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More Than Anything by @lycorislife for @shanelleo

Being able to see through the eyes of your soulmate may seem like a dream come true to many, but reality proves a little more complicated. For two young boys it’s all they could ever wish for but as time passes by they come to realise that there’s no pain quite the same as longing to have someone who just isn’t there. (13k)

Soulmates, Fashion Designer!Louis, Model!Harry, who needs more? This fic is absolutely lovely, and through it I was so inspired to make this edit, so here it is!

After seeing the crossover promos I’m convinced that Kara played Peter Pan in her high school play. And she’d get carried away on the wire and start flying for realsies. Meanwhile the Danverses are facepalming in the audience like “dis bitch, istg.” I’m cool with that headcanon because being sexually confused over Peter Pan/Kara Danvers is already two of my favourite pass time anyway.


ʜᴀᴘᴘʏ ʙɪʀᴛʜᴅᴀʏ ᴊᴇᴏɴ ᴊᴜɴɢᴋᴏᴏᴋ

To the boy we call our golden maknae, a simple thank you may not be enough. You who learnt at a tender age what it means to struggle through hardship, to have to mature quicker than any of your peers and face up to the harshness of the industry, thank you. Thank you for shouldering the burden as a main vocal and all-rounder, for completing this team. 

I’d give you the world if I could but that’s a faraway dream, so here’s a lookbook instead, to celebrate every era that has passed. It’s not much, but I hope you’ll know that in all the years gone by and in all those that have yet to come, you have us ARMYs. No matter what, You Never Walk Alone ♥

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Artie I heard people saying that Lars is going to die in the upcoming SU episodes and I'm really worried because I don't know if it's just speculation or if people know because they watched leaks, and I would be really upset if that happens and I'm just wondering if you think it's something that might happen? I really hope not, it's making me really anxious

The rumor that Lars is going to die is based on a “leak” that have been around for awhile (which I have seen). Nothing any more reputable than that time people passed around that screencap of a “new Gem” that was a photoshopped image of a recolored Morty from Ricky and Morty shrunk down. Or that leaked screenshot of Pink Diamond. Or the leaked screenshot of a Lapis/Peridot Fusion. Or the leaked screenshot of Pearl holding Yellow Diamond’s gem. etcetc. My point is, stuff like this gets passed around all the time, while sometimes leaks are true, most of the time they’re not (especially when they’re from anonymous sources)

I don’t know if you were around for this, but about two or so years ago, people became convinced Greg was going to die. It originally started with a tweet by his VA thanking Rebecca for letting him work on the show, which people misinterpreted as a sign he was leaving the show for good. It snowballed from there to something people adamantly believed was going to happen, to the point that whenever the crew hinted that an episode was going to be big (or a season/mid-season finale was approaching) people would message the crew with “This is when Greg dies, isn’t it?”

But the main thing is, killing off a character really isn’t in character for the show to do. Especially a character who is essentially a child (or young adult), who is poised for character growth. It doesn’t make any sense at all to me for the show to just full on kill him off unless they’re trying to torpedo the entire tone and message of the show. So, if Lars is “killed” in the show, I have no doubt he would be brought back to life (or not actually be dead in the first place)

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hello! so i found your blog and i love your gifs! how do you make them so pretty, like the sharpening? i use actions and they sometimes looked over sharpened or ugly.

Hey, glad you like my gifs :) I pretty much use the same process as most everyone else for making my gifs (smart sharpen at 500%/.3 radius). I strongly suggest not using actions that you find around here. Most of them use that weird gaussian blur/sharpen method and that always looks messy to me. Here are the three things you need to do to make nice gifs:

1080p video. Always. Every single time. If you must use 720p that will do in a pinch, but if there is a 1080p version (90% of the time there is, especially if it’s something that’s come out in the past 5-6 years) always use that.

When taking screencaps, get every frame. This is so important and I still see people getting every other frame or even every third frame. That might have been cute in 2010, but we know better now. (note: I use MPEG Streamclip for screencaps and there isn’t an option that just says get every frame. Everything is shot at roughly 24 frames per second, so that is the number you’d use in that case to get every frame. I don’t know what the settings are for VLC, but you shouldn’t use VLC anyway… love yourself.)

