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Jack are you okay? You seem to be a little fed up or unusual on Mark's prop hunt video, is there something wrong if I may ask kindly?

Nothing wrong, we had just already played that map in Prop Hunt before so it wasn’t as fun as the others. Plus if you could see Bob’s cam as well I think you would see how done he was too lol I like when Prop Hunt is half jokes and half gameplay but when it’s all just jokes and dicking around it gets less fun

the signs when HIGH

(just silly stuff, mostly based off of people i know lol)

(also  guess who’s high right now lol)

aries: the DJ, the one sitting near the speaker with their eyes closed,swaying, looking like the music is literally IN their SOUL. plays the weird stuff that always seems to work

taurus: the one who doesn’t even seem high, sits there basically acting the same except there will be a few little actions they do that make it clear - touching their hair a lot, laughing a little more. probably the one getting snacks

gemini: the active one, lots of nervous talking, looking around, can’t seem to stop rubbing their hands or knees, can’t. stop. moving!!

cancer: the ~~out of their shell~~ one, oh boy do the crabs come out when they r high, suddenly joking, really funny and weird, lots of really, really weird comments like “wtf i didnt know they were like this,” also probably gets HELLA munchies 

leo: the hook up, gets the weed, rolls the joint (or whatever), they are the PROVIDER, makes sure everyone is taken care of, generally talks and laughs more, super friendly when high!

virgo: the sleepy one, will straight up pass out on the couch. like they’re the ones who smoke, eat some cereal, and then just go to sleep while everyone else is still fucking around, honestly they’re the stereotypical “tired” “stoned” stoner

libra: the helpful one, when they r high its kinda like taurus, its not super easy to tell, but libras r way more willing to help out when high, they’ll grab u a snack, some water, down to talk to anyone, da real MVP

scorpio: the deep! philosophical talks! one: tbh they’re fucking socrates when high, has really philosophical talks with people but if anyone else heard it they would just sound hella dumb LOL, will probably be the one up till 3am

sagittarius: the one who always fucking runs outside, is just like “guys lets go outside!” or to the park! or to in n out!!, just wants to fucking move around, not a lot of talking tho, mostly laughing and singing

capricorn: the one sitting in the corner just chilling, just doesn’t really get hyperactive when high but just relaxing to be around, also willing to take care of people if they don’t pass out first like virgo lol

aquarius: the where they fuck did they go? one, randomly decides to go on a walk and everyone’s like uhh is aquarius ok? and they come back an hour later looking chill, will occasionally join in to scorpio’s ~~deep talk~~ but doesn’t talk as much

pisces: the quiet smiley one, so fun to be with, will just quietly stare at everyone smiling, laugh every now and then, they always have a go to when they get munchies OR they make hella weird food combos, no in between. the EMBODIMENT of CONTENT

Little Things I do to Practice Languages

  • Read tweets (out loud) even if I don’t know what they mean, just to practice reading fluently and pronunciation (I sometimes look up the words if I have time)
  • Watch YouTube videos/ Listen to them while I do other things
  • Write blurbs of sentences in my notes app
  • Play “can I say that in [target language] in my head as I walk around
  • Mutter to myself
  • Pretend to have a cooking show (when home alone)
  • Write a short Diary entry
  • Fangirl with people who don’t speak English (yeah it’s usually just adjsksjajsja BUT we do have fun convos sometimes)
  • Change my apps/phone to Target Language

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Wait, Betty is 300 years old? I thought they were, like, 2000, since the monsters, as brought up by Catty, have been in there for "millenia." (wait did I spell that right? It's not important xD)

judging by the game’s intro I don’t want to say 2000 years lol that sounds like just too much. then again 300 years does seem like little time, but I wanted to play around with the medieval age and stuff.

Since I haven’t given a specific date I can probably move it to 500 years. But then again dates aren’t really important :P

My Puppy | 3

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Chapters: [1] [2] [Finale]

Pairing: Taehyung x Reader…and a Kitty?

Word Count: 4,565

Genre & Warnings: Smut, Fluff. Pet play, voyeurism, cum play, and excessive amounts of cuteness. To those that are here for some hardcore BDSM style pet play, this isn’t it. It’s a new couple that is also new to pet play, and they are just having fun.

Notes: I’m aware that Gucci doesn’t really have all that much stuff for dogs, but this is my world, so I do what I want lol. Also, Gucci, get on that. I want to buy a Gucci Collar. 

“You are incredibly adorable Taehyung, do you know that?” I ask from my spot on the couch as I watch him flutter around the house, and he sends me a little grin before going back to his task. 

He’d officially moved in with me yesterday, the piles of boxes and bags practically taking up my entire living room. I’d offered to help, but he’d declined, saying it was my day off and shouldn’t have to do anything. Silly, considering we both work the same exact hours and have the same days off, but he was so excited that I’d backed off. Instead, I told him he had free rein to put his things wherever he wanted, and I’ve just been sitting here pretending to read as he excitedly jumped from place to place. 

