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(Jimin’s crush comes over to his house to help him out after he suffers an injury that leaves him with limited use of both hands.)

Warnings: 6000+ words of smut, Jimin POV, I’ll let you guess what kind of smut takes place

“I can’t believe you managed to injure both of your hands on the same day.” Hoseok’s girlfriend, Sophie, stifled a laugh while she said it. “I can’t tell if you are dumb or just unlucky.”

 Jimin sighed.  He had been stupid and drunk when he and Jungkook went out into the street to play with fireworks.  One went off too close to his hand, burning his right palm requiring a trip to the emergency room where his injury was cleaned and bandaged.  The doctor gave him a lecture about drunk people and explosives and how fortunate he was not to have blasted off his fingers.            

While exiting the hospital, Jimin immediately tripped over the curb and landed with his full weight onto his left hand resulting in a small fracture and return trip to the emergency room to get a splint to immobilize his other hand.   Now, every time Jimin saw someone, he had to suffer the embarrassment of explaining what happened. People had a hard time not laughing when they heard how he managed to get hurt twice in one day.

 “Does it hurt much?” you asked him.

“Not really. As long as I don’t bump into anything or use my fingers too much, it’s okay.” At least you seemed to be genuinely concerned about his well-being. That’s one of the reasons Jimin liked you, you always seemed caring and sincere.  The other main reason he liked you was because he thought you were incredibly hot.  There were plenty of nights Jimin stayed up fantasizing about what it would feel like to be with you.  He wanted to ask you out, but had been waiting until there was some indication that you were even the slightest bit interested in him.  He was starting to think that maybe he had a chance with you, but he felt neutered with his injuries, unable to do things like casually touch you and see how you would respond to his advances.  Jimin resolved to make a move as soon as he had full use of his hands again.

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└ 智です… さすが智です! 

Cr: Arashi ni Shiyagare 18.03.2017

getting past the filter

I’ve been reading right-wing media - not all the time, because the point of the exercise is understanding and past a point it just breeds exhaustion. But my impression is that the way right-wing media interprets the protests and the outrage and the fear and anger at Trump’s presidency is something like this:

The left won a lot of battles in a row, and they got used to winning every fight they got into, so they picked fights that they couldn’t possibly really care about, just to grind our faces in the dirt. And then they lost! And we won! And they are handling this with immature hysteria and obstructionism and riots, and we basically have to wade through them to put the country back on the rails, and where we fail it’s their fault and where we succeed it proves that they’re ineffectual and intellectually bankrupt and have no tactics beyond crying and complaining and calling people racist. And they’re complaining about things they were fine with under Obama so they’re not actually sincere anyway. And they still have a stranglehold nearly everywhere, but maybe now people’ll start to see through them and we’ll have a chance to roll it back.)

(Some examples of fights we ‘couldn’t possibly really care about’: making employers cover health care plans that included contraception coverage, making bakers bake wedding cakes for gay people, letting trans people use restrooms of their choice.)

And the presence of the narrative imposes a sort of filter, where things you do that make sense within it, or reinforce it, don’t get seen by half the country. Sometimes that doesn’t matter. But sometimes it really does; sometimes I want to be able to talk to the people who voted for Trump and be heard and be understood to be saying what I’m actually saying and not just ‘blah blah liberals won and won and won and can’t handle losing and are going to call you racist no matter what racist racist racist’.

So, obviously, I think this narrative is unfair in many, many ways. But what I’m really interested in right now is, what could a person do or say in order to slip past the narrative? Because it’s, well, encompassing - narratives usually are. Peaceful protests fit into the ‘the left is all bluster and whining’ arm of it and violent protests fit into ‘the left is a danger’ arm of it and no protests fit into the ‘we are the silent majority’ arm of it. And there are battles which really are worth fighting but which are trivial and silly to people sufficiently removed from them, like fights over letting trans people use public restrooms. 

But narratives are not all-encompassing - the vocal opposition of Senator McCain to Trump’s conduct doesn’t fit into it at all, the conservative judges overturning Trump’s executive orders doesn’t fit into it very well, the testimony of veterans about why their translators saved their lives and deserve the opportunity to live here which they were promised doesn’t fit into it.

Those are, of course, all examples of conservatives who can challenge the narrative by already having credibility within it. I can’t think of a great way for a liberal to establish that credibility - emphasizing that you understand why they believe the things they believe was tried very loudly during the campaign, and I think it mostly totally failed (both at establishing that, and at going from ‘we understand each other’ to ‘the filter you’re seeing me through isn’t capturing what I want and what I actually want is reasonable and comprehensible and human’.)

I feel like one important project of the next few months is figuring out how to communicate past the filter, how to say things that aren’t easily sorted into the narrative, and how to build from there enough trust that our concerns and fear and anger are heard as concern and fear and anger, instead of being easy to round off as ‘they lost and they’re sore losers’. I want past the filter. I want to be able to make myself understood. And I do still think that there’s some way that can be achieved.

I HATE those cheesy, stupid ass Facebook posts that go something along the lines of:

“Marriage isn’t easy. Marriage is ugly, messy, it’s fighting over little things, it’s seeing the worst in someone, seeing them angry and impatient. But it’s also laughing until you cry, eating ice cream on the kitchen floor at 3 am, etc”

Like… COME ON!!!! What kind of heterosexual bullshit is this?!

Seriously, marriage shouldn’t be as fucking miserable as people (mostly hetero people) always make it out to be.

Sorry, but my husband and I are happy together, we genuinely enjoy each other’s company, and we have healthy communication so that we hardly ever fight? And when we do fight, we’re able to talk it out?? There’s nothing ugly, messy, or difficult with our marriage.

Idk, perpetuating that shit just grinds my gears.

I will never understand the normalization of being in miserable marriages.


I love how (◡‿◡✿) the pancake scene (◡‿◡✿) is such a domestic (◡‿◡✿) “we just woke up from many rounds of marathon sex”  (◡‿◡✿) morning scene (◡‿◡✿) I mean it feels natural (◡‿◡✿) seeing as (◡‿◡✿) i’ll be watching it (◡‿◡✿) every morning (◡‿◡✿) until I am an old shrivelled woman (◡‿◡✿) so it’s good that it’s morning-themed (◡‿◡✿) it just feels right (◡‿◡✿) that we can watch our ship grind next to their pancakes (◡‿◡✿) over our…coffee every morning (◡‿◡✿) life is beautiful (◡‿◡✿) ship Captain Swan if you aren’t right now (◡‿◡✿) cause you (◡‿◡✿) are missing out (◡‿◡✿) and I feel bad (◡‿◡✿) for your sorry ass (◡‿◡✿) 

collab — tana mongeau.


“No matter what we end up doing, it has to have the coolest fucking thumbnail ever.” I muse, adjusting my light ring and looking in the viewfinder to make sure the lighting flattered both of us. Tana nodded in agreement as she leaned back on my bed, adjusting her bralette. We’d just got done filming a strip poker game for her channel. Though of course, to keep from being flagged, we stopped once we got to our underwear. 

“Totally. I was thinking we could just make out for the viewers and you could title it I KISSED TANA MONGEAU. Just to keep in theme with our raunchy and super slutty thing, you know, as the haters have told us.” She joked in answer, and I couldn’t help but laugh. I turned on the camera, letting the footage roll to keep some of our behind the scenes as bloopers or possible vlogs. 

