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BNHA Headcanons

Just some head canons I have


- Don’t challenge him to any video game. He will. Destroy. You. Does not matter if you’re his best friend. You’re going down, and he’ll smile the entire time.

- Animals?? Love him?? Koda low-key gets excited.

- Pretty good artist. He doesn’t do it a lot, but it’s one thing him and Bakouga have in common. Not that either know. (Thats a lie. Katsuki has seen him draw, but doesn’t comment. He’s a little impressed tbh.)

- As they get older, and he gets more stable with his quirk he just. Picks people up. Randomly. Todoroki in his way? Dat boi in the air and set down before he can blink. Iida ranting too early in the morning? Tossed over the shoulder and thrown on the couch with a very drawn out “shhhhhh”. Shoji cries the first time Izuku does it to him cuz he thought nobody could pick him up anymore. Piggy back rides are a regular thing by third year. Even Momo gets in on it. (They’re all low-key attracted by it, but no one saying shit.)


- Good artist. doodles mostly and doesn’t talk about it. 

- very big dog person. Cats are okay- he’d own one, yeah, but dogs are where its at. When he gets one later in life, people are shook by how well trained and affectionate the pupper is. 

- Tone deaf. No one takes him to karaoke after the incident.

- He likes?? Kids?? No one was expecting this when they went on a field trip to the elementary school. Kirishima kinda thinks its cuz he regrets what he did to Izuku, and is sorta trying to make up for it. 

- When no one is around, he listens to really soft music.


- By third year he is known as The Prankster. He’s gotten too comfortable. Everyone fears the 1st of April. Even Bakouga locks himself in his dorm. (The only ones safe are Izuku and Momo- but they help him in secret.)

- The sass master by second year. “Did you run all the way here?” “No, just briskly walking throws me into cardiac arrest.”

- Really likes small animals. Hamsters? Heck ye. Chinchilla? STOP HIS HEART WILL BURST. (But hes also scared he’ll accidentally hurt them. Sweet boi.)

- Ride or die friend. Will drive at two in the morning to wherever they hell u managed to land yourself at. Probably would help you hide a body too.

- This boy can’t figure out video games to save his life. Prefers chess and crosswords. (But will try to play for Izuku.)

- Surprisingly, he’s that one person always taking pictures. His phone is loaded with selfies of him and and his friends. The only physical evidence that he smiles. He carries a selfie stick around and no one lets him forget it (but he doesn’t understand why its so funny?? he likes taking selfies with his friends. :( )


- Unhealthy obsession with flower crowns. He has like 10 at his dorm that he wears around when they aren’t training. (He made them himself.)

- Rly good at comforting. best hugs. Well, after Shoji. Good listener. 11/10 would have as best friend. 

- Really likes fictional books. Especially action filled ones. Bakugou was v surprised when he was laying on his friend’s floor and looked under the bed to find. like. fifty books. They all have rlly colorful covers and outrageous plots, but Kiri will defend them to the ends of the earth.

- fav pass time is to just.. walk. Where is he? probs just walking around the school grounds. Has accidentally stayed out after curfew. Got an earful from Aizawa. 


- Makes some bomb ass tea. However, he prefers coffee or cocoa. Midnight regularly makes him brew the staff tea tho.

- Regularly daydreams about being a cat

- His apartment has one (1) picture hanging on the wall. Its of his cat. Mic gave it to him one year as a joke. The blond still cries a little whenever he sees it.

- he writes down and saves weird things his students say. He has enough material to make roughly 3 books filled with quotes. He’s planning to publish them when he retires.


- Regularly gets attacked by birds. No. Really. It’s an actual problem. Birds are assholes.

- Both of his parents have regular human heads. His birth was very odd. And his dad couldn’t exactly accuse his mom of cheating, ya know? That would just raise so many strange questions.

- He’s not much of an animal person. The irony is not lost to him.

- Prefers hand-held games. He also joins Todo for chess usually. They are pretty evenly matched.

