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I hope you all know you can come talk to me about anything. I’m all ears (I’m not really all ears… I have other features and ligaments and all that stuff and whatnots). But anyways come talk to me about your day or your favourite colour or what you’ve been reading. Talk to me about books you love and books you hate. Basically y'all can talk to me about anything, okay? Cool. I just wanted to make sure you knew that that was a thing you could do.

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Are you a fan of Sir Pratchett? :D Which Batfam member do you think would appreciate his work (and humor) the most?

The only work of his that I’ve read is Good Omens which is like, the best book ever and my go to ‘I’m having a shit day and need a laugh’. Just pick up my worn copy, open to a random page and read.

I think Dick would enjoy it and Damian would not but Jason and Tim would quote it constantly and try and out nerd each other on it. On bad nights, one will go up to the other and whisper ineffably and soon the other boy is laughing and all is good.

“Reading a book is the most glorious pastime that humankind has yet devised”

-Wislawa Syzmborska

Books. Such wonderful things. They contain hidden mysteries, secret places waiting to be discovered; they whisper to us, and make our imagination grow and bloom like a flower in the spring. There is just so much wonder in books that is still to be unlocked, still to be uncovered. It’s funny how these different combinations of words can lead to so much thought and sheer BEAUTY, like how do these authors do it? I love to just pick up a good book, sit on the couch with a nice cup of chai. Mmmmm just thinking about it makes me warm and fuzzy.

Sadly, I think we have forgotten how to appreciate books for just EXISTING because they truly deserve to be acknowledged. It’s actually quite depressing, I used to read sooso much: in my free time, in lessons (I walked on the wild side, I know), in the car, at MEALS, and the unspoken truth: on the toilet. Ok, we all do it come on. I definitely do not read as much as I used to. My time is being EATEN by the monster that is GCSE’s, and just…I always get DISTRACTED by my phone or my computer. Which is a state which I do not want to be in. I WANT to read, and of course I still do, but maybe like a quarter of how much I used to. Sighhhhh.

Wow, I detect quite a gloomy undertone now and let me just brighten it up a little by saying that one of my New Year’s Resolutions is to read at least 3 books a month, and so far, it’s actually going well! I’ve recently been working through the Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy by Douglas Adams, which is so brilliantly funny and clever- 10/10 highly recommend. Before that I was reading various Sherlock Holmes stories (which I absolutely LOVE- so much smart VOCAB learnt) and before that I was reading the Maze Runner series which omg can I just SAY. LOVE. 10000/10. AMAZING. I was obsessed for like 2 MONTHS with this series and was fangirling with my friend who had introduced me to the series (thank the LORDS she did I am eternally grateful). DYLAN O’BRIEN IN THE MOVIE. JUST. Can we just take a moment of silence for the beautiful gloriousness that is Dylan O’Brien. Amen. But yeah, I really want to read MORE so I’m just setting myself goals and finding books that I really like! That’s the ticket. More like that’s the cinema ticket that I’ll be BOOKing (see what I did there) to go see DylAN O’BRIEN IN THE MAZE RUNNER.

I think we all need to read more. Here is my 100% working method for just that:

1. Pick up a new or old book that’s interesting to you

2. Find some quiet time and a quiet space, preferably a nice COMFY, quiet space, like a bed (with a nice duvet of course) or a couch 

3. Retrieve a blanket (or a duvet)

4. Retrieve mug of tea/ chai latte

5. Read on brother

“A reader lives a thousand lives before he dies, said Jojen. The man who never reads lives only one.”
- George R.R. Martin, A Dance with Dragons


I’m not ready for this series to be over 😭❤️

my best advice for writing, no joke: read more books.

not just books you think you’ll like, but even books you think (or know) are going to be terrible or boring.

published books. the mainstreamiest of mainstream books. books way over your reading level or in a genre you think is intellectually beneath you. books you pick up and read the back cover of and think “why the fuck would anyone read this?”

because you’ll pick up a couple of things, namely:

  • what other people’s writing looks like
  • what good writing looks like 
  • what bad writing looks like

how did I figure out how dialogue works? did someone tell me? no, I just picked it up from reading other people’s writing, over and over again, and at one point I realized, “oh, you start a new line every time a new person talks.”

