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While the stuff like Scaramouch saying penis is understandably funny like I just wanna see more people talkin about how incredible the story aspect of this season has been. Like every episode has been consistently great and the pacing feels natural, characters are fun and developed, the callbacks are spaced out and not overdone, the animation and action is as gorgeous and ever and like it just so deftly balances humor and drama in a way few shows can pull off. Like it’s no understatement that this may be one of my all time favorite seasons of a show and there’s still a few more to look forward to. If this doesn’t get a blu ray release I will storm the castles of Adult Swim

y’all i love lena luthor. 

the way she set lillian up was so unecessarily theatrical and like she went out of her way to get maximum dramatic climax. like iirc l-corp is the only source of the isotope so she could have just destroyed/moved it all and told lillian to go fuck herself in her office. but no. she staged this evil bonding moment (ask me to help u and i will) and even after effectively thwarting the plan, she made sure to put on her villainy I’m A Luthor show for kara knowing good and damn well the virus wasnt going to work no matter who pushed the button. let kara fly after a giant missle which then exploded in her face just so she could stand there and watch lillian’s reaction as she realized. like…who does that?? just to send an especially large fuck u to Evil Mom on thanksgiving. honestly, she could have called the cops 3.5 scenes ago what a drama queen. 

carly’s pynch fic rec

basically, i’ve read a lot of fic, some of which i haven’t seen on rec lists on tumblr anywhere and i just thought that had to be remedied so: here we go. ten fics sorted by word count. most of them are multichapter, and rated M or E.

★★★★★144k+ words, rated M, completed

light with a sharpened edge by poetic_leopard aka @winterblues

Adam Parrish works as a sober companion, but he has no idea of the storm that’s soon to hit him when Ronan Lynch turns out to be his newest client. (Or the one where Adam Parrish and Ronan Lynch are trapped underneath the same roof for six weeks.)*Ronan, to his surprise, opened his eyes. For a breathless moment, Adam was transfixed in them. They were the color of the ocean on the most azure of nights, lightning right before it struck the ground, damp hydrangeas on a fog-swept morning. Those eyes gave him chills.

this fic!! solidly one of my favorite fics! (although, i’m only recommending my favorites) ronan is a little more of an asshole than usual, but, it’s an AU so.. it works. the writing in this is lovely and poetic and leaves you hanging off of every word. 

[more recs under the cut]

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Favorite Fanfics Forever

Guys. Look at that alliteration in my title, it is definitely intentional, I hope you appreciate it as much as I do. 

Anyway, I have listed my all time favorite Bucky x Reader fanfics that have accumulated since my ascension into the Marvel fandom and the lovely authors accompanying them. This list had twenty fics, I scaled it down to six. Boom.

Story: Heart On the Line

Summary: (Smut, phone sex, NSFW) You and Bucky had your differences in college, but now you need a place to stay and he needs a roommate, and in order to make ends meet, you two start a phone sex line together.

Why I love it: It is clever, it is funny, it is fascinating, and it draws you in. Take a look at the first chapter, you’ll see what I mean. 

Author: @buckysbackpackbuckle - An omni shipper, and Team Iron Man, Dahlia is one of the most creative forces here on tumblr, if you ever need a good read, and you’re craving smut worth your time, she is definitely someone you should follow and extend your support too. Not only is she lovely, she is brutally honest, opinionated, and absolutely stunning. 

Dahlia’s Masterlist (Make sure to check out Heavy and Hollow, it’s another fave, and I have yet to read something that will ever top it.)

Story: Catch Me

Summary: In which a bet leads Bucky to have to catch you every day for a week, no matter what.

Why I love it: It is so well thought out, the premise of the story, Reader’s exasperating tendencies, and Bucky’s equally exasperating antics are so entertaining it cheered me up on my lowest day. 

Author: @buckyywiththegoodhair - A total babe and a proud feminist that doesn’t let dramatic anons bother her, she is one of the best authors on here, she reblogs the funniest, and most accurate nonmarvel posts on here, and reblogs some of the best marvel related stuff. She is witty, kind, superbly helpful and one of my all time faves!

Check out her masterlist here and her tips for first-time writers here.

