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His Last Vow IS Sherlock’s six-month suicide mission

Sherlock is given the fatal 6 month assignment and it’s cut short before it even begins.  We all know how HLV ends.  But what if this exact same thing happened earlier in the episode, too?  According to Mrs Hudson fawning over the idea of a “spring wedding” in TEH and Mary’s wedding invitations in TSOT, it is apparent their wedding took place on May 18th. 

Then John and Mary go on their honeymoon and John doesn’t see Sherlock for “about a month”.  For the sake of argument, let’s assume John doesn’t see Sherlock until June 18th, one month after the wedding, the day he finds Sherlock back on drugs. That’s the night he gets shot in CAM Tower.  The night of Mary’s reveal is a week later, as Sherlock explains to the EMTs that come to pick him up and bring him back to the hospital. So, it is incredibly possible that Sherlock goes back to the hospital on June 25th.  Exactly six months before Christmas.  So what does that mean?

It means this is Sherlock accepting a six month suicide mission:

while this is Sherlock dying once his time is up:

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In Defense of Action Cards

A lot of people don’t like action cards in Arc V.  I mean…fair enough.  Sometimes they’re pretty overly convenient.  I won’t deny that.

But the arguments people have against them don’t make any sense to me.  Most people claim it’s bad gameplay/duel writing.

Well, here are my points against that:

1. The show isn’t meant to be a paragon of game play.  It’s meant to be interesting, visually and narratively.  Otherwise, characters would play meta cards, games would be over in a handful of seconds after boring, repetitive plays, and we wouldn’t like Yu-Gi-Oh as much.

2. How are Action Cards any more “lazy game writing” than the other bullshit protagonist powers that previous protagonists have pulled out of their asses?  Shining Draw gives you the exact card you need for the exact situation; Yusei has a trap for every minisculely specific time, Yugi’s irl deck is crappy and yet somehow manages to pull out exactly what he needs in order to slam his opponent’s very specific set up.

3. In fact, Action Cards seem like less lazy game writing than previously.  Previous protagonists would just randomly, conveniently draw up a card with a specific effect for their situation.  Action Cards are pretty much standard; there are the same handful we see almost every time like Miracle, Evasion; etc.  They’re non-specific so the situation has to be built around what’s available instead of creating something new just to get the duel done with.

4. They’re not specific to Yuya, either.  They’re available for all characters; some choose not to use them, but the option is there.  Protag powers in previous series were just for the protagonists, so these aren’t quite as convenient for Yuya.  They’re on a slightly more even playing field.

5. Literally the ONLY MAJOR DIFFERENCE between Action Cards vs. traps, which is what I see most people telling Yuya to use instead, is the level of tension.  Think about this: if Yuya used a trap instead every time he used an Action Card, something would change.  Sure, to outsiders, they would be worried and in shock thinking that Yuya might lose, but Yuya himself?  He knows what he has set, and it’s just right for this situation, so why would he be worried?  But if he has to go for an Action Card?  Narratively, the story just got more tense and action-packed, because now Yuya has to find a card, get to it in time, and hope to god that it helps in this situation.  Not only does it put Yuya in a more vulnerable position which is generally where you want your protagonist to be, but it’s visually more entertaining to watch!  It works for the show, and it works in-universe too.  Yuya wants to entertain, and what’s more entertaining than sitting on the edge of your seat wondering if he’s going to make it to the card in time?

6. Let’s be real guys, do you really miss duel writing that had characters standing on opposite sides of a field and just shouting at each other?  Sure, the monsters duke it out, but they wait their turns until they crash into each other and one disappears.  Boring.  But let’s watch Yuya and the other opponents run around the field trying to fight each other for the advantage now, and wow, that’s way more visually appealing.

Look, I’m not saying they’re good gameplay, and it’s not like they could be translated to the real world.  But that’s not the point.  The point is to make the anime entertaining, and I personally think they did a great job with it. 

Action Cards and Fields were a fascinating gimmick for the series and I really will miss them next series.

“The snow won’t stop falling, so Dad said he’d stay here with me until it stops. He’ll probably leave again when it does, so I kinda hope it snows forever. ”

NieR is a peculiar little game that came out in 2010 for the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360. It was published by Square Enix and developed by now defunct Cavia Inc. NieR is what most would consider a flawed gem and a cult classic. In this guide, I’ll tell you what NieR is about, why I think it deserves your time, and I’ll briefly go over Drakengard, the series that ties into NieR, and the “sequel”, NieR: Automata.

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Jon x Female Reader

♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡

Imagine working in a brothel and seducing Jon Snow into losing his virginity resulting in the two of you falling in love.

♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡

\ Request from anonymous /

Please some passionate Jon Snow smut!! There are not enough in this world

♡ ♡ ♡ Warning: SMUT ♡ ♡ ♡

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I just spent 12 hours cleaning my campus ministry’s chapel and library.

One leader said he had a “prior engagement” and couldn’t help.

The next leader said he could only stay for a few minutes because he had to go hang out with leader #1 (he let this slip and I saw his face immediately regret his word choice. After all, leaving me alone to clean is better than skipping soccer).

Another leader came for a few minutes, took some food, and said he had to go do homework (even though he had just said he was down to hangout and play some games all night).

I had no help other than that of one other person: a new student.

A student who had no reason to be there. A student who refused to leave because he knew I would end up doing the rest of it all alone. A student who expected nothing in return and hesitated to let me buy him dinner in gratitude. A student who enjoyed this simply because he knew it would make our priest happy when he comes back next week from 3 weeks of tough ministry.