how do I know not to overuse a thesaurus for simple words like “said”? I read a lot of books where they didn’t do that (cough ELDEST cough TWILIGHT cough), decided that it looked silly, and didn’t put it in my writing.

you read a lot of books, and you start to pick up on what’s the norm, what you like, what kinds of things you want to write for yourself. I’ve read enough books to know that, for me, consistency and continuity are really fucking important. so now I take a lot of steps to make sure that I keep the continuity going. and that’s because I’ve read a couple of books (even books I’ve really liked! especially books I really liked!) where there was a continuity error, sometimes a blindingly obvious one that took me out of the story. if I’d only ever read books that had a great grasp of continuity, how would I know that it was important?

do you want to write well? I don’t mean “do you want to get published” or “do you want to make it your career,” because you don’t need those things to write. but do you want to write well? even if it’s “just” fic? even if it never leaves your documents folder?

read more books.


Prompt: Can a request one where Bruce leaves the reader ( they’ve been dating for a year now) in the house while he runs a quick errand (going out as batman with the kiddos) and she being the curious person she is goes hunting for A good book (since she’s read all the ones in his house) but ends up finding the bat cave and is just really chill about it …. But mentions him to bring her back some fast food

Words: 389

You and Bruce have been together for a little over a year, and you’ve known him even longer. When you stumble upon his biggest secret, you’re not all that surprised. You were just looking for a book to read. You just happened to pick the book that opened a secret passage way, and because you don’t have any self-preservation, you follow the stairs.

When you reach the cave, everything kind of clicks into place. Especially, those late night errands. To be honest, the thing that throws you the most is the dinosaur in the far corner. You take your time exploring the room. You stop at the costumes, studying each and every one. You connect each one to one of the boys, and that’s when you kind of pause, because this means your babies are crime fighters. Bruce is one thing, but your babies!  

You’ve known most of the boys since they were children. It’s one of the reasons you and Bruce started dating. You’ve known him since you were children, were friends through high school, and you started working for Wayne Enterprises while he was away… a story you’re going to grill him about that night. You help him run the company, and you’ve been there as each and every boy has come into his, and your life. You’ve spent more time babysitting than anyone else. In fact, it’s the boys who got the two of you together.

You take a seat in the big chair in front of a huge computer and just kind of wait. When a huskier version of Bruce’s voice comes through the comm, saying that he’s heading home, you can’t really help yourself. “Hi sweetheart, I placed an order in at that Chinese restaurant that we like, can you make a stop on your way home?”

There’s a few seconds of silence before each of the boys’ voices start yelling. You let out a loud whistle, effectively quieting everyone. “Don’t worry, we’re so talking about this when you all get home. I’m heading up to the kitchen now to get plates out. I’m serious about that Chinese, Batsy. Love you boys, see you guys soon.” And then you’re walking away. You pass a stunned Alfred on the way out, and tell him not to worry about dinner, you’ve ordered out.

Some thoughts about the Twilight Saga

This series has received so much hate in the last few years, it’s honestly astonishing. This was the main reason that I wanted to hold a readalong throughout September - to rediscover the beauty that can be found in these books. Yes, there are a lot of issues with them. Yes, there are problematic things. Yes, there are parts that are really badly done. But there are also good parts, beautiful writing at times, compelling characters and wonderful back stories. And, if you really stop and think about it, problematic things can be found in virtually any other book. But the scope of the popularity that Twilight achieved set it up for so many negative comments thrown towards it. Because, it’s often easier to hate something, than to just let it be.

If you really sit and give some thought to it, Twilight is the reason so many people rediscovered reading or got into reading in the first place. Especially teenagers or kids. They picked up these books and loved them and then wanted to read more, to rediscover the magic they found in these books. They’re so loved by so many people and I honestly don’t think this is such a bad thing. Most of the people who have read them recognize them for what they are: books depicting a fictional universe, an extraordinary love story and they enjoyed them for exactly that. Most of them also see the problematic issues depicted and acknowledge the flaws that these books have. But that doesn’t mean they can’t love them at the same time. There are numberless reasons for which people love this series. And we cannot deny that they may have changed some people’s lives. And that’s most definitely not a bad thing.