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The signs as ODAAT characters
  • aries: Penelope Alvarez
  • taurus: Alex Alvarez
  • gemini: Ramona
  • cancer: Lori
  • leo: Lydia Riera
  • virgo: Elena Alvarez
  • libra: Finn (Alex's friend)
  • scorpio: Carmen
  • sagittarius: Scott
  • capricorn: Dr. Leslie Berkowitz
  • aquarius: Jill Riley
  • pisces: Schneider
Hunk plays the ukulele

this one person just saved one of my pins of a yellow ukulele to a hunk character board… how could we have been so blind? just imagine him strumming mindless little tunes on a lazy sunday morning, with lance’s head laying on his lap. then all of them humming to a song he plays while they are just doing their own thing. Lance and Pidge ironically singing wonderwall. Keith forcing Hunk to learn some twenty one pilots songs. Him smiling and softly singing along to house of gold with hunk.
Hunk plays the uke, sorry I don’t make the rules.

Okay so Shiro has always been taller than Keith. Like he’s used to being able to put his chin on top of Keith’s head and what not. But now though he has all this muscle and extra weight on him. Shiro realizes that he can use this to his advantage. Here’s a short list of things Shiro has done to Keith just because he could:

  • Keith was struggling to reach something on a high shelf so Shiro picked him up and put him on his shoulders
  • Keith looked cold when he was lounging on the couching so Shiro plopped down on top of him 
    • Keith thought he was being attacked for a few seconds before he realized it was just his bf being weird
    • Shiro does this basically anytime he sees Keith sitting/laying down anywhere and by this point Keith just accepts that this is his life now
  • Shiro saw someone sitting on their s/o’s lap and he thought it was cute so he sat on Keith’s lap (nearly crushing him to death with his big butt)
    • Keith did not mind this one bit
  • Use Keith as weight for him to lift when he’s working out 
  • Not wanting to bend down to kiss him so Shiro just picks Keith up and then puts him back down again
  • Shiro putting Keith on his back to increase resistance while Keith tries to read a book but he can’t concentrate on at all because damn
  • Just picking him up randomly because he can and Keith doesn’t really mind 
Types of Kisses with Shawn

·        Forehead kisses

Originally posted by coupleaims

-So these would be when Shawn is extremely proud of you, and just quickly bends down to kiss you on the forehead while wrapping an arm around your neck to pull you closer

-Or when you’re hugging, he slowly kisses you on your forehead and the top of the head as he squeezes you tighter to him

-And they would happen when you guys were sleeping in bed, and you’re just lying on his chest and he kisses you on your forehead before you both fall asleep

·        Nose kisses

Originally posted by couplenotes

-They would happen when Shawn is feeling all lovey-dovey and he places his hands on your shoulders and starts kissing all over your face and finishing on the nose

-Or right after kissing him on the lips, you stand up on your tippy toes to place one on his nose; which makes him laugh and pick you up and spin you around

·        Knuckle kisses

Originally posted by couplenotes

-These would mostly happen when you’re out in public together. Like for example, you’re walking a red carpet with him and you’re holding hands, and he’ll just occasionally bring your hand up to his lips. And the paparazzi go crazy and the fangirls fawn. Oh I wish this would happen hahah

-They would also happen at more intimate times.

      -Like maybe you’re very upset and you’re crying, and Shawn just takes both of your hands and kisses them while looking at you in the eyes, telling you it’s going to be okay

      -I feel like this would also happen during your first time, it’d be like a good silent wordless way for Shawn to tell you you’re beautiful

·        Fingertip kisses

Originally posted by outrageauxbonnesmoeurs

-When he’s bored, he’ll just randomly pick up your hand and start trailing kisses down your fingers

·        Cold kisses

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-This sounds confusing by the title, but it’s basically when you guys are all huddled up together because it’s fucking cold outside. Either his scarf is around you two, or his jacket. You guys are just pressed up against each other for body warmth and he’d kiss you anywhere so easily thanks to the closeness.

·        Cheek kisses

Originally posted by sensualkisses

-One of my favourites!

      -You like standing up on your toes to meet his cheek and place a kiss on it, enjoying the slight blush that would take place there

       -Lots of these when you start dating

       -When you’re both sitting down, he’d like to randomly kiss your cheek.

       -When you’re sick, Shawn still wants to kiss you on the lips, but you insist on not getting him sick so force him to do it on the cheek if he’s going to kiss you.

·        Jawline kisses

-   When you’re too lazy to stand on your toes or are just much shorter than him, you decide to kiss his jaw and he doesn’t hate it

·        Goodbye kisses

Originally posted by samhorsley1993

-   They’re mostly at the airport, when he has to leave on tour.