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anonymous asked:

I just saw your reply to the ooc langst ask, and I was curious about what topics/tropes/headcanons you agree with or like the most regarding that subject? I apologize if this wasn't worded correctly as my English is poor, and I hope you have a nice day!

hey no, your english is awesome!! as for what i personally like when it comes to langst, i guess stuff like:

  • lance getting hurt protecting someone else (esp considering this has actual canon grounding!)
  • lance getting captured and the team scrambling to rescue him in time
  • lance and someone else getting captured and lance doing his best to keep their captor’s attention on him instead (also has canon grounding, re: iverson and pidge in episode 1!)
  • lance getting hurt mid-mission but still trucking on because they got shit to do
  • lance feeling homesick and someone / the team comforting him
  • lance feeling kinda bummed because everyone on the team is a genius and he’s not but something happens where he realizes the role he plays and how important he is
  • lance going out on a solo mission and everyone on the castle missing him a lot
  • lance ending up in the healing pod for a few days and everyone missing him a lot
  • tbh any fic that includes the line “the castle was too quiet without you” is God Tier

honestly i’m just a really big fan of hurt/comfort so these are like the softest of angst tropes but yeah. i like fics where my favorite character is appreciated, not ones where everyone else is bashed for drama or whatever. 

also i think that a lot of the ‘langst’ tag misinterprets lance’s character?? he’s like this friendly, happy, heroic kid, but so much of the stuff in there turns him into an angsty edgelord hiding behind a ‘mask of smiles’ or something and it’s boring lol. let lance be happy! and funny!! and flirty!!! and sure let him be sad sometimes but don’t make that his one defining character trait esp considering all canon evidence suggests otherwise like seriously

11. Hobby
11. Hobby

I tried to transcribe/translate track #11 from the Mob Psycho 100 drama CD with the help of my friend, Yoli. I don’t claim 150% accuracy. If there you want to contribute a better translation for any part, feel free to leave notes on the doc. Thanks @zeitara for helping me out as well!

I got the file from @popipoyan who said I could reupload it standalone for your listening pleasure. You can check the rest of the tracks here: http://popipoyan.tumblr.com/post/156384175563/mp100-drama-cd-psychic-human-show

Track #11: Hobby

Dimple: Oh? That’s that Hanazawa guy isn’t it? Hehe, I’m going to see what he’s up to.
Hmm? I can hear something..

Teru: Tch!! Hurry up and spit it out!

Dimple: Huh? What’s happening?

Teru: Why are you being so difficult?! 

Mob: Hanazawa, there’s no need to be so rough.

Dimple: He’s with Shigeo? What are these guys up to?

Teru: It’s fine. We don’t have to play nice. Anyway, this guy swallowed up something very important from me.

Mob: Do you think it’ll come out if we use psychic powers?

Teru: Hmm. Let’s try it for a bit. See if we can drag it out by force. 
(Teru tries XD)

Mob: Hanazawa, that’s enough!

Teru: That didn’t work after all.. What now? If I’m going to try something else… There’s nothing left to do but to beat it out.

Mob: Let me try.

Teru: Sorry, Kageyama. Give it a shot and see if you can do it.

Mob: Got it. Here I go.
(Mob tries)
I couldn’t do it. Didn’t even budge..

Teru: It’s been awhile since I’ve had to do this.. Kageyama-kun, this is going to get dangerous so stand back. I’ll drill it out with this drill! 

Mob: But if you do that.. ! 

Teru: It’s fine, since it wasn’t cooperating in the first place…. 
(Teru starts drilling.)
Doing this won’t be so bad.
(Teru continues drilling.) 
All right, it’s opened.

Mob: Huh, so that’s what it’s like inside.

Teru: Now’s not the time to stand in awe, Kageyama. Hurry up and take it out.

Mob: Yeah.

Teru: No way… It’s all tangled up…

Mob: Hanazawa.. All the contents will come out if we try to pull anymore.

Teru: What is this!! I can’t do anything with it like this! 

Dimple: I’m getting tired of listening to you guys.

Mob: Oh, Dimple, you’re here.

Teru: It’s strange that you’d be the type to spy on other people.

Dimple: You’re the ones who are strange! You’re going to such great lengths for a videotape. Just buy a new one!

Mob: This stubborn tape is the thing that’s very important to you?

Teru: “Corpse of the Flying Pig” is my favorite movie. There is no DVD available so it’s vintage. 

Mob: It’s a shame.. We’ll have to cut it with scissors.

Teru: Are you nuts?

Dimple: You’re all nuts..

My Drama Year!

It had been some time since I had wifi, so I ventured to the library to download K-Dramas for entertainment purposes. This is My Year in K-Dramas. The last two are recent and I have watched them with wifi because I am in a better place. Yay!!