Your sharpen settings should always be the same, 500% and .3 radius. This will work every time. I promise. Trust me. Just do it. I use the convert to timeline and smart object method, because it’s just easier and I don’t have to have some long complicated action with a set number of layers I can sharpen. I love myself too much to put myself through that, and you should to. I stole a trick recently to help boost and refine my sharpening. A second pass with the settings at 10% 10 radius is a useful trick. It’s not necessary, but it makes a slight difference if you want to try that too.

Bonus: Photoshop always slows gifs down when you save them. Your frame delay rate should be about .05 seconds (some people use .04 or .06 but I believe that really depends on which version of PS you are using). If you reopen your gifs after saving, you’ll find that a .05 delay somehow becomes a .07 delay due to some dumb glitch. Fix the rate, and re-save. It should work fine after that.

That’s pretty much all you need to know to make smooth gifs every time. That said, if you want to cheat… I actually made an action (I know I said don’t use actions, but mine is great) that will do all the work for you in Photoshop (resize, actually make the gif, sharpen, and even get rid of the 1px border that Photoshop makes when you size down). I suggest actually figuring out all these steps on your own and maybe using the action as a guide to help because it’s good to actually know what you’re doing in PS. Anyone can just click play on an action ya know?

Hope this was helpful


still hungry? well i brought something for you. this. the most important leaf in human history. the most important leaf in human history. it’s full of stories. full of history. and full of a future that never got lived. days that should have been and never were. passed on to me. this leaf isn’t just the past, it’s a whole future that never happened. there are billions and millions of unlived days for every day we live—an infinity. all the days that never came. and these are all my mum’s.


Passed a lab practical I barely studied for 40/50. Learned how to use photoshop, and played Pokemon go with my friends. Ate dinner with a bunch of quidditch and then studied with another friend. Also I started Flash season 3 and I’m super stoked. I need to learn better time management skills or just have less going on in my life because I feel very overwhelmed and when that happens I get unproductive and scatter brained.

Larry: “Wait. Whut?”
Pom: “Yeah we passed by the castle like… 5 hours ago, but you were passed out on the couch… or dead… I wasn’t sure. Good to see ya’ weren’t dead though.”
Larry: “…

Thanks Pom! You’re always so caring. B)”

Pom: “Sure. We’re already late for the Halloween Party so there’s going to be no stops on this PARTY TRAIN.
Oh, and some of ya’ guys have been asking about Boom, if ya’ don’t already know, he’s over in Sarasaland working on the Warp Pipe Construction. So he won’t be with us at the party unfortunately, but I asked one of the workers to take a picture of him for me, just to see if he was in the costume I sent him. And would ya’ look at that.

External image


External image

There. Now he’s dressed up as his FAVOURITE KOOPALING. Roy. 
Next time don’t make excuses like ’it got lost’ when I send ya stuff.

So enjoy.”

(( OOC: LATE FOR HALLOWEEN. But ya’ know. Passed out Larry makes you late for anything. Collab done with askiggyandtehkoopz, they did Larry, I added Pom. ON THE GROSS COUCH. Thank you for helping me with this. ; u; Sorry there hasn’t been any updates lately, but we’ll get to answering your questions very soon! Please accept this shirtless sweaty Boom as an apology. u nu ))

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Your makeup makes you look scary and your badly photoshopped pale face makes you look sick.

In all seriousness, I think my make-up makes me feel pretty and that’s all that matters.

The only people I would be concerned about scaring would be kids but they seem to think I’m a faerie so no harm done there. As someone who is old enough to be on Tumblr, you should already be aware that not everyone looks the same and you should have the ability to understand that a person’s choice of appearance is their business and theirs alone as long as it isn’t harmful.

What comes to my paleness, how can you know if the cause behind it is vanity? How can you know my face is just “badly photoshopped”?

This is my sister and me, you can see the colour difference right there.

I am extremely pale and have been since the day I was born. Why? Because I have a medical problem. It is suspected that I have a blood disorder and even if it turns out I do not have it, it is certain that my blood is not okay and never will be. I look sick because I am sick, a part of me is not functioning the way it should.

Even if my face was “badly photoshopped” that wouldn’t be anyone’s business but mine, as long as I was doing it for myself and not to, for example, glamourize a mental illness. This is my face and it’s the only one I have, I’m not going to change other aspects of my appearance to make you feel more comfortable with it.

So I thank you for your input and hope that the next time you pass judgement on someone’s apperance you’ll stop and think whether it is your place to judge (it isn’t) and whether you can know that person’s reasons just by looking at them (you can’t).

everything i know about photoshop

So for the last year I have been working professionally as a graphic designer at a company that designs and produces custom buttons (the kind you’d buy at a convention). I have probably learned more raw editing skills in that year than I have at any other point in my life! Here is an info dump of everything I wish I had known about Photoshop before now.