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it was,,,,,, so fucking good. i just need to rant for a bit about so many aspects of this video because like not only was it genuinely so funny and original and creative, it was just SO WELL MADE. there were so many small details about it that i couldn’t even believe.  they put so much actual effort into it and they’re also both so naturally funny when it comes to this kind of humor. ahhhh there were so many good things to talk about that i hardly know where to begin or like how to even organize my thoughts so just like,,, be ready bc this is about to be the most incoherent ramble 

first of all. dnp work so well together. i mean. we know this, we see it all the time. but there’s a lot of humor in the crafts videos that is just completely improvised within the larger pre-planned structure/concept. and they bounce off each other SO well in this setting (maybe even better than they do in many of their normal collabs, at least from a comedic standpoint.) i think a lot of this has to do w the fact that the satirical cheeriness of the “characters” that they play, that is over-emphasized to the point of being creepy, just lends itself really well to so many amazing one-liners. but also they just have such good chemistry that is so readily apparent in this context,,, it makes me emotional. they consistently set each other up for jokes, if one person improvises a certain action or behavior the other goes along with it or reacts to it immediately and that’s a mark of rly well-practiced entertainers but also two people who know each other really well and i love watching it play out.

i also do have to acknowledge that they are both fundamentally quite talented. all three of the craft videos are examples of really genuinely witty humor and they showcase that side of dnp so well. both of them also have such a good sense of comedic timing and even an intuition for physical comedy and they’re also rly creative with how they edit these videos and the union of all of those elements is what makes these videos so good in my opinion. while i believe dan’s explanation that the first crafts video was filmed quite spontaneously without much of a plan (and that’s why it’s super short and not as funny as the latter two imo), i do think they put a lot of thought and effort into this one which is quite clear through many of the details they worked into the video both during the filming itself and then afterwards in the editing. first of all the overall concept of them being taken by satan as a culmination of the extremely subtle creepy undertones from the first one is just so smart bc no one would expect them to take it that far and the total hyperbolic unlikeliness of it is what makes it so damn funny. i think most ppl were expecting when dan said he’s keeping his stamp a secret that it would just be some sort of satanic symbol like what happened in the glitter faces vid but like,,, no one thought it’d escalate to where it did. it was so unexpected and over the top but somehow still not overdone or so forced as to dilute the comedy. it synthesized humor with genuinely unsettling creepiness and that is such a difficult balance to achieve. 

you can tell they put a lot of thought into it on so many levels. for instance they worked in all these rly subtle allusions to satan himself before the weird ritual scene happens, like dan saying “this one’s long with a big head like him” (ty for describing satans cock to us dan jfc) and phil saying “i’ve selected as many knives as friends i have, which is two.” then even during the ritual scene they work in things like the cow noise since a common satanic symbol is a horned deity (baphomet lol). and in their new channel description they use the case file name 19-1-20-1-14 which decodes to the word “satan” if you use a basic letter-number cipher (in which each number stands for the letter that is that position in the alphabet. ’s’ is the 19th letter, ‘a’ is the first, and so on.) and there are so many other little editing quirks that give this video that unsettling undertone, as well as editing quirks that add to the comedy of it and it’s all just so well done. for example the voice editing on certain words like “sharp” and “go away.” the audio overlays of heavy breathing at various points and random cuts to black screens. the use of creepy music at strategic places throughout. at 4:36 they recorded themselves saying protip backwards just to reverse it and they even spell out the “protip” text backwards, seemingly both as a way to shit on the whole ‘protip’ trope from the last vid and also to make fun of the way that satanists/conspiracy theorists think there are hidden messages in popular songs and shit that u can only hear if u play the audio backwards. ugh i hate them and their many layers of references. phil also references this again during the ritual part, when dan lights the match (he just goes “portip” “portip” as though he’s trying to say it backwards lol.) and then they fuck around w the word protip throughout the video almost like they’re making fun of it. there’s also definitely a subtle pitch manipulation of their voices as the video progresses. by the end they sound like they’ve sucked on a little bit of helium but it happens gradually enough that you’re just a little bit put off and you can’t really place why. then there’s the little comedic touches like the siren sound when “carefully” flashes across the screen. the fact that the legal disclaimer for adult supervision is cut off at the sides. the zoom in on the fleck of green paint that lands on dan when phil’s pouring it into the plate. ugh like damn i just want to make the point that they clearly put work into this and on face value it seems like a shoddy home video w a weird satanic ending but there’s a reason this works so well and feels so creepy and simultaneously laugh out loud funny and it’s bc they’re genuinely talented and we don’t always get to see that creative talent at work in their standard formulas for videos on their regular channels so i’m just so grateful that they made something like this where it seems like they allow themselves to exercise more of that creative energy. it begs a lot of questions about why they don’t do shit like this more,,,  and i think there are a number of reasons they feel safe and happy making what they generally make now but i’m jst so happy that at least in these videos they’ve branched out and done something so creative and good.