     1. Oh My Venus

      This drama started out being really sad to me, then it became rather weird, but then I thought it was cute. It is one of those dramas that I would definitely say I enjoyed. Without wifi and cable, it was also hard to watch a second or third time. By the third time, I just went through my favorite episodes/moments. Would still recommend! 4.5 STARS!


           2. Cheese in the Trap 

                Now this one I was actually kind of bored with until about the fifth episode. Sorry, but true. I had a hard time understanding why it was popular. Of course, though, I did enjoy watching it after getting into it. After some time, it had me hooked and trying to figure things out as it went and the male lead had me all confused and stuff! Kekeke Would I recommend? Yes. 4 STARS!


    Originally posted by b2utygot7

            3. Liar Game

                This one I stumbled upon by chance. I looked it up on Google and decided the synopsis made the show seem very intriguing. So I downloaded it and enjoyed every second of this mystery thriller!! From beginning to end I was hooked, like a fish on a line!! I could not get enough of the show and even checked to see if there was another season. I still need another one. TOTALLY DAEBAK!!! 5 STARS


            4. Descendants of the Sun

                 THIS ONE!! Yes, this one. This drama I kept in my files for a long time, even after I moved TWICE(!!!!). I love this drama from beginning to end and may have watched it about ten times… Without skipping episodes. I love it so much, I had the poster as my phone’s background and had ringtones. I am not ashamed!! Song-Song couple is love, dude!! This one breaks the record. WAY PAST 5 STARS!!!


             5. W: Two Worlds

                  Now tell me why Lee Jong Suk said he wants to play a more masculine type of character when he did such a cool, manly job playing as his character Kang Chul?! He is the definition of perfection and I love him so much. I started feeling rather odd when I wanted him to catch me in a bathroom. Like, I volunteer to be scared like that!! All semi-joking aside, the drama is freaking awesome and the story line was well thought out. I would like to meet the writer and get some tips. 5 STARS!!!


    Originally posted by sugavsweet

             6. Goblin

                 So many favorite scenes, so much bromance. Is it bad of me to say I loved this drama from beginning to end, too? I hope not. Although, for some reason, I wasn’t too into the beginning scene of the first episode. I shrug when I think about it because I have no idea why I’m not pleased with it. Gong Yoo did amazing acting out the battle and the movements were great and everything, but eh. ANYWAY! This drama had me swooning over anything and everything and even made me feel lonely af. I super love love it, though and totally watched it again and again!! Another one that broke the scale!!


            7. Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok Joo

                 I just recently finished this one, so fresh out of the mind reaction. Here goes. NAM JOO HYUK, STOP STEALING MY HEART!!!!!! The story was great and the acting was even greater!! I love that it’s not the typical thin boy loves thin girl. Noooope, nope, nope. I am so in love with the story, I may go watch it again. With each episode, I had to make sure I was breathing because Nam Joo Hyuk kept me from breathing correctly. The love scenes were so cute and well thought out and that’s what really had me feeling like a high school teenager again. Oh, those feelings of blissful love. Sigh. I would definitely recommend this drama that peoples ears would fall off. I’m so in love with it. ANOTHER SCALE BREAKER!!!!!


    Originally posted by irrational-obsessions-gottcha78

    Thank you so much for reading!! (If you did) I know it was super long and not well typed, but I was afraid of mentioning any spoilers. Please keep in mind that I really did enjoy each and every one of these dramas. No harm, no foul.

    Got a drama you want to recommend I watch and review? Leave me a comment/message! Thank you!! Heartu!


    The Christmas Invasion - Behind the Scenes [Part 13]

    Excerpt from Benjamin Cook’s articles in Doctor Who Magazine #365

    How is David enjoying himself, now that he’s had a couple of weeks to settle into the role of the Doctor?

    “It’s been great fun so far,” he tells me after the take. “Very exciting.”

    Has he slipped into it effortlessly? Or is he still getting used to being Doctor Who?

    “It’s in between the two at the moment,” David admits. “You turn up every day and you get on with it - there’s a schedule and you’ve got a job to do - but, every now and again, standing in these caves in my pyjamas, with a broadsword, I look around and there’s Sean dressed up as a huge alien, and down the other end of the cave is the TARDIS blinking away, and I do have a moment of going, ‘This is just unreal! This is impossible!’ I think this episode is particularly good fun, because there’s the sword fight, and the Doctor waking up, and there’s some really great, juicy stuff, so it’s a lovely one to start with.”