(As I said I design buttons, so a lot of my experience has to do with circular workspaces and small-area printing. Be aware!)

Shift/Alt - You probably know that holding shift will make your selections or shapes resize proportionately, which is great for perfect squares and circles, but did you know that holding alt will let you draw your shape from the center instead of whatever corner you started from? Wow, this is hard to explain! Just try it, you’ll figure it out.

Typing on a path - This is great for you convention people who sell buttons! There’s a lot of fiddly bits and it took me a long time to figure out all the tricks! Okay so draw that path. (The smaller circle.  The outer one represents the edge of the final physical button.)

As you can see I have guides showing me the exact center of the button. You can get perfect guides by going to view > new guide and doing a 50% vertical guide and a 50% horizontal line.

Hit T for your type tool and click on your path. The cursor will change when you’re over it. (If you can’t see your path, make sure you have your Paths window open and that the path is selected.) Type some shit.


Okay if that’s all you want then you’re good! But what if you want the text to curve on the bottom? You could try clicking on the bottom of the circle, but then it just types upside down.

But wait, there’s more! With your text layer active (so you could still type into it), hold down Control. Your cursor should change so there are two arrows on either side of the text tool line.While still holding Ctrl, try dragging it all over. You can move it to any orientation on the circle, both upside down and not – drag your cursor over the circle and it will move over or under it. Again, it’s hard to explain. Just try it. Weird caveat: once you’ve done this once, Photoshop won’t let you do it again–you’ll have to recreate the type layer to change it.

If you’re making buttons, be sure that your type or images don’t bump right up against the edge of your template. The smaller your final size will be the more space you need to allow. The “L"s in my screencap up there are too close to the edge, for example. It’s likely it will end up on the side of the finished button. Allow it room to breathe.

Photo editing - aka why Photoshop was born. Most of what i’ve learned about photo editing has to do with color correction, so let’s start with that. Here’s my original.

Dark, right?

Image > Adjustments > Shadows/Highlights. Default settings are usually fine.

Suddenly detail. "OKAY BUT I WANT MORE DETAIL,” you say. Fine. Duplicate your layer (Ctrl + J), and change the blending mode to Screen. Screen mode ignores the darks in your images and only allows the whites to show. Its counterparts are Overlay (shows grays) and Multiply (shows blacks).

Play around with all three modes. There’s a ton of possibility in just those three options. You can also get a lot of mileage out of the default Auto Tone/Auto Contrast/Auto Color tools, I have a macro that runs all three on one button press.

Selective Color - You know that lying son of a fuck tool that Photoshop calls Replace Color which actually does no such fucking thing, I have no idea what that tool even does? It turns out the actual replace color isn’t really a “replace”, and is more manually involved, but turns out results that are ten times better.

So this pyro image is one of my favorites but it’s also RED team and as a staunch BLU team member I am very upset about it. Let’s make this a BLU team Pyro. Go to Image > Selective Color.

It will open a dialogue box with a dropdown list of colors, starting with red, which is what we need for this image since we’re turning red into blue. There are four sliders underneath, and two radio bubbles called “Method.” Leave that alone for now and start screwing around with the slider. Moving Cyan to 100% and Yellow and Magenta to -100% in Relative mode gives me this:

Now it is a slightly subdued RED pyro, but switching to Absolute method, on the other hand…

Instant BLU! And that is just with one pass. I could open Selective Color again and switch it to blue to get a richer/paler/purpler/whatever shade of blue. Obviously this works best with simple images but again, experiment.

I’m going to talk about the fucking magic that is Content-Aware Fill another time because my head hurts and this post is too long already! I hope this helped someone!


Sassy Gay Natsu. Yeahhhhh…. my sister (md-otaku) and I decided that creating this was a good use of our time.

It was just too funny to pass up….

Inspired by these videos: SASSY GAY FRIEND - Romeo & Juliet SASSY GAY FRIEND - Hamlet

5.24 - The Next Phase

This is another selection from the library of “TNG episodes that I remember from my early childhood.”

So the Romulans are in trouble AGAIN (for an evil empire, their ships break down, like, all the time) and because the Federation is so frickin’ virtuous they offer to help. Ensign Ro’s on the away team.