The problem with society today is that people like to tear others apart for the simplest of reasons. One of them is loving a certain book that is almost universally hated. Because that’s “the trend”. We give in so easily to these trends, we jump on the hate bandwagon without a second though, because it’s easier that way. There are so many people who have loved this series, but later on, for fear of ridicule, chose to hide that. I wanted to give them a chance to say: “You know what? I like these books. They were a big part of my life and that’s not easily erased. So I’m going to keep loving them for as long as I want. And that’s okay.” We’re allowed to read what we want, like what we want and not fear backlash over it. Live and let live, right?

I loved this series when I was younger. And I found enjoyment reading it now that I’m older. And this is something that you don’t find very easily: to love a series even years after reading it for the first time. I think there are so many more important things that we can channel our energy towards debating, rather than a book series about a vampire falling in love with a human girl. There are so many more important and awful things out there than this.

Read what you love and love what you read. No fear and no regrets. Life is too short to be scared about the things that we love.

WIP folder cleanup number deux . I am ridiculously lazy when it comes to colouring. The lines are from forever ago, I just tweaked them a bit.

I like to think Nico likes to read. It’s a good distraction, plus, unlike music or films it doesn’t stop him hearing if anything weird happens. He’ll always pick books up from the different places they stay, those take-one-leave-one type shelves. He’ll read pretty much anything, but fantasy and sci-fi are definite preferences. Also, comics! 

Will likes poetry. He also follows about 76 different webcomics, plus he’s always on the hunt for rare editions to add to his collection. Nerds.

INTP’s Weird Habits

Pressing the lock button on my car fob 37,000 times because just hearing the car beep once is not a good indicator that I have locked my car.

Organizing books by genre and author … yet simply throwing dvds randomly onto the shelf like who gives a fuck.

Burning my hand on a cup of hot water because I am trying to read a book, make tea and pet my dog all at once.

Stepping on the same sharp object repeatedly because I am too distracted to pick it up the first time I step on it.

Saying ow prematurely.

Pointing out the breaks in patterns so other people are as annoyed by the inconsistencies as I am.

Poking other people, because I have a finger and why the fuck not.

Thinking something really offensive out loud and then trying to back step out of it.

Making weird faces while I am sitting on the couch by myself.

Weirdly lengthy eye contact with my dog … I think it makes us both uncomfortable but whoever looks away first is the loser.

Naming all my pets after star trek characters and then teaching them commands in Klingon.

Asking people if something is normal or not, then not allowing their answer to change my actions in the slightest.

Asking for advice about a choice to be made and then doing the opposite of what the other person recommends.

Waiting until I am almost dying of thirst to refill my water, because who has time to walk 10 feet to the sink.

Falling asleep in random places, at unpredictable times.

Constantly feeling like I have forgotten something, but never figuring out what it is until it is too late.


I feel like all book lovers have that moment when they pick up a book they’ve already read before and just goes, “Damn, that was a good book.” Then gets the nostalgic feeling just remembering the plot, the characters, and everything in between. 

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“Is it because I am so dashingly handsome?” Dean raised an eyebrow resulting in you rolling your eyes at him. “And when you are wise enough to come up with a decent pick up line maybe I’ll go out with you.” You shut the book you were reading and bid Dean  good night.

Dean slammed his fist against the table. Dean wanted to figure out why you liked him. You made it pretty obvious but you still tried to act deceptive. Dean thought he was never going to be able to figure it out.

And one day when it was just Dean and you. You were playing a million questions. You each had a drink and you were both making each other giggle. When you asked the question of the hour.

“Hey, Dean why do you like me?” Dean never answered that question himself. He set his drink down after taking a nice, long sip. “What?” Dean asked, hearing what you said but asking you to repeat one more time. “I said, Dean why do you like me?” You said the same as you did before.

“It’s easy, Y/N. You alone are a amazing person. I’m mean you’re a babe and a bad ass. You’re caring and through it all you remained with us. There is no other woman that compares to you.” He said, those words coming from his heart.

You were for one were not expecting that answer, but it was nice to hear from him. But you did see this coming. “So now that you know about why I do. Why do you like me?” Dean grinned. “Honestly Dean its not because of your looks, the way you talk or the way that you carry yourself. It’s none of those things. It’s your humility and unending desire to help others. The way you care about Sam. It’s the little things that are so little you don’t even see.”

