just on my hard drive

Me: I just handed in my assignment

Film/Video/Animation Student: Hahaha 😂 You probably just emailed 📧 it to your professor and it probably only took 5 🖐 seconds ⏲. I bet the entirety of your undergrad is saved 💾 on one thumb drive. Me? By the time I graduate I would have bought 💵 two portable hard drives just so I can back up my assignments, each of which are at least 3 GB and that’s just the final .mov 🎥 file. Anyway, I need to go upload my work to the teacher’s station. It’s gonna take a whole 2 ✌️ minutes 🕰 to load this masterpiece and I don’t want to keep anybody waiting. 🎞📽📹


I am not quite sure what you ask me to do Anons. Is it the question if i like the ship or do you ask me to analyze/hc

Basically that above is what i get every time i look at KageHina. They amuse me greatly. They’re dumb as fk. They even top Bokuto if you add both together (sorry babe, you’re not dumb <3 don’t worry). But they’re so lovable and compliment each other very well.

But i do not participate actively in that ship. Karasuno is somehow my least prioritized … school…team…harbor… port.. whatever. (°◡°;;;).:。


Two pictures from my 2013 March Art Folder! 
I remember being very proud of them and with the second one I realized the type of feeling I wanted my art to have. 


Welp my external hard drive stopped working and I hope to god that it’s not completely dead. It was making unhealthy noises and it wouldn’t recognize my hard drive at all. So according to some very helpful tips and advices on Youtube, I have to unplug and might consider changing its cables.

I’m telling y’all this because ALL of my drawings are stored in there and my dumb ass didn’t set up a backup. So I won’t be drawing for a while (Well, I mean, I can. It’s just I can only save them in my laptop now but I don’t wanna do that.)

If you think you can help me out, that would be fantastic. I was planning on opening up commissions again but this unfortunate situation happened. Right now, my hard drive is just sitting there, waiting to be notice again.

Give My Love to Huckleberry Finn (Part One)

A few days ago @finding–cat tagged me to share a piece of my favorite writing. This is the prologue to a story I wrote in the fall. I’m not sure it’s my best work but it was my first attempt at magical realism and I had a really good time writing it, which for me matters more than the final product. Since it’s completed and edited and just sitting on my hard drive, I figure why not share it?

Synopsis: Once schoolmates, Harry and Cece haven’t seen each other in ten years. That is until one Autumn afternoon when Cece stumbles onto the strawberry farm where Harry lives and works. After seeing his meager life conditions, she offers to teach him how to read in the hopes that he will make a better life for himself. Only, that’s easier said than done considering the fact that Harry has a pair of wings. 

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A Chibi Genos that I drew in a couple hours about two years ago. Just found this cutie on my hard drive (along with those ancient photos of me, lol) and realized I’d never posted this! This was my first Genos ever! And I whipped it out really fast because I was sharing an artist alley table with some friends in Sacramento, CA for SacAnime, and we all made button designs. Another artist with us made a Saitama one while I took Genos. I also drew a commission of Saitama and Genos just chillin and being bros, since the customer didn’t want them as a couple in the pic, and another of just a Genos bust. SacAnime was basically my first attempts at Genos overall ahahaha~♥

An oldie but a goodie, hope you guys like it~!

“Prostrate yourself before me, slave!”

A really old sketch of Ensa-Taya from Brave Frontier because I love her so freaking much, man. I’m so mad that I didn’t design that amazing dress for Nuci first. ;__;

Unfortunately, I do not love the result. It doesn’t do her justice. I’ll try again someday, perhaps.  But I didn’t want it to just sit on my hard drive forever unseen? (I drew this in 2016 sometime lol…)

My therapist is making me face my invasive thoughts...

He is a mean mean man