on that note. i just need to ramble about phil. i don’t think anyone can dispute that phil really carries these videos and partly that’s because he’s been in the role of the “teacher” in all three videos so he inevitably comes across as more dominant and sets the tone for the humor, but also like,,, he just works so well in this style and comes up with such spontaneous and WITTY little remarks that inevitably become the standout lines from each vid (in this one, for example, “potato is in my top ten favorite fruit,” “sometimes it’s nice to look up at the stars and remember that they’re all already dead,” “if you make a mistake while cutting just think about it for the rest of the day,” etc. and one of my fav from the past, “if you’re left handed ask a friend” (d: why am i left handed) “everybody makes mistakes!”) he also seems to improvise a lot of the physical comedy in the videos (in this one, the way he just stared at the paint as he squeezed it out for way too long, the way he threw around the cutting boards and plates, the way he did the chopping; and in past ones, slamming his hands on the paper and on dan’s hands when mixing the glitters, clacking the scissors super loudly in the first one, etc.) i just love these videos so much bc they’re some of the only ones that we have these days where phil is really doing most of the comedic legwork and dan definitely helps and bounces off of him but mostly lets phil take charge and i live for it. and while there’s obvi no way to tell who rly did the editing for the video (and i’m sure it was a mix of both of them) there’s no denying that the editing style and general creepiness (especially of the ritual sacrifice scene lol) bear a lot of similarities to the feeling/vibe/editing quirks in a lot of phil’s old school videos (i’m thinking like tape 6 and the basket which, if any of you reading these have not watched, please just open a tab right now and do that before you finish reading this lol.) the choppy way the different clips are spliced together in the whole ritual scene (where one second dan is stamping phil, then lighting a match and chanting, then phil’s chanting, then he’s slumped over and then there are two videos overlaid on top of each other when dan is actually stamping phil’s back and then the sudden cut to black) it’s all so reminiscent of those older videos and it does make me feel like phil had a larger creative hand in thinking about how this video should be put together and that just makes me so happy to think about. i’ve always wondered what phil does w his self-professed obsession with horror and his interest in violence and psychological thrillers and whatnot, as well as his former academic/critical study of filmmaking. it makes sense that he doesn’t feel comfortable exploring those interests by making things himself in this genre in a real way and especially not on youtube because his self-described objective through this platform is to provide his audience with light and uplifting entertainment. more pragmatically, he’s trying to make a living from this job and hold somewhat broad-based appeal through the videos he makes and it makes sense that lighter content that doesn’t require too much intellectual rigor would fare better and hold more consistent audience engagement. and more personally, making things on the level of tape 6, even years later w more familiarity with editing and whatnot and perhaps more skill in writing scripts/characters/plots, still would involve a certain degree of personal emotional vulnerability that the current amazingphil format doesn’t demand. in short, venturing into these territories creatively would be a risk on a lot of levels. it would invite more formal critique of his work. it would invite more people trying to read into who he is and his psyche (which are things that i feel like he’s actually terrified of and that’s part of why he’s built such a protective barrier against it). it would be a risk and it makes sense that he doesn’t want to take it, at least not right now. but it’s just lovely to see that he still has the capacity to make things in the vein of those older videos and to make them WITH DAN and mix them with comedy which i need to reiterate is such a hARD THING TO DO!!!! and  idk it just rly makes me so happy to watch and to think about. 

i love phil so much, and none of this is meant to dilute dan’s role since i’m sure he did inform some of the decisions here, but i just think that dan as phil’s biggest fan (since 2007 y’all) would feel many of these same things about phil’s older content and support phil’s desire to engage that darker creative energy/talent he has hiding under all of those layers of syrupy happiness and amiability. i love that this is sort of an update to that vintage dark!phil content bc it’s the same dark undertones, same editing quirks, etc. but now it’s mixed with rly cheeky humor and maybe that’s dan’s influence or maybe it’s still phil, but a phil that has shared his life w someone w this particular irreverent and sarcastic sense of humor for so many years and this video shows the confluence of those two things in such a lovely and original way and just,,,, ugh. this video was so much and i loved it SO much. truly so, so good i was not prepared to feel so many deep-seated Emotions over some god damn satanic propaganda i need help. 

(danandphilcrafts - potato prints)

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With your sawn Princess au for klance, thank you so mich by the way for making it. I can't write fanfiction to save my life so I was hoping someone would put me out of my misery and make an au lol, it keith the Swan princess or is lance cause when ever I picture it I always think keith is odette and Lance is Derek but did you change it up? I'm not judging lol I'm just wondering


Okay so for the most part Keith is indeed filling the role of Odette/the Swan Princess, and Lance is Derek. I’ve played a little fast and loose with the set-up of the AU, and switched around the kingdoms and their roles a bit when they’re kids to make it work more naturally, though. 

