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A lot has been written on Moon signs.

These perspectives come from a Scorpio moon (in the Third House)

The understanding of each astral body deepens as you factor in what each works with or opposes. This is where it is crucial to see what else is creating discord or harmony with your moon. You are attempting to perceive the universe as a whole rather than isolating each individual part. Your sun and rising sign especially help to define what exactly your Moon is to your conscious mind. How you feel is not always what you present to others –something most people would agree on. The drives of the moon are not always easily understood by the intellect.

These are my experiences with each individual moon sign. I don’t have an equal amount of experience with each and so I apologise if some signs have longer write-ups than others.


Bold, yet child-like, yet anxious. Dramatic, explosive, quick and then bored. There is a wonderful sincerity and silliness about the Aries moon. They are the first to get up and boogie. I find many of the pains Aries moons carry very visible to me and I respect that vulnerability. I think it is part of what makes them direct. They play by fighting you. Imaginative and raw. I think of the archetypal anime protagonist gleaming a toothy grin and then fist-pumping in the air as we embark on a quest up Candy Mountain. They are social-spiritual pioneers. Sometimes, they don’t stand up to the people they should and take their anger out on those who don’t deserve it (ala ‘kick the cat’ syndrome). Sexually open and willing though the roles are traditional, primal. They can get quite down when their flame flickers out and the warmth fades. Their competitiveness can get the better of them and it can be hard for them to detach from their identity into a larger unified picture. However they are equipped with fantastic gusto and enough of it to make it up those mountains. They may see themselves as that youthful inner child however that image can become the justification for roaring anger – to protect the child.


Oh, man.
I have an intense level of respect and also, to be frank, fear of the Taurus moon. I fear getting too close, and I think they do too (maybe that’s why I feel it) (hold on maybe they’re afraid of me?)

So yes of course they progress slowly, steadily, stubbornly, charmingly… With a silent and deep appreciation for the small pleasures in life. They are beautiful and frustrating. Wise and sometimes closed minded. Forgiving but not forgetful. I think the patterns and routines Taurus moon carves deeply can lead them to believing that people are limited or ‘they are who they are.’ It may seem like a safe thing to do but it inevitably leads to buried feelings that manifest as irritation. This is why they feel that magnetic attraction to their opposite, Scorpio, as buried feelings is what Scorpio specialises in. They need to be released!
If they do have transformative experiences with people, however, there is not much in the world they cannot accomplish. You don’t want the limits of your perception to become the balcony you lean over to judge others. Taurus moons are, regardless, unendingly kind, caring, generous and full of good humour with those they love truly. They do not seek outright praise, preferring the smilingly cheer you on from behind the scenes. They step into a nurturing authoritative role with ease because it is easier for them to do that than be on the receiving end. They do want both sides though. They understand boundaries instinctively.


I wish I knew more Gemini moons!! I do not feel that qualified to comment as I have not gotten terribly close with one. I can only think of a few people I know with Gemini moons who will have to serve as my inspiration.
I am still grasping mutability (or not, you changeable bastards) and I imagine Gemini moons to have fervent mental chatter, a whole cast of different characters their radioheads tune into. 

The wittiness is always a go-go and I also do wonder if the 'identity crisis’ many astrologers report with Gemini could be more to do with conditioned language patterns Gemini is highly attuned to. Seeing as being overly identified with words and labels can trap you, Gemini dances between contradictions and in the in- between, wonders who the heck they are. But crises can purge and the truth is always what’s left behind.
There is a lot of restless energy here. Gemini’s curiosity is something they must accept in its entirety if they wish to wield it to its utmost potential. If only we were inside a simulation game, these guys would be the game masters for sure. Gemini moons may feel like keeping the dialogue internalised but actually they should share it. It is the way they will attain the peace and relaxation they crave. By communicating with meaning and truth –these are the lessons they must embody and bring to us all.


Ah yes the intuitive understanding of Cancer moon. Sensitive, headstrong and goofy they can swim in the natural affection they feel all around, breaking the ice and helping us all accept the sweetness of the moon, forever watching us at night. Their sacrifices (farts) are a blessing. Like Gemini moon, I have yet to get really deep with a Cancer moon but I know it would be powerful.
They have a contagious excitability and sincerity that will forever be taken advantage of if they do not learn to love and value the magicians they are. 

They must never slip into a Madonna/Whore complex or let purity be defined for them by others. Lucky that their intuition is always so on point. Expressing their anger in healthy ways that don’t perpetuate victim-centred scenarios is something they are learning. It is easy for Cancer moon to suck in aaaaall the bad vibes as water signs do. Don’t ignore your feelings and don’t be compliant, especially if you know you’ll regret it or backtrack it! Cancer moon’s energy is precious and magical. They do not always see the doors they open for people because they can get distracted by shitty thoughts or past emotional residue. Love you guys


Leo moons are insanely loveable, proud, gleeful, naughty, fun, dramatic, loyal… They are like a non-submissive Pokemon who wants to kick as much ass as possible with you. They are less forthcoming with their emotional issues, preferring to be a proud lion. Pride is a lonely cage though and isolation, especially for Leo moons, can lead to very depressed slumps. Ultimately though, all their lows help them appreciate comraraderie all the more. They dislike being ignored.

Leo moons are inventive and creative practically, they will really do it, not just say it. Their impulsiveness can get them into all kinds of trouble and even then they are so friendly and groovy that they can get away with it. Their hearts are powerful and when all is aligned they exude warmth followed by big headed claims and roaring laughter. 

They really are the party Kings and Queens of the zodiac because no one else will get so wrecked and hold it down so well and also still look like they had the best time ever. Their things are their treasures. A mere scarf becomes a robe, a daisy chain a crown. 


There is a quiet (and somewhat bitter) determination to Virgo moons. They are aware of the bullshit in this world and make sure you know it too. Their kindness is not loud or showy but a quieter, understated recognition of all the work we do to help this Ferris wheel of a life be better for all. They are secure when they are in their homes or a place where they are understood for the dexterous work they do, whatever it may be. It has been said before but I will say it again: you Virgo moons are too hard on yourselves. Yes you must be brave, Virgo moon, and share your legitimate concerns when they arise. Once you feel accepted for your thoughtfulness, even if it’s a bit sharp, the pressure will be released. Don’t hold it all in, or you will suffer from nervous tension that can fester. They need to be wary of the preconceptions they bring into conversations that may have people thinking they are more closed minded than they really are. 
Virgo moons are a lot cooler than they give themselves credit for so let them know (though they will laugh it off). They need to be not stuck in their own heads. Analysing is fine but only if you already have material, a project or a relevant issue to use those powers on. Otherwise you are putting the needle right into your soul and it is destructive. Facing your fears and mistakes instead of hiding will open you up and others will finally get to see the very real and down to earth being that you are. I am very grateful for Virgo energy. Their conservativeness may polarise and they may get stressed but they are never ones to ignore good common sense or injustice. Their shyness and dirtiness reflect the contrary mutability they possess. Someone you can underestimate but will surprise you when they pull out  the perfectly sharp edge of the knife.  


Libra moons are playful and intelligent; they quickly slide in golden nuggets of advice during a conversation, like their words are the lubricant to help everybody get along… And they do. A libra moon (or sun) who believes in love and in people can open up the mind of the most hardened  of cynics. It is essential that they make room however to have quality alone time. That way they will feel far more centred and their own person when interacting with others, instead of getting lost in a room of mirrors. They can be so nice and compliant that they can slowly lose their true sense of who they are and what they believe in as they care a lot about the wellbeing of everyone.  Only when they are unbalanced do they get defensively self righteous. Or block everything out. That said a Libra moon won’t go to bed after an argument – they really can’t tolerate the tension and would rather apologise and seek a peaceful resolution.

There is a very natural understanding here that the state of being people are in greatly affects the environment. Ideally though (see what I did there) they are cool, calm, collected, filled with balanced thoughts for us all and ever graceful. And pretty.
Conflicts and issues in relationships can shake them up so much that they may deny and avoid them for a long time. It can result in a lot of heaviness – and this sign wants to be light! Comfort, like with the also-Venus-ruled Taurus moon, can become the enemy if they are not doing work they truly believe in or are not supported by real friends who care for them. Most Libra moons wisen up to the limits of superficiality, as beautiful and interesting as some people/places may seem. They don’t want to waste beauty.
Libra moons are also awesomely progressive and they should share their great ideas with people who can help them manifest it all, or at least push them to. They can’t cope with being on one side of a fight unless there is extremely good reasoning behind their choice, the possibility of being bigoted really screws with their principles, which are essential to them. Bitching about people hurts them a lot because they want to be liked and for everyone to co exist peacefully. It may take a while to get close with them and they can flake out when it comes to routines and schedules but if you are patient they prove to be the most loyal of friends.


Aaaaaahhhhh!!!!!!! Why do we try to fix things by controlling them MORE??!?!?!?!? Scorpio moons need to learn, on as many different levels and in many different ways, to relax. For real. Surrender, as much as you can, to whatever the situation is, and let yourself relax. Whenever a Scorpio moon transforms though, everything changes. People are gob smacked by how low to how high a Scorpio moon can go. They think we must be utterly mad ;-) It is extremely difficult but extremely necessary for Scorpio moons to transmute and transform their emotions. Only then can we unleash our gifts. Otherwise, yes, we will become the villain in any given scenario (unless cap moon is on a rampage) 

okay so yes sex and death deeply changes the vibe in the room but is that all we want to be known for?? Not at all. Not at all. Scorpio moons must not numb themselves because then they are building and building and building up all the pain and gearing up for another destructive bender. It is far better to cry and scream and simply let yourself feel the pain. All the answers are in that pain. Don’t you forget it.
As always and with all signs, Scorpio moons are their own worst enemy. By not showing our emotions we create and perpetuate a MASSIVE LIE about WHO WE REALLY ARE. This is what I believe to be at the root of the notorious intolerance Scorpios have for lies. It is intolerable precisely because we are already experiencing lies on a soul level, lies that do not allow people to see our depth of feeling and understanding. Vicious cycles of lies that lead Scorpio moons to believe that by closing more people out or building taller walls, will be better for us. Note how close Scorpio is to Libra and the theme of relationships. Sometimes people need to see those flowers that bloom in the dark, when they’ve lost all hope.

