just pick damn it

me: [enjoys my garbage]

some pretentious fuck: excuse me, but that thing you are enjoying has no real intellectual substance and I don’t like it and you are stupid for liking it

me: [enjoys my garbage MORE AGGRESSIVELY]

  • Andy Lincoln: *lowers his glasses down the bridge of his nose, the script in his hand* So me and Michonne are scavenging and having lots of sex.
  • Director: Yup, isn't that great-
  • Andy Lincoln: Yes but are we betrothed?
  • Director: Um, no.
  • Andy Lincoln: *blinks at the director incredulously*
  • Director: Listen, it's just a sexy road trip where you guys will finally get to spend some time alone.
  • Andy Lincoln: Not what I would have wanted for our honeymoon but if it's the best we can get, so be it.
  • Director: It's not...*sigh* they're not married and this isn't a honeymoon.
  • Andy Lincoln:
  • Andy Lincoln:
  • Andy Lincoln: *stares at the camera like he's in The Office*

Alot of kpop idols are fans of Chris Brown which is fine as he makes good music. But fans often try and contact him to get him to collaborate with their fave idol.

You do realize 3 of Chris Brown’s ex partner’s have accused him of assaulting them some with incredible evidence. He’s also been accused of assaulting random people and having a dangerous weapon in public. Fans have also complained about his attitude.

It’s up to idols who they collaborate with but don’t push to get them a collab with a known abuser please.

Boyfriend! Suga

the cutest sleepiest baby my bias wrecker everyone

Dating Suga would include:

  • lots of late night talks
  • but not too late bc suga likes sleep
  • would almost choose sleep over anything else
  • except you
  • when you’re upset or have a nightmare he’ll hum into your ear and wrap his arm around your waist until you calm down
  • that is until you turn to face him and shove your head under his chin which he smiles at and kisses your head
  • the boys find your relationship with suga kinda secretive
  • which is okay by you and suga because all he wants is privacy so he can love on you without hesitation
  • “y/n can you come take a nap with me”
  • “babe”
  • wiggles his eyebrows at you from time to time, giving you his cute lil smile
  • the sex is good
  • no actually its great
  • he’s definitely a bottom
  • because all he wants to do is admire you
  • you beg him to help you with piano
  • but all he does is begin to teach you, then gets distracted and plays a song
  • “suga how do I play this”
  • “ok look it’s easy, just put your first finger on D and continue on from there”
  • “continue on from where??”
  • you guys honestly spend hours sitting at the piano, learning new songs and him showing you how beautifully he can play
  • jealous y/n is his favorite y/n
  • when you fight it can get heated
  • he knows when you yell “MIN YOONGI” without any formalities he’s in trouble
  • fights usual center around him not doing the dishes or cleaning up his socks from the living room
  • “do your own fucking laundry i’m not your maid”
  • “you may not be my maid, but you’d look good AS a maid”
  • and at that comment he wiggles his eyebrows again and takes you upstairs despite your protests
  • he’s a little cutey sleepy baby
  • you love watching him sleep because he’s so relaxed and looks very peaceful
  • when it’s really early in the morning, you’ll wake up next to him and brush his hair out of his face and stroke his cheek
  • suga knows because for a lot of the time he pretends to be asleep so you keep going
  • “i love yous” are rare but it’s so obvious
  • it’ll slip out during sex or when you two are flat out drunk giggling on the couch
  • or when he gets mad or jealous you’ll hug his shoulders and kiss his cheeks over and over again until you hear his lil laugh and an “i love you”
  • the two of you talk about the future a lot
  • he says he only wants one kid but who knows
  • you’ve seen the way he looks at his little cousins or at the random mother and toddler walking down the street while you guys are on your way to buy groceries
  • SHOPPING with suga is a whole other story
  • he’s v picky
  • “jfc just pick a damn lettuce already”
  • “but they’re all bruised!”
  • “your head is gonna be bruised if you don’t hurry up yoongi”
  • to which he throws a lettuce head into a bag with a grumble
  • he begrudgingly holds your hand when you’re walking down the street
  • he totally secretly loves it and squeezes your hand once in awhile
  • and when you two get back home and unload all the groceries, you’ll drag him to the couch and lay down on top of him.
  • he groans playfully but ends up pecking your lips and giving you his lil gummy smile

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Top 5 ushiwaka moments

Hi anon! I’m going to specifically pick moments when he isn’t playing volleyball, because he’s just so damn cool everytime he spikes. Ushiwaka tends to come across as very serious, but I feel that it’s exactly this trait that makes him so adorkable:

1. Anytime he makes his classic deadpan face

like the first time he met kageyama and hinata

or in the training camp arc when tendou suggested hinata and kageyama were monsters HAHA


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2. tbh I live for all his interactions with tendou

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look at him clapping for tendou in the back I mean what a pure human being

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3. Rare smiling Ushiwaka who is actually feeling fired up about his match

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4. Farmer ushiwaka

5. Baby ushiwakas


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“You should have come to Shiratorizawa”

Okay so Shiro has always been taller than Keith. Like he’s used to being able to put his chin on top of Keith’s head and what not. But now though he has all this muscle and extra weight on him. Shiro realizes that he can use this to his advantage. Here’s a short list of things Shiro has done to Keith just because he could:

  • Keith was struggling to reach something on a high shelf so Shiro picked him up and put him on his shoulders
  • Keith looked cold when he was lounging on the couching so Shiro plopped down on top of him 
    • Keith thought he was being attacked for a few seconds before he realized it was just his bf being weird
    • Shiro does this basically anytime he sees Keith sitting/laying down anywhere and by this point Keith just accepts that this is his life now
  • Shiro saw someone sitting on their s/o’s lap and he thought it was cute so he sat on Keith’s lap (nearly crushing him to death with his big butt)
    • Keith did not mind this one bit
  • Use Keith as weight for him to lift when he’s working out 
  • Not wanting to bend down to kiss him so Shiro just picks Keith up and then puts him back down again
  • Shiro putting Keith on his back to increase resistance while Keith tries to read a book but he can’t concentrate on at all because damn
  • Just picking him up randomly because he can and Keith doesn’t really mind 

Summary: Stiles might have a crush on his co-worker, who always brews him amazing tea.

Notes: Short and sweet! Inspired by this post. (On AO3)

Stiles puts all the little sample boxes into a paper bag, then staples on the string with a tag at the end. It holds the business information, and it makes the package look like a giant tea bag. Sort of. If you squint.

The girl smiles and pays him, then waves as she walks away.

“Tea you later!” Stiles calls cheerfully. Then he says, “Oof!” when Derek smacks him in the side.

“You deserved that,” Derek says mildly. “Didn’t we already have a discussion about using the word tea inappropriately?”

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Inside the head of a multiple
  • Me: goes to store to buy pens…
  • Inside: OOOH PINK!! We need other colors too. Why did we come to Staples again? Pens. Why pens? We have journals now so we need pens to write with. Can I have my own color? Me too!? Yeah sure. We do NOT need to spend that much money! Yeah I agree… but those are good quality. OMG PASTEL!! I don't like pastel. SMELLY PENS!! No… pwease? Let's get back on track; different colored pens for our jour… NOTEBOOKS! No! Pens! Omg why is everyone talking at once……… bc we can? Fair point. Okay here's two choices everyone, let's vote. It's split down the middle? Fuck. Okay I'm just picking this one. No! Yes! Fine…
BTS Reaction: You get into an argument and scare your child (Part 1 of 2)


The argument at this point was way out of hand. You couldn’t even remember what brought this argument along. Was it the fact that Jin had disappeared with the boys for 3 days without a word uttered to you and your child? Maybe.

“I don’t get why you’re so mad, Y/N! All I did was take a break!” Disbelief washed through your body, a huff leaving your lips. “Take a break?! Kim Seokjin, I haven’t gotten a break since I gave birth! I stay home with our daughter every single day while you go out and experience the world! It’s not fair!” Jin clenched his jaw and shook his head in disagreement. 

“You agreed to this when we got married! I can’t believe you’re even making this into an argument!” Jin was going to continue his argument until he was cut off by a soft whisper from the doorway. “Appa? Why are you yelling?” Your daughter stood there, tears in her eyes as she watched her parents argue over her. Jin stopped the next sentence from leaving his lips and looked over at her with a soft frown. “Mama and Appa are just having a conversation, baby.. Just go back to your room. I’ll be there in a second.” Without a second thought she bolted from the door, disappearing into her bedroom. 

Jin shut your shared bedroom door quietly and stared at the ground, guilt running through his veins, both from this argument and your daughters fear. “This is ridiculous, Y/N.. Let’s just figure out something later, yeah? We’ll take a vacation and all have a break. How does that sound?” He walked over to you and placed his hands on your cheeks, staring into your eyes as he promised you. 