“I think it would more than likely be my most viewed video on my channel if we did that. Let’s practice beforehand, maybe?” I teased, shooting her a playful wink. My dynamic with Tana was very flirtatious, but it never made either of us uncomfortable. We were close, and there was absolutely nothing I hadn’t seen before. 

“You’d like that, wouldn’t you?” She said, sitting up straight and looking in the viewfinder to adjust her hair and whatnot. The way she was angled, you couldn’t tell she was merely in a bralette, so neither of us bothered to put a shirt on her. As close as she was, I leaned in, lips puckering to pretend to kiss her and we both laughed when I backed out last minute. 

“Okay, ready to film?” I asked, and she nodded. I counted down with my fingers and looked at the camera, a bright smile growing on my face. 

“Hey guys, it’s me, I’m super irrelevant, what’s up. Today I have the super slutty, super trashy, worst YouTuber ever Tana Mongeau here.” I start, and look over at her to introduce herself. Suddenly, Tana picks up a very Jersey accent. 

“Hey daddy, I’m so glad I could be here today. How much am I getting paid again?” She jokes before bursting out laughing, and I groan, rolling my eyes at her while my hand swatted at her to compose herself. 

“Anyway, today we’re going to be doing a collab. If you look up on Tana’s channel there’s a strip poker challenge whatever the fuck you wanna call it type of thing, and I’ll link it down below and whatnot, but for my video, we’re going to do a super raunchy NSFW Q&A. I’ll even put a trigger warning in the title.” 

The video continued on as Tana and I answered various questions we got on our social medias, all raunchy and all having us laughing so hard that I knew this video would be far too criticized all ready for how ‘unprofessional’ we would come off. But I didn’t care. She was my best friend, one of the most genuine YouTubers I’d ever met, and this was bound to be one of my personal videos by far. 

“Okay, okay, last question.” I begin, looking at my phone for the perfect question. 

“Have you and Tana ever kissed?” I looked over at Tana with a mischievous smile, and we both leaned in, our mouths colliding in what was ultimately a sloppy joke of a kiss. We pulled away, both giggling. Finally, I spoke through my outro and waved goodbye, reminding the viewers to subscribe to Tana as well. 

“That was the worst kiss of my life.” I joked, looking back at Tana. She pretended to look offended as a hand flew to her chest and her mouth dropped open. 

“No the fuck it was not!” She screeched. I merely shrugged, and she groaned, lurching forward. My back pressed against the couch, her legs straddling my lap as our lips meant once more. This one was far less sloppy, rough with intent and enough to send a shiver down my spine. Tana’s hands cupped my face as our lips moved together while my hands eventually found her hips. 

“Was that the worst or the best?” Tana mumbled smugly against my lips, and I laughed, giving her hips a squeeze. 

“Shut the fuck up and keep kissing me.” I demand, and she does just that. Our tongues swirl together, Tana beginning to grind against me. I could feel myself growing wet as time went on, one hand moving to her hair, tugging on it and pushing her head more harshly against mine while I tilted my own head to deepen our kiss. The other hand slid up her bare skin, sliding under her bralette. I easily cupped her breasts, giving them a soft squeeze and she moaned against my mouth eagerly. 

“Take it off.” I mutter, and our kiss momentarily breaks so I can pull the bralette off her body, her boobs bouncing a little. They were large and round and her nipples were slowly hardening. I leaned my head down, taking one in my mouth while using a hand to roll the other nipple between my fingers. I watched her as I sucked on her tits, her eyes closing and moans falling out of her continuously. She grabbed my hair and tugged at it, her body arching into me. 

Eventually. I switched nipples, giving the other some attention from my mouth. They grew rock hard under my touch and I used my free hand to slip into her pants and begin to rub at her panties. She was already soaked through, and I applied a little pressure to her clit over her underwear. 

“Oh, fuck that feels good.” She moaned, throwing her head back and grinding her hips into my hand while I continued to suck on her nipples, letting them go with a pop. 

I suddenly flipped our positions, pushing her back onto the couch and climbing onto her. Hastily, I unbuttoned her jeans and pulled them down her legs, helping her kick them off her ankles and tossing that aside as well. All that was left on her gorgeous body was a pair of skimpy panties, but that would be gone soon. I pulled off my own crop top, my tits jiggling as I did so. 

“You’re so fucking sexy.” I purr, examining her in her near naked glory. She smiled coyly in return, using a finger to beckon me forward. 

“Come ride my pussy, baby.” She teased, slipping her hands into her panties and beginning to play with herself. I could see her circling motions under the fabric and the way her hips jerked, her mouth puckered as she moaned at the pleasure. 

“It’s so fucking wet for you.” She continued, looking me dead in the eye. “I want to taste both of our cum on your fucking pussy baby.” 

I bit my lip and hastily slipped my skirt off my legs, throwing them onto the growing pile of clothes. The final layer was my underwear, which I pulled off without second thought. I leaned down, adjusting my body according so my face was right over her cunt, my teeth latching onto the hem of her panties and pulling them off her legs. 

When they reached her ankles I pulled them off the rest of the way, throwing it aside and spreading her legs to get a glimpse of her tight little cunt. Cum glistened off it and my mouth watered, eagerly sitting up and setting us up into a scissoring position. 

I lowered my hips onto hers, and the feeling of her hot pussy against mine caused a moan from the both of us. I began rocking them, and every time my clit rubbed against hers the both of us let out a loud whimper of pleasure. Tana’s hips bucked against mine, and how wet we both were made it easier for things to go smoothly. 

“God, you feel so good on my pussy baby.” Tana moaned out.

“I’m so fucking close.” I groan, pressing up against her harder. With a few more sloppy thrusts, I came with a cry, my body shaking eagerly. My orgasm triggered Tana’s, and soon we were both rocking against one another, riding out our highs until we couldn’t breathe. 

I climbed off of her, leaning back on my own end of the couch and spreading my legs. 

“Why don’t you cum taste our cum, T?”

A/N: I hope you all liked this smut, it took a while to write but! 

About Tonight ~D.R.~

Summary: you meet Rupp at a party and you two hook up

Requested: yes


I was at one of Johnsons friends house. I didn’t know him, but I’ve heard of him.

Jack just wanted me to get out of the house and have some fun so I agreed to come. We spent forever trying to find something to wear. Jack wanted me to wear a dress, I wanted to wear shorts. Jack wanted my hair up, I wanted it down. Jack wanted heels, I wanted my Jordan’s.

It didn’t matter anyway, Jack left me as soon as we arrived. He’s so rude tbh. But you gotta love Johnson.

I walk into the kitchen to grab a drink. Once I walk in I see Jack talking to Taylor and some boy wearing a backwards visor, baggy pants, and a tank top with a large jacket.

“Jack there you are. You can’t just leave me in a place I don’t know. Hey Taylor. How’s my baby?” I say grabbing jacks cup and drinking all of it. It was strong too. I think it was liquor and coke.

“Hoosier is doing good. He misses you. You should come by” Taylor says wrapping his arm around my shoulder.