 The sooner we can relax and reveal more of who we are the better– not only will people have a better idea of how to respond to us but ultimately those who matter don’t mind and those who mind don’t matter!
The more a Scorpio moon argues the more everyone in the room feels that painful non-acceptance of reality building tension. Such is our force. We are equipped to do incredible things and incredible never means easy.
Sex is not the sole route to intimacy and life does make that lesson torturous and clear. Scorpio moons can get very lonely and will push themselves to extremes when they are not accepting reality. The struggle to express our feelings, fear of vulnerability and other peoples wariness of us all plays into us thinking we are some long-living Gollum creatures. We are not. Believe that you are sexy. You don’t have to prove it to anybody but you. Power is knowing you already know. Yes the know-it-all controlling nature destroys all our relationships. It’s only because we are overdoing it. Pull back and let people impress you back! Take note of people’s discomfort and make changes in the moment to show you do feel it too. You do have a lot to share, don’t hide behind your pride. (And yes we do know when we are being lied to or if you are having sexual thoughts)


My best friend since childhood has a Sagittarius moon. Intelligent, at times too cool for school, wild and loud and self-conscious- where do I begin? Sagittarius moons are righteous and don’t hold back on delivering the truth to your face. Their friends will think it’s the most hilarious thing ever and you will feel dumbbb. They are damn good at that, however if they are having internal struggles they will stir the pot just to stand up righteously, or wait for you to fuck up.
It’s understandable that many fall for Sagittarius moons – they’ve been there and done that and their sense of humour demonstrates that well. You want to impress them! Their open minds are a turn on, and I have found it to be true that they have a lot stories to tell surrounding cults, religions, specific groups and cultures of people… I can always see myself skydiving with a Sagittarius moon. They don’t do well with clingy people, but accepting that emotional attachment is a naturally occurring phenomena would help them.  

They need to work on staying humble in their hearts not just in words or in clothes or style– that is what led to the bountiful knowledge of the spirit in the first place. They can chase after the original high until they’ve burned down the path entirely. There is a cheeky, mysterious side to them that is sexy and their joy and gratitude is so vibrant it can reverberate right up your spine.


I really love Capricorn moons, even though we likely roll our eyes at each other and really have no clue about the other at times. You can’t get away with everything, boss or not, and Saturn makes sure these people know that (eventually). They are industrious, ambitious with high expectations, professional, suave, aware of the 'audience’ and have great reserves of ancient knowledge stored in their laughter and often pained expressions. 

Capricorn moons, surprise surprise, are really hard on themselves, like Virgo but with far more whiplash. They keep it under wraps. They need to be careful they don’t get crushed by the weight of the burdens they carry…and maybe to remember too that those burdens may in fact be wings they have yet to unfold and fly with. Shrewd and covertly manipulative, they can bring out the criminal in people, yet at the same time their logically intuitive judgement is there, watching you make an ass of yourself. They don’t always share their shady observations, but should with confidence, not anger, because they make a lot of really great points the right people don’t get to hear. Their realistic feedback could serve to really improve a myriad of issues. 

Capricorn moons are great at working the system (that includes within a family system) but need to remember not to become slaves to that system and cold to everyone else. That system could be based on lies or agendas that don’t factor in their personal success at all. Luckily as soon as they know that they will dump anything that is holding them back. Their feelings are private and reserved only for them, and if you’re lucky and earned their trust consistently, you too. They know how to work you into a state of compromise.


I go through periods of being intensely fascinated by Aquarius moons and then I dismiss them. This may be a mutual thing between us. They really are ahead of everybody though (and slow to admit they care!) and they do know what they’re talking about. Try not to always believe everything they say, as they need to be pushed to be the best messengers they can be. Otherwise it comes a predictable Gaslighting exercise, sorry to say it.

Their emotional detachment can get in the way of people engaging on a real level with them and of course their own ego. The gifts they do bring are life changing but hence the struggle. The pride of being an original, of giving no fucks, of going anywhere and everywhere, of laughing at the aliens in your mirror… This is the Aquarian. However as the moon is much more internal people may not realise how weird and zany those with an Aquarius moon are, and they may hold themselves back socially..and then erupt into a nutty character when they’re drunk. They work hard to maintain objectivity and a logical mind state, though the bellows of emotion from others can send them back into their rooms for a while. They may struggle to deal with one on one interactions for extended periods of time, preferring to thrive in a group where they can disperse their knowledge through vivid storytelling or in juicy snippets.
Aquarius moons far reaching perspective does make them a boss, but the fear of getting 'too close’ can really stop them reaching out. I know it’s crazy to say to them that not all emotions were manufactured by Disney but it’s true. It is the fear ITSELF that warps their visions, not experiencing intimacy. It would really help them express their natural eccentricities a lot more if they could dare to go there, don’t hide out in space! It is true that in some of my darkest times I have been inspired by an Aquarius moon, or they have simply pointed to all the space above us and smiled, because with so much space how you can get caught up in such pettiness?
Anyway they are lovely souls and friends, their intelligence is anchored in carefully thought out principles and they will still listen to you before disagreeing! Hahaha


With all water moons it is important that they stand up for themselves before they feel violated by too aggressive people. Such is true for the Pisces moon. They are natural space cadets, dreamy, creative, musical, impressionable and empathetic. They also give no fucks about current fads and trends that enslave people in time. They are not ones for tedious, high pressure work with no creative or tangible productive merit (and fair enough too). There is far beyond all of that and they know it.
What they aren’t always aware of though is how powerful their empathy is, how strongly people feel understood by them to the point where people will unleash their demons on them because they think it’s okay–Pisces moon will understand, right? Wrong, it’s never cool to abuse people like that and we should aim to get more on their level rather than pull them down to ours.
Pisces moon needs a consistently peaceful and chilled out environment where they feel they can creatively nourish themselves without getting dragged into any of the preceeding 11 moon signs’ drama. They are wise in that they know how closed off people can be whilst still having a heart.

A Cinderella Story | 01

Min Yoongi | Fluff | Comedy | Smut | ACS!au | Fratboy!Yoongi | 

word count: 10k+

warnings: cumplay, mutual masturbation, phone sex, tribute, explicit language

❝ Your infatuation with Min Yoongi has to be what is the most exhausting part of your life, and in an attempt to help you get over him your friends convince you to join an online adult chat room. Unbeknownst to you the online freak you’ve been sexting for the better half of a year is your childhood crush. Just how much worst could this situation get? One fated night, a confession gone wrong and a lost phone with an almost laughable amount of nudes on it will tell all.  ❞

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Sleep Alone (Peter Parker)

Originally posted by peterbparkerr

Pairing: Peter Parker x Reader

Warning: Cursing

Summary: After a long night of crime fighting, Peter visits his best friend as he always does, only to discover that she had fallen asleep while waiting for him. 

Author: Dizzy

A/N: This is just a little fic with your friendly neighborhood spiderman being a little cutie. 

Masterlist Request Any Of These

Peter let out a content sigh as he found himself feeling warm in the light that illuminated from Y/n’s bedroom window. He calmly ran his finger along the edge of the chipping paint of the frame before opening the window slowly and as quietly as he could before slipping into the cool air that filled the four blue walls. 

“Y/n?” Peter whispered the girl’s name quietly as he looked around the room before his eyes found themselves gazing upon the sleeping form of a girl. 

Y/n’s hair was in her face, in her hands sat a book as she laid on her back, the warm covers beneath her. She was beautiful in Peter’s eyes.

Peter let out a light chuckle as he knelt down beside the bed. He carefully placed a kiss upon the sleeping beauty’s head before sliding the book out of her hands and marking her page. He then lifted her off the bed like a husband would his new bride and placed her beneath the covers before he kicked off his shoes and took his place beside her. 

‘I will never let anything bad happen to you’. ‘I’m so in love with you’. ‘God, you are beautiful.’ It was like a therapeutic spilling of kindness and affection that Peter never said when he thought Y/n could hear him as his fingers grazed over the lines of Y/n’s face and her hair. 

Naturally, feeling the sudden warmth surrounding her and the soft sounds of Peter’s voice and his sweet nothings, broke Y/n free of her dream world as she continued to listen. 

“This is the story of how I fell in love with you,” Peter whispered quietly as he placed a gentle kiss upon Y/n’s cheekbone. “I’ve never told it to you, but it’s not something I think you’d ever want to hear when you’re awake. It’s silly, I know, cause I’m Peter Parker, neighborhood dork and you’re Y/n L/n, cheerleader and popular best friend of said dork. You get invited to parties and I get to make Lego models with Ned. Not that I don’t like hanging out with Ned, I do, I just wished that I could be your date to parties someday.”

Peter let out a long sigh as he placed another tender kiss on Y/n’s forehead, causing Y/n to refrain from giggling at the feeling. “Anyway, I think it all started in the first grade, when we met. I wasn’t in love with you then, not yet anyway, but I made a best friend. You were always the cutest girl I’d ever met, especially with the way you wore your hair and the way you obsessed over those 80′s movies your mom let you watch.

“And then in fifth grade, when you broke your arm and sprained your ankle while we were skateboarding at the park. You were trying to be so brave and tried not to cry, but the moment I picked you up to carry you home to Aunt May, you sobbed and cried out in pain and told me you never wanted me to let go of you. When you had your arms tightly around my neck with your face buried in my chest, I knew there was something between us.

“But, then you and I, we didn’t hang out as much as we used to once we got to high school. I know you felt bad about it, I know you still do, because you had cheer and sports and the only club we were in together was robotics and you weren’t always able to come with your other responsibilities, but we have these nights together and we were one another’s dates to homecoming, even though you were asked by other guys. 

“Speaking of homecoming, that was the night I realized what I’ve felt for years had a name. Love. The way you laughed when I told you not to choke me with my bow tie as you helped me fix it to the way your voice sounded so soft and sweet when we slow danced. And, God, just the way you worked the room like you owned the place when you didn’t ditch me when I fell behind, but tucked your arm under mine and took me with you, introducing me to your friends. I’ve never felt so included. 