In my version, Lance is actually the baby at the beginning of the film, not Keith/Odette. Alfor is sick/dying and doesn’t want to leave Allura alone with no immediate family. So with the aid of a surrogate mother - since Allura’s mother died pre-story - he sires a second child: Lance. 

Shiro is already ruling his own kingdom after his parents were killed in an attempted coup by Zarkon (Rothbart, obviously). He’s got his hands full with adjusting to that, along with trying to track down Zarkon and raise his little brother, Keith. 

At the presentation of baby Lance to royal peers and nobles, Allura and Shiro (who are close, probably romantically interested in each other but too preoccupied to pursue anything) decide that the best way to foster continued good relations between their kingdoms, and good feeling among their peoples in the troubled times stirred up by the whole Zarkon thing, is for the young princes of both realms to be the very best of friends.

Of course, Keith and Lance have a different idea completely and the rest of the story plays out in a mostly-familiar way, with a few interesting twists and turns along the road *waggles eyebrows*


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Can you do a Tom x Reader where Tom and the reader have been dating for like 3 months, secretly. They both are in the Spider-Man sequel together and tom takes a Instagram story video and plays around with the reader. everything in the video was friendly until they kissed in the end and the reader was like "don't post it lol" and tom accidentally did. then everything was blowing up on social media. they had an interview the next day just all about them dating. They lived together for the "movie"

Tom x Reader

Warnings: swearing

Word count: 990

A/N: It is probably a little bit different than from what you expected, sorry. Hope you like it anyways @iamaquackson <3

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You were sitting on the couch of your shared flat with your back leaning against the armrest. Tom sat down normally on it while your legs were resting on his lap. Softly he was caressing your leg from your knee down to the end of your jeans.

“Watching TV with this young lady.” Tom suddenly spoke up. You looked up from your phone only to see him filming with his own. “Don’t call me ‘lady’.” You chuckled. “I said young lady.” Cocking an eyebrow at you he justified himself. “Still.” The video ended and he posted it to his Instagram story.

Again he started filming. “Stop filming me!” You laughed before getting up and starting to walk away from him. Quickly he grabbed your waist with his free hand, pulling you back abruptly, giving you no chance to flee, and causing you to fall onto his lap. You were a giggling mess as he tickled your side when you were leaning backwards a little.

You connected your lips with his, deepening the kiss by placing your hand on the back of his head after he had stopped moving his hand around on your sides.

“Don’t post that!” You demanded afterwards. “Relax. It got cut off, you can’t see the kiss anymore.” Without checking and believing what he had just said he went ahead and posted it to his Instagram story as well. “Come on, let‘s go to bed, we gotta get up early tomorrow.” He was right. You two were in for a show in London tomorrow that usually is early in the morning, live.

The next morning you looked at your phone seeing it was exploding. So many tweets you were tagged in and Instagram posts as well. As you saw what the fuss was all about you gave Tom the most dangerous glare ever. “Thomas. Stanley. Fucking. Holland. Are you out of your mind?!” You showed him what was going on as you both rewatched his Instagram story from last night.

“I am so sorry. I-I don’t know what to say.” The brunette nervously rubbed the back of his neck. Sighing you call the number of your publicist. She picked up quickly and you could feel the anger through the phone. “Yeah I know what you said, it wasn’t planned. I swear.” “Yeah we’ll have to deal with that today at the interview. Again I am sorry.”

After hanging up you stare at Tom, still enraged. “Are you-” “Yes Tom. I am mad. This is what I mean. You need to be a little bit more careful as a person with your amount of fame.” You stormed into the bathroom pushing past him before getting ready for the interview. 

On the way to the studio you didn’t say a word. “Oh come on. I thought you wanted to be able to go out like a normal couple and all.” “Hold on, you did this intentionally?” “No, of course not. But maybe it was fate telling us it’s better that way.” Tom joked trying to cheer you up. Desperately you tried to stop your mouth from curling up into a grin but this boy just made you smile with his cuteness.

“I can see your smile, love. Now, gimme a kiss.” He leaned over to you. You just kept your position but as he moved closer to press his lips against yours you also didn’t fight him.

Satisfied he smiled. “You love me.” “Unfortunately yes.” Rolling your eyes you entered the studio. “We will deny it. Got it? No kissing, no holding hands et cetera inside this building.” “I don’t know how you want to try denying it with the video that practically the whole world has seen but oh well.” “ Just promise me!”

“Okay okay!”

As the interview started it was of course the first topic to talk about. “So what do you have to say about the video? Are you two sharing a flat?” “No, that is an old video from when we lived together with Jacob and Zendaya for a while when we were filming the movie.

“So you two have been together for a while now?” “No.” “But then what about the very clear and obvious kiss you two shared in the video?” Silence. You had no answer. I guess it really was useless to deny it. Glancing at you he practically asked for your permisson and you gave it to him by nodding briefly.