“Jack, who’s this?” I say smirking at the kid I didn’t know as Taylor handed me a drink he just made.

“Oh this is Dillon, you’re in his house right now.” Jack says pulling out his phone.

“You can call me Rupp, everyone does” he says smiling at me.

“Nah. I’ll call you Dill” I say winking before taking a huge sip of whatever Taylor made me.

“So, Dill, what is it that you do?” I say as Taylor and Jack walked off to find Gilinsky.

“You’ll see later” he says in my ear and walks past me. I smile and walk off to find my friends.

Turns out Dillon is a DJ. He’s actually good. He just finished his set.

I’m in a group of people when Rupp comes up to me.

“6 vegetables GO!” He says pointing his phone at me.

“Um fuck, carrot, broccoli, cauliflower, corn, asapargus and uh shit fuck, EGGPLANT” I count all the things on my finger. It’s a game we play. You have till the end of a snapchat video to name a number of a specific thing. It’s usually funny cause you blank.

Everyone turned to me because I just screamed eggplant.

“Who even knows eggplant is a vegetable” Dillon laughs at me.

“Hey. I happen to like eggplant, especially the bigger thicker ones, they’re amazing” I slowly trail off realizing what I was saying.

Rupp gave me a questioning look but still was smirking.

“Is that right?” He says getting closer to me. “You’re gonna love what I have for you.” He says slowly biting my earlobe and blowing cool air on it.

I grab his bicep with my free hand to steady myself.

“Dillon” I manage to get out quietly without it sounding like a moan.

All he does is hum and lightly laugh in my ear. I look around to make sure no ones watching and I pull him up the stairs and turn into what looks like a master room.

“Wow, it’s like you were made to be in my room” Dillon says pulling me close and backing up into the door, shutting it.

“This yours?” I gesture to everything.

“Sure is. That bed, made just for me, but I think you’ll look really nice in it” he says slowly grinding our hips together.

“Well aren’t you just Mr. Smooth tonight.” I say pulling the back of neck closer to me. His beautiful green eyes capturing me like a spider in a web.

“I’m Mr. Smooth every night baby girl” he says pushing our lips together.

It was forceful yet gentle. His hands moved to my waist and massages my hips. His hands moved down and cupped my ass. He rubbed it for a minute before pulling on my thighs.

I jumped up and Dillon spun us around. I wrapped my legs around his torso and felt my lungs start to burn from not breathing. I guess Dillon was thinking the same thing because he immediately moved to biting at my neck and collarbone.

“Fuck dill” I say moaning. He pulled me off the door and walked me to the bed while keeping eye contact. He laid me down and began kissing my neck again.

He sat up to take his jacket and tank top off as I did the same.

“No bra? And you’re boobs are my favorite size? Damn you’re amazing” He says dipping down and kissing my boobs. He wrapped his mouth around my right nipple while his hand groped, tweaked and massaged my left.

I felt myself getting wetter and I really needed him to do something else. Something more.

“Dillon” I say lifting my back of the mattress.

“Beg for it princess” he mumbles in my neck as his hand snakes down my shorts but over my thong

“Please Dillon. Please do something. Anything. Please. I’ll be good. I’ll be a good girl.” I say trying to create some kind of friction.

“You promise you’ll be a good girl for daddy?” He said kissing my stomach. I nod quickly so he can continue.

“No baby, I need to hear you say it”

“I promise daddy. I’ll be a good girl” I rush out starting to pout.

“Good now be quiet for this part.” He says pulling down my floral shorts that made twerking easier.

He kisses back up my thigh and used his teeth to pull my underwear down, while making eye contact with me.

“Fuck you’re so wet. I bet you taste delicious. Do you want me to taste your glistening pussy princess? Huh?” Dillon says running his fingers around my folds.

“Yes daddy. Please” I grab his hair and gently pull.

He immediately dives right in and devours me. He’s rubbing my clit while his tongue poked in and out of me. His tongue and fingers would occasionally switch places which drove me absolutely mad.

I began moaning and he stopped.

“I told you be quiet. Now shhh or I will leave you like this” he says diving right back in. I was breathing heavy and all the energy that weren’t being put into sound made my body jerk.

I didn’t even get a chance to tell Dillon I was close before I came and Dillon kept rubbing.

I couldn’t even process what was happening. I just kept gasping and jerking. I couldn’t even form a sentence. Before I knew it I came again.

I breathed and calmed down. I looked up and realized Dillon was putting on a condom.

“Ready baby?” He says kissing my forehead. I nod and grab his neck pulling him down to me.

He slowly pushes into me and stays there till I tell him to move.

He finds a fast pace and all I feel is extacy.

My moans grow louder and louder until I’m almost screaming dillons name.

“There you go baby. Let everyone downstairs know who’s fucking you like this. Shit baby. So tight. You fit so good around me. Scream my name princess. I want the whole party to know it’s me who’s making you feel good.” Dillon whispers in my ear.

“SHIT DADDY. FUCK DILLON. RIGHT THERE BABY” i scream as loud as possible. Even though the music was loud and the bass thumped, I think the bed thumped the wall a bit harder.

As I came for the third time tonight, I felt Dillon twitch inside of me and shoot his load into the condom.

“Fucking hell. That is the best sex I’ve had in my life.” I say as Dillon pulls out of me and throws away the condom.

“Eh. I’ve had better” Dillon says laying down beside me with a hug grin on his face.

“I doubt you’ve ever had sex so good an entire party knows” I say lightly hitting his chest.

“You’re right. You’re definitely the best. Here’s a t-shirt. Unless you’re ready to head back down to the party” he says sitting up handing me a t-shirt from the side of his bed. I put it on and climb back into his bed. I snuggle under the covers.

“No. I’m okay”

“Good cause I just wanna lay with you” he says getting under the covers with me. He pulls me close and puts his chin on top of my head.

I don’t remember falling asleep but I’ll sneak out later.

prompt: #98. “I can’t watch you with someone else. It’s tearing me apart.” 
pairing: destiel
tags: friends with benefits, angst, homophobia

for @breathingdestiel

drabble requests!

“I can’t watch you with someone else. It’s tearing me apart.”

Castiel knows it would’ve been better if they had never started this. If he would have listened to his brains instead of his hormones, he could have known that something like this was going to happen. That Dean would get what he wanted and that he ended up hurt.

Maybe he knew all along but felt like it was worth the risk. Worth the pain. In the end, it all came down to one thing. Castiel wasn’t made for this whole ‘Friends With Benefits’ arrangement.

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Tamlin Character Development Rant

I get really upset sometimes when people say SJM turned Tamlin into a “villain” and wrote him OOC just so we would ship Feysand.

No. Just no.

First off, Feysand has been canon since chapter two of A Court of Thorns and Roses.

Anyway. I think it’s totally unfair to say SJM got lazy and wrote Tamlin OOC. Tamlin, that giant fuck bucket, went through something horrific. He loved Feyre, even though he didn’t try and rescue her from Under the Mountain in ACOTAR. And let me add I have never EVER NEVER EVER shipped Feylin (????). I don’t even know their ship name, so don’t take this as me sticking up for him. I didn’t like Tamlin. I decided that when he bit Feyre because it was really creepy and weird to me. I didn’t even like ACOTAR so I wasn’t going to read ACOMAF. And I know why I didn’t like ACOTAR because Tamlin is a giant fuck. But I digress.