A title doesn’t make you a leader. Actions speak louder than words. And the actions of both this student and of my leaders spoke loudly: one acted as Christ and the others failed to reflect Him.

jeon jungkook as your boyfriend

a/n- the time has finally come for kookie as your adorable boyfriend. i am so sorry this took so long but… also i got a bit carried away i love boyfriend!jungkook

Yoongi / Taehyung / HoseokJimin

Seventeen / Got7


- okay so he says he’s not the type to cuddle in bed but when you wake up, your face is shoved against his chest and his arms are holding you tightly and he’s snoring in your ear and you’re like ‘yeah no cuddling my ass' 

- he has a hard time waking up a lot of the time so you have to lure him out being like ‘ahem yeah i’m shirtless’ and then he’s WIDE AWAKE and also kinda sad you’re wearing a shirt

- you are in charge of his outfit a lot of the time because if not he’d literally be wearing the same thing every day (aka his white shirt, jeans, and timberlands) so you find him cute outfits and in return he picks out your outfit sometimes which uh…is usually a white shirt and jeans, sorry bro

- when he gets his license he is very adamant about driving you to work. like he thinks he’s hot shit now that he can drive so you he drives you up to your work building and makes an effort to open your door and be like 'i drove you today you’re welcome loser’ and you’re like 'shut up’ ((he picks you up from work when he can too with just as much sass))

- dates are super fun even if half of them involve physical exercise. like jungkook’s the type to like to go chill and watch a new action movie in the theaters, but his fave thing to do is like go play laser tag or rock climbing or roller skating like he likes to m o v e and you love it but he is usually a lot better at it so you always give him -.- that look 

- one time you two went on a hike up some mountain and it was like a ten mile hike all in all and by the seventh mile of going uphill you were almost passed out and like jungkook was so scared because you did look paler than usual but you were just like 'hand me some water u stupid head’ and he was such a worried little bunny like he even offered to carry you all the way down and you were like ‘no i’m not dying i just need a rest’. he eventually was convinced you were going to live and was like 'okay no more hiking but uhm i did reserved us for paintballing next saturday, you down?' 

- but don’t get me wrong he’s completely fine with sitting at home watching anime and eating pizza and chicken wings in a tshirt and sweats and making out on the couch 

- meeting him outside the bighit building with the car and driving him to the nearest like sonic and ordering slushies that turn your mouth blue while talking about anything and everything ('kookie do you think aliens exist’ 'uhm yeah i think so i mean the universe is really fucking big’ 'don’t curse like that omg you’re still a child’ 'shut up i am a man’)

- when he goes to work out you tag along and sometimes try to use the equipment but when you “don’t get it”, a sweaty jungkook will come and try to guide your body the right way and you really don’t want to tell him you understand how to use the stair climber you just really want to feel his biceps/abs against your body as he sets you in the right direction

- he tries to be all tough and macho all the time and act like he’s not affected by anything but as soon as your lips touch his his whole face lights up pink and he freezes 

- but when he finally comes to his senses he is a really good kisser and i mean reallyyyy good like they don’t call him the golden maknae for nothing. he knows exactly how to guide your lips and all the lip balm he puts on definitely does its job because omg???? his lips are /so/ soft and nice like boy give me some of that chapstick

- he is actually more affectionate than you thought he would be. like in public he always is putting his head on your shoulder or slipping his hand into your back jean pocket just to be playful and you’re like ’S T O P  it we are in public!!’ but he legit doesn’t care because you’re his and he wants everybody- everybody- to know it

- so yeah i bet you guessed that precious kookie is also pretty protective and a bit possessive even. he’s like souped up on testosterone all the time and when he sees another guy checking you out, he’s almost too eager to tell the dude to back off. but you better watch out if a guy is actually harassing you because oh boy be careful he might throw hands. 

- on the other end of being protective, he would suck at making you feel better when you’re sick or something like he’d wouldn’t know what to do. i mean he’d try to cuddle you or something and give you extra blankets but tbh he’d probably need help from his hyungs (poor baby)

- he is the biggest show off you know omg!!! like he is always willing to legit battle you or somebody to prove he’s better. (especially in dancing or singing) he really likes to beat people in front of you so you’ll think he’s cooler but tbh you’re just like 'i s2g this boy’ all the time. 

- speaking of singing ^ he likes to sing for you a lot. like along with jingles on commercials he hears on the radio or to the ballads that play on sad parts in movies or just mimicking your ringtone he is /always/ singing. but you actually don’t mind because he is a super good singer

- when it’s raining you like to lay your head on his lap and have him sing to you and the sound of his beautiful voice mixed with the rain while he plays with your hair is really super nice

- his family thinks you are the BEST ever because you take care of him so well and also made him think of having more a future than strictly being a musician (which is fine but like they want him to also experience being in love and possibly having a family of his own) and they give you so many hugs when you visit

- jungkook’s childhood home is so cute because he hasn’t been around his room since he was really little so it has a lot of kiddie toys and books and like a power rangers bedspread or something (he also has some iron man figurines oops) 

- you two sit on his roof outside his window and look up at the stars and he shares with you about how he never thought he would make it and now here he is back where the dream all started and when he starts to cry you do too and it’s a really nice moment

- the first time you and jungkook say 'i love you’ is at the same time like it’s adorable. okay so you two were having  a date at one of your favorite restaurants that you both go to all the time and as the waiter brings out the appetizers you notice his face is all red and then you think that yours probably is too and then you two lock eyes and just blurt out 'i love you’ and then you cant stop laughing because you two both just confessed your love at the same time over top of some delicious looking nachos

- all in all a relationship with this cutie would be extremely playful and fun but also just as caring and gentle because wow you two nerds are in love

Requiem for Assassins

A/N: A little something I started writing… I’m up to five chapters hand written and two typed but I’m putting out the first chapter… see if the fandom likes it? I get nervous posting my stories since I’m more of an illustrator rather than a writer. Would love feedback for sure!! ~MagickDream

CHAPTER ONE: The Black Lotus

New York, a city full of hustle and bustle of everyday life. Even a year after the defeat of Shredder and Krang, a year after Bebop and Rocksteady were put behind bars; life was back to normal for the citizens of the Big Apple. All thought that with Shredder gone there would be some semblance of peace. That did not seem to be the case what so ever. Karai had managed to slither her way from being apprehended by the police and eagerly kept up with the mantle of leader to the Foot Clan. She was doing everything she could to prepare for the return of their master back to this side of the galaxy with the help of Baxter Stockman. The Foot Clan continued their reign of terror and with that, there came no rest for the unsung heroes of New York. Four brothers, mutant turtles, that stay within the shadows to protect their city. Their home. The events with Krang helped ease the burdens of being detected by the normal people. They now had the complete support of the New York Police Department, a new friend in the former Corrections Officer turned Hockey-masked vigilante and as always they had the continued support of their savior, friend, sister; April O'Neil. Activity still going with the Foot Clan and the rise of a new gang calling themselves Purple Dragons, there was definitely no rest for anyone.

The nightly patrols were a consistency in their lives now, some of those nights yielded complete boredom for them due to lack of anything going on. This night was feeling like one of those nights as the four vigilantes kept watch from atop of one of the many buildings in the city that offered a good view of the streets. Their eyes watching as they waited for something, anything to happen. What they were unaware of at that very moment; they themselves were being watched.