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Yoongi was putting the least amount of effort into this fight. It was almost as if he could have cared less about the topic at hand and it was pissing you off even more. “Yoongi! You can’t just shrug and disregard every single thing I try and talk to you about! This is serious!” Your statement earned an eye roll and a sigh. “I’m not doing any-” “Yes! Yes, you are!” Yoongi’s head snapped in your direction in an instant. “So I can let you talk but you won’t let me talk? Bit hypocritical if you ask me!” You went silent almost instantly and took a step back from Yoongi. He instantly became 10 times scarier when he raised his voice. 

You apparently weren’t the only one scared as Yoongi heard a whimper come from the doorway. He looked over and noticed his son cowering away behind the door frame. His heart rate instantly slowed and he rushed over. “Hey, baby boy.. Don’t be scared..” He knelt in front of him and cupped his face. “Um.. go to your room.. I’ll be up there in a few minutes okay? Just let me apologize to mama.” Your son obeyed and ran to his room, fear still coursing through him. 

Yoongi turned around and made his way towards you. “Honey… I’m sorry… This whole thing got out of hand..” 

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Fights with Hoseok never got this far. Hell, you never even had fights with Hoseok that got any further than a loud sigh. But this one was different. Hoseok had left your child at the school parking lot for a whole 4 hours after school had ended just so he could practice his dance routine. 

“I don’t think you understand what I’m trying to say, Hoseok! You left our fucking child in a parking lot all by herself for four hours! Do you know what could have happened? Our child could’ve been taken just so you could practice your fucking dance routine?!” Hoseok clenched his jaw tightly and looked away from you before his feet carried him to you quickly, cornering you against the wall and a nightstand. “It was a mistake, Y/N! It won’t happen again! Mistakes happen! Besides she didn’t seem too distressed when I picked her up! Work takes over sometimes! My bad!” 

You stared at Hoseok in disbelief, both at the fact that he had screamed in your face and had cornered you to get his point across. By the time you looked away from him your daughter had seen enough. Her loud sobs echoed from the hall as she watched a side of her parents she had never seen before. Hoseok’s resolve softened and he instantly backed away. He stared at you before letting out a deep breath and making his way to the hall to calm his shaking daughter.

You could hear his soft whispers telling her to calm down and go to her room and that he’d return in a few moments. He walked into the room, grief and regret written on his face. “God, Y/N… I’m sorry… I don’t know what took over me.” He whispered out as he made his way towards you.

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You wouldn’t have been so angry at Namjoon right now if he had just picked up the mess he had made. It was a ridiculous fight but your daughter had entered the room unknowingly after Namjoon had broken a plate and cut her tiny little foot. You also wouldn’t have been mad if Namjoon hadn’t left the rubble there for you to pick up instead of doing it himself. 

“Why are we even still arguing over this, Y/N? It happened and nothing can change that! What the fuck else do you want?!” He screamed in your face before letting out a deep breath. “I want you to apologize to our daughter instead of telling her to suck it up! If you would’ve just realized that or if you would’ve just picked up the damn plate none of this would’ve happened!” Namjoon rolled his eyes and stood up from the bed and made his way to the door, swinging it wide open only to be met with your daughter staring up at him with wide eyes. “P-Please no more scream, Appa…” She whispered out, fear evident in her voice. 

Namjoon instantly softened his voice and squatted down to her level. “Oh love… Appa won’t scream anymore… I’m so sorry, baby.. g-go to your room and I’ll come tuck you in in a moment.” He listened to her scurry off and turned to you with tear filled eyes. “I’m so sorry.. I don’t know why I didn’t realize what I did sooner…”

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Jimin realized his mistake but didn’t want to admit his mistake due to how stubborn he was. “I just looked at my phone! What if it had been my manager, huh?!” You sucked on your teeth as you looked at him. “It could’ve waited Jimin! We were talking about your son for crying out loud!” Jimin rolled his eyes and sighed softly. “Don’t roll your eyes at me! God, it’s like you cherish your job more than your family!” Jimin stared at you for a second, his ears turning a dark red before he exploded. “Well maybe I do! I dreamed about my job more than I dreamed for a stupid family!”

The whole room went dead silent. The only sound being Jimin’s heavy breathing and the sounds of cars passing by outside. You finally gulped softly, tears blinding your vision. You weren’t the only one hurt by the statement as you soon heard soft sniffles coming from the doorway. Your son stood there, tears streaming down his cheeks and before either you or Jimin could say something, he bolted to his room.

You stared at Jimin silently as his breathing slowed and he processed the words that had left his mouth. He looked at you with soft eyes. “Baby…” You cut him off with a sharp sniffle before a tear streamed down your cheek. “Y/N… I didn’t mean it.. I’m so sorry..” He rushed over and cupped your cheeks. “I’m so so sorry…”

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You didn’t mean to do it and you felt extremely bad once you had realized your daughter had stained Taehyung’s $800 Gucci shirt. You instantly tried everything you could to get the stain off but only resulted in staining it even further.