“And most importantly, the way your lips felt against mine when you kissed me goodnight. That was my first kiss and if I died today, I’d be glad that it was my last. We haven’t talked about it since then, but I wish I could get the courage to ask you out, to tell you I love you. 

“Cause it was you who initiates everything. You asked me if we could be friends in first grade, you were the one who asked me to homecoming. You kissed me.

“I don’t know, laying next to you makes me wish to never sleep alone, to never be alone. I don’t know if you kissed me out of pity the night of homecoming or if you kissed me because maybe you love me too. But, Y/n, I love you.”

“You know I can hear you, right?” Y/n’s sudden voice startled Peter.

“I’m sleep talking,” Peter said immediately. “This is all a dream. You’re dreaming.” 

Y/n hid a smile against Peter’s neck, a sensation that Peter felt melt his heart, and drew him closer. “I love you too,” she said simply, with a soft sigh, as she drifted back to sleep content in the safety of Peter’s arms, knowing for the first time in her life, love could be reciprocated by even the silliest of heroes.

marino-kun  asked:

Do you take prompt? What about Stiles having a secret crush on Derek but when saw him, taking care Scott's son, he fell in love.

I’m not much of a kid fic person, so this took me a while, but I tried. Hopefully it’s kind of what you were angling for!


“Do you think I’m ready for fatherhood?” Stiles asks, trying to keep the panic out of his voice. He’s not freaking out about this. He’s not.

Boyd says flatly, “Stilinski, you’re twenty-one years old. You’re supposed to know how to use a condom by now.“

Stiles’ hand spasms and he accidentally squirts a huge glob of ketchup on his mound of curly fries. Fuck. He has the ideal ketchup-to-curly-fry ratio down to a science, and this is not it. “No, absolutely not what I meant. It’s just. Did you know Derek had a kid?”

Boyd meditatively takes a bite of his burger. “No. But the nice thing about Derek is that he doesn’t go in for personal talk.”

Stiles shoots him a weird look. Of course Boyd would think that was nice. Stiles, though, has been trying to break down Derek’s walls even just a little bit for months now—sitting with him in class, sharing his notes, studying with him in the library and getting late-night waffles together afterwards, little by little pulling Derek out of his shell. He’d thought he was getting somewhere, but obviously not, not if Derek failed to mention this kid even existed.

Which he does. Stiles knows, because he can see him right now, over by Prof. Martin’s pool. Apparently his name is Jamie.

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birthday wishes ;

SO THIS LITTLE DIDDY IS DEDICATED TO MY MAIN BITCH @mermaidsonships!!!!!! we’ll consider it a belated birthday present, even though i’ve been working on it for roughly three days – her birthday was yesterday SO I FELL BEHIND ON MY DEADLINE! AS ALWAYS! but yeah. this is for N! i love you bitch! ain’t never gonna stop lovin u bitch! i also hope the rest of you enjoy, it’s cute and fun whether it’s your bday or not. we all have them at some point 💘 

It’s somewhere around half an hour later, and you feel like the two of you have really only been going in circles, but you never once questioned it. Your eyebrows furrow when Harry ends up just pulling into his driveway, though, and you look over him with a confused expression. “You know it only takes ten minutes to get to your house from my flat, right? And that’s when there’s traffic,” you deadpan, and he just smirks, shaking his head.

“I know. Had to make you feel like we were going somewhere else, though,” he explains, and you’re left feeling even more confused.

“So you made me dress up and drove me around for half an hour just so we could come to your house?” You question, and his bobs from side to side like he’s considering whether or not that’s what he’s done.

“I suppose so, yeah,” he answers, and you roll your eyes.

“There’s not gonna’ be some sort of surprise party when I walk in the front door, is there?” You press, and he laughs, shaking his head.

“Nah, ‘s just us. Just like you told me. I promise,” he assures, and you hold your pinky out and his eyes flicker from the finger to your eyes, just staring at you for a moment, before he locks his pinky around yours.


Harry grants Y/N the birthday wish she’s had since she was thirteen

6k+, fluff, smut, heart shaped sandwiches, and a plot synopsis of 13 going on 30

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I was prompted bed sharing so I used this: Your mate has taken your room to get lucky after the party. You’re my roommate and I can’t make you sleep on that shitty couch…

also on AO3

Not smut really but on the mature side…

It was the right thing to do. She couldn’t make Killian sleep on that couch - it was worn with springs that liked to bite you in the ass at the most unexpected moments. And she had a king size bed. Plenty of room.

“Least I can do,” she smiled when he asked again if this was okay, dancing in her doorway with his hip hugging jeans and permanently ruffled hair.

Of course it was. They were roommates, had been for three months now. Craigslist had not failed her for once, providing someone who was neat and gainfully employed. In the time that had lived together in the downtown loft, they had become friends. Amigos. Amis. Etc. But she wasn’t blind. It didn’t hurt that he was just about the hottest man she had even came across. With an achingly beautiful face and a set of manners that would make the most suspicious mother swoon and beg him to marry their daughter. Far too good for anyone as messed as up her.

She tucked that thought away as she dove into the bathroom to change, leaving him to get under the covers. The party had been to celebrate his birthday. It had been deemed a success when her friends had really gotten along with his friends. So good that his best mate was now getting friendly with her best friend in his room. She couldn’t wait to tease Mary Margaret come the morning. Her friend rarely did anything that spontaneous so she knew this must be something special. That realization sent a little pang of longing for her own special someone to her heart. It had been a long time since Walsh and he’d turned out to be such a cliched asshole that she’d well and truly climbed back into her shell when it came to men.

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Trimberly Week (D1)

*swan dives late into Trimberly Week* *splash*

Hey everyone, sorry I’m late but I was on vacation all last week and weekend and only just got back. It was great but when I logged on it was like I had missed a months worth of content! This fandom is amazing! Anywho, here’s my contribution and another post is sure to follow soon.

Coffee Shop/College/Fake Dating au

  • Kim meets Jason when they’re six
    • he moves into the house down the road from hers but since they live in the mountains and there’s nobody else close by they’re essentially neighbors
    • his mom offers to babysit Kim while her parents work and thus they become best friends
  • They’re twelve and at Amanda Clark’s birthday party when they’re dared to kiss
    • It’s a little gross and a lot awkward and it lasts five seconds but they’re the talk of their friends for weeks
    • that night however when Jason’s mom picks them up and they’re chilling in his room playing video games Jason confesses
      • Jason: “I… I think I like boys.”
      • Kim: “Oh… me too. And girls.”
      • Jason: “Oh. Cool cool.”
    • they pinkie swear not to tell anyone else
  • They start “dating” when they’re fourteen
    • they’re freshmen and Jason’s dad worked him into shape so when he tries out for the football team he makes varsity
    • and Kim has always been a fan of gymnastics so she joins cheer
  • but then one day at lunch, one of the older football guys makes a joke about how gay Jason is for the captain
    • its supposed to be a hazzing thing, but Jason really does have a crush on the captain and he freaks out too much not to raise at least a few suspicions
    • and Kim knows how bad it could get if Jason’s father found out about his son being a homosexual, not to mention social suicide by the other kids in highschool
    • so she waltzes up to the football table and plants one on Jason in front of everybody
      • Kim: “You wish Jason was in love with you Zeke. But get in line, I was here first.”
    • and everyone buys it
  • that night they come up with the ruse: pretend to date, appease their peers and their parents, and never tell a soul
  • it works… for the most part
    • because they’re best friends they love each other but theres a period of time when Jason really questions his sexuality
    • Kim tries to help and support him, to assure him that what he’s feeling isn’t wrong, but Jason’s insecure and scared
    • they argue and fight a lot of the time
    • then one night when they’re sixteen and at another party thrown by Amanda, they get drunk and sleep together
      • and it’s super awkward
    • after its over they’re just lying in Jason’s bed when Jason jokes
      • “Yeah… definitely gay.”
    • and Jason has to smother Kim with a pillow she’s laughing so hard
  • And then senior year happens and shit hits the proverbial fan
  • because Jason gets detention for wrecking his car and Kim gets detention for kicking Ty Flemming’s ass because he was being homophobic and trying to spread shit about Jason and because Ty is Amanda’s boyfriend, out goes cheerleading
  • but then Jason meets Billy Cranston and Kim meets Trini Gomez
    • and Billy’s smart and silly and amazingly wonderful and Jason really really likes him
    • and Trini’s aloof and snarky and honest if not absolutely adorable and Kim really really likes her
    • and more times than not the couple spend the time they’re together talking about their respective crushes
  • And of course no one knows Jason and Kim aren’t really dating
    • and Billy’s confused because he thinks Jason’s hitting on him but he’s horrible at reading people and he keeps telling himself that it’s just Jason being friendly because he has a girlfriend
    • and poor Trini has to deal with Kim constantly flirting with her and trying her damnedest not to give in because Kim has a boyfriend and she’s straight
  • which just about blows up in all their faces
  • Trini’s still struggling with her sexuality and lets slip to Kim one night that she’s gay and Kim is like, oh honey i’ve known
  • but she’s mayhaps a bit too enthusiastic because Trini goes on the defensive and says Kim doesn’t understand, that she doesn’t get it
  • and then Kim accidentally lets slip Jason’s gay
    • and when Kim tries to explain the whole “fake dating” thing and her being bi and Jason being gay, Trini “nopes” it out of Kim’s window
    • Kim chases after her and tackles her over a cliff into a pond
      • Trini: “What is wrong with you?!”
      • Kim: “Well I’m in love with you but I wouldn’t say that’s ‘wrong’.”
      • Trini: *shook*
  • Kim totally kisses her after that but since they’re up in the mines they get caught by Billy and Jason
    • (Billy had told Jason they were going treasure hunting and Jason was almost in the same boat as Kim)
  • So they explain to Billy and to Trini again that they’re not really dating and that they’re in love with them, but now no one knows what to do because outing themselves could mean hell, both at school and at home
  • (I sorta forgot about Zack until this point, my poor baby. Just pretend he’s Billy and Trini’s friend whom they go to with their Jason and Kim problems)
  • Zack comes up with the plan
    • They’ve got a month til graduation so Kim and Jason will continue to “date” and then break up over the summer and since they’re all going to the same university, they all get a place off campus and then Jason can be with Billy and Kim can be with Trini
    • because Bily’s uncomfortable engaging in any type of relationship while Jason’s still technically with Kim and Trini agrees that she doesn’t want to be a side piece, even if Kim and Jason aren’t technically dating
  • It’s difficult but they follow the plan… mostly
    • Kim and Jason win Prom King and Queen but instead of dancing together they break up on stage and then bounce, Billy and Trini following discreetly behind them
    • everyone’s stil in shock when Zack jumps on stage and steals both crowns, calling himself the “Almighty Prom Quing” before highjacking the music and crowd surfing before he’s chased out by chaperons
  • They graduate and spend the summer sneaking around with each other before Kim finds a place off campus and they move in within the week


  • Zack ends up moving into the basement because that’s the only place sound doesn’t travel to and he can finally get some sleep
    • the new rule is to always knock before entering any room and then knock again just to be sure
Fire Emblem Fates Private Quarters sentence starters

“Did you need some music to relax to?”
“I would love to hear the story of how you fell in love…”

“I’m glad we’re finally getting the chance to know each other.”