“Well okay. We did try to keep it a secret, also just to see how it turns out, how we turn out but I guess we really can’t find a good excuse for this.” Shortly he let out a sweet laugh. “Yes, we’ve been dating for the past three months. And yes the video is from yesterday evening. And yes this is our shared flat.” Somewhat embarrassed you made yourself small on the couch you two were sitting on. Embarrassed because you were actually trying to deny it although it was completely pointless from the beginning.

He noticed you turning nervous all of a sudden. Assuringly he flashed you a bright smile while taking your hand and intertwining your fingers before placing his and your hand on his thigh.

The interviewer took a quick look before going on. “Well personally I don’t understand, why keeping it a secret? I mean I do but now I am only talking about the response of your fans. Just look at all these tweets wishing you all the best. And you two being shipped with each other and of course also having a trending ship name isn’t actually new.” She chuckled before showing us some of the tweets. “Yeah we actually haven’t had a lot of time to look at the responses yet.” Tom spoke up. “But I am glad to see that they are supporting us rather than hating on either one of us.” Smiling you took a sip of your coffee. 

BTS React to S/O being random

@army-4-lifeu232 :  Can I have a reaction when BTS’s s/o always being random like he/she talking about one thing then talking about another so they never know what she/he is talking about?please and thank you!

Not sure if this is in the realm of what you wanted, but it was a little difficult coming up with scenarios in my head lol.

~I hope you enjoy it, darling.~

Requests are OPEN

J Hope:

He would think it’s adorable, and loves to play around with your bad habit of changing the subject / mixing up your words. 

He would purposefully try to distract you, just to see if he can get you to forget what you were talking about. 

His favorite method is throwing weird facts at you, mid-sentence. 

“Did you know that for every human on earth there are 1.6 million ants.”

You would immediatly latch on, “Oh my god, Hobi, do you think they’re planning to overthrow us? maybe they’re tired of us being the master species.”

Later that day:

“Owww, did you just throw your shoe at me?!”

“Yah! You did it on purpose Hoseok! I was trying to tell you something important but then you told me about our ant overlords! I can’t even remember what I wanted you to know.”

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Tae has the same problem as you, thoughts always disorganized, and you both get so excited to say something that your mind runs faster than your mouth can keep up.

You’re in sync with each other, you’be been together so long, so you both tend to get the gist of what you’re saying. 

“Jagiya, For our date spinny thing, naked coloring, or pet the bees.”

“Ooooo, Tae we should totally go pet the bees Isn’t there a place just outside of Seoul?”

“Yes! And we get free honey! but it’s terrible fashion, the net is atrocious… wait–”

“—-We should make a beekeeper fashion line!”

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“Wait, baby girl, slow down.”

“Weren’t we just talking about what to do for your birthday? How did government conspiracy theories even get into this conversation?”

“it’s not a conspiracy theory if it’s true Namjoonie! She was controlled by shamans! Shamans!”

Honestly, he’s so lost when he’s talking to you, about 90% of the time.

“How does your brain even function? You come up with the craziest things.”

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This boy is so in love with you it’s not even funny. 

He just goes along with whatever you want to do. The other band members say he’s whipped, and they’re not wrong. 

“Hmmm? You want to live on a space colony?”

“Kookie, we’d be the founders of a whole new civilization. How cool would that be?”

“… weren’t we just talking about getting a kitten?”

“Of course we can take the kitten with us, Obviously.”

He thinks you’re too cute for this world. 

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Would have gotten used to it after a while. 

He has a whole system now, once you’ve deviated from your original conversational trajectory, off into lalala land, he would just continue to do whatever occupied him before you distracted him. He knows you’ll come back around to your original point.

Eventually you realize that you never finished telling him what you wanted in the beginning, bringing the conversation back around.

“Oh, you’re back from Mars now?”

“How was the weather? Were the aliens nice to you?”

He would joke around about it, but he secretly finds it endearing. 

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He doesn’t mind it usually, but when it comes to food he has to draw the line. 

“No, no, no, no, no, no.”

“We are not adding chocolate sauce to our chili! We are not barbarians.”

“But, Oppa it’ll add sweetness to the heat. It’ll be good, promise!”

He would distract you from your harebrained ideas, but really you just come up with new ones. 

“Wait— put that down! What are you doing with the kimchi?!”

You also have a bad habit of leaving unfinished dishes lying around the kitchen (pancake batter, mixed rice that hasn’t been cooked, unfinished cookie dough in the mixer, etc.)

“Can’t you at least put it in the refrigerator? I know you get distracted, but this is such a waste.”

“Don’t make me ban you from my kitchen. I’ll do it too, ask Namjoon.”

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Thinks you’re so weird. He finally understand that people can actually be 4D, and it’s not just an act put on for attention. 

“If there’s one thing I’ve learned from dating you, it’s that life takes all kinds of people.”

When you get on one of your distracted/short attention span phases he just rolls along with it, letting you do your thing. 

