just playing around with gaussian blurs

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How do you highlight the inner corner of Noelani's eyes?

I do two things

Firstly I use one of these

Then I also highlight her face skin in Photoshop. For this I do the following:

  • Firstly I’ll get a soft round brush in the colour white. I usually make the size around 41 or 50 it depends.
  • 2. Then after I do that I make a new layer and add where I want the highlight to go. So I chose to do the inner eyes and above her lip.
  • 3. After this I open Gaussian Blur and blur everything on the two layers. I usually set the radius to 28.0
  • 4.After I blur everything I take the eraser and get rid of anything I don’t want so if it blurs down onto the lips I erase that until It’s how I want. Then you just play around with the opacity and stuff.


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Can u pls do an editing tutorial because 😍😍😍

MINI TUTORIAL… I guess ahhahah

  1. the first step is always Topaz Clean
  2. smart sharpening 
  3. trying out different PSD (this is the major part) ahahha
  4. spot healing tool & clone stamp tool I use to fix some small imperfections, like clothes clipping… 
  5.  if there is a need for it, I play with curves/exposure (just drag those sliders until you are happy with results…. you can find this under Image>Adjustments>….)
  6. gaussian blur for the background (easy way to do this is just to duplicate layer, blur and then just delete parts that you want to be sharp…bc sharp pic is under this blurred one)
  7. sometimes I use a brush to dark up the corners (add the new layer, pick the first brush in that little box with brush options, set opacity very low around 10%)
  8. dodge, burn and sponge tool are helpful too


TBH I’m very lazy for photoshop ahhaha so I use this basic stuff and kinda do it fast…I can see so many flaws in my pics tho 

Oh and if you want to know about some specific photoset then maybe send me link of that post and I can explain it more or maybe even link psd …ofc I would do this when I have time :))

sooo a lovely anon requested a tutorial on how to do something like this:

and i’m not really sure how to call that effect, but it’s actually really easy to make and i hope my incapability to explain won’t make it hard for you to understand :) you need some basic skills for this (how to make a gif and how to color it), i’ve already made tutorials on both of these things, you can find them here: [x]

aaaand here we go

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The lovely devilout wanted to know how to change hair colors so I thought I’d make a little ( I’m using that term lightly ) tutorial on how to do so. But fair warning, this is my first tutorial-ish so I’m not quite amazing but I did my best. 

Please like or reblog it if you found it useful or whatever. :)

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hello! i was just wondering how you edit your pics? i understand if you're uncomfortable doing so! it's just that your gameplay/cas pics are very nice! :)

omg this makes my heart so happy I’ve been thinking my gameplay pics are shit rip!! But i’m never uncomfortable abt most asks pls keep em comin. 

And the way I edit my gameplay pictures are super simple I just use Jade cupidjuice’s beautifol action and play around with curves. And if my pictures are more on the low quality side I play around with smart sharpen.

I don’t really do any actions with CAS pictures I just draw on highlights and change the layer mode to soft light and also play around with gaussian blur. I’m fairly new to simblr edits so I don’t really have one way of editing just yet as I’m trying new things.

i got several asks (ironicallyrad shut-the-phan-up) about how i made my polaroid edit so i thought i’d make a whole post explaining a few of the steps in the process (it’s not detailed at all i’m terrible at tutorials bc i don’t actually know what i’m doing)

i was debating on whether i’d post the original pics i used since i think it ~ruins the illusion~ but i’ll post them below the ‘keep reading’ :) IF YOU DON’T WANT THE MAGIC TO BE SPOILED THEN CONTINUE SCROLLING <333

if you want to experience the literal worst tutorial ever here you gooo ~~

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