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Off the top of my head, this is what 2017 has brought us so far:
  • Gay
  • Weekly date nights
  • Spoiling each other with expensive gifts, them rich hoes
  • Dogbaiting galore
  • Housebaiting galore
  • Oh and kidbaiting galore
  • Gay
  • Near-death experiences that are basically their apartment trying to kick them out i.e. housebaiting from non-sentient beings galore
  • Two AP and two DINOF videos
  • Six DAPG videos (wtf????? who are these people???)
  • Dan’s disgustingly fond birthday tweet to Phil
  • Japhanbaiting
  • le Hobbit Hair
  • A lot of gay
  • Hibernation where they cuddled up and watched Planet Earth 2 in Phil’s bed together #goals
  • Dan going with Phil to see his family at the Isle of Man for his birthday even though it was specifically a family birthday #goals
  • Basically multiple confirmations that DnP are family
  • All their domestic moments that they obnoxiously tweet about all the time (we get it, okay? You two are in love, now stop making us third-wheel)
  • Weekly liveshows
  • Fond mentions of each other in said live-shows
  • “Gaykery” + the basic confirmation that they don’t go anywhere separately
  • Tweets and photos from Phil’s birthday week (their seaside walks were romantic af, fight me)
  • Did I mention gay?
  • More <3 eyes, touching and flirting
  • “Life things” and the general promise of a more chilled year i.e. focusing on their lives and YT more
  • Phangate theories being dragged by DnP themselves, who apparently find Phanti funnier than Phan (suspicious much?)
  • Dan playing piano in a liveshow and making a piano video
  • Dan basically getting Phil, among many things, a signed picture of a naked dude in a bathtub for his birthday… Hetero who?
  • Dan said he might wear a single earring??? PLEASE SENPAI
  • Photos where they either look soft/squishy af (i.e. Dan) or daddy/sexy af (i.e. Phil)
  • Lots of talk about penises and parenting
  • Phil predicted a year of “domestic happiness”, “fertility” and other things i.e. let’s just assume that not one single non-sentient being is Phanti
  • Our beautiful babies being happy and smiley and in love
  • Oh and gay

…this was just off the top of my head…

…and it’s only the 12th of February…

…there have been more cute moments in a month and a half than the whole of 2012, ‘13, and ‘14 combined…

…2017 truly is the year, guys.

Musing about being a POC and queer individual in the TMNT fandom:

I think the hardest part of being in the TMNT fandom for me is the fact that I am not white, am not straight, am not cis, or even neurotypical, and… I identify fairly hard with the turtles because of those things. 

But then… they’re drawn or written as all of those things probably 90% of the time when people are humanizing them, and its just. so hard. to let that go, even though those people have no idea they’re affecting some random person across the internet. Compared to the hundreds of others who don’t feel this way, my personal opinion doesn’t really matter.

I don’t hold it against anyone for their headcanons, and I have never a day in my life sent hate to a person for having those headcanons, since I know those depend almost entirely on the personal life and experiences of those individuals.

They still bother me though, since I feel like it erases a large part of what the turtles’ identities are, which is being a minority among minorities.

They’re the only four of their kind, and pretty much utterly isolated from the rest of the world. They’ve never fit in, and never will, because they are inherently different from the rest of society. They are, in a phrase, freaks of nature.

My circumstances aren’t as extreme, not even close, but I know that feeling on a personal level regardless. Having them portrayed as the socially acceptable norm, it erases a large part of what makes them so interesting; which would be their sheer alien-ness from the rest of us. By making them ordinary cis white straight etc etc in humanized headcanons, I feel it takes away from their original characterization as a minority.

And it just really bothers me, as a single individual in the fandom, to have characters I identify with so strongly become pretty much the complete opposite of who and what I am, and thusly become no longer relatable. It’s just a difficult thing to deal with sometimes, especially since I have no power to change it other than ignoring the content I don’t like.