Feyre died. And Tamlin watched Feyre die. He went through something traumatic, not matter how much I hate that fucktable I have to admit it. He was broken, just like Feyre. Except he was broken in a different way. He completely changed because he went through something traumatic JUST LIKE FEYRE!!!!! Everyone falls apart and tries to put themselves back together in different ways. Just because Tamlin started acting like an idiotic tool doesn’t mean you can say SJM wrote him OOC.

It’s called character development, my children. And guess what?!!?? Character development doesn’t always mean it’s going to be for the better. It means a character develops and changes. He changed!!!!! That’s life!!!!!! The “good guys” don’t always stay good!!!!!!!!!

Anyways, have a nice day and stay hydrated

anonymous asked:

You guys really just got to sit there and talk with Zayn the entire time??? HOW WAS THAT???

Nah fam it wasn’t for the entire time. Ok here’s how it went.
We were in a studio on one side of the glass while Z was on the other. Essentially he was just watching us listen to it and seeing our reaction. LEMME JUST SAY, THERE WAS A LOT OF GRINDING AND TWERKING. IDK WHY WE DID THAT IN FRONT OF HIM BUT OH WELL. Anyway, he would talk to us a few times thru the mic and asked us what songs we wanted to hear again and how we were liking everything. I loved “Wrong” sooo much so after it, I looked at him through the glass and gave him a thumbs up and was like “’brap brap” lmaoo and he looked soooo happy he did it right back to me.
After we heard the songs, they let us go in to meet him in groups for like 4-5 minutes each. That’s when we got to sit and talk to him.
You could tell he was nervous and Shareena told us that he was. When we were in the studio she asked us not to stare at him through the glass the whole time because he felt anxious. And when we got to meet him she told us all to sit down with him instead of standing to make him feel more comfortable. It was honestly the best experience of my entire life.  

Imagine being to a club with the boys after their show in Barcelona. You’ve been best friends with the four of them ever since calum accidentally sneaked into your hotel room drunk half a year ago. You kept in touch over FaceTime and Skype and visited them as often as possible on their European tour.
Ever since waking up to calums arms wrapped around that morning you couldn’t help but fall deeper and deeper in love with him every time you saw him again. No one knew about your crush on calum and you didn’t want to make things awkward and of course you enjoyed getting backstage passes to nearly every one of their concerts. What you didn’t know was that calum was actually quite fond of you as well, but how were you supposed to know when he didn’t even admit it to himself yet. He told himself he wasn’t the kind of guy who let himself get tied down by some girl. He was a rockstar.
So he pushed the feelings he had for you to the back of him mind as far as possible. It all went well until he saw you dancing with some douche at the club. He knew about your love for Spanish guys and how the language turned you on. You returned to the boys panting, while your dance partner got you drinks.
“Holy crap! Did you guys see the way josé can move?” You giggled and the boys would nod and agree with you and smile as you rambled on about how hot josé was. Except for calum who was glaring into his glass playing with the icecubes. You crashed down next to him on the couch, bumping his shoulder.
“Did you know "hose” means pants in German?“ Calum simply stated not looking at you.
"Umm.. Ok? Random fact, but no I didn’t.” You laughed at calums silliness.
“Yeah like douche pants.” He added mumbling into his glass.
“Hey! Watch it. He hasn’t done anything to you. He’s actually really sweet and a true gentleman. And he’s smart” you rambled on, looking up at the boys as calums heart broke.
“He’s at college here and he’s into business and working at his dad’s company, even though he’s only like our age. He has accomplished so much.”
You didn’t see the broken glance calum gave you as you went on talking about how much he had done with his life. Calum couldn’t help but to compare himself with josé. How was he supposed to compete with someone who already owns a company and was at uni, while he hadn’t even finished school.
You rambled on until josé returned with your drinks and you winked at the boys before heading back to the dance floor.
“How am I supposed to compete with that, ash?” Calum quietly asked Ashton as he watched josés arm sneak around your waist. Calum didn’t like the way he touched you. He didn’t like the way anyone except him touched you. He even hated the way Michael looked at tonight when he saw you come down the stairs in your short black dress.
“I didn’t know you were in that competition, mate.” Ashton replied, clearly surprised at the sudden confession.
“I didn’t know either until two minutes ago.”
Ashton sighed before leaning in to whisper into calums ear.
“I don’t know mate, but taken by the way she usually looks at you when mr. Pants isn’t swirling around her I’d say all you have to do is say the word and she’s yours.”
“What? No. Y/N doesn’t like me that way.”
“Maybe she just hasn’t realized it yet?”
“No. Ash. I’m not going to risk our friendship.”
“Alright then mate, just go and watch her grinding on josés pants then”
And with that Ashton got up and joined luke and Mikey’s discussion about boobs. Usually calum would always be up for a boobs discussion, but tonight he couldn’t concentrate on anything else but how this douche touched you. The dance floor was stacked and yours and josés bodies were basically pressed together from every side. The longer this went on the angrier calum got. First he had tried to distract himself with random girls, but his eyes went back to you every five seconds. You had put your hands around josés neck to stable yourself and laughed at something josé whispered in your ear, throwing your head back. Calum caught josé checking our your boobs as you did so.
“That’s it!” Calum snapped jumping to his feet, pushing his way through the dancefloor, ignoring the confused yells of those who he left behind.
As soon as he reached you, he grabbed your wrist and peeled you off your partner. You turned around confused and stared into calums eyes.
“Calum? What are you…” You laughed, but Calum cut you off.
“We’re leaving.” He said, before pulling you after him towards the exit.

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Can you do a scenario where you and JB(got7) are trying to have some "alone time 😏😏" and the other members keep bothering you two

18+ Enjoyy!!!!