    It’s just like an Andrew Pixley Archive come to life, isn’t it? [Andrew Pixley wrote behind-the-scenes “Archive” features for Doctor Who Magazine]

    “It is!” says David, roaring with laughter. “I mean, it really is! It’s got all the same kind of ridiculousness, and compromises, and highs, and lows, and madness that I suppose this show has always had. It’s very quick, very fast - there’s an awful lot to do. We’ve got a schedule like all TV dramas have a schedule, but also we’ve got special effects, and CGI, and prosthetics, and all that stuff just takes so much time. The attention to detail is amazing.”

    [ one ] [ two ] [ three ] [ four ] [ five ] [ six ]
    [ seven ] [ eight ] [ nine ] [ ten ] [ eleven ] [ twelve ]
    [ List of all Doctor Who Behind the Scenes photosets ]

    …and a big THANK YOU to everyone who shares set photos!

    honestly I think my favorite thing about Jasper is that she’s such a fucking drama hoe

    So far she has:

    -gotten a cape specially made for the sole purpose of wanting to look dramatic and fabulous in front of her enemies.

    - put on eyeliner for a fight.

    -literally paused what she was doing just so “Rose” could take a menacing picture of her, before disappearing into the unknown.

    - made an exit walking backwards into the ocean, and paused to say a one liner before sinking down completely when it was so totally unnecessary of her to do so.

    If/ when Jasper gets redeemed all I’m saying is peridot is gonna have good run for her money in terms of the biggest dork in the group

    Top 10 K-Dramas: 2016

    The edit above is not in the order of my top 10 but the list below is. This was my first time making an edit so I was just trying to make it all fit, lol. Please feel free to tell me your thoughts on these dramas, I’d love to hear that ya’ll think!

    1. Descendants of the Sun (Song Joong Ki, Song Hye Kyo, Jin Goo, Kim Ji Won)

    • This was the first drama I followed along with while it was airing and it cemented my stay in kdrama-land so I’ll forever be grateful for that. I loved everything about this drama from the cast to the plot, I thought it was unique and funny and so very enjoyable to watch. A soldier and doctor falling in love in the middle of a crisis with brilliantly amusing scenes and secondary characters? It’s a win for sure. I think it found the perfect balance between drama, action, romance, and comedy. Also, the OSTs in the drama were amazing; Talk Love by K.Will will forever be one of my favorites. 

    2. Goblin (Gong Yoo, Lee Dong Wook, Kim Go Eun)

    • So I’m cheating a little with this one because it didn’t finish airing in 2016, but this is currently my favorite drama so I felt obligated to put this on my list. This was my first real venture into a fantasy kdrama and I love everything about it. The aesthetics and cinematography is unreal, the cast is fantastic, the beginnings of romance is natural, but the bromance and friendships are probably my favorite things about this drama. It’s honestly just so witty and fun and the performance by each actor is amazing. It never fails to make me smile or laugh. Since it’s by the same writer as DOTS, it has the perfect combination of fantasy, romance, drama, and comedy. Also, the OSTS are wickedly good in this as well.

    3. The K2 (Ji Chang Wook, Im YoonA, Song Yoon Ah)

    • Despite the drama surrounding the characters and it’s obvious problems story-wise, I loved The K2. One of my favorite genres is action-romance and this drama was packed with both. JCW is brilliant as always in acting but his action scenes were amazing. I thought the plot was pretty unique and the lead three gave great performances (I know people thought YoonA’s character was useless, but I didn’t; the story literally wouldn’t exist without her, lol). I have to praise Song Yoon Ah for her performance especially because this was the first time I empathized with the villain; I certainly didn’t agree with everything she did, but they gave a depth to her character that I really appreciated. There are some things I’ll never understand regarding the drama, but I don’t want to spoil anything for others so I won’t mention it here.

    4. Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok Joo (Lee Sung Kyung, Nam Joo Hyuk)

    • Again, this drama has yet to end, but I honestly think that this is one of the most brilliant dramas of 2016. It’s a feel-good, coming-of-age drama that balances romance, comedy, and friendship and that honestly delivers each week. It tackles first love and all the innocence and insecurities that comes with liking someone unattainable, it explores friendship between women and the unbreakable bond you can make with life-long friends in college, it shows characters with unhealthy issues taking the right steps to get help, and it shows how guys should treat girls and how naturally you can fall in love with your best friend. Most of all though, it tells us that it’s okay to fall out of love with your talents and what you have been doing your entire life; it’s okay to take a break, try new things, and find yourself. Brilliant cast, brilliant writing, and brilliant performances.

