just picked this up after reading the series again!

Non-Spoilery Section: When I first heard about this book, I had just started reading the ‘Throne of Glass’ series in 2014. Though this book sparked my interest, I never did pick it up until last month during the Sarah J Maas signing I attended.  Even after I picked it up, I didn’t start reading it until last week. And let me tell you, I completely regret not reading this amazing book sooner. Sarah J Maas has done it again. She has created a fantasy series with a strong female lead, a beautiful and intricate world, and gorgeous male characters you can’t help falling in love with.

So this book is actually a ‘Beauty and the Beast’ retelling but in my opinion, ACOTAR is better off described as ‘based off’ Beauty and the Beast rather than ‘retold’ because while this book takes certain concepts from the story of Beauty and the Beast, it’s too unique and ‘it’s own’ to actually be considered a retelling.
This story is in first-person point of view and a huntress named Feyre is the narrator. One day, while hunting for food for her starving family, she comes across a wolf and shoots him. What she doesn’t know is that the wolf she killed was actually a faerie. In Feyre’s world, a treaty exists between humans and faeries and because of that treaty, Feyre is forced to leave her home and her family to live in the fae lands of Prythian for the rest of her life.

If you were to ask me which series I like better, Throne of Glass or this one, I’d say Throne of Glass. This series is great and everything, but to me the Throne of Glass world seems more colorful and enticing than this one.
I do however give this book a five out five stars and then some. If you tell me you’re in the mood for an epic fantasy read with magic, gorgeous faeries, a bitchy villain, and hot sex, I would thrust this book into your hands and whisper ‘Rhyasnd’ in your ear before disappearing into the shadows.

Spoilery Section:  One of the things I loved the most about this book was seeing the world through Feyre’s artist eyes. Sarah J Maas is able to describe things so beautifully. Personally, a beautiful and detailed description in a book does a lot for me.

So let’s talk about Feyre for a minute. She’s cold and prickly, stubborn and prideful, frustrating and kinda stupid at times. I understand her coldness, I do. Her world was literal hell, how else would she be able to cool herself down in a hellish world unless she built an ice wall around herself? But her stubbornness and her stupidity really got under my nerves at times. I mean c’mon Feyre! Wasn’t she at least a little bit suspicious when she saw her lame father in Prythian? Well, at least she knows that she should shut the hell up, even if she doesn’t. Also, why did she have to be so damn stubborn when Tamlin offered to teach her to read? C’MON FEYRE LEARNING TO READ WILL BE A VALUABLE THING. IF RHYSAND HADN’T HELPED YOU DURING THE SECOND TRIAL YOU’D BE SPLATTERED AGAINST AMARANTHA’S WALL. STUPID FEYRE. I also damn near through this book at wall in frustration when Feyre didn’t say ‘I love you’ to Tamlin sooner. But then again, no drama, no story.

So concerning Tamlin…. What can I say? He’s a sexy flower puppy who rules over flower land. He’s clueless about flirting and is overall just this cute, loving, sexy fae High Lord who Feyre and Amarantha want to bang. During the story, it’s evident that there is something wrong with Tamlin’s magic, he tells Feyre that the magic is malfunctioning or something but the truth is, he’s been cursed by Amarantha. All the High Lords have been stripped of most of their powers and put under her control. I mean, Amarantha sucks but Tamlin really shouldn’t have said what he did about Amarantha’s sister. That was below the belt, mate. Who else pictures him with like, Wolverine claws though?
Out of all the characters in ACOTAR, Lucien is probably my favorite. Lucien is like the Kenji Kishimoto, Leo Valdez, Uriah Pedrad, Finnick Odair, etc. of this story. In short, he is the unappreciated sidekick character everybody loves. He exists to provide comic relief, great advice, and hella comebacks. The conversations between Lucien and Feyre fill me with joy. I just wish Feyre was as good as Celeana when it comes to comebacks, it would do wonders for this book.

