just one more of these and i'm done i swear

  • Y'all: We turned away the Jewish refugees in the 30's, and look what happened! We should learn from our mistakes!
  • Me: Wow. I'm actually really glad goyish society as a whole is recognising this horrible injustice. While I do object to the usage of us and our history as a rhetorical prop in your argument, overall, I like that you seem to understand that lots of countries can be really discriminatory when it comes to their borders, and therefore how important it is for oppressed groups to have a guaranteed safe country to flee to if the need-
  • Y'all: The state of Israel is inherently evil and should be abolished.
  • Me: ...M'kay

lately some of my older art has been circulating around, and i want to laugh and cringe everytime someone reblogs them but then i’m just like wow i’ve reached the stage where i can cringe at older art that i’ve posted is this what improvement feels like???????? i’m so happy :’)

(perhaps i’ll redraw my old art and set them side by side? one day…)