“We’ve got them where we want them, Tanuki. If we don’t do this now they’ll be even harder to find tomorrow night.” A female voice whispered sharply from behind a maroon and white fox mask. She got closer to the edge of the building clad in her maroon and black samurai lookinggear. She looked down seeing the brothers from the advantage point just slightly above them thanks to a higher connected building. A male clad in black and navy blue gear similar to hers gripped her shoulder, his mask that of a raccoon but in the navy and white theme as his clothing.

“Your impatience is starting to wear me thin, Kitsune.“ His whispered words he knew were harsh yet very stern. His light gray eyes beneath his mask locking on to her bright violet ones. He could almost hear her rolling them. "Just wait a few seconds more and we will strike.” “You two keep fighting like that and our marks will bring that fight to us.” Another woman leaning against the door that leads to the stairwell for the building was looking at them. Her dark violet eyes seemed pure black in the shadows she kept to, the white and amber wolf mask hiding her facial features. Uncrossing her arms and walking over to the ledge she took a peek at their marks, her amber and black clothing similar to Kitsune but a bit more elegant. “Go easy on them, Ookami. After all the months of surveillance hasn’t been kind on any of our nerves.” The third female of the group spoke up, her voice came out in a whisper though the tone was more cheery than any of the others had been. That voice came from a figure that stood on top of the ventilation cage to the left of all of them, the plum and black colors of her cutesy outfit made it almost impossible to see her without light. She had her dark gray eyes trained on the four turtles below, her plum and white rabbit mask keeping her face just as hidden as her partners’ masks did.

“Cheerful as always, Usagi.“ Tanuki released Kitsune’s shoulder as he got even closer to the edge. For the fifth time since they came to the rooftop, the turtles gathered to the farthest right corner. The only difference this time was the way their body language translated. They were planning to go to another location and within the next few seconds, Tanuki was sure of it.

“Your call, wonder boy.” Kitsune spat out in a harsh whisper using her favorite nickname for their little groups’ leader. She reached behind her to grab a hold of her weapons she had hidden beneath her cloak. Her twin tessen.

“Usagi, get their attention would you?” Tanuki ordered gently as he grabbed up his naginata from its resting place on the ledge.

“As always, I get to start the fun.“ Usagi reached into the pouch that sat against her right hip, pulling from it four throwing knives. Ookami poised herself as she pulled out her kusarigama she had tucked at the small of her back. With a soft chuckle, Usagi let loose the throwing knives, her aim set at the back of the turtles’ feet.


“I’m tellin’ ya, Leo! Somethin’ ain’t right!” The biggest of the four brothers had been complaining most of the night. There had been something off in his mind every time it was a quiet night. Like they were missing something or were not seeing the whole picture.

“Everything is fine, Raph. It’s another quiet night, so let’s get moving.” The eldest turtle in the blue mask was not about to get into another pointless argument with his red-clad brother. He himself was convinced that tonight was going to be just one more added to the countless nights of peace. Oh, how wrong he was. The sound of metal being buried into the asphalt covered roof made all of them pause.

“You were sayin’?” Raphael sneered at his older brother as they all turned around. The knives that stuck from the pebbles were not at all comforting to the notion of peace. Neither were the four shadows on the rooftop just above their own.

“Get ready. I don’t think they’re on our side.“ Leonardo carefully withdrew his two katana before putting himself in a familiar defensive stance.

“Man! Our dinner is going to get cold!” The youngest clad in the orange mask pulled out his set of nunchaku with a teasing whine in his tone.

“Shut up, Mikey!” The three brothers spoke out in unison.

“Why are they just standin’ there?!” Raph had been itching for some action all night and with this new challenge, he was becoming even more impatient. He gripped both sai tight in his hands, his teeth clenched.

“Chill, Raph. They’re just trying to get our attention.” The fearless leader glared up at the four shadows; prepared for either a fight or a very interesting exchange of words.

“If that was their only motive why do I get the feeling we’re being played?” The tallest out of the brothers adjusted his grip on his bo staff, making sure to keep his golden green eyes on the ones that were sizing them up.

“What if they’re ninjas like us, brah?“ Mikey grinned sparing a quick glance to the purple masked brother; that proved to be an almost painful mistake. He quickly deflected the next dagger that was aimed at him with his nunchaku. His baby blue eyes looked to where the four shadows were just in time to watch them leap down, joining him and his brothers on the same roof.

“Insults like that can get you killed, Michelangelo.” One of them spoke as the group moved toward the light. The way their gear looked slightly confused the youngest of the turtles. They had the whole Ninja vibe going with the weapon choices, the masks and the outfits they were wearing. Ookami had been the one who spoken first while Usagi had taken full advantage of Mikey’s lapse in judgment. “Granted, none of you will be leaving this rooftop alive.”

“Just how do you know his name?!” Leo shifted closer to Mikey taking note that both Raph and Donnie did the same. His eyes caught the movement of the four in front of them mirroring the movements like they were stalking prey.

"It isn’t just his name that we know, Leonardo.” The man in the raccoon mask had spoken up this time, which by the tone and the way he was carrying himself, Leo, figured that he was the leader.

“For fuck’s sake can we drop the small talk?!” Fox girl seemed like a short fuse as she brought her hands from behind her back. With a pop of her wrists the bladed fans opened, the metallic riveting sound they made emphasized her intent. “We got their attention what more do you want, Tanuki?!”

“Ain’t you a piece of work.” Raphael had his eyes set on the girl in the fox mask. Her attitude was something similar to his own. Actually, damn near the exact same as his.

“Rude much, Kitsune?” The one that looked like a bunny had more knives in her hands. “What fun would it be to kill them off quickly? We could at least play with them for a little while first.”

“Or you could tell us why you’re trying to kill us in the first place. Are you working for the Foot Clan?” Donatello had not seen any of the usual tattoos denoting the Purple Dragons or even a Foot Emblem either anywhere on their clothing. He quickly spun his bo, knocking a throwing dagger off course.

“Didn’t Ookami just say insults could get you killed, Donatello?” Usagi’s voice was seeming a bit too sweet to be a cold-blooded killer. That’s when Donnie really looked them over. The shape of their hoods, the emblems that were a connecting point for their sashes; should have all been a dead give away but only if someone were a huge fan of that particular franchise.

“Code name. Hooded robes. I’m going to make an assumption you all have wrist blades hidden in those kimono sleeves.” The purple clad turtle was trying to give his brothers a helpful hint or two about who they were dealing with.