I’m feeling kinda stupid that I wasted my HEADBAND reference on my last post. Who am I kidding? I can use it again: HEADBAND.

Like, Michelle Forbes is awesome enough that she’d kind of be from another race even if she didn’t have that Bajoran nose. I mean, look at the arch on those brows! Anyway I think she’s the best. Also, I now notice that every officer who’s worn a headband has matched it to the uniform. Part of Starfleet regs?

So, dead Romulan:

Another Romulan killed by small face burns.

The Romulans are experimenting with some shifty ass technology, and when Ro and Geordi try and beam back to the Enterprise, there’s an accident and the transporter “loses them.” Chief O’Brien is nowhere to be found, and it’s this officer at the control panel.

Secretary of Teleportation Chic

Like… that’s Hillary, right? Wait a second.

Hmm… not quite right…

There it is.

Anyway. This was mostly so I could play around in Photoshop.

There are a lot of non-senior officer hairdo drive-bys in this episode. Like this lady:

If you look closely, I think her bumpit is eating her braid.

Also, girl, that is a SASSY lip color for that uniform. I suppose it could be the color balance or whatever. But the bridge has all sorts of sassy things going on.


That’s the kind of sideburn that make Dracula be like “Oh, god, what did you do?” Also, why does this guy get a zipper-in-the-back uni?

So everyone thinks that Ro and Geordi are dead, but in fact, they’ve been cloaked and phased, which means that nobody can see them and they can pass through walls and objects (though not through the floor? I don’t super understand how the faux science holds up, but you know, that’s just another day at the races). 

Bajorans are terrible at high-five.

Ro arrives in Sickbay in time to see the captain tell Bev to make out the the death certificates.

The only thing holding my wild mane back is this barrette, Jean-Luc.

Actually for some reason I got obsessed with these barrettes and photoshop was open and then this happened:

Her hair may be tied back, but she’s barreling ahead at Warp 9! Coming Fall 1993 on UPN!

Why they never did an ER in Space I don’t *quite* know, but I’m handing this franchise to you on a platter, guys. I’ll take an Associate Producer credit, thanks.

I like this grab of the captain walking through Ro (which is the first time she passes through anything) because it makes Ro look like she has a mustache. 

If you need me, I’ll be blasting Alanis Morissette’s “Right Through You” as loud as my JVC boombox will allow.

My favorite part of this picture is that you can see the very top of Picard’s pate over Ro’s head.

In their attempt to try to figure out WTF is going on, Geordi and Ro go back to the Rommie ship and discover the cloaky/phasey thingy, but THIS DUDE is being sketch as hell.

Somebody went a little hard on the cheek contouring…

I also love Ro’s “What you talkin’ bout, Willis?” expression in the background.

So it turns out this Romulan was also cloaked and phased, which is too bad because while they were on the ship, G & R uncovered an secret attempt by the Romulans to blow up the Enterprise! Even after all that good will! What punks! While team GeoRo try to figure out a way to warn the Enterprise, this guy follows them back to their ship.

Her expression is 80% “Oh shit” and 20% “I’m gonna kil’ you.”

And then we get what we’ve all been waiting for: a chase scene through the walls of the enterprise. The first room we run through is this woman’s room:

The girl who is that towel-wrap is absolutely rocking some School Picture Day from 1989 bangs, which, great work.

Also, is that a REGULAR TERRYCLOTH TOWEL ON THAT CHAIR? This is sort of breaking my understanding of 24th Century drying technologies. Can someone make sense of this for me?

The next room is even better.

PUSH IT. By Garbage. Which also was blasted on that JVC boombox.

I mean, if I could pull off a green tank exercise onesie I absolutely would. Especially if it made my ass look like


I’m a little sad that the screengrab didn’t include the split-second presence of Ro’s foot going through this guy’s head, but not THAT sad because I wasn’t about to go screengrab it myself.

It was almost as if they knew, lo those twenty-three years ago, that someday someone would be detailing each and every outfit, because the next scene is even better.


There was too much going on in this shot so I had to break it down visually.

Man wouldn’t it be the worst if they got interrupted?

Even the ghost of Ro Laren cannot make them break their gaze.

Actually, as long as I have Photoshop open…

We have fun.

Ro and the Romulan fight, like, in this room, and then Geordi comes to help her, and he kicks the Romulan into the wall, but since he’s whatevered, the Romulan just like SAILS INTO SPACE! It’s kind of a badass moment but still also begs the question HOW DOES THIS SCIENCE EVEN WORK.

