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so I wanted to draw an iwaoi comic and ended up making a gif ( ʘ‿ʘ)ノ*:・゚✧
it’s my first time making one so pls have mercy on me

Inspired again by suggestivescribe​‘s Conquering the Great King ʘ‿ʘ Last one for now. I kinda need to just…take a break after this ( ʘ‿ʘ)ノ*:・゚✧

special thanks to noizs-pizza​ for teaching me how to make a gif ♥

Say what you want about Sterek but I’ve never read so many fics where the overlying message is trust, consent, and safe sex.

title: Mine Now

author: aclosetlarryshipper

word count: 32k

After Harry is expelled from private school, he joins a secret competition to get back at the boy who made it happen.


This is the story of how Harry finds himself pouting in Louis’ passenger seat with a raging boner on the way to seduce his ex boyfriend.

  • Derek falling asleep in his loft at 7 am after running all night under the full moon in wolf form
  • Derek curling up in a patch of sunlight on the floor because it’s warm
  • Derek shifting back to human from in his sleep and mumbling incoherent things about beards, bunnies and big teeth
  • Dere waking up at noon covered with a blanket and a pillow half tucked under his head
  • Derek trudging groggily to the kitchen to find hot coffee on the counter and Stiles reading some online article on another supernatural creature
  • Derek kissing Stiles on the nose and sipping his coffee blissfully
  • Derek being dragged to the couch for cuddles because it’s Sunday and Stiles is lazy and they have all the time in the world
  • Derek falling asleep again with no nightmares to haunt him because this, this is home and it’s warm and it’s safe and it’s Stiles

Teen Wolf AU → Allison Argent and the terminally-ill star of the Moulin Rouge

Allison Argent fooled everybody. She had no intentions of furthering her fighting skills in Paris, for who paid heed to silly matters of violence when one was too busy falling in love?

Gallavich Fic Recs Part 2


Say, Makoto, don’t you miss swimming? I do. I do, but…I miss my grandfather so much more. And I’m afraid if I dive in again, I’ll see him down there and try to reach him.

AU » Sousuke and Makoto are childhood friends who did everything together including their hobby for swimming. Unfortunately, after his father’s work is transferred into the city, Sousuke leaves Makoto behind in Iwatobi. Of course, without forgetting to make a promise that they would train to become world renowned competitive swimmers.

A couple of years later, Makoto and his grandfather during their fishing trip were caught in the midst of a storm that resulted in the waves capsizing the boat. In the end, his grandfather drowned, unable to break the surface. Makoto, on the brink of death, was saved by a nearby ship. Soon after, Makoto develops a phobia of large bodies of water (including pools) which causes him to abandon swimming all together. 

Seven years have passed and Sousuke returns to Iwatobi to attend Samezuka Academy and also to see how Makoto’s life has fared. Makoto, now a 2nd year at Iwatobi High School, spends his peaceful (though dull) days with another childhood friend, Haruka Nanase who also dropped out of competitive swimming. Sousuke, afraid of the life and future Makoto is throwing away because of his trauma, tries his best persuade his old friend into swimming again.

Together, just once more. 


Fanart for Catch Me Through the Looking-Glass by ylixia!! This is probably one of my favourite fics of all time. MCU!steve stuck in 616!universe with all the drama associated with incursions AND civil war (ft. frontline reporters!!!!!!) ok I can’t give a proper summary but it’s amazing and you should read it. :) 


Masquerades by maayacola (baekyeol)

Baekhyun has considered a number of things that might be on the other side of the door: children asking for donations, his landlord, a neighbor in need of a handful of rice, the internet technician that isn’t supposed to be here until Jongin gets back at three… What he finds, though, is none of these things, at all.

