just one yesterday lyrics

when tyler gets arrested

policeman : you have the right to remain sil-


policeman : anything you say can and will be held against you in a-

tyler : JOSH DUN!

jenna : wtf

tyler : it’s just the lyrics babe

josh : ;) ;)  

Save Rock and Roll
  • The Phoenix: orchestral emo + that one high note that made me fall down the first time I heard it
  • My Songs...: The song that saved millions of emos
  • Alone Together: The only suitable way to listen to this song is loud, in the car with the windows down, driving fast into the sunset on an empty road.
  • Where Did the Party Go: The bassline saved me
  • Just One Yesterday: 10/10 would use the lyrics to this song as a pick up line
  • The Mighty Fall: So fucking intense???? Hi Big Sean.
  • Miss Missing You: Do not think of this song in the context of your otp,,, just don't f cuking do i t
  • Death Valley: Patrick Stump's vocal range makes me weep
  • Young Volcanoes: Really cute and nice but contains the most heartbreaking lyric I have ever heard + Patrick Stump giggle
  • Rat a Tat: Yeah kill it Courtney
  • Save Rock and Roll: Throwback to old fob songs + tears