg???? his lips are /so/ soft and nice like boy give me some of that chapstick

- he is actually more affectionate than you thought he would be. like in public he always is putting his head on your shoulder or slipping his hand into your back jean pocket just to be playful and you’re like ’S T O P  it we are in public!!’ but he legit doesn’t care because you’re his and he wants everybody- everybody- to know it

- so yeah i bet you guessed that precious kookie is also pretty protective and a bit possessive even. he’s like souped up on testosterone all the time and when he sees another guy checking you out, he’s almost too eager to tell the dude to back off. but you better watch out if a guy is actually harassing you because oh boy be careful he might throw hands. 

- on the other end of being protective, he would suck at making you feel better when you’re sick or something like he’d wouldn’t know what to do. i mean he’d try to cuddle you or something and give you extra blankets but tbh he’d probably need help from his hyungs (poor baby)

- he is the biggest show off you know omg!!! like he is always willing to legit battle you or somebody to prove he’s better. (especially in dancing or singing) he really likes to beat people in front of you so you’ll think he’s cooler but tbh you’re just like 'i s2g this boy’ all the time. 

- speaking of singing ^ he likes to sing for you a lot. like along with jingles on commercials he hears on the radio or to the ballads that play on sad parts in movies or just mimicking your ringtone he is /always/ singing. but you actually don’t mind because he is a super good singer

- when it’s raining you like to lay your head on his lap and have him sing to you and the sound of his beautiful voice mixed with the rain while he plays with your hair is really super nice

- his family thinks you are the BEST ever because you take care of him so well and also made him think of having more a future than strictly being a musician (which is fine but like they want him to also experience being in love and possibly having a family of his own) and they give you so many hugs when you visit

- jungkook’s childhood home is so cute because he hasn’t been around his room since he was really little so it has a lot of kiddie toys and books and like a power rangers bedspread or something (he also has some iron man figurines oops) 

- you two sit on his roof outside his window and look up at the stars and he shares with you about how he never thought he would make it and now here he is back where the dream all started and when he starts to cry you do too and it’s a really nice moment

- the first time you and jungkook say 'i love you’ is at the same time like it’s adorable. okay so you two were having  a date at one of your favorite restaurants that you both go to all the time and as the waiter brings out the appetizers you notice his face is all red and then you think that yours probably is too and then you two lock eyes and just blurt out 'i love you’ and then you cant stop laughing because you two both just confessed your love at the same time over top of some delicious looking nachos

- all in all a relationship with this cutie would be extremely playful and fun but also just as caring and gentle because wow you two nerds are in love

VIXX Adventures- The Beginning

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Summary: You have the chance to enter an alternate universe of your choosing and embark on a journey with one of the VIXX members. Once in their world your object is to win the game and beat the boss in their world. This is no virtual reality your life is really on the line, you can be injured or possibly killed. Your reward? You get to bring the main character home with you. The member you get is a mystery until you walk through the door. This is a dangerous game you’re playing but the adventure is worth it right?

Genre: Varies for each story line. Overall, sci-fi, action adventure, romance.

Note: This is a multipart story that breaks up into 6 separate story lines following each member of VIXX. The Finale will tie all 6 stories back together. This is going to be a very long adventure and will take time to write so please be patient with updates. We will not post the next part until it has been written for each of the stories, example we won’t post part 2 of ken’s story line if we haven’t finished part 2 for the other five. Every author on this blog will be a part of this collaborative project.

I was waiting for my friends outside frequently checking the time tapping my foot impatiently. We all had appointments to play the new live action adventure game at Rogue Hero Café. The way the game worked was you got to look through a catalogue of decorative doors, each door lead into a different world. That wasn’t just a cheesy way of saying that you got to hang out in some really cool themed room and play games. The door literally transported you to another world. It was the absolute latest in gaming technology. Everything in that world would be real and we even had to sign a waver to play. We all had saved up for months and finally we had gotten the next week off of work and bought a week of playtime in the game. The shortest amount of time you could buy in the game was 3 days but we all decided to just make it a full week since we were saving up anyway. One of the coolest things about the game was that it was a mystery what the characters are, the plot, what it looked like.

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The Youngest Human

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Pairing: Vision x Teen!Reader (Platonic)

Characters: Reader/You, Vision, Mentions of Tony

Prompt: Vision gets to know the youngest human that he’s ever met.