“Woah! No way!” Of course, the game nut would be the first to catch on. “You guys are Assassins! Sweet!” Mikey was proud that he was able to get something right on the first guess and he may have played the games on too many times.

“Give that turtle a cookie!” Ookami laughed which only made the other three Assassins groan out. She looked at them and shrugged, feigning complete innocence. “What?”

“I’m done with the warm and fuzzy crap! We end this now one way or another!” Kitsune growled out and hastily ran towards the four brothers.

“Finally, some action!” Raphael was all too eager to greet the Assassin’s hotheadedness with some of his own.

“Kitsune, stop!” Tanuki knew that his orders weren’t going to work on her now, she was too angry with all of the waiting around. He rushed in after her as he saw not only Raphael advancing on her but Leonardo was joining in with his brother. He managed to swing his naginata in time to catch the twin katana that were about to slice into Kitsune’s side. Kitsune had been able to block out both of Raph’s sai but was taken by complete surprise as he kept rushing her, giving her no choice but to back peddle. The battle officially kicked off as each of the Assassins squared off with one of the brothers. Usagi kept the distance in her favor staying as far from Donatello’s bo staff as she could while still keeping him on his toes with her throwing knives.

“It really is too bad we have to kill you and your brothers. You’re pretty damn cute, Donatello.” Usagi was toying with him, trying to get him to not focus as much which she had a feeling it would not work on him.

“Exactly why do you have to kill us?” He was not at all surprised at how quick and agile she was. The rabbit mask definitely fit her. With each step he took to get closer she was leaping away.

“Don’t you say a word, Usagi!” Kitsune groaned out as her back slammed against the side of the building they had jumped from. Her tessen were closed and hooked in Raph’s sai as he kept her against the wall.

“Aw, is the little fox having trouble with her mouse?” Usagi giggled out as she jumped to the ledge above the both of them. She had been a little too careless teasing Kitsune which bought Donnie enough time to get up to the ledge and behind her. He put his bo over her head and pulled her back against him, cutting off her oxygen as he pressed the weapon to her throat.

“Damn it, Usagi!” Kitsune growled softly and brought her head back down so she could keep an eye on Raph. “Tanuki! Ookami! A little help here?!”

“A little busy, Kitsune!” Ookami was keeping Michelangelo at bay with the use of her kusarigama cursing every time he would bat away the chain with one of his nunchakus.

“Come on.” Mikey teased her in a sing-song voice knowing she was getting frustrated fighting him. “Just tell us why you’re wanting to kill us and Donnie will let the little bunny go.” He was actually having fun with this. Well, it beat having to be bored on another event-less patrol any day.

“Excuse me? Little!” Usagi yelled out before she grabbed a hold of the bo. She did not give the poor turtle behind her a second before she launched him down to his red masked brother below. Kitsune rolled out of the way the second she felt Raph’s focus falter and she had to bite back the laugh seeing both Donatello and Raphael now trying to untangle themselves. Usagi jumped down and stood next to the fox masked woman, leaning against her. A second later laughter rang out from the two women as Michelangelo joined the pile having been kicked there by Ookami.

“Man, we did not just get our asses kicked by girls!” Raphael sat up pushing his brothers off of him but his eyes widened seeing Leonardo now flying right at them. Tanuki had been able to use the dull end of his naginata to send the fearless leader off his feet. The four Assassins surrounded the brothers ready to carry out their mission.

“This is a simple act of revenge for the family you destroyed!” Tanuki pointed the blade of his naginata right at Leo’s face, the anger in his voice heard loud and clear. “Murderers don’t get the luxury of long lives.”

“Dude! We’ve been called a lot of things but, murderers hasn’t been one!” Mikey rubbed the back of his head but he stiffened as the blade of the kusarigama Ookami wielded as right at his jaw, the tip pressing uncomfortably against the skin.

“Do not lie!” She spat out the words like venom. Her patience was beginning to wear thin which was a rare thing for her. “Thirteen years ago you four killed our parents and set our home on fire!”

“For cryin’ out loud lady, it ain’t us!” Raph growled and was not too happy that fox girl had her bladed fan open and at his throat.

“What proof do you have that it wasn’t you, Raphael?” She growled softly wanting so much to slice his neck wide open.

“How ‘bout the fact we’re eighteen!” He grabbed a hold of her wrist since she had got so carelessly close and he pulled her down easily getting her into a headlock. He and his brothers managed to move away from the other three Assassins as Raph kept a tight grip on Kitsune. When he felt her shift her weight he grabbed a hold of the wrist that was trying to connect to his temple and that’s when he saw the hidden wrist blade. “You don’t know when to give up do ya?”

“Part of my charm.” She winced feeling his grip around her neck tighten.

“Let her go.” Tanuki put himself in a stance and bit back a curse seeing the turtles were not backing down on this.

“Tanuki, was it? Can you honestly tell me you saw four six-foot talking turtles come in the middle of the night just to kill your parents and torch your home? We’d be kind of hard to miss.” Leo did not falter from his stance but he sighed out wanting to at least get some kind of headway in all of this. “Raph, ease up. Let the poor woman breathe at least.”

“Ch’ fine.” He loosened his arm hold on Kitsune’s neck and smirked hearing her gasping for air. He had not really noticed how tight he had gripped her. Taking the wrist he had a hold of he placed it behind her back toward the middle of her shoulder blades. Feeling her wince he knew he got the point across for her not to try anything.

“Alright, you’ve made your point.” Tanuki eased his stance placing his naginata at his side in a completely rested position. “Stand down girls.”

“Aw, so we’re done toying with them?” Usagi chuckled as she put the knives she had in her hands back in the pouches on her hips. “Looks like it’s your lucky night, boys.”

“Usagi, don’t be an airhead.” Ookami, let out a chuckle as she put her kusarigama in the holder at the small of her back. “Look we had to give you some kind of reason to attack you. We had to see for ourselves how good you guys are, so we could see if you would be able to help us. Soon as we got the marks for you and were told you guys were responsible for what happened to our parents, we did the math ourselves.”

“Wait a minute. You want our help? Help with what?” Mikey was completely confused. “Can you guys take off the masks? Your faces are hard to read and they’re creepin’ me out a little.”

“This sounds like it’s going to take a while to sort out. Maybe we should take this off of the rooftops?” Donnie was pretty certain that they were not in the safer parts of town.

“Donnie’s got a point.” Leo was trying to think of another place they could all go, somewhere they would not be interrupted.