No, but can we get an accidentally dating AU. Like, Harry starts out just taking Eggsy shopping sometimes, but of course after shopping you have to eat right? So they get meals, and shop, and go sight seeing maybe. Maybe Harry takes Eggsy on vacations. To France, and all the places in the world he’s never been (purely for Eggsy’s growth as a person)

And maybe they come back from their travels, and Eggsy starts spending the night at Harry’s place too. Not all the time, but more often than not (not in the same bed, that’d be weird… obviously). And they get so used to each other, that it becomes so easy for Eggsy to just move in. They barely even talk about it, it just happens really. What? Harry has the space.

And so they have all these stories that they share from their travels together, cute stories from all their adventures, where they can finish each others sentences. And they tell these stories sometimes while Roxy and Merlin are over for dinner, and they’re cooking, doing their routine dance about the kitchen, bumping elbows and just being perfectly in sync, spinning their tales and chopping vegetables. 

And maybe at one point Harry feeds a little of the sauce they’re making to Eggsy to taste test, and Eggsy closes his eyes and groans, “Oh, that is so good.” and Harry is just openly staring at Eggsy’s mouth, and there’s a little bit of sauce at the corner, so on reflex he reaches up to wipe it off with his thumb before sticking it in his mouth and tasting it himself.

And the whole time Roxy and Merlin are just sitting there, eyes bugging out of their heads, occasionally glancing at each other, like are these two fucking serious?!?!

And, I don’t know where this is going but, maybe Roxy pulls Eggsy aside at some point and is all, “When were you gonna tell me you two were a thing?”, and Eggsy is scandalized, “What the hell are you talking about?”

“Well I mean, you are. Right? Dating?”

“What? No!” Eggsy is bright red though, and he’s doing that thing with his hands and he can’t make himself stop, because he knows that he has somewhere along the way developed feelings for Harry. (he suspects it was that day on the beach in Greece, he and Harry kicking sand and running about like kids. Free and wild. How they fell in a messy heap of limbs, Harry wrapped his arms around Eggsy, and they just lay like that, together for what felt like hours. They never tell that story. That day was just for them.) He knows he has feelings, and that he can never tell Harry about them. Because as much as he knows that Harry cares for him, and clearly loves him, he’d be foolish not to see that, but he just… it’s not in that way. Not in the way that Eggsy feels for Harry.

But Roxy is just looking at him like he must be the biggest idiot in the world. “Eggsy.” she says in that tone that always makes him feel like a little boy.

“What! I mean it. Just drop it. There’s nothing going on”

“But you want there to be, and so does he, Eggsy.”

“Roxy please.”

“You didn’t see how he was looking at you. Eggsy, he’s over the moon, and you both are being idiots, because you’ve already been dating for months now, though, I suspect, minus all the fun stuff.”


“Everything okay out here?” Harry pokes his head out on the balcony where they’ve been talking. Eggsy startles a bit, while Roxy just raises her smug eyebrow and says,

“Fine, Harry, thanks.” saccharine grin spreading over her face.

“Alright, well Merlin has headed off and I’m going to turn in for the night I think. Eggsy, don’t worry about the kitchen, just come to bed when you’re ready.”

“Alright.” Eggsy manages to choke out, refusing to look up from his shoes.

“Goodnight Roxy.” Harry says, turning to her.

“’Night Harry, thanks for dinner. It was enlightening.” And Eggsy doesn’t have to look at her, he can hear the smug grin on her face.

Harry takes his leave, and as soon as he’s out of hearing range, Eggsy warns, “Don’t you say it.”

Come to bed!?!?”  Roxy mocks, barely containing her laughter.

“Oh my god! Roxy it’s not what you think! I swear!”

“Maybe not yet. I’m telling you Eggsy, Harry wants your nubile young flesh.”

“Oh my god! Roxy!” Eggsy scream-whispers.

Roxy has descended into bales of laughter, clutching her sides in delight at Eggsy’s utter humiliation.

(this really got away from me, please someone finish/write more of this)

Olicity: Speaking Words of Wisdom

Anonymous said: Dialogue Prompt: Ava and Oliver have a daddy daughter talk the night before Ava’s wedding!

Originally posted by d-lenis


“Hey, what are you doing awake?”

“Couldn’t sleep. Too many thoughts.”

