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i don’t have a uterus so this might not be my place to talk, let me know if it isnt

anyway pro-lifers are some of the most obnoxious, malicious, morally grotesque people ever and the worst part is that they’re EVERYWHERE. they’re the most dedicated liars, they are so persistent in harassing people, they are so self-righteous and oh my god i hate them so much

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Not a prompt idea , just something to make you laugh..... imagine Kai with his own cooling show haha I would loveeee to have that be a spin off!!!!

Lmao for some reason I feel like he could cook? Like homemade everything? Maybe its something he picked up in the prison world? Or when he was younger, when his family would ignore him he’d just pass his time by cooking? 

I really love the idea of Cass completely falling in love with dancing.  She was raised to think that her body is nothing but a weapon, and dancing teaches her that she can make something beautiful with it.  No matter what genre of music is playing, Cass has an uncanny ability to move with the beat in a way that can’t be taught.  You know that one person who hits the dance floor and everyone around them stops and watches in awe?  That’s her.  Ballet is one of her favorites because of its storytelling and its elegance, so unlike the sharpness of battles. Dances have all of the good aspects of fighting –the intensity, concentration, fluidity, adrenaline– without any of the bad.  Her movements aren’t being used to hurt, but to create.  

The Philinda Drink Saga:

Coulson to May [4x14- flashback]: “You and I could talk about that….over a drink.”

Coulson to Agent 33 disguised as May [2x04]: “How about when this is over you and I finally go get that cup of coffee we were supposed to get all of those years back?”

May to Coulson in a different dimension [4x07]: “We promised that we would open that bottle of Haig.”

Coulson to May [4x07]: “You know when this is over, you and I have a bottle of Haig to open.”

Coulson to May [4x08]: “When this is over, its time…we are cracking that bottle.”

LMD May to Coulson [4x08]: “Once we crack that bottle its open…no going back.”

LMD May to Coulson [4x11]: “Long day….drink.”

Coulson to LMD May [4x12]: “Got your green tea.”

Coulson to LMD May [4x12]: “Maybe we should toast to that.”

LMD Coulson to LMD May [4x15]: “Why don’t you and I have a glass of scotch? Or many?”


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Have you have ever watched the youtube video of Japanese Niles (Zero) skinship lines? Towards the end so ;-; and Fire Emblem Heroes inspired me into thinking 'What would happen if Male Kamui was summoned and Niles wakes up to see Kamui is not there or anywhere'.

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  • Hiro: Hey, Tadashi, did you get the part I needed to fix Baymax?
  • Tadashi: Yeah, I picked it up on my break.
  • Hiro: Cool. Thanks, Dad.
  • *silence*
  • Hiro: ...Why is everyone staring at me?
  • Gogo: You just called Tadashi Dad. You said, "Thanks, Dad."
  • Hiro: What? No I didn't! I said, "Thanks, MAN."
  • Tadashi: Do you see me as a father figure, Hiro?
  • Hiro: No! If anything, I see you as a BOTHER figure, 'cause you're always bothering me!
  • Wasabi: Hey! Show your father some respect!
  • Hiro: I didn't call him Dad!
  • Tadashi: I believe you.
  • Hiro: Thank you!
  • Tadashi: Son.

there’s something dangerous about the boredom of teenage girls, isn’t that what Coach Fish used to say? so tell me, what happens when one of us becomes bored with the other?

  • Natsu: So the other day, Erza was saying it would be cute if we used more pet names with each other.
  • Gray: What, you mean like sugarlump or sugarcube?
  • Natsu: ...Nah, I was thinking something less sweet...
  • Bickslow: What about sugartits?
  • Natsu: ...
  • Natsu: Go away.