just one simple texture

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((Hi! This is a question for the mod, how do you go through the process of drawing an answer? Like, can we see step by step how you do it? Also I love your art so much and I love this blog! Ty!))

((Hiya! And omg of course I’ll be happy to show you!

So first I start off with a really rough sketch of what I want to do c:
I’ll use the art from the ask I just answered lol

Lots of scribbling. XD

Then I reduce the opacity and do lineart over the sketch layer (with minor modifications as I see fit)

Hide the sketch layer, thicken the lines…

Then I fill in the lineart with one color by using the magic wand tool then inverting and paint bucketing two separate color layers underneath the lineart…like so!

And then I magic wand tool inside the lineart and paintbucket some more to get the base colors down. Also clipping groups rock.

Next I go in and do some simple shading with overlay layers c: And extra details (eyes, stripes, glowing, scars, etc.)

After that is a background! For this one I just used a simple paper texture background off of google lololol
I also go in and add overlays and other screen color effects to make it look nice n pretty. I extended the canvas a little to make room for the text bubbles

And then after that I put a white outer glow around them and added text bubbles!

Lastly I fix any errors I see, add extra details if needed (like highlights), bring it into Photoshop and add text. And then post!

So yeah it’s a pretty lengthy process, usually takes around an hour or two depending on how many panels I’m doing! But yes, that is the whole process I go through when I answer asks! ^^))