just playing around with photoshop idk


Ariana Petrakis + Hypothetical Season 6 (for my bae @fraysquake)

Remember, remember remember…


The seven years you spend here as a surgical resident will be the best and worst of your life. You will be pushed to the breaking point. Look around you. Say hello to your competition. Eight of you will switch to an easier specialty. Five of you will crack under the pressure. Two of you will be asked to leave. This is your starting line. This is your arena. How well you play? That’s up to you.

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hi sorry random lmao i was just wondering what font and settings u use for ur captions on ur gifsets. cuz i play around with it all the time and can never find one i like but urs always look nice!

I explained this a few times so i’ll try to explain more

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Pearl + Lapis fusion - Moonstone!

idk just downloaded a load of brushes and wanted to play with them - I’m still trying to get used to using a graphics tablet

I’ve seen so many beautiful designs for this fusion - I just wanted to draw something blue with my new brushes :p

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hiii all your environment paintings really inspire me to create my own!!! can you please tell me how to start practicing, how to use a reference, any tips? your style is really really beautiful

Hello! :) First of all, thank you very much for your kind words!! These really mean a lot to me!

Now I don’t consider myself an expert (not by any stretch) and my drawings are 80% instinct, 20% sheer panic anyway (//sweats) so, I’ll tell you how I do things, take away what you can, keep whatever you want. :)


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“I guess… We call the artist again.”


❝Beneath the read more, you will find 23 male/female pairs that I think could be twins. I was just playing around on photoshop and idk, I love the graphic, so after this, feel free to request as many masterlists as you want. I made one similar for guides, but its not as good. Reblog if you’re an rph, like if you found this useful, please.❞

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