I hope no one takes this as an insult to their personal headcanons about the series; its just the words from someone who’s never fit correctly to any box, and found a strong connection to four characters who I felt were similar to me in that sense.

oooooh look, another list of aus for your writing pleasure: 
[sorry if any of these have already been done!]

+ you’re the cute barista and i’m the indie artist who plays at your coffee shop. i’m totally doing it for the pay and not to stare at your face for three hours every week, what are you talking about.
+ i’m the librarian and you’re the person who, in an attempt to flirt, just asked me if we carry books here.
+ you discreetly come into my bookstore every day just to play with my cat that i let wander. you think i don’t notice, but i totally do. don’t worry; it’s freaking adorable.
+ you are the lead singer of a rock band, and i’m the fan who you just called up on stage to sing a song with you. wow, you are way hotter in person and now i just forgot every lyric of yours ever.
+ you’re the cute trainer at the gym and i just fell off my treadmill because i couldn’t stop staring at you. 
+ we’re the only two people in this theater and i’m taking note of all the parts of the film that make you laugh so i can talk to you after. 
+ you’re selling cookies for your sister’s girl scout troop and you’re so adorable and awkward while doing it that i buy fifteen boxes.
+ you just started telling me your life story on the bus without even giving me your name first, and wait did you just say that you’re involved in the mafia?! 
+ you’re the tech guru on campus and i keep getting viruses on my computer just so i can come talk to you. 
+ we’re rival vloggers who are forced to do a panel together at vidcon, but it’s hard to despise you when you’re that much cuter in person. 
+ you’re an actor on my favorite tv show and i’m your biggest fan. needless to say that when i meet you for the first time, i get so excited that i accidentally punch you in the face. 
+ you’re a pirate and you were unaware about your feelings for me until a siren took my image. 
+ you’re my tutor but i keep getting distracted because you’re so pretty.
+ even though i’m about to be carted off to the er after my car accident, i’m still gonna try to flirt with you, the cute emt. 
+ i’m an escort but not that type of escort. if you play your cards right though, i could be. 
+ i own an esty shop and you’re the cute worker at the post office i keep running into. 



Merry Christmas, @missmarilove​! Have some awkward and cute (and very pink) “morning after” talk. This is your gift for @creekalldayeveryday​’s secret santa, I hope you enjoy it!

I also hope you can read my shitty handwriting, haha…

TwO MoRe DAYS!!!!!!!! And it’s starting to really hit me that this show is going to be over. *cries in the corner*

Dipper and Ford’s relationship has got to be one of my favorites in the show. Dipper looks up to Ford so much and Ford genuinely cares about Dipper and its so cute and adorable and fluffy and Im sORRY I JUST LOVE THEM SO MUCH OH MAN


[ @ladyrevealedofcloak oh my god SAME. I got that exact “update” from Google last night and when I looked up the album nothing new came up. Save for, as I said, Manson’s gd cryptic tweets regarding the album from a few days ago. ]

the last one was drunk courfeyrac, this one is drunk combeferre. is this a pattern?

(ACTUALLY this is a quick illustration I did for @babesatthebarricade’s fic If Truth Be The Food of Love Speak On, which was a fill for my truth serum prompt!)

doo doo dooooo watch as i once again overanalyze everything wooooo

always kinda wondered why zura calls kagura ‘leader’ all the time and then later on during that sugi woke up (woke him up inside)/sugi finally got up and turned off his alarm clock by falling on it/kamui where’d u get that sword/reunited and it feels so gooood arc we find out how, to zura, gin takes over that ‘general’ or ‘leader’ position for him so katsura koutarou, leader of the joui rebels, the rampaging noble, hashira afuro temporary leader of the shinsengumi’s third division, ETC., can just be… zura

and then we have the whole over-arching thing throughout the whole series in how kagura takes after gin a lot-nose-picking, the ‘GURA-SAN’ episode, so on and so forth

it’s quiiiite a stretch and im not saying that it was So Planned like sorachi omg??!!!1!?!1! #CONFIRMTED but i just thought it was interesting…. kagura takes a lot after gin and this leader thing just adds another to the list…. leading up to this yato arc…. bring on the yorozuya feels sorachi…… bring it………

To be honest, all I want in life is a DVD stage recording of Harry Potter and the Cursed Child with the original cast and that’s all. I don’t really care anymore, I just want to see the play so bad it hurts.