“Is this about the thing I broke? I am SO sorry!”

“I brought you a snack…Oops.”

“thanks for inviting me over…and for not asking me to clean your room!”

“Thanks for always being so nice to me…”

“I know we’re friends, but I’m still happy to work for you.”

“I’ll always walk by your side. And hopefully not trip you constantly.”

“Care for a cup of tea? I brought a hot kettle just in case.”

“I though you might be famished, so I brought you some refreshments.”

“Do other guests get the same sterling treatment here?”

“When we’re together like this, it feels just like old times.”

“Would you mind if I hide out here awhile?”
“Thanks to you, I am still alive. Thank you, my friend.”

“I shall dedicate every waking moment to securing your health and happiness.”

“I hope you like talking about animal husbandry and cooking…”

“I’m not sure it’s good for me to be seen in here…”

“Teaching you to pick a lock won’t take long, but I gotta ask… Why?”

“I can think of a few people who’d hate to see us being friendly like this.”

“Y'know, if things had turned out differently, we could have really gotten to be friends.”

“I’m glad you invited me here. I really needed a break.”

“If this is how it is, I’ll get my slippers. We can all cuddle.”

“What’s with all the racket in here? Are you playing the drums or something?”

“Why did you invite me here again?”

“I finally feel like I can trust you. What? It’s a compliment!”

“I Really appreciate you offering to help. You give the best advice.”

“Your room is so nice… Thanks for giving me a tour.”

“If you don’t mind, maybe we could spend more time together. Is that selfish?”

“You make me want to try my hardest to be a better person!”

“You sent for me? Well, I’ve got a few questions to ask you too.”

“That seemed completely pointless, But I’ll give you the benefit of the doubt.”

“I’m sorry that you’re totally wrong about everything.“
“I know you wanted to talk to me about something, but I forgot what it was…”

“I wonder how you’d look in something new?”

“I don’t like being inside. I’d rather be outside training.”

“Shall I perform for you? Reciting poetry is one of my gifts…”

“My room was dark. You don’t mind if I sleep in here…do you?”

“Do you have anything to eat? I’m starving!

“I really miss my family sometimes…”
“Hey if you’re ever lonely… I’m here.”

“I’ve never felt so taken care of. I wouldn’t mind coming here more often…”

“Ok. Let’s hear your latest knock-knock joke. I hope it’s good.”

“You’re not going to lecture me on my temper again, are you?”

“I Brought some more face paint like you asked.”

“It’s brave to summon me when I’m all worked up. Are you ready to fight?”

“I’d be glad to help you with some chores. It’s no trouble at all…”

“Nothing is more important than training, but I suppose one must also rest every now and then.”

“Did you have a long day? Let me rub your head.”

“Just tell me who I need to kill to make you happy, sweetie.”

“What are you doing? You’re obviously not studying.”

“Are you ready for our tickle fight?”

“I’m planning to chat up some girls later. Mind if I run some lines by you?”
“This has been fun, but I need to get in some dance practice today.”

“You know what would look great on you? The blood of our enemies!”

“Next one I slay in battle is all for you!”
“You’re not going to make me play that game again, are you? I won fair and square!”

“I brought the poison like you asked. Do you want to taste it? A sip won’t kill you.”

“You didn’t summon me here to braid your hair, did you?”

“Who did you want to exact revenge on this time? Go ahead… you can tell me.”

“You seem nervous. Was this meant to be a date?”

“If you don’t have anything planned for tonight, I can think of a few suggestions…”

“It’s so revealing to see your room like this.”

“I’d offer to give you a massage, but…. I might break you.”

“You need a jar opened or something? No problem.”

“I am ready to administer Justice!”

“Tell me…. Does a vigorous romance keep you young at heart?”

“I hope you’re grateful to have such a safe haven.”

“I don’t know why…but I get exited every time you invite me over!”

“This was fun. Ok, bye.”

“Your room is looking really clean. Here. Let me sprinkle some dust around for you.”

“I’m ready to plan our next prank. So who’s the unlucky guy this time?”

“Kind of you to have me over. and not to clean, right?”

“May I assist you? We must keep your things in working order.”

“I’m here! Where are the appetizers? What kind of party is this?”

“It’s so weird to be a guest and not the host. I think I like it!”

“Your party games are the silliest. I’m taking notes…”

“I don’t need any divine insight to know we’ll always be friends.”

“I’m home! Are you going to ask me about my day now?”

“I’ve been rehearsing our duet. Should we do some vocal warm-ups?”

“Are you going to show me your drawing? I’d love to see your artwork.”

“Are you going to teach me that tune you were whistling?”
“I just clocked out. This won’t take long, will it?”

“Shall I brew you some coffee now? I could use some too.”

“I have up on a nap to come visit you… and I’m glad I did.”

“Are we here to chat, or is there something I should be apologizing for?”

“I’m glad we got to talk. It helps me forget about the bad stuff.”

“I picked some fragrant herbs for you… wanna smell?”

“So are we going to hang out…together?”

“Maybe i’ll bag a bear soon. I’ll bring it here if I do!”

“I came all the way here, so you better make it worth my while. A few cupcakes will do the trick.”

“Why would you invite me over during snack time? Snack time is sacred!”

“Let’s play! The floor is hot lava. Quick! Jump on the bed!”

“I didn’t realize this would be such an…informal…get-together”

“Is it customary for people to spend together time like this? I wasn’t aware…”

“You summon me here / For some poetry lessons. / Too bad you’re hopeless.”

“How very tranquil it is here. I wish the world was the same.”

“Wow. This room really IS a mess. You should really let me help.”

“I hope I’m the only one you invite back here….”

“I know I don’t NEED to put a spell on you…but I think I’m going to anyway.”

“May I look at your book collection again?”

“I wish you’d let me help you decorate. Some of these fabrics are so dreary!”

“All right, here’s my greatest beauty tip: love yourself, no matter what ugly things other people say.”

“Did you just invite me here to tease me… or what?”

“We’re not planning on staying up all night telling each other ghost stories, are we?”

“Anytime you want to clean, just ask me! We might find some lint!”

“Your room is huge! There’s tons of space to play!”

“I love hearing about your dreams.”

“I swear that when I achieve true transcendent power, I will use it in your service!”

“I’m here for my singing lessons. I know… I’m hopeless!”

“Do you want me to do the cheer-up dance? It will turn your frown upside down!”

“Whew…it’s hot in here! I’m just gonna take off my–Oh, sorry. Is that not appropriate?”

“You know what this place needs? Kitten posters!”

anonymous asked:

Prompt number 3 and clexa if that's ok :)

Clarke couldn’t sleep. Again. She lay in her bed staring up at the ceiling of her dorm room, listening to the whirring of Raven’s fan from across the room. She couldn’t shake the vibrations of the week, the echoes of moments still lingering on her skin and in her breath. She felt coiled tight and clenching, too stiff. She needed to be stirred, shaken, broken free.

Blips of sound danced in her ears, whispers of laughter, of sharp inhales. Her head was mess, a blur of images. Wide green eyes, searching, hands touching and pulling back, fingers trembling. Breath held. And held and held and never released.

There had always been tension, something challenging and terrifying and wonderful. Something new and guarded, something to tiptoe around. Something to be cautious of and with. Something needing care and time. And courage. Courage neither she nor her best friend seemed to have.

For the longest time, Clarke thought it was only her. That hers was the only heart experiencing that gently stirring, dizzied up between her ribs. That hers were the only palms slick with nerves. That hers were the only thighs clenching at the sound of a particular octave, at the rush of a burst of laughter, at the warm press of back to chest. She thought she was the only one who felt this way, that Lexa Woods was just the stirring, just the nerves, just the octave, the laughter, the warm press. Just the influencer, never influenced. Never affected. Never shaken up or excited or delightfully ruined by Clarke Griffin.

But she was wrong.

The closer they became, the more Clarke began to notice. She began to notice the way Lexa would squirm at her touch, reach for more but pull away at the last second. The way Lexa held her breath when Clarke cuddled close after a late night or dragging party, a study session that seemed to go on for days, when they were too tired to find their way to their separate rooms, separate beds, and would collapse into the nearest instead. The way Lexa’s gaze darted to Clarke’s lips when they found themselves suddenly close, too close, the exact right amount of close. The way her gaze would drop and linger, pop back up and then drop again. The way Lexa’s eyes sparkled when she made Clarke laugh, when they would find each other in an easy moment, relaxed and open, and give a little more than usual. Easy affection they could pass off as friendly but always felt like so much more.

Clarke realized, after so terribly long, that she was just as much the influencer as Lexa. They problem was neither seemed willing to admit it. Neither seemed willing to do much more than toe the line. But Clarke was tired, and she was aching. She was terrified and thrilled and desperate just to know.

She couldn’t keep dancing around this, whatever this was that existed between she and Lexa. This wonderful torture.

She stared up at the ceiling and thought about the week they’d had. They’d walked around campus, lay in the grass with open textbooks neither bothered reading. Lexa’s open hand lay in the grass near Clarke, and she reached for it. She traced her fingers along Lexa’s, over her palm, and down her forearm.