    5. Reply 1988 (Lee Hye Ri, Park Bo Gum, Ryu Jun Yeol, Go Kyung Pyo, Lee Dong Hwi)

    • I’m late to the game but there are not enough words to describe what a good drama this is. I love that it focused so much on family bonds rather than romantic love. More than the individual families, the entire block was one big family that supported and took care of each other. I laughed, I cried, and I was happy when they were happy. The line between friendship and family is easily blurred in this drama because I swear the kids were more like family than they were friends. The parents’ friendship also made me happy because for once there was no evil parent or scheming; they all loved their kids and were such good friends with each other. There were so many lessons to learn from in this drama, it’s A+. Also, the goat noises made my life. 

    6. Moon Lovers: Scarlet Heart Ryeo (Lee Joon Ki, IU, Kang Ha Neul)

    • I had/have a love-hate relationship with this drama. This was my first saeguk drama and I did really like a lot of things about it. The cinematography was beautiful, it really was so well done. I liked most of the characters, especially early in the show when it was more funny and cute. And the actors, even the idol-actors, did well in my opinion. What I hated was how they tried to jam-pack the Chinese version into the last 4 episodes, the insanely terrible editing that just made it seem like the characterization for leads did not align at all with what we knew about them, and the ending. I truly detested the ending; it was sloppy and unnecessary. If they didn’t cut that one scene from that ending, I would have been satisfied but they chose to do a disservice to the characters and for that reason alone, I’ll probably never re-watch this drama. 

    7. Age of Youth (Han Ye-ri, Han Seung-yeon, Park Eun-bin, Ryu Hwa-young, Park Hye-soo )

    • I loved everything about this drama. The friendship between the Belle Epoque girls made me smile; they grew from being so awkward with each other to being such good friends. They teased, fought, and took care of each other like any good roommates would do while living their own lives. The drama did brilliantly in highlighting each girl’s unique struggles and allowing them to grow because of them. There is nothing I didn’t like about this drama; it was funny, interesting, and just really good. The Belle Epoque girls are special. 

    8. The Legend of the Blue Sea (Lee Min Ho, Jun Ji Hyun)

    • I like drama a lot but mostly because of JJH’s character and performance. I’ve never failed to smile, laugh, or feel second-hand embarrassment for her character and that just really made the drama fun. I’m not really a big LMH fan, I think he’s an decent actor, but I think this is probably my favorite role of his. He’s actually doing really well and I really enjoy his character. One of my main issues is the plot and direction of the drama; I think it’s been a little sloppy and some things just don’t make sense and are poorly explained. Also it’s taking forever to get through some of the sub-plots and it honestly just feels like a waste of time. To be quite honest and in my opinion, if the leads weren’t as big stars as they are, this drama would not be doing as well as it is now.

    9. Doctor Crush (Park Shin Hye, Kim Rae Won, Lee Sung Kyung, Yoon Kyun Sang)

    • The beginning of this drama was brilliant; PSH’s character was the epitome of a bad-girl who was also kind to her friends. I loved the plot; a girl with an attitude problem with no care in the world changing her ways and becoming a brilliant physician to not only prove people wrong but also to get revenge on the people that wronged/hurt her? Yeah, sign me up for a drama like that. The secondary characters were great, there really were some comedic scenes with them. I liked the medical part of the drama and PSH’s friendship with her childhood best friend and the other doctors. What I hated what that she never really got her revenge; they went with the most predictable way of the guy getting out of it for a medical drama and I hated that. He wasn’t even sincerely apologetic for what he had done. And honestly, I also hated that she never really called out step-mother for being such a terrible person. I had higher expectations for this drama. 

    10. Cinderella and the Four Knights (Park So Dam, Jung Il Woo, Ahn Jae Hyun)

    • This was definitely more of a feel good drama for me. I love the “cinderella” trope so this was just really cute. Park So Dam was just adorable and she made the story fun. There was nothing overly special about this drama; it was fun and light, there were some pretty-boys, and a sweet best friend. All the makings of a classic feel-good drama. My favorite thing would probably have to be the OSTs in this drama; they were all just so good and I still re-play some of them. 

    Anyone else feel that their chronic illness gets looked down upon not just for being invisible but because able bodied people think it’s not that bad?