"Put me down.” Kitsune had her head tilted slightly upward toward the red-clad turtle’s face. She had figured when the weapons were being put away he would have let her go but seeing that not being the case she was starting to get pissed off again.

“You gonna try an’ hit me again?” He raised a brow ridge at the woman he held on to and he smirked seeing the look in her eyes. He knew that look because he’s given it all too often. “Yeah, you’re gonna try an’ hit me again. We’re good right 'ere.”

“Raphael, I would put her down befo-” Tanuki did not even finish the sentence having heard a soft whistle sound. He saw the dart come from the right and was heading straight for Raphael.

“Look out!” Kitsune growled as she kicked up blocking the dart with the side of her knee, taking it from the intended target of Raph’s neck. She groaned plucking the thing off with her free hand when she put it in range. A wince came next when she realized the arm that had been forced behind her back had dislocated from her trick. She glared up at Raphael. “Put. Me. Down.”

“Alright.” Raph was grateful to her for blocking the dart so he sat her back on her feet. He could see the arm he had a hold of was now dislocated which made him feel a little bad but he was caught off guard when she stumbled a little. “Hey, woah. What’s wrong?”

“Nothing. We’ve got bigger problems now. Looks like you guys have a Foot Clan infestation too.” Kitsune grabbed up both of her tessen from the ground making sure to put one away for now as they became completely surrounded. “Yo, Ookami!”

“What now?!” She caught the dart Kitsune tossed at her and her eyes widened. “You’ve got about ten minutes before you’re completely knocked out, Kitsune.”

“Thanks. I just need five.”

“Or you could sit this one out and let us deal with these jackasses.” Raphael had his sai out again and moved in front of Kitsune all but ready to fight again.

“You four are coming with us.” One of the Foot Clan members leveled their tranquilizer gun toward Tanuki who was none too happy with being surrounded. “Either willingly or unconscious your choice; Black Lotus Assassins.”

Don’t Forget the Kid

I am a total piece of shit and I hate myself but this is a request I got not too long ago and I’ve just been way too busy to start it but it’s done now YAY! I’m not sure if this is what you expected and if not I’m sorry but I did my best! Hope y’all like it!

Anon: “Can I ask for a joker x reader request where the reader is a single mother then she meets the joker and he takes care of her and her kid” 


The thumping and pounding of the loud music flowed through your veins. At first you were reluctant to come to the club with your girlfriends but being a single mother had really worn you down. Eventually they broke you down and convinced you to hire a babysitter and come out for the night. You danced, you drank, you partied as if it was your last day on earth.

“I’m going to get a drink,” you yelled over the music. Your friends nodded in approval as you walked over to the bar. You could feel the sweat drip down your neck and you loved it. You were having more fun tonight than in the 5 years since you had your son. Leaning against the bar, you took in and admired your surroundings.

“Pretty great, hey? Did it all myself,” you hear a voice beside you. You nodded then turned your head to face the mystery voice. Your eyes widened in a mix of shock, horror, and fear. The one, the only, the infamous Joker stood right beside you staring you down with an intense look. “Pretty girl in a pretty club. What are you doing here doll?” he inquired.

“I uhm I well my friends wanted to take me out. My son is at home with the babysitter at home so I should probably go home soon. Don’t wanna leave the poor girl waiting,” you rambled. You looked down at your watched pretending to be shocked by what time it was. “It was nice talking to you, I’ve got to go,” you stammered as you started to walk away. A cold hand quickly grabbed your wrist. His grip around you thin wrist sent shivers throughout your whole body.

“Mmm I like you, you’re not going anywhere.” He spoke with a threatening tone laced with a delicious growl. As dangerous as this man was, and as much as he terrified you to the bone, he was unconventionally attractive and it killed you. You disgusted yourself, how could I be attracted to such a psychotic, murderous criminal, you thought to yourself. He yanked you closer to him and you fell into his muscular chest. “You’re coming with me doll.” His wide, silver grin scared you but nothing more scared you than being away from your son. Alexander was only 5 there was nowhere for him to go if you were gone. Your parents had moved to Europe somewhere, he had no aunts or uncles that could take him in, if you were gone he was completely alone. The thought scared you to the bone.

“My son. I’ll do anything you want just don’t hurt my son. I need him, he’s my life,” you pleaded. You shut your eyes, astounded at yourself for conforming to his wishes. He pulled you to the back of the club, the VIP section you assumed, and called over one of his henchmen.

“Frost we’re going on a little roadtrip, get the car ready, we’ll be out in 5,” he said to the quiet man in a dark suit. The man curtly nodded and walked away. “Here’s the deal sweetheart, you come with me, do whatever I say whenever I want for however long I want and you can keep your son. You’re coming to live with me now doll and I guess if it makes you listen to me then you can have your little brat with you. But keep this in mind sweetheart,” he grabbed your chin, forcing you to look up into his icy blue eyes,”you step out of line even once and the kid is gone, got it?” You nodded and looked down, accepting your fate. The screech of a purple lamborghini caused your head to whip up. Realizing he was opening the door you stepped forward, acknowledging the fact that this was it, you were picking up your son, some things for him and yourself, and heading off to a brand new life. Your heart sank as you realized how this would affect your son. He wouldn’t have a normal childhood, he wouldn’t play with toys and action figures, instead he would play with dangerous weapons as toys. You realized that this was the worst possible thing you could’ve done as a mother and you just prayed that your son would forgive you one day.

“Get in the car,” the massive goon said behind you as he shoved you lightly into the small confines of this car. “Sir we’ll be on all sides, in front, behind, and on the sides, we got you covered boss,” the man said to the Joker. He nodded and slammed the door as he started revving the engine. You felt the car push forward before you started zooming through downtown Gotham. After what seemed like forever the car came to a quick jolt in front of your home.

“Go get the kid you have 5 minutes or else baby doll,” he said menacingly with a smirk on his pale face. Your eyes widened as you hurried to get out of the car and through the front door. You had no doubt the Joker wouldn’t hesitate to hurt you because of your mistake so you ran to his room and threw some clothes into a bag, his favorite toys, his blankets, everything a young boy needs.

“Mommy? What’s happening?” A sleepy Alexander said behind you. You whipped around to see your precious child slightly waking up.

“Honey don’t worry alright? You and me are gonna go on a trip! You and mommy my sweet boy,”

“Alright mommy, love you,” his quiet words ripped your heart in two. You grabbed his hand and the bag and you rushed for the door. Just as you swung the door open you saw an angry Joker standing directly in front of you.