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The boys had just settled into their new dorm when JB and I were sitting in his room staring at the dozens of boxes that surrounded his bed, trapping us there.
“I don’t think that I’ll ever be able to unpack this stuff…” JB said as he looked around the room.
“That’s almost the exact same thing you said when we were packing up your old room. Aren’t you excited to be in this new dorm? It’ll all be worth it now that you have your own room,” I said as I leaned over and kissed JB, rubbing my hands over his sculpted chest.
“Not right now babe,” he said as he pushed me away, “I’m too stressed with the move to think about that right now.”
“You need to relax,” I said, winking, “You should be celebrating, you’ve just moved out of that tiny ass apartment. This is a big stage in your life!”
JB exhaled deeply. “I hate it when you’re right Jagi, but I just can’t. You know what I’m like, I need everything to be sorted before I can relax”
I looked at him with puppy dog eyes, usually I wasn’t this pushy, but this is the first time we didn’t have to worry about Youngjae popping in. It was either be nervous about that or have fun in my apartment, which only had an uncomfortable sleeping mat.
JB is so attractive when needs my comforting and I, I’m sad to admit, was slightly turned on by his vulnerability. I know he could tell. I crossed my legs and edged closer to him as he puffed his chest out and smirked while biting his bottom lip. Oh, god…I was done for.
We were centimeters apart and our lips finally collided, all my worries passed and I was filled with sparks. His kisses were passionate and long. He took control, like I imagined, trailing his tongue around my mouth and locking his soft lips around mine. It was perfect.
I seductively moved myself onto his lap and wrapped my arms around his neck, never disconnecting our kiss. He moaned intensely into my mouth. He deepened the kiss and, fuck, it felt so good. I felt him smile into the kiss and something hard began poking the back of my thigh.
“Someone’s getting excited oppa,” I whispered.
I’d never thought of myself as a sexual person until I started dating JB. I enjoyed giving my lover pleasure. It was intoxicating.
He wrapped his arms around my waist and pulled me even closer to him, positioning my clothed heat on his now rock hard member. He bit my lip lightly and bucked his hips. I couldn’t help but moaned and throw my head back as pleasure rapidly surged through my body. JB released his mouth from mine and roughly kissed my exposed neck, drawing circles with his tongue. I moved my arms from around his neck and caressed his chest undoing his shirt buttons when there was a sudden knock on the door.
“JB!” said a familliar voice. Fuck! Youngjae was here!
“Oh shit!” I whispered. JB looked at me with wide eyes and mouthed, “They don’t know that you’re here…”
“One sec, Jae!” he shouted. I got off of JB’s lap and noticed an obvious bulge in his tight jeans. Shit. There’s no hiding that… I thought.
He grabbed my hand and pulled me into his closet, crushing some boxes along the way.
“Stay here,” he whispered. Youngjae wouldnever let him live this down if he found out what we were doing in here. He ran to answer the door and let Jae in.
“Hey JB, me and the guys thought you might like some company, you’ve been in here alone for a long time,” he said, sweetly.
Fuck! They’re going to want to look around and help unpack once they see JB hasn’t done anything! He had to get rid of them.
“Aw, Jae that’s nice but you know I’m so busy right now. Maybe come back later?” Thank god my boyfriend and I were on the same page.
“Are you sure? We might not be able to just chill out for a while,” Youngjae explained. Like JB wouldn’t already know that…
“I know, but I’m just really exhausted with unpacking and composing and editing, you know how it is,” There is no way Youngjae was going to buy this…
“Yeah I know…” I could hear the sadness in Youngjae’s voice. I felt so bad, but I couldn’t let him see I was here. JYP was serious when he said no girls in the new dorm…
“Alright, I’ll go, but you better let me know if you need any help…” JB closed the door and darted to the closet to let me out. Thank god Youngjae didn’t see the bulge in his pants.
“Oh, my god, Y/N,  I’m so sorry,” He wheezed as he picked me up and pushed me against the wall. I gasped.
“It’s fine. Just kiss me.”
Our lips connected and I grinded into his growing erection. I moved my hand down to the bulge in his jeans. He moaned gently into the kiss. I couldn’t contain myself, I ripped his shirt open, breaking a few of the buttons in the process. He caressed my thigh and carried me over to his bed, laying me down. He placed his cool hands on my thighs and pulled down my skirt gently. I blushed as he came back up to kiss me again.
“Are you sure about this?” he whispered, clearly nervous that we would be disrupted again.
I nodded and he tugged my underwear down. He lay on top of me and he flipped us over so I was straddling him. I provocatively lifted my shirt up and threw it across the room into the mess of boxes. I’d find it later.
His hips bucked up and I moaned loudly, loud enough that JB had to cover my mouth.
“Babe these rooms aren’t totally sound proof!” he laughed as he kissed me to muffle the next moan as he bucking into me again.
He turned us over and reached up my back and undid my bra. I arched my back so he could reach it and he flung it across the room into the pile of discarded clothes. I fondled his belt buckle and was about to pull down his jeans when there was another knock on the door.
“JB HYUNG!!!” Fuck..Bam Bam and Yugyeom…
“What is it?” Jb sighed and ushered me back into the closet again while mouthing an ‘I’m sorry.’
The maknaes were standing close to the door when JB finally opened it.
“We heard a weird noise from your room and thought you might have died under the boxes, are you okay?” Yugyeom asked, genuinely concerned about his leader.
“I’m fine…I don’t know what noise you heard but it didn’t come from my room.”
Just then Bam Bam’s eyes bulged out of his head and he began to laugh uncontrollably, confusing JB and Yugyeom.
“Umm…hyung…?” he asked as he suggestively looked down at JB’s obvious bulge, “What are you doing in here?”
JB coughed and I’m sure his face was bright red in embarrassment.
“I was…just…umm…” he didn’t know what to say.
“If you wanted your alone time for that put a sock on the door or something man!” Yugyeom scoffed as he began to walk away.
“Have fun thinking about Y/N!!” Bam Bam laughed as he left and closed the door behind him.
I jumped out of the closet and began to take off JB’s pants before he could change his mind about this. His obviously hard member poked out of his blue Calvin Klein boxers. Our bare chests made contact and I felt free and didn’t have a care in the world.
“Condom?” I whispered. He nodded and picked his jeans back up and grabbed a shiny package out of the pocket. I’m glad he had one there and didn’t have to serch the boxes for his extensive collection of condoms. That’s one benefit of fans sending random gifts to him we never have a shortage. While he grabbed the condom I was getting under the covers. He slowly pulled his underwear down and slipped the ribbed protection onto his large member.
JB jumped back into bed and started kissing and sucking my neck.
“Ready,” He whispered between kisses. I loved how he was being so gentle and caring even in our most intimate moments. “Yes, Jaebum. I want you” I replied softly. He kissed me again and entered me slowly, inch by inch. We’d just started but I already felt like I was so close because of the built up tension.
“Soon, he was fully inside me, thrusting in and out. We moaned in sync, as softly as we could. He was grunting through his teeth and I was biting his shoulder to muffle my moans of ecstasy.
“Jagi, I’m gonna-”I put my finger on his lips.
“Shh, it’s o-okay, me t-too,” I gasped.
He thrusted into me a few more times and we both came in sync. We were both woozy and on a total high. He pulled out and discarded the condom.
“JB,” I whispered, “I- I love you.”
“I love you too,” he said as he kissed my shiny forehead. After that we both started to fall asleep in each other’s arms. Just as we were about to enter dreamland we heard another knock on the door.
“Fuck…” JB groaned, “What could you guys possibly need now?” He yelled angrily at the door.
Junior laughed as he cleared his throat.
“We were just wondering if you and Y/N wanted any pizza…the delivery guy just got here and we got pineapple on it if you want some…”
“They knew I was here?” I whispered to JB and he looked at me with shocked eyes.
“These walls are WAYYY thinner than you think,” Junior answered for JB.
Well shit…