“I hope you’re not getting cold feet.”

“Nah, my socks are too warm for that.”

“Come join me, I can’t sleep either.”

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Imagine celebrating Jared’s birthday in the hills

“Get up! Get up! Get up!” I shout, jumping on the bed.

Jared rolls on the bed, using one of his pillows to cover his head. I keep jumping, shouting at the top of my lungs. When all the shouting doesn’t work, I take Jared’s covers to pull them off. He’s half asleep, and in his attempt to grab one of my ankles, he doesn’t realize that he’s almost on the edge of the bed, falling with a loud thump.

“Oh my, Jared?”

I fall on the bed, kneeling to watch him on the floor.

“Are you okay?” I ask him, seeing him rub his head, “Is it a bad moment to say happy birthday?”

“Give me… Oh, my head… Give me a second”

I nod, without taking my gaze from him. Jared sighs, still rubbing the top of his head. I wait, forgetting about the surprise I prepared for him. It takes him a few minutes to wake up, still on the floor. When Jared stands up, he jumps on top of me, tickling my belly, ribs and armpits.

“Stop! Stop!” I shout, not being able to stop laughing, “Jared, please!”

He does stop, both breathing heavily, a bit of laugh still in the air.

“Happy birthday” I mutter, a permanent smile on my face.

His lips go straight to mine, his hand starting to caress my cheek. Our breathing is still heavy, forcing us to end the kiss quickly.

“You need to get dress, I let you oversleep”

“What time is it?” He asks, getting off of on top of me.

“Midday, I’ll wait for you downstairs”

I give him a quick peck on the lips, getting off the bed.

Once I’m downstairs I check everything one more time. I’m sure everything’s ready, I’ve probably checked it three times by now. But you can never be sure with me, there’s probably something missing in my bag and I haven’t noticed.

When Jared comes to meet me his eyes go straight to the bag by my side.

“Are we going somewhere?” He asks me, lifting both eyebrows.

“Of course” I say with a smile.

Jared looks confused. This is his first birthday with us as a couple, and I wanted this be special. Jared helps me with my bag, taking it to my car. I drive, he changes the radio. I spend all the way avoiding his questions about our destination. The city looks pretty dead today; The weather is nice, thou, and that’s perfect for what I’ve prepared.

When we reach the point in which we cannot continue by car I let Jared know. We hold hands, sharing quick glances once in awhile, we walk in silence, but smiles never leaving our faces.

Jared is one of the most outgoing, adventurous man I’ve ever had the chance to meet in my life. Reason why I decided to spend the afternoon in the hills, enjoying the view, the nice weather, and being in touch with Mother Nature. the exact spot for our little adventure is a hidden place among rocks and trees. There’s plenty of shadow, green areas and warm breeze for us to sit and enjoy.

Jared looks around, fascinated by the view of the city and how nature seems to enjoy it’s days without caring about the people destroying the city at its feet.

“This is beautiful” Jared says, laying on the lonely spot of grass.

“Happy birthday” I say again, feeling a warm in my heart just by looking at how happy he looks.

Jared takes my wrist to make fall on top of him, his right hand caressing my cheek, pulling away strands of hair.

“Thank you for this” He mutters, the smile glued to his lips, “Really, thank you so much, I love it”

“You don’t have to thank me” I say, kissing his cheek and resting my head on the space of his neck, “I just want you to have a nice birthday”

“It’s going great so far”

“We can stay the whole day like this or we can eat something first and then lay for good, what do you prefer?”

“Let’s eat and then lay for a bit”

We both prepare the space for our picnic; I lay everything I prepare for him during the morning, noticing how amazed he looks. Once I tell him that he can start eating, half of the things in the plates disappear in a matter of minutes. I try to ask him if he likes the food, but his whole attitude is confirmation enough.

Jared kisses me whenever he’s not eating, or telling me how amazing the food is. I just laugh and kiss him back, happy that he’s enjoying his birthday.

When he’s finally done eating we lay for a bit, discussing about what we see in the clouds, or how we think they will show us next. Our bodies warming each other, his hand holding mine with no intention of letting go.