    Like, take my PCOS for example

    People think it just means I’ll have a lil trouble becoming a parent

    But like, I get crippling pains that can hospitalise me for days, my ovaries are riddled with cysts that can and have ruptured, it leaves me exhausted, sometimes I can’t leave my own house, I can’t enjoy some of my favorite foods because the sugar in them sets off horrendous pain, I could develop diabetes, but people who know nothing about it bar difficulty conceiving just think that’s the only problem and I’m basically being a drama queen and need to buck up, and that’s only ONE of my multiple illnesses

    Like honestly Debra I don’t care if your sister’s friend’s barber has it and they have seventeen children, there’s different levels of severity and it’s not just about difficulty getting pregnant

    On that matter too, if somehow I got pregnant, I have like a 40% chance of miscarriage, which is upped even further thanks to having a tilted, heart-shaped uterus, so even if I wasn’t bothered by every other nasty aspect of PCOS it’s still fucking horrible to think that if I were lucky enough to create a child it has quite a large chance of dying inside me

    I wish there was more respect for unseen illness

    anonymous asked:

    Idk about you, but Fenris is my favorite character in DA2 and it sucks that a lot of fics I read (mostly the FenHawke ones) only seem to focus on his faults, like his brooding or his anger. They seem to take it to the extreme at times, and I wish they wrote about his other qualities, like the fact that he's intelligent and well spoken. They just seem to focus on the negative side of him for the sake of creating drama in their stories :/

    God you have no idea how much that pisses me off. I love Fenris to death and it’s a shame that the qualities that were taken and done to death as if they make up his entire personality are these little negative brooding and grumpy traits. Also can we stop pretending that Varric’s nickname for him is Broody, because it’s not, it’s Elf.

    Sure, he is a bit grumpy but you can’t blame him with his life and situation can you? He is incredibly intelligent and well-spoken as you said, he also has an incredible sense of humour that’s almost a little bit…dorky. He cares a lot about a romanced Hawke, clearly he had difficulty expressing how he feels but oh does that boy try.

    Personally, I think the relationship ending for awhile within Fenhawke fics is overdone to hell. Not so much canon adaptations but in Modern AUs and stuff. I get that it’s canon but it’d be fun to see people tackle other issues that aren’t that. There’s nothing wrong with it, I just find myself sighing as he leaves yet again. It’s usually abrupt and ill-explained.

    I’m straying from the point, but let me say this; Fenris is not an angry person. There’s an excellent post out there that talks about how his arc is not revenge, but healing. Aside from when he smashes the bottle, he doesn’t show many signs of aggression (arguably shoving Hawke against a wall potentially for his romance scene could be seen as a sign of aggression). He can be prodded and provoked to get him to bite back (I’m looking at you Anders) and he will. His “aggression” and anger is born out of fear. He becomes slightly more hostile when he feels like he has a reason to feel threatened or in danger. It’s a protective measure, to make sure he isn’t hurt like he has been so much. Usually when he gets heated, he cools himself down and apologises. He tries to make it clear that it has never once been his intention to take it out on anyone else, they are undeserving of his anger. And you’ll find that these more heated times are usually in response to his abusers. Let’s not forget that. There’s a post out there somewhere that tackled how people use animalistic word choices when talking about Fenris - “growled”, “howled” etc. etc. I don’t have time to find it but OP proves how stupid it sounds when you apply it to other characters. Just another example of how even fic authors put Fenris down.

    But yes, please let fanfiction authors explore Fenris’s other qualities that aren’t so negative. I love little small details. Tell me how he loves apple candy and likes to sleep in late. Let him prove how intelligent he is, explore his potential and the things that could’ve been if he hadn’t been so restricted. Embrace his dry sense of humour and how he laughs at Hawke’s bad jokes. 

    He has a wonderful amount of potential and people certainly do waste it.

    Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok Joo

    Ahhh. How I love this drama. Weightlifting Fairy is the Mary Poppins of kdramas: Practically Perfect in Every Way. 

    Originally posted by jesimahcah

    If you have not watched this gem of a drama (ahem, my fellow admins, I am looking at you) you should. Afterwards if you want to immediately rewatch it…well, I wouldn’t blame you.

    Weightlifting Fairy stars Lee Sung Kyung as Kim Bok Joo, a weightlifting college student with a bright personality. Nam Joo Hyuk (who is quickly becoming one of my favorite younger actors) plays Jung Joon Hyung a collegiate swimmer who is very good, but has some issues with false starts in competitions. They meet and soon realize that they went to elementary school together.  A friendship begins…

    What do I like about Weightlifting Fairy?