The b-plot sort of in this ep is that Data has taken it upon himself to organize Geordi’s funeral since they’re friends (and there is some real tear-jerker “Android trying to make sense of death” scenes here) and he settles on throwing a party in Ten-Forward.

It’s Data the Robot and his Color Blocking Band!

I mean, what else is there to say, except that this Tuba player is, like, EARNING his day rate.

The other fashions we glimpse are the butt of this waiter number we’ve seen before.

The problem with these hi-res screengrabs is that now we can see the extra’s panty-lines. On the other hand, I can see that this is now a kind of space-houndstooth he’s rocking? If that’s a thing.

I know what you’re thinking: I got the pattern from Soothing Doctor’s Waiting Room Patterns Monthly.

What’s with the dracula hair in this ep? I’d say he looks like he’s about to go in for some feeding except it seems like maybe he hasn’t put his lips on a woman’s neck in a few millenia. I’m a little sad we didn’t get to see this lady’s face, though, because she is rocking some Kitty Forman (from That 70s Show) hairdo realness.

Meanwhile Ro and Geordi are trying to walk around a bunch in Ten Forward so that science will do a thing to help them, and Ro has this Romulan’s blaster, which helps the science and it also gives her an opportunity to do this:


Anyway, it works and they are back and they join the party and for some reason are left with the cleanup? Not really, but we see this shot:

Either that’s a cocktail shaker (though what is it doing way over here?) or a really futuristic baby bottle. Also behind it, the narrowest decanter.

At the very end, GeoRo have a nice heart-to-heart while Geordi is stuffing his face and throws in a “We haven’t eaten for two days” which, duh, but also, that’s where you’re going to get quibbly about cloakphase? I love this show so much. BYEEEEE.


A Psii, vaguely inspired by toastyhat’s fic Before I Sleep no I’m still not over that but otherwise unrelated to anything. I just felt like doing something intense.

Pencils touched up with Photoshop.

Hello, everyone.

I know that, concerning activity, I’ve been the absolute worst lately. The level of inspiration I have these days is quite embarrassing, and I’ve had the busiest time of my life for the past six months. Not only I’ve been taking care of all the work my father left behind since he passed away eleven months ago, but I’ve also been trying to juggle my job and master’s degree at the same time. I get home as a tired mess every single night, and creating things on Photoshop after a day like that is often out of the question. It’s been a rough year, and I’m so grateful that so many of you still continue to follow and support me ♥

I just want you all to know that I AM NOT ABANDONING THIS BLOG. Like, ever. It’s still going to be here even when I have grandchildren, I promise you. I’m not promising a steady activity ( like the one I maintained when I was in high school and the university after that ), but I want you to know that I still love this blog, I love my fandoms and I WILL CONTINUE BEING HERE WHENEVER I CAN. All I ask from you is understanding and patience, both which you’ve shown me all these months, so thank you for that.

I love you all and I promise to make as much effort as I can to be more active here, as much as my crazy busy life allows ♥

The Lock Screen (Michael Clifford Imagine)

A/N: So I haven’t posted for a day or two, I apologise. But here is my 2nd Michael imagine, I hope ya’ll like it

If you want an imagine, go ahead and ask 

I’m working on a bunch at the moment, so one will be posted everyday (more if they are requested ones.)

Oh btw, did you guys notice one of the Sims 3 theme songs in the acoustic Good Girls? You probably have… anyway

Enjoy xx :) - Anon Writer

Imagine that…

You have a full time job at TopShop which you absolutely love. The workplace environment is upbeat and the staff are friendly, plus, they enjoy fashion just as much as you do. But one night while you’re working late, you lose your phone. It had a lot of important content on there: your photos, emails and most importantly, messages relayed between you and your boyfriend. It was hard not to panic about where it could’ve ended up, had a customer stolen it? Had another employee mistaken it for their own and taken it home?

Unfortunately you didn’t have the time to worry about its whereabouts. The store was closing in half an hour, and you still had to hang up the clothes from the last shipment.

“Excuse me” a girl approaches you with an item of clothing “do you have this in a size 12?” You take the white halter top from her and examine it 

“Let me just go and check in the back, I won’t be a second.”

You rush across the store and enter the Staff Only door where a small group of employees are standing around talking. There were 4 of them, all girls, who were probably around the same age as each other. “It’s Michael” you catch one of them giggling “she’s obviously a Michael girl.”