-   They’re long, passionate, and there is so much love put into that kiss.

-   Shawn savours every moment of it, like that when he’s away from you he can look back and remember every touch with you.

-   His hands are usually on your waist or holding your back

·        Shoulder kisses

Originally posted by killijoy

-   He would kiss you on the shoulder whenever you’re studying, or working. He’d walk into the room seeing you sitting there and would come sit behind you and start placing soft kisses on your shoulder.

-   He also like giving you this after you shower, or you’re going swimming and your shoulder is bare.

-You’d do the same thing to him when he’s shirtless ;)

·        The interrupting kiss

-   Most of these would happen when you’re pissed at him or you guys are arguing over some petty little thing. Instead of talking, because he knows that you two will be fine, he walks over to you and kisses you mid-sentence.

-   Or, when after he pulled a prank on you, you’re shouting and he just pulls you in for a kiss.

“SHAWN what the hell, I’m covered in whipped crea-“

And he would just swoop in and kiss you, laughing at how cute you are.

“That is some good tasting whipped cream there.”

·        Laughing kiss

-   You two are both laughing your freaking heads off, and in the middle of your chuckles, he looks at you and leans down for a kiss.

-   These are fun, because you are both so out of breath from laughing and get even more by the kissing.


College Boy Part Two

Prompt: Harry wants a shot at a normal life so he attends Northeastern University, but it’s harder than he thinks. The friends he made just want fame, and the other hardly look at him. But then he meets her, Y/N, and she wants nothing to do with the a-list celebrity.

Part One

Y/N had never made friends easily. She was always the odd one out, people never noticed her, she felt invisible. She was always the friend who was left walking behind everyone else, when she spoke no one seemed to listen, and she was always invited last minute or not at all. It was a pity friendship between her and everyone else, and she hated it. She never felt important, she never bothered to try and make any more friends.

Y/N wished she had friends, she wished she could go and eat with someone in the dining hall. She wished that people invited her to sleepovers, she wished she could hold a conversation. She wished that she could be funny or open with others, but it had back fired every time and so she gave up.

It was Friday, and Y/N loved Friday’s. But not for the reason everyone else did, she didn’t go out to party, she wasn’t pregaming, she wouldn’t be found taking pictures in the streets with friends. She loved Friday’s because her roommate would go out to party, meaning she got the room to herself. Y/N took the chance to do laundry. She grabbed her basket, walking out into the hallway. She hears people laughing, running past her to catch the elevator.

She makes her way down the hall where the laundry room is. She stops by the door way, seeing Harry from at the washer machine. His eyes are full of confusion and he’s staring at the settings and the coins in his hand.

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I’m seeing people say that Twelve and Bill’s relationship reminds them of Ten and Donna, and I kinda see what they mean, but like

Seven and Ace

we all saw Ace vibes (and Donna ones) in that initial clip, and now we’ve really got it, because it’s not a best mates friendship as much as a mentoring friendship, the Doctor teaching the companion as they go

plus, the “Professor” thing, except in Twelve’s case it was more literal and not just a randomly picked up title the companion uses

plus we know Ace also loved ladies

am I saying Bill should get to beat up a Dalek with a baseball bat? that wasn’t where I was going with this but yes actually she definitely should

Childhood Magick

I just read a post about childhood magick from @death-witch-envy and let me just say, I don’t feel like this is talked about enough. I’m not talking about those people who’s moms or other relatives grew up teaching their children magick (although those are still great, I see it quite a bit). I’m talking about those kids that were witches before they knew it.

Think of those kids that just randomly pick up rocks every time they go out.

Or those other kids who just have some weird knack for finding little lizard skeletons or perfectly preserved bugs.

Or maybe you have a little one who just screams and screams one day for no reason before you go to work, just to find out that they delayed you just enough to miss a huge car crash that you most likely would have been involved in.


anonymous asked:

how would the boys act if s/o went thru abuse in there past??

A/N: Didn’t put any specific guys in the request, so I’ll just pick four randomly. Hope you enjoy it!