You arrived at the party with a really tight red dress that hugged your curves perfectly, that ended mid-thigh. You had a smokey eye shadow along with a glossy nude lip color that made your smile pop out. You really weren’t in the mood for going to the party but your friends made you go and that they would meet you up there. You just wanted to be home all cozy up in your bed, on tumblr reading some smuts. After the whole fight you got with jimin in school the other time. He told you it’s best if we take a break but in reality jimin did it because he couldn’t stand seeing you get hate mail and comments, but you didn’t see it that way, you where thinking what you did something wrong. You stepped into the house and saw people talking in the corner, in the living room there where people dancing and grinding until your eyes landed on a orange headed person sitting in the corner talking to some girls and laughing with them. You got really irritated and started walking towards the kitchen to grab yourself a drink, along the way some people from school recognize you and looked at you like you where some Type of goddess. Some even whistled at you and you just blushed and looked down. “Woow (y/n), you look gorgeous, jimin sure as hell gonna regret letting you go when he sees you” (y/f/n) said. “Aha thanks but I don’t think that our little fight got to him cause I saw some bimbos under his arm on each side.” “Then I guess he won’t mind if you danced with guys tonight right.” She grinned. “Your crazy, you know that right” “Yea but you love this crazy person” she laughed “Yea unfortunately I do” I laughed with her and got ourselves some drinks. After a good 15 min. Of talking and drinking one guy came up to me and asked if I wanted to dance. He was around jimins height, with blue eyes with him and took his hand out for me to grab. He did look hot, but he’s not jimin. So I figured what the heck, one dance won’t kill me right so I grabbed his hand and let him lead me to the dance floor. I looked at jimin only to find him staring back at me. He was with the guys, but they where busy talking to each other to notice that he was staring at me. I looked at him and turned towards the guy and put my hands around his neck and he put his hands on my waist. And we just let the music flow through our body. I started grinding on him and out of no where he was pulled off of me and I turned to see a very pissed off jimin looking at the guy who was on the floor, bleeding. “Get your filthy hands off my girl!” “Your girl? Didn’t you break up with her! Last time I checked she was single!” Surely enough everybody was around us witnessing what was going on and some where recording us. Jimin punched him and got up and looked at me and grabbed my arm and dragged me out the party. “Ow! Jimin! Your hurting me ! Let go! What the hell is your problem!” “My problem is you! I just told you lets take a break and your over here grinding up on some fucking dumbass! Where you planning have sex with him after! Huh (y/n)!” “It wasn’t like that ! What about you huh! Flirting with those bimbos! Sure ass hell doesn’t seem to bother you that in hurting! I went home and cried to myself jimin! Don’t you think it doesn’t hurt me!? I’m a human being jimin! I actually have feelings! I wasn’t even gonna come if I didn’t get dragged by (y/f/n)! I knew I shouldn’t have came and I also wish I never actually met you. I told you I was weak for love and that I was scared to fall in love because the minute i fall in love with him they end up leaving the next day. And you promised me you wouldn’t do that to me… And you left me like a lost dog trying to find his way back home trying to figure out where their owner left him there…” Jimin was just staring at me. I looked up at him and stared at his eyes to see anger, hurt in his eyes.. “(Y/N) I’m sorry, I didn’t think ..I .. I.. I only did it because I didn’t want you to continue getting hurt by my fans. I couldn’t bare seeing you cry when you would upload a picture and see all those hate comments poring in and it hurts me even more because you wouldn’t tell me what was wrong. Also because I wasn’t there half of the time because I was on tour and all we could do was Skype and FaceTime while I was gone.” I was by now crying.. I’m pretty sure I looked like a raccoon with black eyes and smudged makeup stains. I couldn’t think straight everything was coming down on me. Jimin pulled me into a tight hug and I just broke down.. He took me to his car and drove me to the apartment. He carried me up to my room and laid me down on the bed. He was about to leave when I pulled him towards me which made him stumble on my heels and fell on top of me. And he was just staring at my lips and I was staring at his eyes. Lust was what I saw. He started to lean in for a kiss, I felt his minty breath hit me. When I kiss jimin, everything falls away. The worries, the concern over what’s going to happen next, everything just disappears. Our kiss is heavy with passion, need and desperation. He lowers himself and flirts with my body with his sweet kisses. Oh damn. He sure has some talent with that mouth of his. My hands going through his orange hair and a slight moan comes out of his mouth while he’s caressing my breast. Jimins hand finds his way to the back of my dress and tugs on the zipper and strips me out of my dress leaving me in my bra and panties which are black. I flip us over so I’m on top this time, straddling his hips. I peel of his shirt slowly, my eyes never leaving from his. He watches me, his gaze filled with lust and hunger. With his shirt off I throw it to the ground. He closes his eyes and breathes in once, twice trying to comprehend what is about to go down. When he opens his eyes he lunches towards my neck, sucking on the skin there. Surely I’m gonna have a hickey by the morning. His hands make their way down to my thighs, the lightest of his touches send me skyrocketing off his lap . I grab his face in my hands and crash my lips with his and passionately kiss him as if it would be the last time I will ever see him. My hands roam down to his abs. I’m in awe by how I’m turning him on much more. “Shit (y/n),” he hisses. He turns us over so this time he’s on top of me again and the wicked gleam in his eyes tells me that I’m going to like what he’s gonna do next. He slides further down the bed. “Your so fucking beautiful (y/n). Do you know. How many cold showers I had to take to get you out of my head because what ever I did didn’t seem to help you crossed my mind!” He hissed “I want to make love to you right now (y/n)” I got near his ear and whispered “Then fuck me” “Don’t have to tell me twice babygirl” he smirked . . . . I woke up the next morning with Jimin next to me. My fingers roam his body up to his face. Tracing each of his features. Admiring his beauty of him sleeping💕 He smiled when I was tracing his lips. “ good morning (y/n) ” “Good morning Jimin” I smiled and pecked his lips. “We’ll that’s one way to start off the morning” he smirked He smiled and pulled the sheets over us and decided to go for round 2.

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A Happy Birthday To You

Words: 2,043
Genre: Fluff
Pairing: Phan
Warnings: Alcohol and I think that’s it.
Summary: Phil takes Dan on a date for his birthday.
Dedicated to: Mattie

Also, I’d like to wish Dan a happy birthday, even though I know for sure he won’t be reading this. (:

A Happy Birthday To You

Phil’s hands were placed over Dan’s eyes in kind of a blindfold. “Turn left,” Phil told Dan, instructing him to where his suprise was. “No, Dan. Your other left.” 

Dan laughed and did as Phil told, turning left and kept on walking. “Where on God’s Earth are you even taking me?” 

“You’ll see,” Phil said with a chuckle. “For now, just shut up and don’t ask questions.” Phil leaned over and kissed Dan’s cheek, earning a small blush from Dan.

Dan sighed but shrugged his shoulders, not putting up much of a fight. He was going to see anyway in a few minutes probably. To be honest, he really didn’t care where they were going to go, as long as it was with Phil. 

Phil had his hands over Dan’s eyes since before they had even left the flat. Apparently even if Dan had his eyes open before leaving the flat, it would give too much away, which meant Phil was probably carrying something in the hand that was not over Dan’s eyes. Every once and a while Dan felt the bag that Phil was carrying bump his side. Dan wondered what could be in that bag and what kind of bag it was.

They walked on for a few minutes and then Phil grabbed both of Dan’s shoulders. “Okay…stop!” He commanded and Dan opened his eyes, revealing the beautiful scenery that Phil had picked out. It was almost unreal. 

They were on a hill under a giant willow tree that overlooked a lake. The lake had a small fountain out in the middle of it. The grass around the small park that they were at was freshly cut and there were small trails that you could walk along. Dan saw an older couple walking along one of the trails and smiled at the older woman and man who walked hand in hand, a cane in the other. There was also a small bridge that you could walk across to the other side of the lake to get to another trail. In other words, the place was abolutely breath-taking.