“Mmmmmm, You want to dye your hair blue and green? Go for it.”

“… Polar bears? Yeah, they’re super cute.”

“Do I think it’s possible for robots to take over the world? I mean, have you seen iRobot?”

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I’M (not) SORRY. Had to get this out of my system. Little things that keep Rhys up at night.

How OOC is this tho like for real. But I HC that Zer0 knows about Rhys’s huge crush on them, and likes to play around with that to get him flustered, anyways.

How To Get Christmas DLC Secret Route

yoooooo okay so I noticed there’s been a lot of confusion on how to get Unknown/Saeran’s route for Mystic Messenger’s DLC. I have gotten the Unknown route, so these steps will for sure get you into his route.

So with my gameplay, I didn’t participate in any of the first day chats. I started the DLC around 11:00 p.m. (23:00) and just read through all the missed chats. The only required chat from Day 1 is the 23:01 Christmas Soon! chat with 707 and Jaehee because after that chat, there’s a gamebranch. Overall, on Day 1 I got 9% participation. Therefore, I don’t think you need to specifically go for 707′s route, or anyone else’s for that matter. Of course, I didn’t get any Visual Novels on the second day because of the 9% participation lol. 

For Christmas Day, the 00:01 Ungrateful Christmas chat with Zen and 707 has specific answers that get you hearts for Unknown. I’m not sure if you need to choose those ones to get the route, but better safe than sorry. There are only two choices in that chat that give Unknown hearts:

  • Does that mean you have to practice all over again? That’s too much.
  • That’s right. I hope they treat their actors with more care.

After this chat, you will receive a text from Unknown. I chose “Yes. I want to know who you are.”

You have to participate in two other chats to get texts from Unknown: 

  • 08:43 Yoosung and C&R chat with Jumin and Jaehee
    • Choose “I’ll send you the address for the event. [Send address]
  • 16:07 All because of [Name] chat with 707 and Jaehee
    • Choose “It ends at 9. I’ll be waiting. You said you’d come find me soon.”

Participating in the  00:01 Ungrateful Christmas08:43 Yoosung and C&R, and 16:07 All because of [Name] chats are MANDATORY if you want to get into Unknown’s route. If you don’t answer them or get all of them, you won’t get his end. 

You’ll know if you got into his route if the 18:10 Reached the Goal chat appears. Have fun~~~ 

spread to your buds if they’re having trouble :)

NOTE: This is ONLY based on my gameplay. There are other ways to get into Unknown’s route!!  I only missed all of the first day chats because it was my fourth attempt to get onto his route, so I didn’t want to waste another full day. I reblogged this post and added some other info (mainly ways other people got into his route that were different from my method and some clarifications on my instructions), so if you don’t want to do what I did, you can check there too! It’s under the tag #CLARIFICATIONS. I haven’t tried their methods yet (I’ve only played for Unknown once), but if you’d like to try how they did it, go ahead! I also tagged them in it, just bc what they said to me were a little vague, so you can send them questions if you want to. 

Honestly, my method was a pain just because I didn’t have the MAX SPEED button D: but it only took me around thirty minutes to go through all the missed chats instead of doing the whole day, so I thought that was fair LOL. 

Moonlight - Minghao scenario

request: Omg I’m not the anon who requested it but I just love that mingyu scenario, you think you could do that with Minghao for me, please? I love you and your blog ❤️ thank you for reading this shitty request lol

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  • “Babe, I’m home!!”
  • he seemed too happy for just being in the dance studio for hours on end
  • so you’re a little suspicious
  • “hey, minghao” (:
  • he’d do the cute thing where he wraps his arms around your waist and rest his head on top of yours or on your shoulder
  • you probably played with his hair a little and just rested your arms lazily around his shoulders
  • “baby, you should go take a shower, you’ve been dancing all day”
  • “only if you join me”
  • ;)
  • your shower was nothing but innocent though
  • he never let his hands go anywhere but your face, back and waist
  • such a gentleman, even when you’re both naked in a shower
  • if you could convince him, he’d probably wash your hair and detangle your hair for you
  • and he’d brush off any stray pieces of hair that were on your face
  • along with the water droplets
  • and he’d just admire your beauty
  • because wOW
  • and when you got out of the shower and covered yourself in one of his hoodies
  • his heart exploded
  • it was all so low quality, in a way, but everything seemed perfect
  • with moonlight streaming in through the windows, making your beauty surreal to minghao
  • this was a moment that he wanted to be stuck in forever
  • so, quietly, he’d grab his phone, and a camera while you were distracted by the book in your hands
  • with the moonlight pouring over both you and the book, there was no need for the lights to be on
  • and when the moonlight hit your face in a perfect way, he’d take a snap on the camera
  • which made you turn and look at him
  • :O “i-i’m sorry.. you just look so amazing.. no, you look angelic”, he’d stutter as he quickly hid the camera
  • “you’ve been spending too much time with junhui”
  • “pffft, no I haven’t, now come cuddle me”, he’d say as he lied on the bed and pulled you across to him
  • which made you drop your book
  • oh well  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  • anyways, minghao picked up the book for some reason
  • “where were you up to?”
  • “hm, page 136, where Sol breaks Nari’s nose”
  • you were confused as to why he asked, but you still cuddled up to him as he went through the book and found where you were up to
  • and then he started reading
  • ???!?!!!?!?!? what
  • his voice was surprisingly soothing and calm
  • and combined with the warmth of his cuddles, you found yourself drifting off
  • once minghao thought you were asleep, he stopped reciting the words
  • but
  • “no, minghao, don’t stop”
  • so he kept reading until you actually were asleep
  • he only knew you were asleep because of the drool that had leaked from your mouth and onto his chest
  • which was such fun
  • but anyways, he kept reading
  • not to you, but himself
  • and when you woke up in the morning, he’d be asleep with the book on his chest and 15 missed calls from seungcheol and soonyoung because he was late to practice
  • maybe he shouldn’t have stayed up so late reading