“What are you doing?” Lexa had asked, a nervous laugh on her lips. Her breath hitched as Clarke traced higher, up over the curve of Lexa’s bare shoulder, to the line of her tank top, and then back down.

Clarke had only shrugged and let it be what it was. Something silent and sensual. Something she wanted, something she didn’t want to have to justify.

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// In which Antonio Alejandro Bartholomew IV’s relationship grows deeper //

Part 5 of the sugar daddy series (part 1)

*Contains Mature Content*

the dominant antonio we’ve all been waiting for has finally arrived. @helanyisdead bless the fuck up - drea 🌙

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170101, 00:00.

character: ong seongwoo.

genre: fluff, soulmate!au.

word count: 1,448w.

prompt: at new years’ on midnight, for a single minute, you possess your soulmate’s body. (credit)

summary: the clock strikes midnight each year, and each year, you get one minute closer to him.

tw: underage drinking.

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Meant to Be - Part Eighteen: Alone

All Parts

Request: Soulmate AU – When soulmates draw on themselves, it appears on the other’s skin as well.

Tagging: @elenarte @empyrealsakaki @gum-and-chips @karenthepoop @hammytrashy @falling-open  @urstupidmom @olympun @rebel-with-cause @mishaisakitten @depressionjoke @gemilton @ur-friendly-neighborhood-fangirl @regionallyblurredfaces @destiel-addict-forever @sxnyalxveshxrses@theinevitablesense @boiugotmehopeless @rachurro @hamilton-of-issues @phantom10526 @feral-tomcat-hamilton @alonelynoodle @ilesserpanda@kyloslightsaberdick @msageofenlightenment @pentagramtardis @artisticgamer @smol-angery-bean @abbylikeschickennuggets @little-miss-vanilla @marquisdelargebagutte @cant-we-just-dance @commandergreysonpike @abbyg14 @ixhadbadxdays  @pipindaae @series-killerr @creepycute08 @villaintv @brienne-evenfall @sunshinerainbowunicorn @trickstrqueen @liv-livingafandomlife @gamzeenmakara @ham-for-ham @fruityfrootloops @canyoubemyfour @whimsicalfangirlthings @kakapo-the-owl-parrot @ssnips @iimnotyourson @theonethatscalledtay @k9effect@meagisnotamazing @lunahdeer @karoline-phantom @aham-threw-his-shot-away @arissanoddle @autistic-alien @aceplaysbass @bathtab @xthaynesxalcoholx @sovaill @jamiltone @youreyesaretherealtruthtellers @artandshitposts @gold-cleaver @externallyandinternallyscreaming @iloveunicorns64 @arieava @mayzietuff @betweeneverytwopines @bisexual-baka @sparrowb07@iswearimsmol @gad-jeffs @actual-dorito-steve-rogers @turtlesneedglasses @shock-blanket @angelicaelizaandpeggu @totallyademigod @karmana-stevens-569 @honakanee @i-d-e-k-any-more @the-other-fifty-1 @thendergirl  @toomuchartsstuff @alibug134 @notthrowingawaymyfood@passiveaggressivelittlelion @bestfluteninja @multifandomweirdo @quiet-fawn-of-the-galaxy @trashy-dinosaur @iamindeedapotato @dismayed-mindset @trash-sicle @sammylynne321 @hamillton-laurens @ahyesfandoms @graycefulart @8grapenerds @jeffmads34 @sazzyli123 @drugsdiggs @sufferment @ideal-trash @etm13 @myotpisnotstraight

Word Count: 3786

WARNINGS: swearing, anxiety/panic attacks, mentions of homophobia, depression

Dedicated to: @hercdotmulligan @maiseylarks @toomuchartsstuff and @aliencoffeh for their amAZING art <3

A/N: yikes this is a long one but … today might be that day  ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

As soon as Alex left Aaron’s property, he felt a cold weight drop into his stomach. His brain screamed at him to turn around; to go back to his soulmate. Thomas was willing to work things out now; why would he prolong their separation?

He half-turned back, but steeled himself. This was the right decision. It had to be. He let his feet take him wherever they would, not wanting to go back home, not wanting to go back to the party. For once in his life, he thought that maybe being alone would be best.

He wandered down John’s familiar street, trying to tamp down the rising panic. Alone was good. He could make it good.

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To fall in love with her.  S.B (smutty)

[A/N: Hello loves! So, this is something a little bit different. It was requested by the lovely @ra-veela-claw . The main character, Aileen Mairead Brady, belongs to her as well as the main idea. I don’t own the gifs/credits to their original owners. And to J.K.Rowling, as always.  
Requests are always open, and I am working on the final part of my fanfiction “Brisé, pourtant vivant” ( you can find the latest part here )
Warnings: This contains smut. Also, my English, but that’s old news.]

I really really really hope you’ll like this!

She was always Hogwarts’s sweetheart.

Lily and Marlene couldn’t help but actually stare as Aileen stepped into the Great Hall, each movement almost like a fairy dance. In people’s eyes, she wasn’t even walking; she was elegantly floating. It was a known fact that almost every girl wished to be half as beautiful as the blue-eyed vision of a girl, half as clever as the witty Ravenclaw. Most girls were consumed by jealousy. She could have any boy she wanted given the fact that every boy had tried to ask her out. Okay, let’s be honest. She could have even some of the girls. But they all failed to gain her attention. She never hurt someone’s feelings, yet somehow, she rejected every single one of them. What was weird, is that they were smiling, even after being rejected. So, naturally, nobody could hate her. She was always so kind, so friendly and accepting that you couldn’t hate her, even if you tried.
“Hello, girls!” Aileen greeted the group with a warm smile. Her very presence lit up the room. The sunlight was caught up in her perfect silky white gold hair· it was kept in a ponytail more often than not because if she ever let it down, it would reach her bum.  The way her big bright eyes warmed even the coldest of hearts- it was remarkable.
“Aileen! We were just talking about the Hogsmeade trip. You’re coming, right?” Lily grinned excitedly.
“No, Lily, sorry. I have to-”
“Study. We know. Merlin, you’re worse than Remus” Marlene finished off. The truth is that the girls secretly liked that Aileen wasn’t joining them. Don’t get them wrong, they loved their friend. But being constantly compared to her and trying to live up to that… well, it wasn’t easy.  The beautiful Ravenclaw let out an airy laugh.
“Well, thank you! However, I tend to be a little more laid back than Remus. I don’t sleep in the library” she answered with a smile as bright as the sun. Lily waved her off, ready to fire back that she was indeed sleeping in the library, but Remus walked on them.
“What am I accused of this time?” he joked, mocking a hurt expression.
“You are a bad influence, sir” Aileen told him with a loopy smile. He grinned. What the girl didn’t know was that the boy was hooked. Like any other person, really. However, he didn’t act upon it-seeing how she rejected everyone he thought that maybe she wasn’t even into something like that. And he wouldn’t risk her friendship.
“Anyways, I wanted to inform you that you have been invited to the most amazing party of the year. Tonight, at ten o’clock. Our common room” he said mimicking a medieval style, causing the girls to laugh.
“Please tell me it wasn’t James who made you do this” Lily asked him, but she already knew the answer. He just shrugged and landed his eyes on the very attractive girl standing next to him. She was ethereal. She was small but her shape- all those curves in all the right places. Thin but perfectly-Stop it, Remus scowled himself. His favorite curve though was her smile. Always, so genuine and kind.
“So, it’s a yes?” he asked, his eyes full of hope.
“Sure” she answered, flashing him a grin and pecking his cheek before turning around and leaving in order to go to the library. She didn’t look back. If she had, she would have witnessed not only Remus flushing bright red but also someone else, frowning his eyebrows and fighting off the urge to follow her. Someone who’s gray eyes were following her all day-every day. Someone who wasn’t her friend and didn’t want to be.  He wanted more. But so did he with every other girl; and Aileen Mairead Brady knew it all too well. 

Aileen was watching the floating flakes from the window- a safe distance from the icy air. 

“Are you okay?”. A voice threw her out of her mind.
“Yeah. Just tired. You look tired yourself. Is everything alright?”. Her gentle, calming voice caused his heart to squeeze in a very strange way. With her bewitching blue eyes staring right into his, he found himself wanting to share his secret, to share a piece of himself with the mesmerizing girl in front of him.
“I-I…It’s not that I don’t want to tell you. I… I am scared that you’ll leave if I do” he croaked, debating whether he should or shouldn’t tell her.
“I am very well aware of the situation, Remus” she said emphasizing her pun. It took several seconds for Remus to get it. His eyes widened.
“Yo-you are?” he whispered. She smiled.
“Now you’re just underestimating my intelligence. I am a Ravenclaw, after all” she stated and laughed at his expression. It was true. She had figured it out after two or three months. Oh, and nicknames don’t really help.  She had heard many times Black calling Remus, Moony to not figure it out by putting two and two together. However, she said nothing. Remus was her friend. She had to wait for him to trust her enough to tell her himself.
The sand-haired boy was about to finally tell her what he wanted more than anything when Marlene decided to interrupt them by grabbing Aileen’s arm and dragging her all the way to Gryffindor Tower because it was “makeup time”. She tried to fight in protest, but it was useless.  What Aileen didn’t know was that Marlene couldn’t continue watching her flirting with him.  It was driving her crazy. 

She had to give it to Marls. That girl knew exactly what to do with all those supplies. Aileen was never the one to wear makeup on a daily basis. Maybe a little bit of powder once or twice, but really, nothing much. Now, she was looking to the mirror in front of her, not being able to realize that it was her reflection. Her skin was smoother than ever, her eyebrows perfectly shaped, her lips, dark red, bold and full and her eyes… she couldn’t even believe it. They actually popped out. So intense and captivating. She never really thought that a black liner would change her appearance so drastically.  
Tonight, she had finally let her hair down… it wasn’t exactly easy to say no to Marlene.  Beautifully done, falling into waves, reaching her waist.  
She had borrowed a black, mini skirt from Lily and a white, lacy crop top from Marlene. All the girls were on heels-and that was a no. A big, fat NO. She was comfortable in her black sneakers, thank you very much.  
“How can you look so sexy, yet so shy and demure?” Alice asked the girl with a hint of jealousy in her voice. But it was Alice, one of the kindest people Aileen knew.
“I am not sexy Alice” she answered while a blush crept into her cheeks.
“Yeah, okay, whatever you say. You know, I am actually worried about Black. He hasn’t made a move on you. Yet. Maybe tonight you will finally get some action!” Marlene said indiscriminately, leaving Aileen to choke on her breath.  
“Can we please get going? It’s already eleven” she practically begged. She was blushing like a mad person. The girls agreed while Marlene was smiling triumphally.