Never again will I ever experience this kind of love.

Yes, Sin...

…It’s is totally immature to hold grudges against the person who facilitated the deaths of your closest friends, the fracturing of your family and downfall of your country and thousands of deaths of your people and the continued agitation of yourself and your country after the battles ended.

That’s why you totally forgave and forgot what Al Thamen and Judar did and never held a grudge, right? That’s why you totes did not facilitate a civil war in the Ko Empire, killing thousands, destabilized a country and violated a princess and… oh wait. -_-

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I wish the kin community here would put more emphasis on questioning their kintypes instead of accepting them instantly. Validation is good to a point but questioning, asking why you identify this way, is one of the main aspects of being kin and it’s kinda sad that it’s almost nonexistent here, and when people do do it they only take a few days or so.

YO in the wake of that last piece of les mis fanart, I just wanna give a quick psa re: my art moving forward.

just before i got into les mis last year, i was p much planning on packing up and moving away from fanart and fandom. i love fanworks, i think they’re valuable as hell and a great opportunity to riff and try skills in a safe space with a pre-determined audience, but for a v long time i’d wanted to begin moving away from that in pursuit of my own stuff. then les mis came along and it was this bizarre bridge between canon and a v malleable fanon, and i wasn’t in a good place, and it felt like a v creative space and it was exactly what i needed at the time. 

this is also around the time my followers started to boom and i started to feel like i had an obligation to produce stuff, and the discrepancy of gratification i got from producing fanworks as opposed to original stuff widened and i had to start actively checking my motives for making art. 

basically, art making and fandom and tumblr has gotten kind of fucked up in my head. and i need to step back from that for a while.

i’m not saying i’m going to stop making fanart, i’m always gonna get overly aggressive about harry potter, and i’m gonna have to live the rest of my life telling people i’ve seen les mis on stage at least fourteen times (i say at least bc i’ll see it again. u know i will). but i’m gonna stop making mental lists of the fanart i have to make. i’m gonna stop feeling like i’m obliged to draw fanart just because twenty seven thousand of you (WHY) came here for it. i’m just gonna stop prioritising it. 

and in answer to the dozens of asks i’ve been avoiding for the past six months: no. i will not be finishing the comic. one of the things i like best about the les mis fandom is that it’s one of the most fluid fan spaces i’ve ever been in, creatively. my understanding of les mis and my appreciation of the characters has changed vastly in the past year, and that makes the comic redundant in a lot of ways to me. I’m sorry to anyone disappointed. it took me a really long time to make this decision and i felt like a royal bag of shit for it, believe me. i still love comic making, i still want to make a bunch of comics, they’re just not gonna be about les mis.

i’ve had an awesome time, i’ve been really blessed. fandom has been a huge part of my life since i was eight years old, and as much as it’s helped me improve and grow, i now feel like i’m at a point where it’s holding me back.

at the end of the day, this isn’t just a hobby to me. this has to be my livelihood. fandom is the best, but it’s a space i can’t relate to on a long term level. my art needs to evolve with me, and recently i’ve been feeling pretty static.

i’m still gonna be here, i’m still gonna be making stuff. this summer I’m planning on getting back into painting, i’m taking a sculpture class, i’m gonna try embroidery. i will probably still post doodles of remus lupin in christmas sweaters. but i just need everyone to know that from hereon in the stuff i produce here will no longer be predominantly fanart. if you wanna follow me on that slightly scary journey, stay tuned.