You manage to squeeze past the group and find a size 12 in the top you were holding. You reach for the coat hanger and pull it from the rack. As you’re walking past the girls again, they stop you in your tracks “excuse me, can we talk to you for a sec?”

You were on a deadline, you had to get this top back to the customer and therefore, you didn’t really have time to talk to young, incompetent employees. But you were never a naturally rude person, so you didn’t want to blow them off completely “can you please give me a minute. I’m in the middle of serving a customer.” The girls exchange looks of raised eyebrows as you take off, through the door and back into the store. The girl you were serving was looking at a pair of shorts as you interrupted “here we go, a size 12 in that top for you. Do you need help with anything else?”

“Oh, thank you” she smiled appreciatively “I think thats all.”

Curious about what the girls from the staff room could possibly want from somebody they’d never spoken to before, you decide to go back and see. They’re still there, talking about their upcoming exams for school. “Okay, what can I do for you?” You ask them

The taller girl with blonde hair and light brown eyes took a step forward, holding out something in her right hand “is this your phone?” She opens up her palm and shows you the white iPhone before pressing the home button “I’m assuming it is.”

It was definitely yours. On the lock screen of your phone was a picture of you and your boyfriend, Michael. It was the night he’d surprised you and taken you out to dinner. “Oh my god, yes, that would be mine” you smile, grabbing the phone. A weight is lifted off your shoulders, and you’re thoroughly relieved that someone had found it and returned it “thank you so much, I’ve been looking for it everywhere.”

“You’re welcome” the girl replies “so, I guess you’re a Michael girl?”

You furrow your brows at the assumption “what?”

“Ya know, 5 Seconds of Summer? The picture on your background is really believable… or did you actually meet him? My favourite’s probably Ashton.”

Oh, you get it now. They thought you were a fan of 5SoS. Although you were, it was the different kind of love you felt for Michael and the band. “Well, he’s my boyfriend, so…”

One of the other girls sniggered at your comment “you’re kidding, right? Just because you’re good at photoshop or whatever, doesn’t mean you can pass that off as Michael being your boyfriend.”

You were starting to feel under attack, especially when they all looked back at each other and laughed at you. You felt like you were being bullied by the popular girls at school again. “No, I’m not kidding” you tell her, a serious tone lacing your usually chirpy voice “and next time, you probably shouldn’t make assumptions like that about a person that you don’t know.”

Without saying another word, you turn on your heel and leave, digging the phone into your back pocket. A week rolls by, and the girls make subtle judgements every time you walk past, or make rude comments to one another to make sure you feel like this job isn’t worth it. It was getting beyond a joke, because the work that you loved before was actually making you feel miserable.

After a long day, you sit down on your bed to Skype with Michael. He’s sitting on a sofa with the little Pikachu plush you’d bought and dressed in a mini 5SoS top for him. Michael’s telling you about his week, the hilarious things that a few fans had said to him and about how much he’d missed you. “Hows work been, baby?” He asks after half an hour

Usually you would tell him about all of the great things that’d been happening at work, but because of recent events, you were pretty down in the dumps. “It’s been really bad” you sigh “there’s a group of girls who’re making my life a living hell.”

Michael automatically frowns, and straightens up in his seat “what, why?”

You tell him about what had happened, and even let a few tears out as you do so. It was hard for you, because not only were you hating work at the moment, but Michael wasn’t actually there to comfort and hug you. Instead, you could only hear him, and see him over the pixelated screen. It just wasn’t the same. 

“Look, I’ll be there to see you soon” he smiles “I don’t know when, but I’ll make sure it’s soon.”

Usually his soon was a week, sometimes even 2. So you didn’t want to get your hopes up. “I really wish you were here” you pout “I’ve missed you like crazy.”

“Ba-abe” he draws out his word, throwing his head back on the sofa “don’t say that, you know I would do anything to be there with you right now.” Michael’s job was the reason you two had the chance to meet, you didn’t like to worry him or upset him. “I promise, I’ll be there when I’m finished all of these interviews and stuff.”

A few more days pass and the girls are still being horrible. They all think you’re just some crazy, delusional fan who thinks she’s dating Michael Clifford. You do have the urge to tell your employer about this workplace bullying, but they would only get a warning, and pick on you for dobbing them in as well. 

“Hey, babe” your friend, Celia smiles as she walks through the store doors for her shift “how was your weekend?”