 She could feel all those eyes piercing her body. Maybe she shouldn’t have dressed the way she did. It was actually annoying. Everyone liked her for how she looked. No one cared for who she was. And that was eating her alive. She made a beeline towards the drinks, courtesy of James as it was mentioned in a little flag hanging above them. She grabbed a butterbeer and leaned on the wall behind her. She was never the one to join a party and be the soul of it. But she did enjoy it. 

Lily was too caught up with James and his stupid jokes, which made the girl smile, even though she wouldn’t admit it. Not even to herself. But she was falling for him and Aileen knew it.
Alice was already kissing Frank. Aileen smiled to herself. They were perfect for each other. Honestly, she was jealous. She craved something like that. She craved it so badly-but knew that she could never have it.
And her good mood was over. She had Black to thank for that.
“If it isn’t for the beauty queen” he said way too flirty for her liking. She wasn’t going to admit it anytime soon, but she was hooked. And he was the most unavailable guy in the entire castle, the one she should never fall. He was a player, for Merlin’s sake. He slept with a different girl each night, leaving them to deal with the morning after, alone. He was danger. He was wrong. He was… breathtaking in his black shirt and ripped jeans.
“Hello Black” she greeted him kindly but warningly. She knew she would end up heartbroken.
“Do you have a Band-Aid?” he asked as he made his way closer to her. Way too close.
“Hm? What?”. She was confused. What exactly was he asking her? Maybe it was the butterbeer. Maybe it wasn’t.
“Because I scrapped my knee falling for you” he finished, wiggling his eyebrows. She couldn’t help but snort a bit, her lips fighting off a smile, while she was rolling her eyes.
“Sorry, but you owe me a drink” he stated and her eyes widened… He was close enough for her to notice how beautiful his eyes were. Danger was written all over him.
“Excuse me? Why?” she asked baffled by his ways.
“Because when I looked at you, I dropped mine”. OH GOD, she thought.
“Well, I am pretty sure, those girls are very much interested giving you a… drink” she answered making a slightly suggestive comment and pointing at a group of giggly girls. He looked shocked. He was Sirius Fucking Black. How could she shrug him off? No one ditched him. He ditched them. She left him hanging.
She grabbed a fire whiskey and sat out. She wasn’t exactly laid back tonight.

 A couple of hours and drinks later, she finally had loosened up. She was a bit tipsy, but nothing she couldn’t handle. Or so she thought. 

“Hello, there beautiful”. Oh, no. Oh, no. She looked up and saw a very drunk Gryffindor guy. Erik, was it? She didn’t want to hurt his feelings or his testicles, that is. He was intoxicated…
“Hi” she answered kindly, keeping her distance. Unfortunately, her back hit the wall. Shit.
“Can I help you?” she continued but her tone was a bit colder.
“Actually Brady, you can”. He slithered closer. She tried to move but all she achieved was to make him put his hands on each side of her. She felt threatened.
“Look, you’re drunk. Just-”
“I don’t want you to talk. I want you to use your mouth differently”. She froze. What? What?
“Get off. Please” she fired back trying to avoid his face as he got closer. I don’t want his lips on my face. God, please, she thought.
Suddenly his weight was lifted off of her. She felt a warm pair of arms wrapped around her in a protective way.
“She told you to get off” Sirius growled slowly and very terrifying to the drunk guy.
“She was asking for it, really” he said with a glint in his voice that made both boys crazy. How dare he?
The next thing Aileen knew was that Erik was growling in pain. Sirius had punched his face and Remus had helped. Remus. The calm, kind boy. However, that same boy had caught the way she was looking at Sirius. His heart sunk. Of course. Of course, it would be Sirius. How could it not? And then he noticed the way his friend was looking at her. He never looked another girl like that. If he breaks her heart, I am gonna break his neck, he thought to himself.
“Are you okay?” he asked her, breathless. She was truly magnificent tonight. No wonder everyone’s eyes were on her. She nodded.
“Thank you. Both of you” she said sincerely. Her eyes stayed on Sirius a little too long to go unnoticed. Remus just smiled and left. He would deal with this later.
“I am sorry I wasn’t here earlier” Sirius said, looking down at the floor. Her hands flew toward his arm, clenching it.
“You’re kidding me? If it weren’t for you, he would… Never mind. Thank you” she said giving his bicep a squeeze. He looked at her. She was the one girl that he could never take advantage of. Innocent yet fierce. Quiet yet easy going.
She sat down on the couch behind her. People didn’t seem to notice what was going on in that corner.
He plopped beside her.
“Can I ask you something?”. He was a bit drunk. Well, more than a bit.
“Sure” she gently answered. Why is this so hard? It’s not like you haven’t asked other girls he mentally slapped himself.
“Are you a Veela?” he asked leaving them both in utter surprise. That wasn’t what he wanted to ask her and it wasn’t what she wanted to answer. She stiffened. That’s why I don’t tell people, she thought.
“My grandmother was. I guess, it runs in my blood as well. I can see the way people look at me. Like I’m hypnotizing them simply by breathing and I hate that the only thing they see is the Veela part” she admitted, blushing because she had let on more that she would like. It didn’t come as a surprise to Sirius. But it was hard for him to watch her drifting away into sadness. He decided to be bold. He took her hands into his.
“Listen to me. Yes, people are drawn because you’re absolutely stunning but it only takes a second to realize how beautiful you are on the inside as well” he spoke quietly but his words eased her mind. Did he truly believe that?
She was looking right into his eyes. Jewel-like eyes staring into gray. He was now sure of it. She held his heart and she didn’t even know it. So, naturally, he was taken aback when she leaned in and pecked his lips with hers.
He didn’t respond for a while and she felt her heart dropping to her stomach. Great. Just great.
“I’m sorry. I don’t-” she began to apologize when she felt his arms being wrapped around her middle and his lips muffling her words. He kissed her passionately yet softly. She wasn’t a one-night-stand to him. She was so much more. And she probably deserved someone else but he was selfish.
Her hands reached his hair tugging them ever so lightly. He moaned into her mouth. He was never turned on by just a kiss. She was a different world.
“Maybe we should continue this somewhere else” he suggested never believing that she would agree. But she did. She just nodded her head, unable to verbalize her thoughts.


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Acquainted || Montgomery De La Cruz

Originally posted by montedelacruz

summary: the reader has some problems in the last time and monty helps her get through it.

inspiration and title: acquainted - the weeknd

word count: 2592


„Actually I don’t feel like talking to you, right now“, you muttered. It was early in the morning and there were no people outside, no one but the fresh spring air and the clouds looking down at you. You thought you could hear them laughing about you.

„Who said I wanted to talk?“, Montgomery asked with a sudden attraction in his voice. He came a bit nearer to you, so near, that you smelled his fresh perfume he had put on before he went out for a run.

„I said No, Monty“, you added, without looking him in the eyes. „And I don’t think we can keep doing this.“

His eyes widened. For a second you thought to hear a tiny, sarcastic smile by him. Then you decided none of this was worth thinking about it. You pushed the door a bit wider and waited for him to say something.

„That’s it?“, he asked impolite. You didn’t know if you had hurt him or if he was only very annoyed. Maybe he had known it would come this way. That’s how these friendships always turned out.

You hiked your shoulder against his unfriendly reaction. He had reacted in exact the same way you had predicted it before.

„That’s it“, you nodded and still avoided to look him in the eyes.

He took some steps back without even trying to convince you once more. You could almost feel something falling off of him, leaving his mind and his face, his body and his heart. You knew what this meant. You knew he was completely not giving a shit about you anymore. You didn’t know why, but you didn’t feel released at all. You bit your lip.

„I’m sorry, Monty“, you began softly but he shook his head.

„Don’t be.“

That’s all what he threw in your face, before he left and you saw his back vanishing down the street of where you lived. For some reason you felt worse than you could ever have imagined.


It was the second Tuesday in the summer holidays when you arrived. You haven’t been invited in an actual way, but a friend had mentioned to you that Jess was having a party at her house and that you come, too. You had spent the last few days thinking about almost every wrong decision you had ever made in your life. But now you had decided that it was enough. It was time to leave all this behind you and start all over again.

„How do I look?“, you asked, trying to hide how insecure you actually were. You haven’t been to a party, for at least the last two months. You had done nothing, but studying like a nerd and sometimes doing those little, dangerous and forbidden things.

Sheri lifted her pretty chin up and looked at you with wide eyes. She was wearing a brown-sugar-colored dress with pink roses on it and black high heels. She looked as beautiful as always.

Compared to her you felt like a sack of potatoes, eventhough you really had no need to. You wore a cropped jeans skirt and a dark blue top which offered a view or your skinny arms and collar bones. Your hair was open and fell long over your shoulders. The holidays hadn’t even started yet when you had begun to lose weight, slowly but strictly.

„You look stunning“, Sheri smiled when she looked up from her magazine. She had spent the last hour waiting for you to get dressed but you felt like you had forgotten how to go out. Depression had hit you bad the last year. It cost you many hours to come through the senior year in high school for all the things you had missed when you covered yourself in bed sheets, where you didn’t see sunshine for almost a week. But you had recovered – mostly. You had friends which had helped you through it, a loving family and the one person, who helped you the most…well, you had decided earlier that he only reminded you of the bad times in your life.

After half an hour the two of you arrived at Jess’ house. Strictly against your plans, Jess was very happy to see you there. She didn’t invite you herself because she wasn’t actually sure if you would come. You hadn’t been to her last few parties. But when she saw you decided to come to this one, she wouldn’t leave your side for a second. Jess is, what you might call a very special friend. Moody, rude, sometimes even mean, but at her heart she was a good person and she cared a lot.

