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basically Puppet Master tweeted this 

which made everyone go crazy !! Someone else tweeted back at them with this

Chair Air because new Air was seen sitting a lot during the last two concerts.

Shortly after, Puppet Master tweeted THIS…. AND..

well… HE FUKCING @ HIM!!! HOLY SHIT!!!!!

So then someone said that old Air basically did the same thing and only pretended to play which got PM understandably upset.

Old Air’s S O N is involved with Priest (his idea??), so obviously he’s going to be angry.

Then PM replied to someone who said that they missed the “old band” with this:

which made EVERYONE FLIP SHIT… bc it’s rumored that Alpha is actually PM!! That makes this rabbit hole super, super deep.. What did Papa do?? Is this a joke? WHATS HAPPENING???

Some people are theorizing that they’ve been hacked and others are saying it’s just a joke or part of the lore. We don’t really know anything, really!

Currently, I’m trying to screenshot everything they tweet (replies included) for my sweet #receipts folder. >:3c

Hope this?? Helps?????


I just miss Keta a lot.

VHope Things
  • Personal space is just an imaginary construct
  • Hoseok making Taehyung completely and utterly flustered just by smiling at him too brightly (Jungkook witnesses this and tells Tae that he’s whipped beyond the point of return to which Tae responds by shoving Jungkook’s face away from his line of sight)
  • Taehyung dragging Hoseok to amusement parks (against Hoseok’s will, but the elder eventually relents because Taehyung has the most irresistible pout)
  • Hoseok giving Taehyung pointers during late night dance practices, with his torso pressed firmly against Taehyung’s back, Taehyung’s hands in his.  (Taehyung has mastered the art of not salivating over Hoseok’s dancing through intensive practicing and many failed attempts)
  • Hoseok not wanting to shower after dance practice because he’s too tired and Taehyung suggesting that they shower together to save time and energy (Jimin accidentally walked in on them once and contrary to popular belief all Taehyung was doing to Hoseok was massaging shampoo into his hair)
  • Taehyung always has a compliment up his sleeve for his hyung and is his biggest fanboy (he’s always rapping Hoseok’s parts in Cypher 3 and 1Verse)
  • Spontaneous kisses
  • Taehyung just throwing himself on top of Hobi whenever the elder is laying/sitting down (with more force than necessary because he secretly loves Hoseok’s startled face)
  • They both love the bear filter on the Snow app and Hoseok may or may not have a folder of screenshots of Tae’s stories
  • What’s an indoor voice?
  • Taehyung asking Hoseok to perform the “Blood, Sweat, and Tears” choreo for him in private and Hoseok flicking his forehead in response
  • Hoseok making terrible jokes/puns and laughing as Taehyung’s patience runs thin (“Do you want my respect, hyung?”)
  • Taehyung forgetting how to speak when Hoseok’s face is too close to his and stammering out the rest of his sentence (every. single. time)
  • Taehyung quite literally rips Hoseok away from Jungkook when the two of them are together (not out of jealousy but sheer playfulness and because it irritates the hell out of Jungkook)
  • Hoseok only lets Taehyung see him upset and worried because the younger always knows how to make it better, always snuggles up next to Hoseok, burying his face into the crook of the elder’s neck and holding onto him tightly.
  • Taehyung pushing Hoseok’s hair away from his face just so can kiss the elder’s forehead
  • Aegyo overload
  • Taehyung can’t go to sleep without Hobi next to him 
  • Taehyung comes sprinting whenever Hoseok screams (“It’s just a spider, hyung.” “IT SAT ON ME!” “How are you the same age as Namjoon hyung?” “Yah!”)
  • Intensive cooing over all things cute (puppies, children, Jimin, you name it.)
  • Co-party planners alongside Jin
  • Taehyung’s ringtone is J-hope’s part in Cypher 4
  • The mood setters of Bangtan
  • Being extra for no reason (spontaneous dance competitions where Taehyung always ends up laughing his ass off on the floor because “holy shit, hyung, I DIDN’T KNOW YOU COULD STRETCH YOUR LEGS THAT WIDELY”)
  • Mistletoe kisses (because Taehyung’s a really sappy romantic and Hoseok loves indulging him)
  • “J-hope hyung’s the best looking!”
  • Late night phone calls when Hoseok stays in the dance studio too late (“Hyung, stop practicing and come home; Jimin’s hogging all of the blankets and I can’t sleep.”)
  • Taehyung hiding behind Hoseok’s back whenever Yoongi makes him run for his life 
  • Lots and lots of hand holding
  • “Taehyungie, hwaiting!”
  • Too many peace and “v” signs in one picture
  • Taehyung laughing his ass off when Jhope can’t put his contacts on properly and Hobi smacking him in the torso
  • J-hope constantly telling Taehyung that he’s so proud of him and making sure that Taehyung stays healthy by reminding him to eat on time and to get enough sleep (especially when he has a drama related schedule).
  • Sauna Dates
  • Hoseok’s the one complimenting Taehyung the loudest when they all sit down to watch the premiere of Hwarang
  • “Wait, what’s Namjoon hyung talking about?” “I wish I knew.” 
  • They throw each other small surprise parties for the smallest things (Taehyung asks Jin to help him bake a cake so he can cut it with Hoseok when the Intro gets released)
  • Telepathic communication through facial expressions (that are extra for no reason)
  • Even though they aren’t the perfect couple and get into their fair share of fights, Taehyung and Hoseok always manage to make the atmosphere ten times brighter because both of them are so openly caring and affectionate towards one another