Then, you stand up and peck a kiss on Dean’s cheek, his cheek turning bright kiss and earning a smirk. “What was that for?” Dean asked as you sat back down. “That was a thank you. Thank you for letting me be honest and you are decent enough guy for me to be confident in having feelings for.” You bit down on the lower part of your lip.

This was only the beginning for you two, and the sparks were flying.

The End!

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  • DM: Lara, your turn! Page two of Fuck It?
  • Me: Page two? I'm on page five, I read fast.
  • Doug: No, page two of Fuck It is pretty good. It's a short book.
  • Me: What, the author got halfway through, got bored, and said fuck it?
  • Doug: It comes with a free prescription for Fuckitall. *picks up beer, showcases like Vanna White* "Fuckitall: For when 'Fuck It' just isn't enough."

BOOKS READ IN 2016 | the long way to a small, angry planet by becky chambers

“The truth is, Rosemary, that you are capable of anything. Good or bad. You always have been, and you always will be. Given the right push, you, too, could do horrible things. That darkness exists within all of us. You think every soldier who picked up a cutter gun was a bad person? No. She was just doing what the soldier next to her was doing, who was doing what the soldier next to her was doing, and so on and so on. And I bet most of them — not all, but most — who made it through the war spent a long time after trying to understand what they’d done. Wondering how they ever could have done it in the first place. Wondering when killing became so comfortable.”

Late Night Novels

Jay Park

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“Jagi how long have you been up?” Jay said rubbing his eyes

‘Uh… well, I haven’t slept…’

“What’ve you been doing all night?” He asked as he walked up to you

You waved the book you had in your hand at him. He gave you a stern look which

“If I would’ve known you would lose sleep because of that book I wouldn’t have bought it for you.”

‘But it was just so good!’ He smiled as he watched your excitement.

“Why don’t you tell me when you wake up,” He suddenly pick you up and carries you towards your bed. You don’t remember much but the smell of your freshly washed bedsheets, and him kissing you lightly on the forehead.


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You were so lost in reading the novel you had just bought, you didn’t hear Gray sneak up behind you wrapping his arms around your waist.

‘Baby, come back to bed with me.’ His grip only tightens, he lightly started placing kisses on your shoulder.

“Gray…” You couldn’t resist the coarseness in his voice. He casually sees the book you had just finished reading.

“Did you read this?” He asked suddenly letting go of you and grabbing the book with pure excitement.

‘Yeah, I had just finished it.’ You were curios to why Gray was so excited

“What did you think about it? This is one of my favorite novels!”

“I’ll tell you when I wake up, I have to sleep.” You yawned walking towards your bedroom

“Jagi!” He followed you into the bedroom begging you to tell him, not letting you fall asleep until you told him


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He came out of the bedroom surprised to find you sitting by the window.  

“I swear the bedroom was colder with out you babe.” He walked over to you to see what you were doing,  “Didn’t you already read this?” He said pointing at the book you held

‘NO! this is the special edition!’ You quickly held the book to you chest defensively. You saw the way he smirked at you making the heat rise to your face.

“What’s the difference with this one?” He placed a kiss on your head as he walked towards the kitchen to start cooking, You casually walked behind him grabbing a seat in the kitchen, you started pouring your feelings out toward the novel. He couldn’t help but smile at the joy this novel brought you.


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“Y/N! Were you up all night reading?” You heard him call out to you. You looked up at him with you disheveled hair and your glasses. “Pffft, hahaha” He started laughing.

“Why are you laughing!’ You marched up to him.

“I can’t believe you stayed up all night reading.” He said looking at you with admiration.

“I just wanted to know who killed her! But they haven’t found anything and I’m at the last chapter!!!” You said jumping up and down. Simon suddenly kissed you.

“You’re such a dork”

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what are some good books you have read recently ??

While I haven’t been able to pick up a physical book to read in some time (thanks law school) I just finished the audiobook for Neil Gaiman’s Anansi Boys which was absolutely fantastic. But I’m biased cause I’m a big fan of his work. 