An hour passes by before Jared sits up really quick, his head turning to me with a big smile.

“I got an idea”

Jared stands starting to pick all our things, telling me to hurry. I keep asking what’s going on, but he just shushes me, saying that he I’m going to love. What? I have no idea.

We leave everything in the car, and I can’t get to ask again when Jared holds my hand, taking somewhere between the trees and rocks. He looks so excited that I decide not to ask again, and just enjoy the walk to wherever he’s taking me.

And, actually, the view is breathtaking.

We’ve been in this place for a while, and in any moment we’ll start to see the sundown. Everything starts to fusion with the colors of the sky, the little puddles mirroring the clouds, the leaves dancing with the wind. And, even though it takes us a while to get where Jared wants, I just can’t seem to believe how beautiful everything is the higher we get.

“We’re almost there” Jared assures me, and it is only there when I notice how tired I am.

But I seriously couldn’t care less. We walk for a couple of minutes more, and when Jared finally stops I just can’t believe what’s in front of me.

From the spot that I chose for us to have the picnic most of the city was at our feet, we could see the beach at one side, and people living their lives on the other.

But from here… Everything seems so little, and it actually feels like all our tables were left behind, in those distant buildings, with that distant people.

I walk towards a rock, sitting on the edge, still amazed by everything. I turn for a second, to call Jared by my side. He sits next to me, putting his arm on my shoulder to get me closer to him.

“I was supposed to be the one giving you surprises” I mutter, not being able to take my eyes away from the view.

“We have a whole lifetime to fill with surprises” He says, leaving a soundless kiss on my forehead.

“Good” I say, pulling away a bit to look him in the eyes, “Because there are more surprises waiting for us when we get home”

A laugh burst from him, and in no time we are kissing again.

“I knew there was a reason why I am so in love with you” He mutters between kisses.

“Wait, what?”

I pull away again, my eyes fix on his. He just said he is in love with me. This is the first time. I feel something on my chest, it’s tight, but my heartbeat is threatening to let me heart escape in any second, and a smile appears on my lips, and suddenly I’m feeling everything and nothing at the same time. And Jared is looking at me like he wasn’t supposed to say this right now, like he was holding it for later.

“You’re in love with me” I whisper, a smile nailed on my face, “You said…”

“I am” He says, taking his hand to brush his hair, “Good, I finally said it”

“Finally? How long have you been holding that?”

He shrugs, and we can’t help but laugh. Jared hugs me again, leaving little kisses on top of my head. My arms wrap him tight, never wanting to let him go.

“Are you in love with me?” He asks, as if he’s afraid of my answer.

“What do you think?”


“Of course I am” I laugh, adjusting in my place to look him in the eyes, “I’m in love with you, Jared, I thought it was pretty damn obvious”

“I can be a bit blind”

“Well, now you know. Happy birthday!”

“Best birthday ever” He says, moving to kiss me on the lips this time.

title: a heart that beats so slow
summary: Bellamy doesn’t wake up right away after the airlock opens. In response to this post by @bellamyblake

The airlock doors slide open and time slows. The seconds tick by, each one stretching for miles. Clarke can hear her own blood rushing in her ears, marking each of her erratic heartbeats. Emerson lays dead behind her, her friends unconscious before her. She watches as they gasp in the air, their lungs working to restore oxygen to their brains. Each one of them opens their eyes, and relief floods through Clarke.

They’re alive, they’re okay. She repeats it in her head like a mantra, her eyes going from face to face until her gaze lands on Bellamy who is still slumped against the wall of the airlock, unmoving and unresponsive.

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Whenever anyone refers to fans of Sky or Deadlox as the “Sky Army” or “Dead Army” I always imagine these two in weird general armor.

let’s face it they’d be terrible generals

I kinda made this with the idea they were fighting over which kingdom to invade (Seto’s or Jason’s) but you can interpret it how you like.

this is so sketchy and the armor looks weird as heck ahahah