- lani :]



I saved that cute picture of Pangur and the skele-kitty with intentions of drawing it a while ago. I moved the skele-kitty around a little bit and added back legs, but I finally did it!

This is the first time I’ve done fan art like this, so I hope you like it - I just thought the picture was so cute and got carried away with playing with the colors! This is the first self-indulgent thing I’ve drawn in months lol.

(( my dA is slammabangjoe.devaintart.com))

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Oooh! Could I ask for some cuddle headcanons for the pretty setter squad (mainly Suga, Oikawa, Akashi, Semi) please? 🤗


  • Likes to be big spoon because he likes holding you and likes to play with your hands. He likes the way you smell too, it makes him fuzzy and it helps him sleep.
  • Likes cuddling with multiple blankets because he likes to wrap them around you, plus the two of you will never be cold!
  • When the two of you are cuddling, he just likes talking with you and at times he will tickle you for fun because he likes to hear you laugh. 
  • Asks you about your day and he’ll tell you his day in response. He really likes listening to your voice because he thinks it can be really calming. Or he just likes seeing the expressions you make when you talk.
  • Suga’s cuddles are like hot chocolate on a chilly winter night. Just, ahhhhhhhhhhh~


  • A clingy cuddler. If you want to go to the bathroom he’ll whine because he doesn’t want to let you go. He likes the warmth that you give him and you fit well in his arms so he just wants to lay with you there.
  • Wouldn’t mind being the big or small spoon, so cuddle away.
  • I feel like once the two of you cuddle for a while, his body tends to heat up so you might become all warm cuddling from cuddling him too long so blankets probably aren’t a thing.
  • Likes to cuddle at night on his bed so that he could just sleep while cuddling you because he tends to get tired from practice a lot.
  • His cuddles are very nice though because his head is usually by your shoulder and you could feel his breath fanning by your face and his breath is a little minty so it’s really nice.


  • Quite cuddles from this boy. Like Suga, he likes to hold your hand and play with them because he admires you and your hands are something special because he likes the physical touch.
  • Doesn't really talk while cuddling because he enjoys the comfortable silence. 
  • Doesn’t really like being small spoon. He just likes spooning you because it’s nice being able to look at you.
  • Places little kisses around your temples because that’s his way of giving you affection and boi, it’s cute.
  • His cuddles are like the satisfaction after crying and you just let out a breath and you feel better. lol I don’t really know what I’m saying but maybe it’s just me after I read good angst


  • It’s not like he doesn’t cuddle but he just likes sitting next to you with your head laying on his shoulder. He loves that because it makes him feel like you’re relying on him.
  • He just really likes you being really close to him because he loves you and he just likes you. 
  • Or the two of you could be laying down side by side and he will listen to you talk to him about your day or anything. Side by side, holding hands looking at the ceiling stars, just beautiful.
  • You could lay face to face too but it gets him flustered because just having you look at him directly for a period of time makes him blush. Especially if you just compliment him, he can’t handle it.
  • His cuddles just make you wanna kiss him, lol.

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hii~ I know you're probably tired of doing terrible two headcanons but they're so cute!!! can u do one about the batboys introducing their little sis to their teams? Like dick; Titans, Jason; outlaws. Thanks 💓💓 ur work is amazing girl

sorry again! , by titans, I mean the Titans team, like in rebirth :-) thanks 💓

Okay finally here! And thank you so much!

I’d like to apologize in advance for any inaccuracy! I don’t have enough money to buy comics, so i haven’t read a lot(I have to go online to read some comics lol)


  • Let me just say when he first introduced you his team was ecstatic.
  • They love to teach you new things everyday. Beast Boy teaches you about animals, and the environment. 
  • Raven probably teaches you how to control emotions and other important things in life
  • Aqualad is the voice of reason, and is actually the calmest when dealing with you. He’s almost as good as Alfred
  • Cyborg is usually the one to let things slide. 
  • He’s the cool uncle lol. Like, if you ask for candy he gives you a whole box.
  • Lilith adores you and so does Donna. 
  • Donna usually takes you on little flights, making sure you’re secured and won’t fall, and Lilith takes you out places. 
  • Overall visiting the Titans is just full of fun for you!


