just playing around with some new psds

detailed colour porn tutorial - scenery

This has been a tutorial that people have been asking me to do for quite a while but I simply hadn’t had the time to do. 

I’m doing more of these “colour porn” tutorials since this one will be strictly dedicated to scenery (I was going to do all in one but it’d honestly be way too big)

Here’s a few examples of gifsets in which I’ve used this kind of tutorial xx, xxxx and xx

I’m using photoshop cs5 to make this gifset (you can use other version of photoshop though) and you need a basic knowledge on how to make gifs.

We’re going to go from this

to this

and this

and this

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anonymous asked:

May I ask how you edit your pictures?? Or if you have any tips on editing? Everything you create is so beautiful *^*

Aw, thank you so much for the kind words!! ♥ I made a little walkthrough of how I make my preview images - hopefully that helps you out a bit!

Click on the ‘read more’ for a whole walkthrough/tutorial on how I made this image! Warning: the post is very picture and word heavy.

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anonymous asked:

Hi! Um, is it possible if you could post a tutorial on how to make an aesthetic? Not the moodboards, but the many picture things you do! I'm trying to make one, but I'm not sure how :/

You got it, Anon! Here are an example of my aesthetics before we start and the rest of the tutorial is under the cut! 

NOTE: I use Photoshop CS2, which I believe you can get free (and legally too?) somewhere on the internet, if you don’t have it.

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anonymous asked:

i'm a fairly new blog and i've just started making gifs and edits, do you have any advice on how to make them look better?

(these will only work if you use photoshop i guess)

- use smart sharpen
- only make gifs of videos that are at least 720px
- keep the coloring simple: just add some curves, brightness, levels, etc.

- use smart sharpen too but then a little less than for gifs
- use psds! like of @prettylittlecolorings

honestly just have fun w it and play around! i’ve been doing this for years so for me it’s kinda like i’m a robot lmao but i still really enjoy it :)