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Gothenburg, Sweden – August 12, 2017

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I love reading your stuff you are one of my favorite, if not the best, out of all the Headcanons I like to read~ I also wanted to ask how would any skellies of your choice would react to coming home to see their SO in the living room taking a nap in a rather ridicules position and their pet cat was actually near by in almost the same position? They are in one of those positions that would cause people to ask 'How are you so flexible?' or 'How are you even comfortable?' so how would they react?

Underswap Papyrus

When Stretch walks into the living room after a long day, spotting you on the couch in possibly the most ridiculous position he’d ever seen anyone in, he couldn’t help the few snickers that escaped. The fact that your cat was mimicking you in a similar way was the icing on the cake. For a moment he just watched in amusement before whipping out his phone and taking a few snaps, making sure to get close up photos of your face and how weird the position looked in odd angles, as pictures including the cat. Once he’s had his fun, he wonders for a second if he should move you, or wake you up. He then just decided against it, just chucking a blanket over your sleeping form, taking one last photo before leaving you to your weird sleeping position. He’ll forever wonder how you managed to get in a position like that, and will always use those stupid photos to tease you.

Underfell Papyrus

Seeing you in such a strange position on his couch had Edge more confused than anything. What were you doing? Were you asleep like that? He noticed your cat copying you, sprawled out in a similarly uncomfortable looking position, which was somewhat amusing, but that was a cat. Were humans even meant to be that flexible? Slightly concerned, he woke you, interrogating you on why you were asleep in such a strange position. When you, bleary eyed and trying to shake sleepiness from your head, explained that you’d just fallen asleep like that, he just shook his head in disbelief and sent you up to bed to get a ‘proper and comfortable sleep!’

Fellswap Sans

What was his human doing?? He’d come home after a rather stressful day at work, only to see you sprawled across the couch in a position he’d never imagined possible for any living creature, let alone a human! And was the cat copying you too?

He shook you awake quickly, demanding to know how on earth you got yourself into such a weird position, if you’d hurt yourself, what were you thinking? You quickly told him it just happened sometimes, you were fine, you were just trying to get some sleep?

He demanded you take a more appropriate position, and, at that, in an actual bed rather than the ratty old couch.

Undertale Sans

Sans finds the whole thing hilarious, walking in after being out at Grillby’s for the night to see you in the strangest position he’d ever thought imaginable. The cat was in the same position too, adding to the hilarity. He decided to poke some fun at you, running to grab a marker and drawing silly things on your face, carefully putting your arms in funny positions like you picking your nose, or at an odd angle, before finally deciding to wake you up by poking at your sides. You’d awoken with a start, seeing the skeleton grinning there before winking at you, telling you to have a look at yourself in the mirror before blipping out of existence.

Hope this is ok! ~ Ammy