“Wow…” Dan said in amazement. “I never knew outside could be this beautiful.” He joked.

Phil laughed. “Yeah, sometimes outside is wonderful.” He paused and swatted at something in the air. “You just have to get passed the bugs.”

Dan scrunched his nose up. “At least it isn’t moist out.” He commented. “So what have you got planned? You wouldn’t let me eat before we came, I’m sure you’ve got food or something.” 

“Of course I do,” Phil disappeared behind the tree to retrieve the basket he’d put down while Dan still had his eyes closed. “Surpise!” Phil held up the large picnic backet and getured to it with his other hand. “I thought we could have a romantic picnic in the park.”

Dan raised his eyebrows. “That sounds perfect.” He smiled, taking Phil’s hands and pulling Phil into him. He leaned forward and pecked Phil’s lips. “Thank you so much, love.”

"You’re welcome.” Phil smiled at Dan and then let go of his hands and pushed him away slightly. “Why don’t we eat?” He suggested, opening the picnic basket to reveal a checkered red and white blanket that you’d see in a cartoon.

“Phil you’re so cheesy.” Dan laughed and shook his head as Phil spread the blanket out under the tree. 

Phil picked up the basket and placed it in the middle of the blanket. He sat down on one side and started pulling things out of the basket. “Go ahead and sit down, love.” Phil gestured with his head, as he continued to pull out items from the basket. He pulled out plates and some plastic utinsels.

Dan sat down opposite to Phil and leaned forward to glance into the basket. He was fairly curious on what Phil had prepared for him for his birthday, not that it actually mattered because just being with his wonderful boyfriend was enough, but he was naturally a curious person.

Phil pushed Dan’s face away from the basket. “Be patient.” 

Dan sighed and leaned back. Phil pulled out a few sandwich baggies that had pizza in them. “Sorry, I couldn’t fit the box in here.” Phil joked, opening a bag of Pizza. “But these bags worked well.” Then he pulled out a few bags of crisps and a bottle of expensive looking champagne. 

“Champagne?” Dan asked, picking up the bottle and inspecting it. “It looks expensive.”

Phil shrugged his shoulders. “That’s because it is.” He took the champagne back from Dan.”You’re 23 today, Dan. I figured we could celebrate with crisps, pizza, champagne, and a special little surprise in the basket.” Phil smiled, and leaned forward, kissing Dan’s cheek. 

“Thank you, Phil. This is perfect. Especially the pizza.” He laughed, grabbing a plate and napkin, then a slice of pizza from the bag. “Why’d you bring forks?" 

"So you can eat your pizza with them of course.” Phil joked, then leaned forward and took his own plate, napkin, and food. “Just kidding, it’s for the surprise later.”

“So it’s food?” Dan laughed, taking a bite of his pizza, and surprisingly, it was still a bit warm. “I was thinking something a little more…intimate, but hey, food is always intimate.”

Phil avoided the question and changed the subject. “It’s also almost our anniversary.” 

“I notice you changing the subject, Phil.” He took another bite of his pizza. “And I know, I can’t believe it’s been this long since I’ve been able to talk the boy with the dark hair and gorgeous blue eyes mine." 

Phil blushed. “And I’ve been able to call the boy with the beautiful laugh and deep dimples mine for so long.”

Dan looked down and blushed. “Maybe we should pour the champagne.” He suggested.

"Oh right!” Phil said, then pulled the picnic basket over toward him to get out two similar wine glasses, then handed one to Dan. He popped the cork off of the champagne and poured it into Dan’s outstretched cup, then his own. 

He placed the champagne back into the basket, then held out his cup to Dan’s. “Cheers?” He asked Dan, who raised his to Phil’s.

“Cheers.” Dan agreed, then clinked his glass against Phil’s. 

“To you turning 23!” Phil laughed, then took a sip.

“Phil, I think you were supposed to say that before we grinded our glasses together.”

“Howell, just shush it and drink your beverage.” Phil stuck his tongue out at Dan and Dan returned it, scrunching his nose too. “Also, don’t fill up on pizza, I still have the surprise.”

For the rest of dinner, they ate and playfully joked around. They talked about family and video ideas and many other things. As the sun started to set over the lake, Dan and Phil turned toward it and watched the beauty. 

Around the time the sunset had come around, they’d finished eating dinner, so Phil dug into the basket. “Suprise time!” He smiled at Dan, then down into the basket.

“It’s cake isn’t it?” Dan asked, with a slight laugh.

“Not just any cake,” Phil said, lifting it out of the bag. “It’s malteser cake!” He announced.

The cake was smaller than usual, but just big enough for the two of them. “Oh Phil,” Dan chuckled loudly. “You know me so well.”

Phil removed the lid of the cake, then set it between the two of them. “Grab a fork, it has maltesers inside of it and around it. It’s chocolate cake with chocolate frosting.”

“Phil are you trying to give me diabetus?” Dan laughed and grabbed a fork for himself and Phil.

Phil took the fork from him. “Possibly.” He smirked, then laughed a little. Dan started to stick his fork into the cake, but Phil stopped him. “No! We have to sing Happy Birthday first.”

“Really, Phil?” Dan asked, raising his eyebrows. “No we don’t, we can just consume this wonderful storebought cake.”

“We must.” Phil said, then he pulled out two candles and a lighter from the basket. They were a 2 and a 3. He stuck them into the cake, then lit them. He started to sing to Dan, to which Dan mostly looked at his hands, blushed, and stared at the cake. It was always awkward when people sung Happy Birthday to him, or to anyone really. “…Happy Birthday to Daaaan, also known as the best boyfriend in the world….Happy Birthday to you!” Phil finished singing. “Make a wish,” Phil smiled. “It better have something to do with me in it…”

Dan rolled his eyes and blew the candles out and Phil clapped his hands. “Yay! Now can we eat?” Dan asked, taking a candle from the cake and licking the icing off. 

"Yes we can.” Phil allowed and Dan took the other candle from the cake. He licked the chocolate icing from the candle, then placed them into the plastic lid that had been covering the cake.

Dan and Phil both dug into the cake at the same time and tried it at the same time. “Mmm,” Dan said. “This is like an orgasm in my mouth.” He chewed slowly, tasting a malteser in the soft cake.

“It is.” Phil agreed, then took another bite.

As they ate the cake, they talked about how divine it was, even though that sounded a bit posh, and they drank their champagne. The sun went down and they were surrounded by darkness.

Dan looked around. “Do you think we should wrap this up and go back to our flat?” He smirked, putting the fork down on his plate. “Besides, I’m stuffed.”

“Yeah,” Phil smiled and started to put away the mostly eaten cake. “Your presents are there.”

“Presents?” Dan asked in surprise. “You didn’t have to get me presents, besides, spending time with the most beautiful boy in the universe is a good enough present for me.”

“Dan I’m sure you’re going to love your presents.” Phil smirked and got up. Dan followed and they cleaned up, putting all of the uneaten and unused things into the basket. Dan threw the trash into the bin while Phil folded the blanket and then they were off, headed back to their flat.