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Hi. Your art is amazing. I love how you draw chat and ladybug so well! Would you mind telling us how you became so good at it? -random anon

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Everyone learns differently, so it’s hard to give general advice, but I’ll give it a shot.

* The usual advice: Draw a lot. Maybe take a class. I’ve heard it said that it takes about 10,000 hours of doing something to become an expert at it.

* Draw from a reference!!  Save lots of reference pictures (whether on your computer or on Pinterest, just be sure to organize them!).  I have different categories for my folders: anatomy, male, female, specific body parts, poses, tutorials, coloring inspiration/ideas/palettes, facial expressions, clothing reference, background/scenery reference, etc.

* Watch other people draw.  Youtube is a great resource. Watch your favorite artists on livestreams and ask questions.

* Read about the basics.

* Practice drawing something new.

* Do a screenshot redraw like the one I did here

* Draw something that’s upside down.  That will help you to stop looking at something as objects (nose, eyes, etc.) and will force you to look at them as shapes, and what their relation is to each other.  The drawing may not look great at the end (mine usually don’t! LOL) but this exercise is all about looking at something differently. 

I actually can’t stress that last point enough.  Becoming a better artist is about more than just drawing. You have to learn how to LOOK at things differently and know where things are in relation to each other, which is the tricky part. 

Toob’s Tips: Screenshot Folders

Do you take a lot of screenshots and like to keep them organized? Start a new tradition by creating a new FFXIV screenshot folder for each year.

It’s simple!

Step 1: Find your FFXIV Directory with all ya junk. For me, it’s located in My Games folder, but it may be different for you. You’ll know you’ve found it when there’s a lot of folders.

If you’re in the right spot, you’ll see your current screenshots folder. If you’ve never done this before, there will likely just be the one folder, labeled “screenshots.” (In this instance, I have two others) 

Step 2: Now it’s time to make a new folder in this directory. Feel free to call it whatever you want, but don’t make it too complex, as you’ll need to imput it later. For now, I’ll name mine “screenshots 2017.”

Step 3: Cool. Now that that’s all set, start up FFXIV and log in. You all know how to do this.

Step 4: Once you’re logged into any of your characters, pull up the System Config (CTRL+K) and select the “Other Settings” Tab, with the ellipsis.

Step 5: Oh man, we’re almost there. Click the “Change Folder” button. A little window will appear! Face it with confidence, friend, for today you are indeed an ADVANCED USER™

Step 6: This is the last and most important part. But I believe in you. So what you’re gonna do here is change the name to the new one. Since my new folder is named “screenshots 2017,″ that’s what I’m gonna put here. Then I’m gonna hit OK.

Step 7: REJOICE! Your screenshots are now prepared for the new year. GG.

Obviously you can do this at any time of year, but I especially find it useful going into a new year. :D