    Friendships: Kim Bok Joo is one third of a trio of weightlifting besties. They are SWAG. Jung Joon Hyung is BFFs with his roommate and fellow swimmer. I love that Bok Joo and Joon Hyung consistently make their friendships a priority. 

    Originally posted by jungkookienut

    Humor: In the same vein that the Reply series has the goat sound effect, Weightlifting Fairy has the “WHAT?!” sound effect. I have found myself waiting for it in other dramas (most recently, Strong Woman Do Bong Soon.) 

    Chemistry: Lee Sung Kyung and Nam Joo Hyuk (who were both also in Cheese In The Trap) have wonderful onscreen chemistry. They have moved into one of the top spots for my favorite kdrama couples. But it’s not just them. The entire cast is great.

    Originally posted by pizza-psycho

    Plot: It doesn’t drag. It doesn’t frustrate you for multiple episodes over an easily solved miscommunication.  It doesn’t go off on rabbit trails. It’s well written, cute, and honestly pretty true to life in the way the relationships progress.

    Normally, I’d have a section on things I didn’t like or what I felt could be better. But I don’t really have anything negative to say about Weightlifting Fairy………….nope. I got nuthin.

    Weightlifting Fairy is a story of family, friendship, and first love. And futures. It is heartwarming and adorable and a host of other good adjectives. You will not regret watching Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok Joo. And bonus, it’s complete, so you can marathon it!

    Originally posted by iamyourdoom

    -Admin @gongyoolove

    my favorite 2016 dramas;

    these are my fave dramas that no one asked to see either but ;;;;;;; I watched a lot ;u;

    • Oh My Venus
    • Moonlight Drawn By Clouds
    • The Man Living In Our House
    • Hwarang (it hasn’t aired yet but it’s my fav already lmao)
    • Descendants Of The Sun
    • Uncontrollably Fond
    • Page Turner
    • Lucky Romance
    • W: Two Worlds
    • Shopping King Louie
    • Weightlifing Fairy Kim Bok Joo
    • Jackpot
    • Moon Lovers: Scarlet Heart Ryeo
    • Romantic Doctor, Teacher Kim
    • Jealousy Incarnate
    • Legend Of The Blue Sea
    • Cheese In The Trap
    • Let’s Fight Ghost
    • The K2
    • Goblin
    • Cinderella and the Four Knights
    • Mirror Of The Witch
    • Fantastic
    • Seven First Kisses

    inhiding320  asked:

    I feel like Flocke was speaking for every red shirt, mook and extra who died on the sidelines while the main characters' drama took up the spotlight. Do you feel like Isayama was using him to say or that it was just a character moment for Flocke?

    Flocke, my son! I see so much salt towards him right now. The angry little ice cream swirl is my favorite problematic child at the moment. While tactless, he’s painfully honest in his assessments of everyone. He spares no one–himself included. Remember this was the guy that called Erwin a “demon” in front of Levi and lived to tell.

    Tumblr artist @hacelee has written some of my favorite thoughts (and drawn the cutest art) about him. He not only speaks for every red shirt, but, as hacelee says, “he plays an important part in providing an alternative view of the audience’s favorite characters.”. Flocke is never demonized for his feelings. There’s a current of truth in everything he says. 

    Another post, I think it was one of @birbwin‘s, mentions that Flocke seems to speak for a portion of the fandom as well. (EDIT: birb did say that, but @daylelight wrote the post I was thinking about!) He’s saying the things that many of us are thinking and feeling. It like Yams wants to acknowledge our feelings in the safest and least offensive way possible–let a red coat say them. 

    I’ve already written about why I think Flocke’s words are justified, but I’ll say it again. He rode with 100 soldiers in a suicide mission for humanity. He makes it to the roof where the most powerful weapon the survey corps has, the titan serum, is being tossed about for personal feeling. Humanity was never a consideration and Flocke is angry and disillusioned. 

    The panel above is one of my favorites in this chapter

    Author Self Fic Rec

    This was one of the hardest things ever! Two of my favorite people, @suddenclarityharry and @dimpled-halo tagged me to talk about my five favorite fics that I have written so far! And it’s really difficult when I have so many, but oh boy… Here goes. 