Before you could even react you crashed against someones hard chest.

„Oh hi, Jeff“, you said friendly and smiled wide when you saw him. Jeff and you had been studying together often in the last year, before you fell so hard. Now you had heard that Clay Jensen helped him with his grammar problems.

„Y/N! I’m glad you came“, Jeff said politely and laid his arm around your shoulders. You felt his warmth flash through your body and it felt good. It was the hugging of a good, old friend and you found yourself, how you wished it wouldn’t stop. Jeff was the type of guy you could hide behind, because he would always be there and give you just enough space to always find yourself in no need to hide. You had a little crush on him before, but it has vanished – like all feelings you had before.

„How have you been?“, Jeff asked.

You nodded carefully, as you watched Jess fill up some bowls with snacks. A little smile framed your lips as you looked up to Jeff again who was patiently waiting for you to keep speaking.

„I’m good. As always“, you tried to sound persuasive but you failed and Jeff noticed. But he wouldn’t make a big deal out of it.

„I’d hope so!“ He placed a big smile on his face while speaking. „And you came here to have fun, didn’t you? I mean, we can always talk and we definetely should.“

„Right. Fun forward“, you added and felt relief when Jeff stood up and seemed very satisfied. He left for a second and came back with two big, red cups. You didn’t even think about it, you just drank and felt how the pain felt less and your feeling flashed over from hurting to absolutely numb.

„You’re a good friend, Atkins“, you said tenderly.

Jeff laughed. „As long as you’re happy.“ He took a sip of his beer and looked across the room.

„Wait for a second, there’s someone I need to talk to. I’ll be right back“, he promised and let you stand there. You nodded, you nodded even when he already left and sat back on the couch. Jeff disappeared outside to the beerpong people und it was very okay for you. You felt some space when you were alone, eventhough you felt like a normal person when Jeff was around. You forgot about your mental illness and were normal for a bit and that was worth so much more to you than feeling space.

„What up, cheerleader“, you could hear someone, talking more to herself than to you. You lifted your view up and saw Jess. She had finished her snacks and found now the time to sit down right next to you. She had a bottle of Vodka in her hand. A smile flashed through your white teeth and let you quiet for a second.

„What the hell, Jess?“

Jess grinned in your direction. „Hey, it’s a party, isn’t it?“

You nodded and watched Jess fill up some empty cups with Vodka. The water alike looking wet product smelled like disinfectant, but you didn’t care. When the drink reached your lips you found yourself feeling more and more normal again. Like two years ago. You were partying, singing, dancing and kissing like every other girl and Jess could best remember that. But after that last year…

You swallowed. Your eyes stood wide open when you saw him, pressing his back against the orange wall, looking directly at you all across the whole room. You could almost hear his reproachful voice in your head.

Don’t drink the hard stuff, Y/N. Who’s going to rescue you when you lose your head again?


But you took your eyes of off him and ignored his staring. It was more than a week in the past that you had ended your little, secret friendship and you didn’t feel like refreshing it in that moment. You wanted to be a new person, a new you. And when you looked at his dark eyes you saw yourself so weak as always.

„Are you okay?“, Jess asked suddenly and pointed at the Vodka. „Too hard?“

You smiled.

„Just hard enough“, you corrected her and swallowed the last bit.


The music was turned on, somewhere in the distance, but you didn’t hear it anymore. The sounds in your own head were way too loud to hear anything. You could hear different voices and people were screaming, you were screaming and the Vodka was screaming the loudest screams.

„Hey, Y/N, you okay?“, someone shouted.

„Yes“, you shouted back and braced yourself for falling down, but it didn’t happen. Instead you felt the rockhard wall on your cracked hands. You went out only to get a fresh head, but you didn’t know the nausea would get even more terrible when you left the house. You drank too much in a short time and now you felt sick. But that wasn’t even the worst part. The sickness was easy to handle. Two bottles of water, some puking, some salt crackers and you would be the old you. It were the voices. They were so damn loud and gave you a terrible headache.

„Stop“, you said yourself while trying to walk a straight line. You couldn’t. You fell down and felt a sudden pain breaking through your body, when your head touched the ground.

„I can’t do this anymore“, you said softly to yourself. You hadn’t even noticed tears were streaming down your cheeks.

Why couldn’t you be like Jess was? Or Sheri? Even Hannah? All the normal girls in there. They had drank way more than you had and they were still good, dancing, holding hands, laughing and having a good time. But you laid outside, somewhere next to Jess’ garden, with a bloody cheek and teary eyes.

„What the fuck?“

A voice behind you scared you for a second, but you didn’t care about it, actually. If somebody came to kill you now you would be totally unable to fight for yourself so you’d have to accept that this was your last day on earth.


Two very big and very soft hands covered your head and lifted it up on someones lap. You tried to see something through the dark but you couldn’t see anyone through the night, your tearful eyes and the blood, that shifted down on your temple.

„What the hell happened to you?“, a soft voice asked you. Suddenly the voice sounded very familiar to you. You had heard it so often, so hard on your head, whenever you felt good or bad. You felt even more tears streaming down your face when you realized who that was, sweeping your wet hair streaks out of your face.

„Monty?“, you asked with a dying voice.

„Hush“, he said softly with his lips near your ear. He tangled his arms around your upper body and pressed you as close to him as possible. His touch was intimitate that it made you cry even more, more and more. So much till your shoulder shook and your whole body trembled and shivered.

„I’m so sorry. I treated you like shit“, you said with a weak voice.

It was dark and you couldn’t exactly see his face but you knew that he was smiling. „I could write a song about that“, he playfully huffed. His voice was warm again and you felt he was pulling you closer.

„I had to come when I heard you were coming“, he whispered.

„I’m so stupid. This happens all the time. I can’t keep myself up reasonable like every other girl on this planet can.“

Monty smiled again and took your hand. You pressed it and closed your eyes. Then you pressed his hand against your cheek.

„You’re not like other girls“, he added.

You shook your head heavily. „Why not?“

Montgomorey thought about it for a moment, then stroked your head gently and you could feel the panic leaving your body. He had this done so often before that you couldn’t count it. He had been there, writing your homework for you every once in a while. He had held your hand and kissed your cheek and your forehead and slept next to you, doing absolutely nothing.

And when you had felt like it, he had done more than nothing. Everything.

Pressed you against the wall and kissed you.

Kissed your whole body. Kissed the spots where no one on this earth had ever kissed you before. That’s where he had become more than just a normal friend…where he became that kind of friend. And as one of your rebellious, crazy, stupid, dumb actions you had decided to throw him out of your life completely. For a little second you had felt like he would take advantage of your crazy mess of feelings, what he never had done and never would. And you had thrown him away like trash.

And there the two of you were. He had rescued yourself from yourself again, without waiting a second.

„I said myself so often I don’t run after people and suddenly I’d run a damn marathon for you. You still think you want to be someone else?“

You shook your head. „But I’m a mess“, you whispered with a warning tone in your voice.

Monty pressed your hand again and helped you to sit up, so that you could look him in the eyes while you were talking.

„Nothing that I couldn’t clean up“, he grinned.

You smiled, too. And for a second you could smile without any pretending again, without any forces…You just smiled because you wanted to.

„Come on, I’ll take you home“, he said and made a move to stand up.

You touched his elbow to keep you down on the street. You didn’t want him to get up. To go anywhere. To leave you, even if it was only for a second. Suddenly you understood it. There was only once person you wanted around. For last six months at least. And you would never treat him like that again. At least you’d try not to.

„Wait. Monty …“, you started, but he pressed his finger on your lips, before you could keep talking. He gripped the back of your head so tight and pulled you closer. You felt warmth coming up in your body, when he pressed his lips on yours. You opened your mouth to let his kiss in, to let all of him into you. Your tongue played with the tip of his and you wanted more, more with every second. Trying to catch your breath you pulled your head back.

„Monty“, you started again, rushing this time.

He smiled and said only one thing, before he pulled you closer, to kiss you all over and over again.

„Hush, baby. I love you too…“

Last (Peter Parker x Reader)

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Word Count: 1502

Pairing: Peter Parker x Reader

You and Peter Parker had been friends now for a very long time, eight years to be exact. In your eyes he was the perfect guy with his messy brown hair, cute dorky glasses and the adorable smile that appeared on his face whenever he saw you. Knowing he would only ever see you as his friend, you never attempted a relationship between you both. Never even told him your feelings, you didn’t want to lose him.

Peter was like a song that you could never ever get out of your head, on your mind everyday. There’s not been one day since you’ve met that you hadn’t thought about him at least once. Peter on the other hand, he had no problem not thinking about you romantically, well, that’s what you assumed anyway. He’s always going after girl after girl, from Mary Jane to Gwen to Liz. You knew you could never compete with those girls, all of them being smart, gorgeous and kind, well, maybe only Gwen on the kind part. 

But you knew you could never be what he wanted, you were the complete opposite of his type. You weren’t the smartest kid, you were just average with no talent to offer. The hair on your head didn’t look gorgeous everyday like the other girls, yours was always frizzy and often full of knots, you try to make it look nice but you’re far too lazy to spend time on your hair every morning. There were permanent dark circles under your eyes from those late night TV show marathons and you often wore nothing other than a simple jeans and t shirt combo. There was literally nothing exciting about you. You were kind to those who deserved it, not those like Flash Thompson who you didn’t have an ounce of respect for after all the kids he’s bullied over the years. 

But apart from being a nice person you had nothing to offer, there was no way Peter would ever like you the way you liked him. You often caught yourself day dreaming of what life would be like if you and Peter were together, being able to kiss him and hopefully be his last first kiss and being together for the rest of your lives. But you knew that was far from reality and not ever a probability, you were just the friend.

It was a Friday night and Peter had been invited to a party at Liz’s and somehow managed to drag you along with him. You had actually tried with your appearance tonight, brushing your hair and applying makeup since you had more time and were in the mood to walk in looking like a badass bitch. Maybe it was the fact that you knew girls who liked Peter were going to be there tonight and you feeling and looking confident was like your war paint going into battle. The cherry red heels you wore were clicking against the concrete as you and Peter made your way up Liz’s driveway, stuffing your hands into the pockets in your jacket to hide them from the cold air. 