I tend to do that quite a lot actually. I tend to wonder what it would be like if Celaena was in Feyre’s place. I’d like to think Celaena would’ve been able to sneak Under the Mountain without getting caught. She also would’ve murdered Amarantha without waiting for riddles or tasks. And speaking of which, CELEANA WOULD’VE SOLVED THAT GODAMN RIDDLE IN 0.5 SECONDS FLAT. I skipped a little bit forward so I knew that the answer to the riddle was love, but dammit Feyre, the riddle isn’t that hard.
Another thing I tend to do while reading this book is forget that the faeries of the Spring Court wear masks. But that’s not important.
Okay so can we talk about how spring comes through the power of hot sex? And also can we talk about how stupid it was for Tamlin and Lucien to not tall Feyre about what exactly happens during Fire Night? I mean, A NATRUALLY STUBBORN HUMAN IS LIVING WITH YOU AND YOU DON’T TELL HER ABOUT FIRE NIGHT?  YOUDON’T TELL HER THAT IF SHE STEPPED FOOT OUTDOORS SHE COULD POSSIBLY GET RAPED? DAMMIT LUCIEN. DAMMIT TAMLIN.

So yeah, stubborn Feyre goes out during Fire Night or as I like to call it, ‘Weird faerie orgy ritual thing’ and she nearly gets raped until our prince Charming swoops in to save the day. Before reading ACOTAR, I already knew about the much-loved character of Rhysand. And of course Rhys is the beautiful bad boy who doesn’t wanna accept his feelings and issues. Why is it that these asshole, trashbag characters are the ones to always capture our hearts? WHY? So Rhys is the High Lord of the Night Court, and I love him. To be honest, I didn’t understand why people liked him. He was an asshole! I was so pissed at him for drugging Feyre and making her give him lap dances and whatnot. Even if he thought he was helping, he still pissed me off.

But then I found myself wondering about Rhys, after all, he’s an interesting character. And then when that scene came when Amarantha was murdering Feyre and Rhys just cried out for her as if he cared, my heart cracked. And Rhysand, that son of a bitch, waltzed into that crack in my heart and dominated my life. Now I am obsessed with him. And it’s all his fault.

Sarah J Maas is driving me mad with Rhys’ mystery. WHY DID HE LOOK SO SHOCKED WHEN HE BEHELD NEWLY-FAE FEYRE’S FACE? The first thing that came into my head is, ‘they’re mates, aren’t they?’ but then again ,Sarah could just be playing games with us. Maybe she wants us to think Rhys and Feyre are mates to confuse us. Maybe Nesta is Rhys’ mate. Maybe that’s what Rhys saw in Feyre’s face. Nesta. They have the same eyes right? Nesta and Feyre? I know it’s a little unlikely but I’m desperate for answers.
Speaking of Nesta though, there is definitely something up with her. She has the power to resist the glamour of a High Lord…. I wouldn’t be surprised if she turns out be something special.

I hope Feyre, Elaine, and Nesta all get fae husbands. That would be so cool. I REALLY SHIP LUCIEN AND ELAIN OKAY. IDK WHY I JUST DO. PLEASE TELL ME I’M NOT ALONE.
Speaking of ships, you may be wondering, who do I ship Feyre with? Well the answer to that is, I DON”T KNOW. On one hand, the fact that Feyre went Under the Mountain for Tam and endured all that torture for him should be a deal sealer. They’re in love and that’s that. But on the other hand, it’s obvious that there is definitely some kind of bond or connection between Feyre and Rhys. If they’re mates thenthat should be a deal sealer too. SO I JUST DON’T KNOW OKAY.

Okay lastly, I need to discuss my expectations, and wants for the next book, A Court of Mist and Fury. IT’S OUT NEXT MONTH GUYS.
1. I need to see Rhys teach Feyre to read. He said that he would.
2. I need to see Nesta walk into Prythian and just be a total QUEEN. She’d slay everyone, I know she would.
3. I need Elain to secretly be good at kicking ass.
4. I wanna a sexy scene with Rhys. Sarah promised 400% more sexy in ACOMAF, and I demand to have one with Rhys
5. There is also something fishy going on with Feyre’s mom. Probably
7.  I wanna explore the rest of the fae lands

Yeah so that’s it for this review: I think? If you think I missed something, tell me.
PS: Who else noticed that after Rhys and Feyre kissed, she started calling him ‘Rhys’ instead of ‘Rhysand’? Because I did.

“Only my prisoners and my enemies call me that – Rhysand, page 234

I’m probably overthinking but yeah. She did call him Rhysand again anyway after awhile…. BUT STILL.
PPS: I really need ACOMAF before the overthinking and the wondering drives me mad.