just one arm tho

I’ve done this bfore but ey who cares lmao
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Spacedad left a couple of unsupervised rebellious kids at the helm of the most powerful weapon in the universe, didn’t he? Wonder how that’ll pan out without Shiro there to ebb away the sass.

Although most of you lost yours, we made some wonderful new memories together, didn’t we?

Thank you for the memories RuneFa! 

Happy 10th anniversary~


I saw this screen on Miiverse from Ford’s Holy Night Festival (married, without kid yet) so I just had to read the full text and eventually translated it due to…reasons 

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Was there ever a chance of a romance between you and Beth working out? 
               There was definitely a taste of it in the air


itsgoatbro  asked:

👏 Pyro


This is Asra, the Prince of Monsterkind. Upon combining their beings, the royal children became something that could only be considered as god-like with power beyond what one could possibly imagine. Albeit being quite charming and handsome, they have an unhealthy thirst for power and control over all who are below them. When together, these two aren’t quite themselves anymore.

I’d like to think this theme fits well!

Send “👏”and I’ll describe what a fusion between our muses would look and act like. // DISCONTINUED