“3…2…1…” He looked at his fake watch and lifted his head up with a grin. He pulled out his gun and put it against your temple. You were shaking, terrified of what he would do. “You made it by three seconds doll. And next time I won’t be this forgiving,” he dropped his voice lower as his threat rang through your ears. “Let’s go, you’re already pissing me off. You just wait doll, Daddy and you are gonna some fun. Think I should punish you for being bad sweets?” he mumbled into your ear. You nodded in agreement, afraid of what he might do if you didn’t. “Answer me!” he yelled, startling you.

“Y-yes I deserve t-to be punished,” you mumbled, afraid to make eye contact. He growled in satisfaction, reveling in the fear that he caused. You pulled you and your confused son into the back of his fancy sports car and pulled his small frame into your side. You planted a brief kiss to the top of his innocent head and mumbled that everything would be okay.

After what felt like an eternity the car pulled up outside of a fairly large house, not really what you had expected from the Clown Prince himself. You were tanked out of the car, pulling your son along with you.

“Let’s go. I’ll show you where the kid will sleep and the real fun’s gonna start,” he said in a low almost taunting voice as he dropped his left eye into a sly wink. You walked behind him into the lavish space before you. You briefly stopped to admire the beauty of the house, very well decorated, clean, modern, all in all very nice. “Hurry up, I’m getting antsy doll.” As you entered a small room with a bed and not much else he motioned from the kid to the bed. “He sleeps here. Say bye and come with me.” He stepped outside the room giving you and your son some privacy.

“Baby I’m so sorry, I hope you understand one day why this is happening. I love you to the moon and back Alex. Never forget that. I love you so so much alright?” The tired boy nodded and laid down on the bed. You pulled the blanket over him and passed him his little stuffed teddy bear that you managed to grab from the house. You stepped out of the room to see the Joker glaring at you. He stepped in front of you in one long stride and grabbed your wrist.

“Let’s go sweets, time to help daddy out,” he said with a sick smirk on his bright red lips.


You had been here for just about a month now. Things had gotten better with the Joker, he had started to acknowledge your son’s presence and he even spoke to him sometimes. It turns out he was almost good with kids. He was gentle and made sure to never put him in harm’s way. It was endearing in a sort of way. You and him had even grown closer as he had started to maybe even care for you. He gave you everything you could ever dream of and had provided Alexander with whatever his little heart desired.

“Alex let’s go, your mom and I are going to the park and you’re coming too,” Joker told him with his silver toothed grin planted on his face. Alexander nodded as J ruffled his sandy blonde hair. It warmed your heart to see him soften his tough guy demeanor for your son. When this whole fiasco happened you were terrified of what this meant for you and your son but as of now you weren’t regretting complying to his wished to go with him. He had given you a better life than you had ever had and he made sure to keep his work away from Alexander so he wouldn’t be faced with that at such a young age. “Mmm Y/N you’re looking beautiful as always.” His smile widened as he saw you blush at his casual compliment. This was your life now. Luxury and a man who although may not seem it, really does care for you. He stood next to you and leaned over close enough to whisper in your ear. “Y’know doll, I would go to the ends of this very earth for you and that little monster over there.” You couldn’t believe what you had just heard. Everything that he had done to you at the beginning, everything that he had done to terrify you, everything he said, everything was fixed now. It all vanished with those simple words.

VIXX Adventures- The Beginning

Originally posted by taekwoon-the-aegyo-fairy

Summary: You have the chance to enter an alternate universe of your choosing and embark on a journey with one of the VIXX members. Once in their world your object is to win the game and beat the boss in their world. This is no virtual reality your life is really on the line, you can be injured or possibly killed. Your reward? You get to bring the main character home with you. The member you get is a mystery until you walk through the door. This is a dangerous game you’re playing but the adventure is worth it right?

Genre: Varies for each story line. Overall, sci-fi, action adventure, romance.

Note: This is a multipart story that breaks up into 6 separate story lines following each member of VIXX. The Finale will tie all 6 stories back together. This is going to be a very long adventure and will take time to write so please be patient with updates. We will not post the next part until it has been written for each of the stories, example we won’t post part 2 of ken’s story line if we haven’t finished part 2 for the other five. Every author on this blog will be a part of this collaborative project.

I was waiting for my friends outside frequently checking the time tapping my foot impatiently. We all had appointments to play the new live action adventure game at Rogue Hero Café. The way the game worked was you got to look through a catalogue of decorative doors, each door lead into a different world. That wasn’t just a cheesy way of saying that you got to hang out in some really cool themed room and play games. The door literally transported you to another world. It was the absolute latest in gaming technology. Everything in that world would be real and we even had to sign a waver to play. We all had saved up for months and finally we had gotten the next week off of work and bought a week of playtime in the game. The shortest amount of time you could buy in the game was 3 days but we all decided to just make it a full week since we were saving up anyway. One of the coolest things about the game was that it was a mystery what the characters are, the plot, what it looked like.

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INTJ Crush

Me trying to text my crush:

Ni: So I get the feeling that opportunities to meet with Crush will only occur if we take some action.

Te: Yes, it’s time to take action. Nothing will happen by just waiting.

Se: Yeah! Let’s do something crazy and make the first move!

Fi: This can’t be a good idea if Se is in favor of this. Plus, I don’t like feeling vulnerable. Don’t we have more pride than this?

Ni: Good point. Crush probably will be bothered by our text and lose interest. I can just play it out in my mind.

Te: Yes. We are respectable and independent. We don’t want to sound needy. New plan - don’t do anything.

Se: Oh, come on! We never do anything! Just because I’m the inferior function-

Te: Shush Se! Your recklessness is not appreciated. Now go in the corner and… take a nap or something.

Fi: Alright! Our pride is once again saved from destruction. Good work, guys!

And this is why I’m still single. Sigh.

Cuddled Stress

(Yoosung x Reader)

Request from anon for Yoosung fluff with a slightly older girlfriend.

Word Count: 1,190

Summary:  The reader is a stressed out law student who barely has time for anything for herself.  Yoosung’s presence alleviates that for her.

Warnings: none enjoy this Yoosung fluff w my precious lil bean

You were late.  

You were so late that when you rang the doorbell to Yoosung’s apartment, you didn’t receive an answer.  With a sigh, you fished the spare key he’d given you to open it yourself.  You figured that he was probably immersed in LOLOL, a game you highly detested due to it’s ultimate lack of production.