    5. Monday Meetings. This was my very first fic in the fandom, so it holds a lot of special memories for me. It was the first thing I started writing only a few weeks after I started reading fan fiction and also the first story I’ve ever completed. I have a lot of original things on my computer, but nothing ever came of those. MM was actually finished and I got a lot of wonderful comments on it, even though I really had no idea what I was doing, lol. This (plus the sequel, Wednesday Edits) are the only fics that I have in a series right now, but hopefully that changes one day!

    4. I Can’t Say Goodbye (Are There Windows in Heaven?). Definitely one of my lesser known fics. This was written at a time when I was just really struggling with a lot of emotional issues and was just really critical of religion and God and everything (not that I was a super believe before, but, you know… I was worse at this stage of life). So it was helpful for me to have a way to channel that emotion into something productive. And I got a few comments saying that my fic was helpful to other people, so that makes it even better. 

    3. Like to Keep You Laughing. My first ace fic! I loved writing this fic, because it required a lot of research into asexuality and aromanticism. This is also one of my few fics that doesn’t have any actual smut, and it took until writing this to realize that people actually do read your fics if they don’t have smut, but are written well (up until then I had seen otherwise). I’m just so proud of this fic because I’ve received so many comments on it from people on the ace/aro spectrum saying how accurate it was and how the fic perfectly described their own emotions. And that really meant a lot. I also just love the characters in this fic and would love to return to this verse one day. 

    2. Bye Bye’s Are Not For Legends (I’m Forever Young). Another of my lesser known fics, this was a first for a lot of reasons - first superhero fic, first supernatural fic, first chaptered fic I’d ever written all at once, first fic with fight scenes, first fic with another spoken language in it… and a few others that i can’t think of right now. This fic was so much fun to write, and I got to be really creative with it. I got to read all about the four horsemen of the apocalypse and figure out who in OT4 would be each, which was surprisingly easy. I got to research other countries and different landmarks there, and the history of certain countries. Of course, my obsessive nature took over and I overanalyzed a lot, but it came out so well and I’m so proud of it! 

    1. Branching Out. I always say this fic is my favorite, but I really do think it’s the one that I go back and reread the most. I don’t read the whole fic over again, because that would take me forever, but just certain scenes and chapters of it. It’s probably the most original fic I’ve ever written and definitely the most complicated. It was the first fic I wrote that included flashbacks, and that’s something that I still use in fics today. It has all kinds of drama, and it’s one of the only fics I’ve written where you really need to read the tags. And there was a lot of controversy surrounding it, but I’m over it now. It’s been two years since I finished it, believe it or not. And I still love it. 

    Honorable mention definitely goes to my most popular fic, the lube fic, A Match Made in Aisle Three (Everybody Cut Footloose). This was probably the first time that one of my fics was really recced on Tumblr. MM had some success on different pages, but Aisle Three really sort of took over a lot of blogs at the same time, and I was not used to that, haha. 

    So many people have already done this, but I’m going to tag @becomeawendybird @jaerie and @100percentsassy to do this if they would like! Also, @letsjustsee and @hrrytomlinson, even though you don’t have five fics on AO3, I’m still tagging you, if you just want to rank your fics in order? Or favorite chapters or something? I don’t know! No one should feel obligated to do so. And anyone else who would like to do this, of course! <3

    Gintama anime ep 323/manga chaps 574, 575, 576, and 577

    Dear Gintama gods and Sorachi-sama,

    Thank you so much for enriching our lives and feeding our brains with Gintama. Gintama is our Altana. I am so grateful for all that you have given us and continue to give us, and for your constant tolerance of my mindless chatter. Once again, I humbly submit to you what I am most appreciative of in this week’s episode. Please do not let this be the last season of the show.

    I am thankful for the following:

    - Sakamoto, the expert Joui interpreter,

    - Joui spit-takes,

    - Sakamoto, the trusty Joui spittoon,

    - friends who are both liabilities and saviors,

    - the old friends family who helps protect the new friends family of their dear friend brother,

    - the Joui 4 (and Kondou?)

    - crazy, violent, blood-thirsty Yatos,

    - the universe’s stupidest strongest father and son,

    - the universe’s most awesome little sister,

    - Yato family drama,

    - Kagura-chan,

    - Kagura-chan,

    - KAGURA, the Leader, Boss, future Queen of Kabuki-chou,

    - rainbow demons who interrupt family dramas,

    - pissed Papis,

    and lastly, my favorite manga to anime SCENES (cuz there was too much awesome for me to just choose one):

    Yours truly,

    A silly fangirl with yaoi dreams