just pilot

The rush of joy you feel when a stranger correctly names your instrument from just seeing the case

One of my headcanons is that Keith knows he is half Galra, half Altean.

I like to imagine that Zarkon sends him to earth to observes the human race and see if any of their technology or soldiers are of any use for the Galra Empire. 
So Keith enrolls at the Galaxy Garrison and quickly makes it to the top of his class. However, Takashi Shirogane is still the best pilot in the whole institution if not on the entire planet. Keith, hurt in his pride but also intrigued that there is actually someone better at piloting than him, befriends Shiro. Eventually he realizes there is more to the officer than just his piloting skills.

After Shiro takes off to Kerberos, Keith contacts the empire to capture Shiro and put him in his personal squad. They do as ordered but when Keith returns, finds out they cut off Shiro’s arm in battle and traumatized him for life. 

Keith feels betrayed and swears revenge on the Galra. After that, he and Shiro decide to become double agents. They join team Voltron to fight the Galra. In the end they pretend to betray team Voltron and ally with the Galra again to destroy them from within.


Allura’s Moving Castle AU

1. why? 2. why not! 3. asadahsdklsasdf


the way josh makes out like he’s gonna smash the heck out of the drums and then just lightly taps them and does his lil dance like

  • twenty one pilots performing during concerts: gods among men, no one can touch their talented greatness
  • twenty one pilots performing on live t.v shows: two weird potatoes ready to be boiled
things to remember:
  • there will always be a tomorrow
  • nearly all problems are fixable
  • even your smallest achievements are something to be proud of
  • being alone can be exactly what you need sometimes
  • always get back up, no matter what it is that pushes you down
  • new opportunities will come along
  • you are not alone
  • you are valid
  • you are loved
  • and you are going to be okay.