just one of the landmarks lit up in celebration

Be More Chill Adopted Jeremy AU: The Countdown

“One, two, three, four.”

“One, two, three, four.”

“Again. One, two, three, four.”

“One, two, three, f-”

“No! You’re doing it all wrong! We need to start over again.” A hand rested on Jeremy’s that currently hovered over the piano guiding him through the notes when the clock chimed letting then know it was nine o'clock. “We’ll resume this when I come back later Jeremy.”

“Yes Squip.” The teenager stood up as the man headed over to the couch and grabbed a suit case.

“I’ll be out until five today, remember to read pages fifty one through fifty nine from your anatomy book and the human bone assignment better be done by the time I come home.”

“Yes Squip.” Jeremy’s hands were twitching slightly annoying Squip who slapped them.

“Jeremy what did I say about fidgeting?”

“S-sorry I-”

“Don’t stutter Jeremy, repeat yourself clearly this time.”

“Sorry, it’s just that…do you know what today is?”

“The eighteenth.”

“No I mean something special.” Squip’s face blanked for a moment before realizing what Jeremy meant.

“Ah yes. Your birthday.” Jeremy lit up when he said that, “Seventeen years old, quite the landmark. Well I suppose we can celebrate later.”


“If you do all your work today.” Jeremy’s face fell as Squip​ exited through the front door, the familiar sound of the key locking it shut followed by silence. Jeremy let out a breath of disappointment as he sat down on the piano bench and looked down at the ground.

“Jeremy!” A hand rested on his shoulder prompting him to look over and see a kind face staring back at him. “What’s wrong buddy? Did something happen?”

“It’s nothing Christine…”

“Nothing?!” Another appeared behind him as he looked up to see Rich sitting on the piano, his legs hanging off, “You call that nothing?”

“He remembered it was my birthday. And he said we might celebrate later-”

“Jeremy, when he say’s later he means never and you know it,” the new voice was attached to a skinny brunette leaning on the couch rolling her eyes as she flipped through a magazine. “And even if you do what’s it going to be? A few strawberries and an awkward hug like last year.”


“Makes you wonder why he adopted you sometimes,” a blonde laid on ground in front of Jeremy as she said that.

“H-hey. That’s not a nice thing to say. He loves me.”

“Well he sure has a funny way of showing it.”

“Yeah, he’s almost as bad as my old man.”

“Rich, nobody can be as bad as your dad,” a taller boy popped up next to Rich looking down Jeremy with a sympathetic look.

“Well maybe we could celebrate,” the girl texting on her phone said as she looked up at the rest of the group. “There is the Harvest Festival you heard your dad complaining about yesterday.”

“I-I can’t leave the house. Squip will get angry. And if he catches me I’ll have to go to the silent room again. I can’t go there again…”

“So you’ll do what? Finish your homework like a good little boy? And then what?”

“I’ll read a book…or two…or six…”

“You mean same books you’ve been reading since you were ten? Jeremy, you need to leave this place. Break free for once in your life.”


“Jeremy,” Brooke sat up looking at him, “for once I agree with the ass midget-”


“-you can’t spend your whole life cooped up here.”

“Besides you can go out for a few hours. You heard Squip, he gets back at five so you can just leave for a few hours-”

“-see the festival for a while-”

“-then come back before Squip gets home!” Jeremy excitedly finished his friends as the courage swelled in his chest.

“Jeremy, just-be careful, we won’t be able to protect you out there.”

“Christine, don’t make him worry too much. We’re trying to talk him up.”

“I just don’t want him to hurt himself.” Jeremy ignored the slight discouragement as he walked over to the door but stopped short of it.

“I can’t go out the front door…”

“Just sneak out the back window, you’ll be fine.”

“O-okay…” Jeremy took a deep breath as he headed towards the back window. He could do this. He could leave the house. The voices in his head were quiet as he lifted the window and climbed out.

“What can go wrong?”