Word Count: 3300+

Author’s Notes: The last part with the handshake would never happen because I’m sure that Vision knows what one is, but… I thought that the concept was cute anyway. Enjoy reading! <3

September weather always got ridiculously cold after five o'clock rolled around, (Name) noted. It was just one of the many things that the newly-fifteen-year-old took notice of, among other things. Back at her old home in Florida, it wouldn’t ever get cold until at least eight or nine o'clock, if that. She didn’t miss the hot, humid days; but, she didn’t necessarily hate them, either. (Name) would give anything to leave to Florida… but she couldn’t. Not with Tony watching her every move and acting super damn protective. The Stark never even let her leave the base.

(Name) was sick and tired of the treatment. But, things could be worse… like what happened a few months ago with the other Avengers. The girl’s eyelids became heavy when she thought back on it—Steve… she missed his serious personality like crazy. Clint’s uncle-like antics were heavily missed, as well. (Name) missed it. She missed all of it… She missed the Avengers. The Avengers. The Avengers that stuck together—the Avengers that never let each other down. But some things just weren’t meant to be, (Name) figured.

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Don’t Forget the Kid

I am a total piece of shit and I hate myself but this is a request I got not too long ago and I’ve just been way too busy to start it but it’s done now YAY! I’m not sure if this is what you expected and if not I’m sorry but I did my best! Hope y’all like it!

Anon: “Can I ask for a joker x reader request where the reader is a single mother then she meets the joker and he takes care of her and her kid” 


The thumping and pounding of the loud music flowed through your veins. At first you were reluctant to come to the club with your girlfriends but being a single mother had really worn you down. Eventually they broke you down and convinced you to hire a babysitter and come out for the night. You danced, you drank, you partied as if it was your last day on earth.

“I’m going to get a drink,” you yelled over the music. Your friends nodded in approval as you walked over to the bar. You could feel the sweat drip down your neck and you loved it. You were having more fun tonight than in the 5 years since you had your son. Leaning against the bar, you took in and admired your surroundings.

“Pretty great, hey? Did it all myself,” you hear a voice beside you. You nodded then turned your head to face the mystery voice. Your eyes widened in a mix of shock, horror, and fear. The one, the only, the infamous Joker stood right beside you staring you down with an intense look. “Pretty girl in a pretty club. What are you doing here doll?” he inquired.

“I uhm I well my friends wanted to take me out. My son is at home with the babysitter at home so I should probably go home soon. Don’t wanna leave the poor girl waiting,” you rambled. You looked down at your watched pretending to be shocked by what time it was. “It was nice talking to you, I’ve got to go,” you stammered as you started to walk away. A cold hand quickly grabbed your wrist. His grip around you thin wrist sent shivers throughout your whole body.

“Mmm I like you, you’re not going anywhere.” He spoke with a threatening tone laced with a delicious growl. As dangerous as this man was, and as much as he terrified you to the bone, he was unconventionally attractive and it killed you. You disgusted yourself, how could I be attracted to such a psychotic, murderous criminal, you thought to yourself. He yanked you closer to him and you fell into his muscular chest. “You’re coming with me doll.” His wide, silver grin scared you but nothing more scared you than being away from your son. Alexander was only 5 there was nowhere for him to go if you were gone. Your parents had moved to Europe somewhere, he had no aunts or uncles that could take him in, if you were gone he was completely alone. The thought scared you to the bone.

“My son. I’ll do anything you want just don’t hurt my son. I need him, he’s my life,” you pleaded. You shut your eyes, astounded at yourself for conforming to his wishes. He pulled you to the back of the club, the VIP section you assumed, and called over one of his henchmen.

“Frost we’re going on a little roadtrip, get the car ready, we’ll be out in 5,” he said to the quiet man in a dark suit. The man curtly nodded and walked away. “Here’s the deal sweetheart, you come with me, do whatever I say whenever I want for however long I want and you can keep your son. You’re coming to live with me now doll and I guess if it makes you listen to me then you can have your little brat with you. But keep this in mind sweetheart,” he grabbed your chin, forcing you to look up into his icy blue eyes,”you step out of line even once and the kid is gone, got it?” You nodded and looked down, accepting your fate. The screech of a purple lamborghini caused your head to whip up. Realizing he was opening the door you stepped forward, acknowledging the fact that this was it, you were picking up your son, some things for him and yourself, and heading off to a brand new life. Your heart sank as you realized how this would affect your son. He wouldn’t have a normal childhood, he wouldn’t play with toys and action figures, instead he would play with dangerous weapons as toys. You realized that this was the worst possible thing you could’ve done as a mother and you just prayed that your son would forgive you one day.

“Get in the car,” the massive goon said behind you as he shoved you lightly into the small confines of this car. “Sir we’ll be on all sides, in front, behind, and on the sides, we got you covered boss,” the man said to the Joker. He nodded and slammed the door as he started revving the engine. You felt the car push forward before you started zooming through downtown Gotham. After what seemed like forever the car came to a quick jolt in front of your home.