You were in your third year of law school, and since graduation was just around the corner, you were immersing yourself in meetings with professors and prep-classes for the Bar Exam.  Usually, they recommend you start six to eight weeks in advance, but you weren’t taking chances, and had started at eleven weeks instead.

In your mindset of harsh academia and rigorous work, you could not fail.  You’d always been two grades ahead of the average student in school, graduating high school at sixteen, and then earning a scholarship for your local university.  After taking a year to earn money for law school after graduation, you entered at twenty-one, and were finally almost finished.

This, however, subsequently meant that you were an extremely stressed out and worn thin law school student.  Between tutoring students at the university for extra money and keeping up with your classes, it left you little time to think about yourself.  You were surprised when you had found yourself with Yoosung as a boyfriend, and though childish at times, you thought that you needed him to discard your anxieties, as his carefree attitude seemed to rub off onto you whenever you were around him.

Lately, you hadn’t been able to see him since you were dashing around trying to fulfill every one of your commitments, and honestly, you were exhausted.  You didn’t have classes the next day, so you were going to meet at his apartment at eight to spend the night.  You had just lost track of time, and by the time you actually got to his building, it was past eleven.

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Winners Lose - Mark [drabble]

“Rock, paper, scissors. Winner gets to kiss the loser wherever.” It wasn’t the best of games, but Mark had suggested it for his own benefit as well as to pass time.

You fidgeted as you two sat on the spacious sofa, “Why can’t we just watch a movie or something?” You knew his trick and you weren’t going to give in so easily. “I just want to relax.”

“We can relax, just not yet.”

After a few tugs at your hand, Mark got his way and you two engaged in a few rounds of ‘rock, paper, scissors’. You won two rounds and he won two rounds. He enjoyed it too much and kept encouraging for the game to continue after he gave you an innocent kiss on your forehead and cheek. He was gentle in his punishments.

“I win!” You cheered as you held out ‘paper’ and he held out ‘rock’. You began to tease him about how unskilled he was and it was obvious he was determined to prove you wrong. As the winner, you got to decide where you’d kiss him next. Your first win led you kiss his lips, your third win led you to kiss his sharp jawline, and now you were thinking of elsewhere to plant one. You smirked at Mark and you caught his waiting eyes. You inched closer to his face and breathed in his scent, but moved your gaze lower to his neck.

Mark’s voice got caught in his throat. “J—just hurry.”

“What’s the rush? You suggested the game.” You whispered against his skin and you swore your eyes noticed the rise of goosebumps. Not killing too much time, your lips locked onto the flesh on the side of his neck. You felt his Adam’s apple move and you beamed with victory. You didn’t pull back until you suckled the area for a few seconds, knowing it’d send him into a coil of mess. “Okay, done—”

Mark hooked his fingers below your chin to bring you upward and smacked his lips onto yours without a care. To you, the move was a cheat. A new round of the game hasn’t even been played and he stole a kiss, so you pushed at his chest.”Hey! That’s cheating!”

“Let’s forget the game, yeah?” He sounded so eager to continue the kiss. He really wanted you to just abide and move on to some action. His hands pulled at your waist and he leaned back onto the sofa to bring you down and rest on his chest.

“How about no?”

“Why?” He was quick to question your rebellion.

“Because I’m winning.” You cockily admitted. “Are you jealous?”

He huffed with disbelief that you’d assumed such correctness, “Me? No way.” Mark declined as he held onto you tighter to keep you above him. “Let’s just take this game to the bedroom.” Before you could oppose, he carried you off and you knew for a fact the game had really ended. He gently spoke into your ear with a brush of his lips, “Winners lose.”

Burning Up

Originally posted by parkchny

  • Chanyeol, in my opinion, would be a double major. Or, at the very least, a double minor.
  • If he double majored then it would be Art History and General Music with a concentration in guitar.
  • If he double minored then I think his major would be Music Production with a minor in general music (guitar concentration) and general art (with a photography concentration).
  • Honestly, Chanyeol just wants to work with/around music and art for the rest of his life.
  • He’s not entirely sure what he wants to do but he’s still got some time to figure it out (at least, that’s what he tells himself and his parents).
  • All that’s really certain for Chanyeol is that he’s good at what he does. He’s good at writing lyrics, he’s good at producing music, his photography is beautiful; he’s a very artistic person and he’s widely recognized on campus for his talent.

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People who are dismissing Yooka Laylee as a “bombed kickstarter” just because it’s reviews are mixed enough to have a metacritic score of 70 is acting a bit reactionary to me. Just because a game isn’t almost flawless doesn’t mean a game’s the new Mighty No. 9 and at the very least it will probably be good enough to scratch some people’s 64-era Rare Platformer itch.

Also no, Snake Pass isn’t much of an alternative just because you play as a cartoon animal and you collect things in the it. It’s main gimmick makes it more of a puzzle platformer rather than an action platformer, so unless we do get something better, this is all we have for this kind of game for now and I’m honestly thankful that it looks decent enough.

anonymous asked:

This blog's name makes me think of the movie "Rumble in the Bronx" and now I'm imagining one of the Roobs (prob Army) in an action/comedy film.

The whole introduction of Army was that she acts like a kid who just seen a 90s action movie. It was so light-hearted and ridiculous. Hope to see more of that. If they decide to stay on earth and seen all the movies humans have to offer she definitely should consider to try and play in some new ones herself.

Netflix and Chill (Michael)*

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 *=smut  (obvs, i mean have you read the title) 


The boys were back from  tour and you had truly missed all their crazy antics and their silly stories so you  thought it was about time you had  invited them over for movie night. 

“Y/N!” Luke shouts as soon as you open the door to your apartment, a massive grin  on his  face, lifting you up with open arms. 

You giggle as you were lifted into the air, you waved your feet around signaling you wanted to be put down. 

“Luke, let  go  of me!” you  giggle before  he finally sets you back on your feet.  

You took this cue to embrace the other boys as well.  “Calum, Ash.” you say sweetly, pulling the two into a massive hug and the boys  laughed, wrapping their arms around you, both  giving you a bone-crushing hug. 

“Okay, ouch, guys.” You said trying to escape  their grip but to no avail. 

“We just miss you so much.”  Ash says into your ear and you laugh heartily knowing they were just trying to piss you off. “I missed you too, but I can’t breathe.” You mumble into Cal’s chest and they finally let you go. 

You stumble from their grip and you try to make a big show of catching your breath. You composed yourself and headed over to the last  boy you hadn’t hugged yet. 

“Michael.” you said, opening your arms and embracing him. 