When he got home and saw the shirt in the trash, he rushed up the stairs to your shared bedroom and asked you about it. You shakily explained the situation to him, instead saying that you had stained the shirt, but it only seemed to tick him off further. “So you just throw it in the trash?!” You were taken aback by his sudden outburst but replied with a soft. “Um.. yes?” Taehyung huffed loudly and shook his head. “So you didn’t want to call me to see if there was anything else you could do with the shirt instead of fuck it up even more? You’re so fucking stupid, Y/N! It’s a fucking shirt! How hard is it to get a stain out of a shirt?” 

You inhaled sharply before looking at him, eyes filled with hurt and rage. “At least I tried, Tae! And you said it already! It’s a fucking shirt! When can always buy another one! It’s not like we can’t afford all the stupid expensive shit you buy!” Tae growled lowly ready to rebuttal but cut himself off when your daughter whimpered from the hallway. “Don’t scream at mommy, Appa… I stained it…” Taehyung looked back at his daughter, his face softening. “Oh, princess… Appa’s sorry… Besides mommy’s right.. we can just buy another one yeah?” He walked over and bent down to place a kiss on her forehead. “Now, go to your room and I’ll come tuck you in..” Your daughter scurried off, still afraid from her father’s outburst. 

He turned to you, his features having softened. “I’m sorry, love… It’s just a shirt.. I have no right to be this angry over a freaking shirt..” He sighed and placed a kiss on your nose. “Maybe we can even get all matching shirts, right?”

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It was far past midnight and you had requested that Jungkook come to bed over a dozen times. Yet he continued to play Overwatch and scream at the people through the screen. Being fed up from exhaustion and the fact that your daughter was probably hearing all the commotion as well. You stormed downstairs and grabbed the headset off of Jungkook’s head. “I said come to bed, Jungkook! You’re keeping me and probably your daughter awake too!” You slammed the headset down and shut off the computer, earning a loud growl from your husband.

“What the fuck, Y/N! I told you to let me finish the fucking round and then I’d come up to bed!” You stared at him in disbelief. “Yeah! You said that 4 rounds ago, Jungkook!” He stood up, slamming the desk chair to the ground in the process. “So what?! Just go to fucking sleep! If I want to play the fucking game so be it! It’s a way better way to pass time than be with you!” 

His scream echoed throughout the office and you stared at him with a quivering lip. You gulped harshly and glanced back as you heard a door across the hall creak open. Jungkook heard it too and looked behind you at his daughter. “Oh, baby girl..” He whispered before rushing over to his daughter. “Appa didn’t mean to wake you, love… Go close your door and I’ll come tuck you in in a second… I’m sorry…” He stood back up and made his way back to you. 

“Baby… I didn’t mean it..” He watched you turn his computer back on and walk past him. He gripped your arm quickly and shook his head. “Baby.. I’m sorry.. I didn’t mean it at all… I was just caught up in the moment.. You know I’d rather be with you than do anything else in this world..”

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i just watched the gang goes to hell pt. 2 for the first time in a while and after charlie shoots himself in the head and comes to, you can see that dee has clearly been crying like her face looks totally different than before. and literally immediately after charlie comes to, she starts to make her “confession” (which i actually kinda think she might’ve initially meant to be “the confession”, but chickened out at the last minute). also when charlie comes to, her jacket is up on the pipe, when it was on in the scene before that?? idk what that could possibly mean, but yeah.

also i took some screencaps because i’m me

here we’ve got both dennis grabbing mac instinctively and charlie and dee making direct eye contact with each other

here’s when charlie first grabs the gun. the rest of the gang looks pretty afraid of him, but dee’s kinda reaching out and approaching him and telling him to calm down (”you’re calming me down. we’re good at this together.”)

aaaand here is the shot before charlie shoots himself

and here’s the shot immediately after he comes to (look at dee’s face i’m heartbroken)

amystrozzi: Fun facts about #YvonneStrahovski: 1- She is obsessed with #RoseHipOil for her skincare and doesn’t use much else 2- I think this is the most serious expression I’ve ever seen on her since we’re laughing 98% of the time and 3- after our glam session yesterday she gave @clarissanya and I sage that she picked and bundled herself from the mountainside. 🌿❤️ Now go catch up on #TheHandmaidsTale on #Hulu! #PraiseBe [x]