“Go get the kid you have 5 minutes or else baby doll,” he said menacingly with a smirk on his pale face. Your eyes widened as you hurried to get out of the car and through the front door. You had no doubt the Joker wouldn’t hesitate to hurt you because of your mistake so you ran to his room and threw some clothes into a bag, his favorite toys, his blankets, everything a young boy needs.

“Mommy? What’s happening?” A sleepy Alexander said behind you. You whipped around to see your precious child slightly waking up.

“Honey don’t worry alright? You and me are gonna go on a trip! You and mommy my sweet boy,”

“Alright mommy, love you,” his quiet words ripped your heart in two. You grabbed his hand and the bag and you rushed for the door. Just as you swung the door open you saw an angry Joker standing directly in front of you.

“3…2…1…” He looked at his fake watch and lifted his head up with a grin. He pulled out his gun and put it against your temple. You were shaking, terrified of what he would do. “You made it by three seconds doll. And next time I won’t be this forgiving,” he dropped his voice lower as his threat rang through your ears. “Let’s go, you’re already pissing me off. You just wait doll, Daddy and you are gonna some fun. Think I should punish you for being bad sweets?” he mumbled into your ear. You nodded in agreement, afraid of what he might do if you didn’t. “Answer me!” he yelled, startling you.

“Y-yes I deserve t-to be punished,” you mumbled, afraid to make eye contact. He growled in satisfaction, reveling in the fear that he caused. You pulled you and your confused son into the back of his fancy sports car and pulled his small frame into your side. You planted a brief kiss to the top of his innocent head and mumbled that everything would be okay.

After what felt like an eternity the car pulled up outside of a fairly large house, not really what you had expected from the Clown Prince himself. You were tanked out of the car, pulling your son along with you.

“Let’s go. I’ll show you where the kid will sleep and the real fun’s gonna start,” he said in a low almost taunting voice as he dropped his left eye into a sly wink. You walked behind him into the lavish space before you. You briefly stopped to admire the beauty of the house, very well decorated, clean, modern, all in all very nice. “Hurry up, I’m getting antsy doll.” As you entered a small room with a bed and not much else he motioned from the kid to the bed. “He sleeps here. Say bye and come with me.” He stepped outside the room giving you and your son some privacy.

“Baby I’m so sorry, I hope you understand one day why this is happening. I love you to the moon and back Alex. Never forget that. I love you so so much alright?” The tired boy nodded and laid down on the bed. You pulled the blanket over him and passed him his little stuffed teddy bear that you managed to grab from the house. You stepped out of the room to see the Joker glaring at you. He stepped in front of you in one long stride and grabbed your wrist.

“Let’s go sweets, time to help daddy out,” he said with a sick smirk on his bright red lips.


You had been here for just about a month now. Things had gotten better with the Joker, he had started to acknowledge your son’s presence and he even spoke to him sometimes. It turns out he was almost good with kids. He was gentle and made sure to never put him in harm’s way. It was endearing in a sort of way. You and him had even grown closer as he had started to maybe even care for you. He gave you everything you could ever dream of and had provided Alexander with whatever his little heart desired.

“Alex let’s go, your mom and I are going to the park and you’re coming too,” Joker told him with his silver toothed grin planted on his face. Alexander nodded as J ruffled his sandy blonde hair. It warmed your heart to see him soften his tough guy demeanor for your son. When this whole fiasco happened you were terrified of what this meant for you and your son but as of now you weren’t regretting complying to his wished to go with him. He had given you a better life than you had ever had and he made sure to keep his work away from Alexander so he wouldn’t be faced with that at such a young age. “Mmm Y/N you’re looking beautiful as always.” His smile widened as he saw you blush at his casual compliment. This was your life now. Luxury and a man who although may not seem it, really does care for you. He stood next to you and leaned over close enough to whisper in your ear. “Y’know doll, I would go to the ends of this very earth for you and that little monster over there.” You couldn’t believe what you had just heard. Everything that he had done to you at the beginning, everything that he had done to terrify you, everything he said, everything was fixed now. It all vanished with those simple words.


Not necessarily martial arts related…but kind of. Here’s the new trailer for “Beyond Skyline”. And yes, it is the sequel to that shitty alien film with the dude from “Scrubs”.
This one does star Iko Uwais and Yayan Ruhian from “The Raid” though. Well, Fran Grillo’s the lead but those other dudes seem to play a big part.
I just want to see them hand-to-hand fighting with aliens. I hope we get that at some point in the film. Although the trailer suggests a more weapon-based form of action.