You felt a little giddy tonight after Peter had complimented how you looked when you arrived outside his apartment before. He had told you that you looked breath taking and that was enough to keep a smile plastered on your face for the rest of the evening. You were glad you decided to wear jeans though, you couldn’t find it in yourself to wear a dress, no matter how hard you tried to look good tonight you weren’t prepared to freeze off your legs in this weather. 

“You ready Y/N?” Your friend asked, linking his arm through yours causing chills to travel down your spine at the touch. “As I’ll ever be.” Your confidence was wearing thin now, nervous to be in a room full of people whom you mostly disliked. But Peter wanted you to come with him so here you were, like a lost puppy obeying to his every command. You couldn’t deny you were lovesick for the boy.

Entering the house you found yourself inching closer into Peter, the crowds of teenagers let wild in the living room. The music was thumping so loudly that you couldn’t hear yourself think and sweaty bodies were grinding against each other on the dance floor. “So this is what a high school party looks like?” You looked up at Peter with an uneasy expression, this was going to be a long night. He chuckled at your reaction to the drunk teens and pulled you further along into the crowd.

Looking around you could see a kitchen where bottles of alcohol were lined up and a few people were doing body shots. You could have sworn you just witnessed some random guy taking a body shot off of Jen from your math class. Never would have pegged her for a party type. Peter’s eyes brightened a little as he saw something behind you. Curious to see what caused him to act like this you turned around to be face to face with Liz, oh god help me.

“Peter…and Y/N, it’s so nice to see you here!” You could evidently hear the fake excitement she had when she noticed you with Peter. You couldn’t help but stand up straighter, she was not getting anywhere near your guy tonight. You faked a friendly smile towards the girl as your friend on the other hand did the unexpected. “Wouldn’t miss it.” He was smiling so brightly at her as he gave her a friendly hug. You felt your heart drop at the sight in front of you, Liz noticing your changed emotions as she sent you a wicked smirk. Oh great this was gonna be one fun night.

Somehow you were dragged into a game of seven minutes in heaven along with Peter. You didn’t realize they played such primary school games at high school parties but you shrugged and followed your friend over to the group of people playing the game. It’s not like you knew anyone else at this party but Peter anyway.

Nervously taking a seat next to Peter on the ground you lean your chin against your knees, your nerves not doing a great job at hiding themselves. Peter was too busy staring at Liz to notice though, you could literally feel your heart breaking at this sight. He really liked this girl didn’t he? Suddenly Liz stood up gaining everyone’s attention. 

“Okay so, whose gonna be the lucky person to spend seven minutes in a closet with me tonight?” She held eye contact with Peter as she spoke, causing the boy to visibly gulp nervously. You considered getting up and leaving but didn’t want to ruin your friends night over a look a girl gave him. She wasted no time in spinning the bottle and just your luck it landed directly next to you, onto Peter.

You gasped bringing your hand up to your mouth, this was not happening. A huge grin appeared on both Peter and Liz’s faces and your heart was just breaking more and more by the second. This could not be happening. 

“I’ll be back soon, wish me luck!” He patted your shoulder before rising to his feet and following Liz down the hallway. You were shattered, completely broken. You’d never felt so much pain and such, rejection before, especially not from your best friend. Your eyes began to sting, you could feel the tears starting to fall. There was no way you could stay here whilst you knew the boy you were in love with was with Liz Allan in the other room. 

You quickly rose to your feet and sprinted out of the house, not giving a damn that you had no way of getting home. So be it if you had to walk, at least you had time to cry without anyone else seeing. Wrapping your arms around your body you tried to keep yourself warm but it was useless in this cold weather. You sniffled tried to wipe away your tears, but every time you tried your throat would rack up a sob and the tears would start up again.

It wasn’t long before your phone began to ring, you knew who it was but you didn’t care right now. You let it ring out, not caring if he was worried about where you were or what happened to you, he was the reason you were in tears. After your phone had rung for the fourth time you gave in and decided to send him a text so he would stop calling you.

Y/N: I’m fine, walking home. Please stop calling me.

You weren’t going to wait for his reply, turning off your phone and stuffing it into your pocket. The salty tears were still streaming down your face and you weren’t sure if they were ever going to stop. Why did you have to be in love with your best friend?

Misfits Prologue

Summary: An introduction into your college life, including your room mates and your crush which you really shouldn’t have

Pairing: Bucky Barnes x Reader (ALTERNATE UNIVERSE)

Word Count: 1,679

Warnings: none, really

Notes: This is a demo fic, I’m not quite sure if I’ll continue it or not. This is a rushed prologue, but I hope you like it! This series won’t have much angst, sorry!

Originally posted by kamgm419


Sometimes life didn’t work out the way you wanted it to. Sometimes it worked exactly how you wanted it to. This was one of those times, and you aren’t exactly sure how you lucked out. Or how you are still lucky.


Your name is Y/N Y/L/N, a graphic design student in your junior, fourth, year of University. You spend your time doing both online and actual painted commissions, finishing assignments and binge watching Netflix. You’re not the most social person, an obvious introvert. You are quite the contrast to your room mates though.

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The Gamble (Part 1)

Summary: When (Y/N) hears a conversation she wasn’t suppose to hear, she decided to beat Sirius at his own game. But will it cause more problem in the end?

Word Count: 2,242

Warning(s): Mention of alcohol? I guess? 

A/N: So, this took me longer than I expected to write and I still couldn’t get all of the story line in this one post. So there will be a Part 2. Let me know how y'all like it.

 Xx, -D

Edit: Read Part 2 here!

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in concept (isaac lahey one-shot)

Originally posted by sleeperbucky

Summary: A tale of jealousy and reconciliation.

Pairing: Isaac Lahey x OC

Rating: hide your children

This was requested by somehow-justsurvive.

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anonymous asked:


enjoy bby!! it’s unedited so sorry for any mistakes!

79. “My name isn’t Leslie…Who’s Leslie?”

Flings weren’t really Y/N’s thing. Anyone who knew her was aware of that. Niall most certainly was aware of that. Yet the mistake wasn’t really his because she had been the one to bring similar matters up and she couldn’t blame him for wanting to be a decent friend.

How the topic had come up was still a bit fuzzy in her mind because it had emerged at nearly 3 AM in the morning on a spring break week day, only after the both of them had consumed an unhealthy amount of tequila shots followed by Sierra Mist chasers.  

“I just realized I haven’t been laid in 87 years.” Y/N hiccups all of the sudden, starring emptily at the fizz left over at the bottom of her most recent soda shot as a dull ringing buzzes around the inside of her skull. “Like, for real. I think the last time was around, like, Halloween…”

Niall flits his glazed blue eyes at her’s for a second, his head tilted back and too busy balancing a NASA shot glass on his nose to give her a proper look. “Liam’s Halloween party, right…? No…wait, yeah! You went upstairs with that footie player visiting from Doncaster! Logan? Luke?”


He sits up abruptly as if he’s just had an epiphany, the tiny cup flying off his nose and landing a few yards away and she’s thankful the floor is carpeted. “That’s right, Louis! Mate’s got some sick moves. He’s kinda small and lanky– slippery as hell, that’s for sure.”

Y/N crawls over to him, laying down on the ground with her head in his lap, sighing blissfully at how warm his thighs are. “He’s not small at all somewhere else.”

Niall’s laugh is loud, spontaneous and bubblier than the lime pop, his hands giving her shoulders a rough, playful shake at the dirty blatancy. “Atta girllll! Was it good?”

She shrugs one shoulder, playing with a loose thread on the denim of his ripped jeans. “Wasn’t bad or anything. He’s really good with his tongue. Pretty thick, too, on both ends.”

“S’weird. Usually baseball players have the best arses.” His fingers sift into her hair, untangling that knots gently, causing a hazy fog of relaxation to wash down her muddled mind. 

His words suddenly hit her and she flips around in his lap, head tilting higher to the side in order to look up at his looming face. “Wait, you were checking out his butt?”

Niall scoffs unbelievably, rolling his eyes. “Weren’t you? Was just comparing, s’all, so don’t go sending me closet door emojis.”

Y/N smirks softly, giving a demanding hum to cue him to start playing with her hair again. A few minutes pass by of comfortable silence, Niall massaging her scalp as he sneaks sips from the liter of Sierra Mist. He speaks up first.

“I’ve got a guy, y’know?”

“Hmm?” She hums absently, eyes lulled shut as she draws lazy patterns on his pants leg. “You say stuff like that and expect me not to think you’re gay?”

“Sod off. I mean I’ve got a guy for you, if yeh want him. Moved here a couple weeks ago from Cheshire, studying to be a lawyer. He’s in my music theory class, can’t possibly imagine why, though. But he’s pretty chill and for some reason, he reminds me a lot of you. What with you liking to color coordinate your notes, obsessing over cats and wanting an anchor tattoo.”  

Y/N peels one of her eyes open, fueled by curiosity. “Sounds intriguing. Chesire, you say? England?” 

“No, Cheshire Cat. He lived up the cat’s arse.”

“Shut up.”

“Yes, England. And he really is intriguing. I think he’s the only person who could pair black skinny jeans with a Hawaiian dad shirt and look good.” Niall gives his legs a jerk, signaling for her to get up. “I invited him to the bonfire with us this weekend. You can see for yourself there. His name’s Harry.”

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Crawl Home To Her - Part 1 - Smut

Originally posted by painfulblisss

Author: @dumbass-stilinski
Rating: NSFW 18+
Pairing: Stiles Stilinski/Reader
Words: 3,644
AN: This is something I’ve been working on. It was originally going to be a long fic but I decided to split it up. Thanks to @writing-obrien as usual and also to @dylan-odome for her song rec for this!

Listen to THIS and THIS

Part 2
Part 3

You could still remember the way his brown eyes lit up when he laughed. It was the only thing that got you through the long, dark days in the basement you were being held in. You’d had such a crush on Stiles Stilinski all through high school, and senior year he’d finally noticed you as more than a friend. And then…this.

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