You shrug your shoulders and decide lying is better then telling the truth at this point in time “yeah, it was great. I went out for dinner with my friends and then had a movie night with my dog…”

Celia laughs at the last part of your sentence “sounds like fun, I hope he’s a good kisser.” She winks back at you “anyway, I’ll see you later”

You go back to hanging up clothes on their racks, and notice one of the girls who’d been bullying you was standing at the change rooms. She was looking down at her phone, ignoring the customers who were trying clothes on. You were surprised she hadn’t been caught out for doing something against the rules, which truly pissed you off.

While you’re occupied on the clothes, there’s a little disruption at the stores entrance. The girl with the phone had even left her spot at the change rooms to go and check it out. But being a good worker, you stay in your place and continue to hang up the clothes.

Before you know it, somebody had thrown their hands over your eyes. “What the he-”

“Hey, baby." 

The disappearance of the darkness reveals Michael who is standing in front of you, looking down with his big green eyes and fluffy red hair "M-Michael!” You squeal, jumping right into his arms “oh my god! What’re you doing here?”

“What do you think?” He chuckles, kissing your forehead “I’m taking extra time off to see you.”

You’re so overwhelmed, but you still notice the other employees and customers who’re standing around watching you hug the boy you hadn’t seen for ages. You’d missed him so much, and now he was back in your arms where he always managed to fit perfectly “ahh!” you kiss his neck “I’ve missed you so much.”

“Well, I’m here for two weeks” he puts you down so you can stand “so now you can see me everyday.”

The girls who’d been rude to you over the past week couldn’t help but stand there with their mouths wide open. They thought you’d been lying this whole time, and now they realised you had been telling the truth, which was a great feeling, but none of that really mattered to you anyway, because you and Michael had known the truth from the start.

“Can you take some time off?” he asks you, holding onto your hands tightly “lets get some lunch or something.”

You grab his neck and pull him into a kiss, this was the first time you had the chance to actually feel his lips against yours for such a long time. “I’ll go and ask.”

Michael takes you out to a nice restaurant and then buys you a bouquet of your favourite flowers before going home to cuddle on the couch. You decide to have a real movie night, where you get to kiss him and snuggle up against him all night. “I’m so happy to be back here with you” he smiled, kissing your forehead as you two are sprawled out on the couch “lets hope those bitches never make you miserable again.”

anonymous asked:

"NO! I won't stop. For every minute of the rest of my life I will fight!" is how I feel going up against Walt Disney Confessions for not posting my own confessions. Yes, some of them break the FAQs, but unjustly so. I've been following this blog for months and some of the topics you guys have in the FAQs are no longer exhausted and you guys should start posting them again. I will fight. Others will fight. And you seem to be having many an issue about not posting our confessions. Be prepared.

is this for real???

I have been getting messages like this all day today

guys like… I genuinely am very sorry that you feel ignored because we don’t post some confessions, and admittedly I, and my other mods, make a lot of mistakes and sometimes post confessions twice, or post ones that shouldn’t be posted or were outlined in the FAQ, or even delete ones that should be posted. I have never claimed to be perfect running this blog and I am trying the best I can. 

But can you please remember I’m just a college kid running this blog in my own spare time and I don’t do everything perfectly and I’m not exactly doing this professionally? Just for FUN?? You are not fighting some grand battle just because your confession is not being posted; this anon is acting like I’m some sort of corporate evil. You can also post your thoughts and confessions about Disney on your own tumblr too.

I am literally sitting on my couch right now in leggings and a sweater, watching Good Will Hunting and making confessions on photoshop.
I am not sitting in some office on the 40th floor of some office building, passing confessions around to coworkers, twirling my mustache and throwing the rejected ones in a fiery pit as I cackle evilly, contrary to popular belief

billiethkid  asked:

HEY THERE! Just curious, what brush did you use to create that pencilly effect on the Clock and Notebook story you did?

Well you see it’s a secret technique passed down through my family for generations; I used… a pencil.

Actually, fun fact for you new chaps, I draw practically everything in pencil first, even my storyboards! I just draw faster and better that way, and the studio I work for has no preference on the techniques we use to make the boards, so long as we make it funny and make it fast! Heck, I do most of my work lying on the floor like gigantic five year old. I line the TPoH comic and other select pieces in photoshop, but 99.9% of the time it’s based off a scanned image from my sketchbook!

Guess it makes the drawings of Notepad a little more authentic, huh?