When they got there, Phil unlocked the door and hurried off to his bedroom, to which Dan followed behind closely. Phil entered his bedroom and Dan sat on his bed, pawing at the bed sheets.

Phil dug through his closet. “Ah, there we go.” He said and pulled out a small wrapped package. Dan had an idea of what was inside the box and his heart sped up. “Dan…” Phil started, a big smile on his face. He held out the small wrapped package, which now that it was upclose, it wasn’t exactly wrapped. “I’m not going to make this cheesy, but we’ve been dating for the longest time and I think you’re amazing and fantastic and the best person in the world and all the other good adjetives in the English language. And I love you so, so, so much, more than words can say.” Phil got on one knee and Dan eyed the box Phil held out. “And I was wondering, will you, Dan Howell, marry me?”

Dan looked down at Phil and smiled, slipping the ring onto his finger. “Yes,” He whispered. “Yes, I will marry you.”

Phil smiled and jumped up from his knee. He wrapped his arms around Dan and they embraced for a while. “I love you, Dan.” 

“I love you too, Phil.” Dan kissed Phil’s hair and they stood there for a while, hugging and breathing into each other. At some point, Dan had burried his face into Phil’s shoulder.

When they pulled away Phil had the biggest grin on his face. “I forgot, I also have another present for you.” He smiled and went back to his closet, but this time he found it quite quickly.

Phil brought it to Dan, to which Dan unwrapped it quickly. “Lube?” He smirked and let out a small chuckle.

“Yeah, I was thinking we could use it tonight…?” Phil said with a smirk. He winked at Dan.

“I like your thinking, Lester.” The corners of his lips rose and pulled Phil in for a kiss.


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Intoxication (Michael Clifford - Finale)

(His P.O.V.)

Untying (Y/N) from the bed, I didn’t waste any time retying her hands behind her back.

“You didn’t listen to me…” I murmured out darkly, shaking my head softly. “I guess I’m just going to have to give you a spanking hmm?”

She looked at me with innocence, biting her lip and nodding her head. I handled her roughly, but still had some consideration for her. The hitachi sat next to me, just in case I wanted to use it again. I draped her over my lap, her arse up in the air, completely at my mercy. I could feel her dripping onto my lap and smirked to myself, reaching between her legs and swiping up some of the liquids on my fingers, bringing them up to my lips and sucking them clean, humming out happily.

“You taste so good baby girl…” I murmured out softly, grabbing onto her bum and digging my fingers into her flesh, massaging gently.

She tried to hold her head up and look over at me but I pushed her head back down. She didn’t get to see what I was going to do to her, no.

“Don’t make make blindfold you…” I said darkly, bringing my hand up off of her arse briefly before slapping it back down, gripping at her skin.

She yelped out slightly but kept her head down, and I bit my lip softly. She was such a good girl. Now anyways. If she kept this up, then maybe, just maybe, her punishment wouldn’t be as harsh. I slid my finger between the thick skin, finding her tight little hole and swirling my fingers around it slowly. (Y/N) whined out softly, shifting slightly in her arm binds. Pushing my finger against the tight orifice, I broke past and slowly guided my finger in, biting my lip softly. She choked out a moan and I laughed out softly.

She was so warm and wet, the release from the first time she came having oozed back, making it easier for me to lubricate my fingers and slip them into her back entrance. Pulling my hand back again, I smacked her arse once more, watching as the skin began to get splotchy under my touch. She yelped out again and tensed her fists, her legs moving slightly. With no space between slaps, I pushed my fingers into her rear again, digging two fingers into her this time. She whined out loudly and squirmed on my lap. I placed my other hand on her upper back and rubbing my fingers in between her shoulder blades before reaching over to grab the wand. As I dug my fingers into her, I stuck the wand under her and rested it on her clit, pressing it into her folds.

She whined out loudly and I could feel her tense up on me, my erection becoming harder and harder to hide.

“Fuck, I need to fuck you…” I hissed out, trying to contain myself for a couple of seconds longer.

I pulled my fingers out and just focused the want on her clit for a couple of minutes, spreading her backside and pressing the vibrating toy against the tight little hole. She whimpered out repeatedly and started to breathe out heavily. I didn’t want her to cum again. Not yet. I stopped everything completely and picked her up off of my lap, tossing her back onto the bed with a devilish smirk.

She struggled slightly, looking up at me and breathing out heavily. I turned her onto her side and moved to spoon her, draping my arm over her waist and cupping her breast firmly. I brought her leg back over my hip and grabbed my length, guiding it into her wet sex, thrusting my hips forwards to slide in as far as I could. (Y/N) let out a deep moan and I could feel her fists balling up behind her against my chest.

Looping my arm around her, I started to thrust into her slowly, grabbing her little clit between my pointer and middle finger. I rolled it and pinched it together, smirking softly and ducking my head into the crook of her neck. Digging my teeth into her skin, she cried out and dug her head back into the pillow.

Her sounds were making me so fucking hard… Jesus, she was so sexy it was making my mind spin. I squeezed my eyes shut and grasped onto her breast with my other hand, pinching her erect nipple and pulling on it harshly.

“I-I need to cum…” she whined out as I stimulated her clit with no letting up.

My skin slapped against her arse, my length beginning to swell up inside the condom, inside of her. I sucked on her shoulder, leaving a dark, purple mark. She cried out loudly and I decided that she had been good enough, pulling my mouth off of her shoulder and nodding my head, quickly rubbing circles against her clit and bucking my hips into her to get her to cum once again.

With a loud scream, I could feel her whole body tense and shake. I came shortly after, flooding the condom. The both of us were breathing shakily, my hips grinding into her slowly just to ride out our highs. Fuck… Pushing her leg off of of my hip, she curled up limply in front of me, oozing out a translucent white liquid from her soaked sex. I smirked to myself and sat myself up, only to duck back down again and lick up her drenched folds, placing one more kiss to her before going to untie her hands.

She pulled her hands back in front of her and rubbed her wrists gently, pushing herself up on shaky arms and putting a hand down to cup her heat, breathing out deeply.  

“Shit…” she breathed out, wiping some excess off with her hand and licking her fingers off, making my bite my lip.

“How was it?” I inquired, pulling my shirt up over my head and sliding my boxers up over my legs. “Kinky enough?”

(Y/N) looked up at me and nodded her head. I smirked and bit my lip softly, grabbing her clothes and helping her sit up. She lazily lifted her arms over her head, allowing me to slip her shirt over her head, forgetting about her bra.

“This doesn’t change us yeah?” she asked softly as I slipped on her underwear. “Because if we’re still like… friends, we could do some more another time?”

I looked down at her and smiled softly, grabbing her chin gently to press my lips against hers. She kissed back, resting her hands on my knees. I pulled back for a moment and brought her red wrists up to my lips, kissing over the binding marks left behind.

“I kinda feel like this makes us more than friends you know?” I said softly and she bit her lip. “If you want of course. If not, I’m good with just being friends with benefits.”

(Y/N) giggled out softly and pecked me again, flopping back into the pillows.

“I’m good with being more than friends…”

“Well then,” I smiled and rubbed the tops of her thighs gently. “It’s kinda settled then? More than friends?”

“Mhm,” she hummed, putting her hands behind her head. “Sounds good to me babe.”