I’ve also been slowly making my way through My Beloved World by Supreme Court Justice Sonia Sotomyor which has been really fascinating when I’m able to get to it, but it has been like months which is sad…

Other than that the last thing I was able to finish was like last Christmas? which was The Color of Magic, the first book in the Discworld series by Terry Pratchett. The whole series is wonderfully funny. (although I’m admittedly reading them out of order). 

Maybe Erin has been able to read more recreationally that me, but unfortunately since both of us are busy with grad school it’s been kinda difficult. I bet our followers have suggestions though! 


I just finished going through the whole His Dark Materials trilogy and now I want to go to bed and cry myself to sleep (I am not even being over dramatic, that always happens after a very good book). Such a perfect series, probably the best trilogy (and series too) that I have ever read. It makes me feel both unsettled and cosy at the same time. I enjoyed all of the books so much more second time reading them, especially the second and the third books. Definitely urge you to pick the series up, even if you don’t like fantasy that much.

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15,16 and 30 C:

15. five most influential books over your lifetime. 

Black Beauty - First novel I ever read. 

Pride and Prejudice - Introduced me to the subtlety of character development.

Harry Potter - Taught he a hella lot about foreshadowing and small things.

Paradise in the Sea of Sorrow - Book about minamata poisoning in Japan and does different stories very, very well. Also, just, an amazing book in general. Objectively one of the best books I’ve ever read.  

Dragonlance - Taught me how to write on epic proportions. 

16. if you’d grown up in a different environment, do you think you’d have turned out the same? Absolutely not. Where I grew up and the people I grew up with were crucial in who I am today, for good, bad, and everything in-between. 

30. pick one of your favorite quotes. Have another from Pride and Prejudice - “What are men to rocks and mountains?” 

for when you’re tired/sad/anxious
  • drink tea! green tea always seem to do the job for me. you’ll feel rejuvenated and relaxed plus, it’s healthy and rlly good for you! here are some tea facts if ya wanna know more hehe
  • take a bath. a long long loooong warm bath. bring out your bath bombs too! just relax and free yourself from all the stuff going on. you’ll feel good and energized after!
  • and before you take a bath, light up your favorite scented candle. fresh cinnamon rolls, fresh linens, or vanilla; it’s up to you! when you get out of your bath, your room will smell like your favorite scent and you’ll feel extra calm!
  • read a book. reading books is one way to escape reality! pick your all time favorite or maybe read a new book that intrigues you and let yourself get lost in in it.
  • not a reader? watch your favorite movie or tv series! most of the people I know say that Friends is the best comedy show out there. but personally, pixar/disney movies are my go to for when im feeling sad!
  • EAT EAT EAT. order yourself a whole box of pizza. maybe a box of 20 mcnuggets will do the trick! who cares how much calories are in that bowl of mac n cheese? oh you want bacon fries too? then just do it!! do it for yourself and eat your heart out til you feel okay
  • play with your pet/s! walk your dog out, get some new toys for your bunnies, feed your turtle! caring for your pets is a good way to de-stress yourself as well
  • talk it out with someone. doesn’t matter if it’s your best friend, your sibling, your parent, or your teacher; just choose someone who you trust and will listen to you! don’t hold anything back and just let it all out
  • if you don’t feel comfortable talking it out with someone then write it down. get a journal and write how your day went. in detail. write about the man you rode the train with today. describe how bright the sun shined, how strong the rain was or how beautiful this stranger’s eyes looked like in the sun. write about how you felt and why you felt that way. you’ll feel liberated after doing so.
  • if you’re not good with words, then draw it out! make a painting, a drawing, a quick sketch, heck, a doodle is fine too.
  • take a short walk! you’ll be able to sneak in a bit of exercise too!
  • drown yourself in music. get on your favorite band’s cd or your favorite playlist, turn up the volume and sing your heart out! this technique honestly works on me like magic, I feel sooo good afterwards!
  • get some sleep! take a 30 minute nap or maybe sleep for 14 hours straight! sleeping is my last resort when i’m having one of those days. maybe you’re just too caught up with everything that is happening in your life and ya need to take a quick break from all of it!
  • but most importantly, take time. don’t force yourself to be okay or happy right away. work on yourself to become the best version that you can be! :~)