“Hey Y/N.” he says  shyly, unable to hug you back because of the massive snack tower he was carrying.  

“I missed you.” you whispered in his ear for only him to hear. You stand back and watch his expression, his cheeks reddening at your sweet words. 

You  smile at your effect on him and lead to boys to the living room where you  already set the movie up. 

 “So just tell me when to play it.” you say flopping down on one of the two couches, grabbing the remote from the side table.  Calum and Luke plop down on the other one and Ashton takes the beanbag chair at the front of the TV. Michael sets down the tower of chips, packaged cakes and assortment of goodies before looking around and realising the only empty spot was the one beside you. 

He blushed profusely and scratched  the  back of his neck  nervously  before sitting down a good distance from you. You raised an eyebrow once and played the movie, looking over at the shy boy who was nervously playing with his fingers and couldn’t seem to stop twitching. 

You tried to focus on your movie, trying  desperately to immerse yourself in the plotline and characters like you usually have no trouble doing, but you couldn’t help but glance at Michael who was now nervously biting his thumbnail. 

“Michael, there’s a whole bunch of chips in front of you.”  You giggle,  moving closer to him and tossing him a Doritos from the pile. “Leave your nails be.” 

Michael snickers nervously and tosses the packet to Calum. “Not hungry.” he grumbles looking at you once before licking his lips and turning his attention back to the movie in front of him. 

You sigh  and move back into position, trying to figure out what was happening on the screen in front of you. 

Ashton  suddenly grabs the remote from the coffee table and pauses the movie making Luke and Calum raise their arms in annoyance, disgruntled words leaving their lips. 

“What the fuck man!” Luke says, trying his best to steal back the remote from Ashton’s grip. 

“Relax,  you noodle, I just want to pass the blankets we brought around.” Ashton says, grabbing a blue blanket for himself. He tossed one to Calum and Luke  and tosses another one to you and Michael. 

Michael catches it and spreads the black fabric realising its too short. “ Come closer.” He says facing you and you gladly move closer to him, covering yourself in the blanket so your arm was now touching his. The position was not remotely comfortable, but Michael stretches out his arm and motions for you to come even closer. You nod your head,  moving into his arms slowly, so close, you could feel the rise and fall of his chest when he breathed in and out. You rested your head  on his shoulder and tried to focus on the movie,  not wanting to turn your head  and be  tempted by Michael’s lips  that were inches away from your face. 

“Thanks Michael.” 

He looks into your eyes,  glancing at your lips briefly before turning to face the screen. 

“No problem.”  He smirks cockily. 

Oh fuck. You thought, feeling your veins rush with adrenaline.  Now he’s turned you on. 

You went back to watching the action scene, but felt like you wanted a little fun of your own gently placing your hand on Michael’s thigh  under the blanket.  You watched as Michael’s face twitched when he felt your hand slowly inch its way higher, but he tried his best to remain expressionless.   You smiled as he squirmed in discomfort, when your hand finally reached the bulge in his jeans. You were happy to find that he was already hard under you. 

“What are you doing?” Michael mumbles, grabbing your wrist, but letting go instantly when you slowly started  to palm him through his jeans, making his whole body shiver.

“Can you guys shut up?” Calum says not tearing his eyes from the movie. 

 “God, fuck.” Michael  hisses, sweat building up on his forehead. He rests his head on you shoulder and turns his body to face you so you have easier access to it.  You felt his warm breath against your neck and his raspy voice in your ear. “More.” 

You quietly unbutton his jeans and trace the hem of his underwear ever so slowly before he whimpers, looking at you with his big green eyes that were now dark with lust. 

“Please, babe.” 

You smirked at his neediness and reached inside, pulling his length  out and running your thumb over the throbbing vein. 

He hissed in your ear, and bit at your neck to contain his moan. You felt the pain spread from your neck to your shoulder and shivered as your underwear started to dampen underneath you. 

You finally stopped teasing him and  began to move your hand up and down slowly stroking him as he let out little gasps of air. 

“ Faster.” he mumbles into your ear. You nod  your head silently, collecting some pearls of pre-cum  as you increased the pace, finding a rhythm in your pumping. 

A string of profanities leaves Michael’s lips and he tries desperately to cover up his moans  by biting into your shoulder, however as  you run your index over the tip, Michael forgetting he was in a room with three other people, lets a loud groan slip  out of his lips. You look over at him with wide eyes but thankfully, unknowing Ashton speaks up from the front. 

“I know right, this guy  is so stupid!” Ashton says throwing his hands up in exasperation, pointing at the  superhero on the screen. 

Michael breathes a sigh of relief but tenses up when your hand wraps around his length again.  You let one hand toy with his balls and another continue to stroke him. 

“I think I’m going to come.” He mumbles into your ear. 

You smirked, keeping up the tempo. 

“Then come for me.” You whisper. 

It wasn’t long till  you felt his length tense up and shoot his load  over your hands, the white  ribbons staining the front of his jeans and some of the  underside of the blanket.  Michael threw his head back in bliss, strangled and quiet  moans leaving his mouth for only you to hear. 

You continued to pump him to draw his orgasm out longer. 

 His body relaxed, still slightly twitching from the aftershocks. You let go, tucking his cock back in his jeans. 

“Thank you.” he murmurs, leaving a sloppy wet kiss on your neck. You smile and kiss his cheek. “My pleasure.” 

You continued to watch the movies with the boys, happy from what had just happened and happy that all boys were still ignorant to what had just played out on the couch, five feet away from them. 

Michael  took some tissue from the coffee table and wiped himself up cleaning the  mess you’d   both made before tossing it into the bin beside him. He wrapped his arms around you with a new-found confidence. You cuddled into his warm chest and enjoyed the  grin plastered on his face as you watched the movie together. 

Before long though, during a particularly loud action scene, you felt Michael’s hand move from your shoulder to your ass, giving it a light squeeze before resting it innocently on your thigh. 

“What are you doing?” you  murmured, turning to face Michael. 

He moves his hand up slowly and you felt your boy shiver as he traces the hem of  your underwear. 

“It’s my turn.” he says cheekily, slipping his hand in. 



ASKBOX ( requests, feedback, hit me up with some questions) 


I’ve spent the last few days doing two things- moving to a new apartment, and playing Fallen London on the new app.  The actions available are all fronted by little  icons, a lot of times portraits, and at some point I thought it would be fun to try my hand at making a quick set of them.  And as soon as the old wacom was unboxed and set up, I did just that.  I could do these forever.  Very fun.