  • “Little Red Him!”
  • Honestly most of the time you’re brought over just so you and Bizarro can have a play-date together.
  • Artemis was uncomfortable around you at first but she warmed up.
  • She just didn’t wanna hurt you.
  • Roy thought of you as his own little sister. 
  • He probably tries to teach you how to defend yourself. 
  • Artemis is on board with that, she just…well. 
  • “Artemis no she can’t learn to chuck a polearm at people” 


  • Okay, so at first he only brought you along cause it was his night to watch you and he had a really important mission. 
  • “Okay team, this is ___. She’s only 2 and is staying here for a while” 
  • Cue the collective squeals
  •  And the deaf Tim. 
  • Bunker likes to play dolls with you. 
  • Literally would do anything for you. 
  • Wonder Girl loves to show you off to people. 
  • Like no baby she could get hurt 
  •  Beast Boy, like I said, teaches you about animals but also likes to play tag and hide and seek. 
  •  Raven is very calm with you. 
  • When she’s meditating she allows you to sit in her lap.
  •  (Man i need to read more comics-)


  •  He loves you to Krypton and back. 
  • That was a terrible reference shoot me. 
  • Kori also loves you, and is practically a mother to you. 
  • Jon is honestly terrified every time he sees Damian bring you along on missions. 
  • “Damian what if she gets hurt!?” 
  • “She won’t. She has me”
  • Actually now that i think about it Kori is probably the one who gets stuck watching you.
  • She loves watching you though.
  • Jaime is honestly terrified to be by you
  • Oh no my poor baby
  • He just doesn’t want the scarab to hurt you.
  • But he does love you, even if he tends to avoid you.

ToDae 💕

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2d just bein really clingy plz

A/N: (::::::::::

  • Your back hurt as you hunched over you computer, typing away furiously as you rushed to get your assignment done. You knew if you hadn’t procrastinated all day, you wouldn’t have been in this situation, but inevitable as it was, waiting until the last minute to complete something was just how you got things done. lol dont lie to me ik yall do this too
  • 2D knew how you worked at times like these. He kept to himself, usually playing around with some of his many keyboards, mindlessly going about his phone, or writing down little things he thought sounded nice whenever they came to mind. 
  • Usually, you would finish within an hour or two but unfortunately today was not going to be one of those days. He found absolutely no interest in doing anything else and laid down on his bed, a few feet away from you, waiting patiently for you to finish. Well, almost patiently. He watched you as you sat on the chair that once held one of his keyboards, laptop on your thighs as you typed impressively fast.
  • He wanted so badly for you to finish already so you could spend time with him, as the two of you had the house to yourselves. He huffed and sat up, pursing his lips when you didn’t notice the movement. He waved his arms about, but you paid him no mind and continued to type, further tempting him. 
  • Cautiously, he reached over to one of the legs of your chairs and pulled you closer to his bed, pausing to see if you would react in anyway. As expected, you continued to type and he slowly inched the chair closer to him until it was right next to his bed.
  • You were confused when you felt yourself being awkwardly moved from the hard material of the chair onto his soft comforter. He pulls you into him, a comfortable position against his small headboard with you in between his long legs. He wraps his arms around your waist, resting his chin on your shoulder.
  • “Stuart?” you ask, looking at him through the corner of your eye. He doesn’t answer and pulls you closer into him, humming contently as you finally acknowledged him, “Keep going,” he says and you do exactly so.
  • You finish within a few more minutes and close your laptop, exhaling loudly as that burden was finally done and over with. You look at the time and realize it had been a while since you had eaten. You get up but you’re stopped when the arms around your waist tighten, trapping you against him. You laugh, “Stu, I need food,” you say, attempting to wiggle out of his grasp but he doesn’t budge.
  • He doesn’t answer and you continue to try to escape, laughing in the process which entices his own and you eventually manage to stand up, him still attached behind you like a leech. “Oh my god, Stuart,” you say laughing. You give up and leave him be as the two of you awkwardly hobble over to the kitchen, him following your movements with clumsy steps.
  • He remains attached to you as you fix yourself something to eat and even sneaks a few bites for himself, earning a playful gasp every time he does so. Eventually you finish, and the two of you shuffle to the couch where he plops down, bringing you down with him into a comfortable position on his lap, “Finally,” he says as he turns the TV on in front of you.
  • “Was this your plan the entire time?” you ask, turning around to look at him. He attempts to look as innocent as possible, “Maybe…”
  • “Well, you’ll have to try harder than that,” you say quickly before you jump up and run from him, engaging in an intense battle of tag.
  • He eventually catches you and yall fuck.