just one of the many reasons why i love this movie so much

Some Reasons Why Star Trek Beyond Was Amazing
  • Simon Pegg co-wrote it.
  • I don’t recall any of the female characters being sexualized or added to the movie solely for the purpose of being a male character’s love interest.
  • Jaylah was so badass, and she wasn’t anyone’s love interest, she just had nice platonic relationships with the other characters.
  • Sulu seeing his husband and daughter in Yorktown was so precious (also Sulu having a photo of his daughter sitting on the helm of the Enterprise).
  • Chekov was a massive flirt, holy shit.
  • Chekov was actually in this movie.
  • But seriously, this movie gave all of the characters pretty much equal screen-time instead of just focusing on Kirk and Spock, and it was especially nice getting to see Chekov in so many scenes since this is sadly Anton Yelchin’s last movie.
  • The characters were split up into multiple groups earlier in the movie, giving the characters one-on-one interaction (Kirk and Chekov, Spock and Bones, Uhura and Sulu, Scotty and Jaylah), but they were all brought back together towards the end with everyone working as a team.
  • Spock getting philosophical while being seriously wounded.
  • Spock and Bones.
  • Kirk and Chekov making sure to get everyone off the Enterprise before leaving themselves.
  • The movie was set on an alien planet most of the time, which was a nice change.
  • A lot of references to TOS and other Star Trek series.
  • Sabotage.
  • Spock goes to rescue Uhura; Uhura ends up rescuing him.
  • The crew all wearing casual clothes at the end and celebrating Kirk’s birthday, I just really liked that.
  • The movie being dedicated to Leonard and Anton.

I don’t know why but I feel like Andrew doesn’t like scary movies while Neil lives for them

  • For some reason in their apartment Thursday night is movie night
  • Normally Andrew picks out the movie because Neil hasn’t seen many movies 
  • and doesnt really know many genres or what kind of movies he would be interested in 
  • but one day Neil picks out a movie that him and Matt were discussing
  • Andrew just shrugs and waits for Neil to start the movie
  • When the opening scene plays and it is some girl getting murdered, Andrew slowly turns to Neil with no expression on his face and asks him what kind of movie it is
  • Neil proudly tells him it’s a horror movie and that it’s supposed to be extremely scary and how it’s based on a true story and Andrew can’t help but glare at his boyfriend
  • Like of all the genres that Neil could have picked from he chose the one Andrew hates
  • Neil notices Andrew’s stiff posture and suggests changing the movie 
  • but you know how Andrew is, being scared of a movie doesn’t really go with the scary image he has established
  • So he just rolls his eyes at Neil and continues watching the movie
  • Any time some ominous music starts playing Andrew grabs the couch handles with a death grip preparing himself for the inevitable flinch
  • neil finds it hilarious so he stops watching the movie and just starts watching Andrew’s reactions
  • Neil of course has a death wish so he leans over and whispers in Andrew’s ear “Don’t worry I’ll protect you”
  • Andrew at this point just grabs the remote from Neil and mutes the movie
  • then leans real close to neil and whispers “Josten, I still know the address of that construction site”  

anonymous asked:

hello ^_^ why do you think that many of the biggest and most popular ships are the ones not canon or probably never meant to be canon? do we always look for something we can't have?! or are there other reasons? just want your opinion :))

Hii! Ehm pff. :p 

One of the factors is probably the fact that a lot of those ‘popular ships’ are not straight. And it makes sense, because it’s totally understandable that people want more representation when it comes to m/m, f/f, or any other not-straight ships. 

If you’re going to look for a f/m ship, it’ll take you like five seconds and they’ll pop up everywhere. However if you’re looking for a m/m or f/f ship in popular shows or movies, you’ll usually be disappointed. 

But aside from representation (which is very important), there’s also that factor of ‘too much of something’. So everyone who agrees that love is love, and that a great story is a great story, and that chemistry is chemistry, will at some point get sick of it when relationships are forced only because they are ‘straight’(which often happens) even though there are not-straight relationships on that same show/in that same movie, that have like ten times more depth and chemistry, and a way better story to back the ship up. Everyone who has a pair of working eyes or is interested in the art of telling a story, will probably pull out their hair whenever this happens yet again.

It’s like when you’re watching a show, and a new female is introduced. and she’s considered attractive, and she’s the same age as the male main character, and they have things in common™, (same goes for the female main character and the new male introduced, a good example for this is the movie ‘Pitch Perfect’, where two females had way more chemistry but they ignored it for the hetero pairing), and you’ll just KNOW after one stare of heterosexual longing that they’ll at least be making out by the end of the movie/episode. 

And that’s where the problem lies, because at this point it’ll be like watching a rerun of a football game when one of your friends already told you what the final score will be; it immediately becomes 80% less interesting, because even if there are some ‘oohs’ or ‘aaahs’ along the way, it’s not going to be particularly exciting when you already know what the outcome will be. And when a male and a female are included in a popular movie or TV show, you can be 90% sure of what that outcome will be.

You don’t have that exciting factor of ‘will they or won’t they’, because when a straight pairing is included, you’ll almost always know for sure that ‘THEY WILL’. Whether it’s by the end of the episode, or after three episodes, or by the end of the season; you’ll have a 90% guarantee that they’ll at least have kissed, possibly have had sex.

And this is why a lot of big ships (often not-straight ships) are so popular. We HAVE to imagine to make them happen, we HAVE to write fic to bring them to life, or we HAVE to draw art to see them happen. 

Whereas at the same time we usually can be sure that straight ship number 17492743 goes canon anyway at some point, and so the fandom doesn’t have to create things for it, or talk about it, or come up with headcanons; it’ll happen anyway within like three episodes, so when something is that predictable, we as human beings often lose interest. 

So it’s not necessarily us ‘wanting things we can’t have’, it’s more like us getting too many predictable ships thrown at us that we will eventually (more like quickly) get tired of.  

spicedtruffle asked: Do you know of books that are Beauty and the Beast themed? Like A Court of Thorns and Roses by Sarah J Maas and Cruel Beauty by Rosamund Hodge, but less like The Beast Within by Serena Valentino.

I haven’t read the last one you mention, so if I do end up giving you a book like that let me know! I loveee Beauty and the Beast, though…more so the Disney movie, but it’s the reason why I love when people retell the story! I haven’t read as many as I thought I would have, though, and two of those are ones you already mentioned. I did some research and here are some that I have read or heard of and want to read myself!

On a side note, I just saw the musical version of it that came through my time, and it was amazing! Love it so much! OHHH I just realized what The Beast Within was! I saw a copy of that when I went to Disney world! Haven’t read it, though!

1. Beauty by Robin McKinley

2. Beastly by Alex Flinn

3. East by Edith Pattou

4. The Cold King by Amber Jaeger

5. Sun and Moon, Ice and Snow by Jessica Day George

6. Entreat Me by Grace Draven

Thanks for the question! Happy reading!