  • Zenyatta has worked substantially with Genji about his abuse, so he’ll likely have the most experience out of all the guys. Making you feel at peace is his number one priority, so he’ll slowly draw the details out of you at a pace that you’re comfortable with. You’ll spend a lot of time talking with him about what happened, with him giving you empathetic advice while calming supporting you. If you need to cry, scream, anything, he’s there for you. If you don’t want to talk about it, he understands, and will wait until you’re ready. Eventually he’ll help you come to peace with what happened, even if you thought you’d never be able to. He might suggest meeting with your abuser if you’re comfortable with it, but not before he meets them personally to see if they’ve changed and want to atone for what they did.

Soldier 76:

  • Soldier’s pretty much the most physically abused member of Overwatch, trailing behind Reaper and maybe Genji (literally dying and losing all his limbs, respectively). Granted, none of the abuse was done by someone he loved, but he’ll try and use his experience to help you. He had a lot of experience dealing with people back when he was still Jack Morrison, but he’s not the most emotionally available confidant. He’ll feel angry that he wasn’t there to help when it happened, almost like he wasn’t able to protect you, but he’s there now. Nothing like that will ever happen to you again. He won’t tell you, but he’ll be looking into finding your abuser, maybe paying them a personal visit, he was never good at letting go of a grudge.


  • McCree’s an old-school romantic, so he’s visibly distraught when you tell him about the abuse. Depending on how emotional you get when telling him, he’s likely to start crying too, wrapping you up in a tight hug regardless of how you feel when you talk to him about it. He’ll go above and beyond to let you know how much he loves you, and how he will never treat you like that. He wants you to feel safe, to feel loved, and he’s going to tell you how much he loves you over and over again. Expect a lot of physical affection, mostly consisting of kisses and hugs, with his usual emotional support. He loves you, and if you ever want to pay a ‘visit’ to your abuser, he’ll be right beside you.


  • Reinhardt is easily the most protective member of Overwatch, Roadhog would be the only person even comparable to him, and that’s mostly just for the job. He’ll wrap you up in a giant bear hug, almost smothering you with his love, making sure you know how important you are to him. Don’t expect him to let go unless you can convince him that you’re perfectly fine, he wants to protect you from anything and everything. Despite seeming like a gentle giant, Reinhardt will subtly, well as subtly as he can suggest that you both pay your abuser a visit.
Tips for Beginner Tarot Readers

I’ve only been reading cards for about a year, but I’ve learned a lot!


• Quickly bless your cards by kissing the deck or whatever way you prefer! Let the deck know you appreciate it.

• Wave away previous energies from the deck after each reading. Not doing this will effect the accuracy of your readings!

• Can’t afford a deck? Check if it has an app! My favorite tarot app is Golden Thread Tarot. Another good, cute one is Kawaii tarot.

• Going off the last one, ALWAYS check if a deck has an app before you buy a deck. Although, in my belief, every individual deck has a spirit, you need to see if you connect with the deck as a whole first. Don’t waste your money!

• Dont just randomly pick cards. Glide your hands over the deck, get a feel for each and every card in it. When you reach your answer card, you should feel this instinct feeling that that is the card you pull. Let the card come to you.

• The more you use your deck, the better your connection with it will be. I believe that each deck has a spirit attached to it, so this is essentially “The more you talk to someone, the more friends you become.”

• Not every reading is accurate. We aren’t perfect and neither is your deck. Do not take readings as an end-all-be-all. Answers may change over time!

• Shuffle mindfully. If you use the method where you pick the top card, make sure to really put thought and energy into each and every shuffle.

The Android: Hey, are you free on Friday? like, around 8 pm on Friday?

Nyx: Yes?

The Android: What about you?

Two: Yes, I am

The Android: Great! Because I’m not. You two go on without me. Enjoy your date

Nyx: Did she just-

I can imagine Lauren abusing the replay button of Camila’s new music video and then posting “I’m obsessed with Cilantro.”

Wasn’t she obsessed with two other C-words awhile ago? Cheerios (or was it Cheetos?) and Ceviche? it’s like she’s just randomly picking words starting with C now lmao.

L: *sees Camila in her timeline*

L: shit. I’m obsessed with C…Camera…. Chimera… Clitoris… Cheerios… Ceviche…

L: Cilantro. Perfect. *tweets*

A millisecond later..

C: hi.

*fandom goes wild*