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I’ve been in a distinctly odd mood the last few days, and that seems to have hit its peak today – forgive me for inactivity / delays in answering asks. I also have a week of exams next week + two more exams on the monday and tuesday following that week, so –

I’m not claiming that this is a hiatus or semi-hiatus necessarily I often write these posts then suddenly find motivation out of nowhere, but if I am slow / not here / blah blah blah exams + Odd Moods are why.

I’m not saying that Baekhyun and Kai’s relationships to those girls are fake, I just find it odd that those two in particular just SO HAPPEN to be the ones with girlfriends…

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Waaah!! Just because you ship something doesn't mean everyone else has to!!!!! I can tag it as whatever I want on my blog waah waah cry

LOL. Guuuurl! You can ship what ya like. I just find it odd and cringe when people tag the gayest shit as “brotp”. like fuck, two people could literally be kissing and people’d be like “brotp!”, it’s just weird. And also, what’s the female version? “sistp?”, just does not make sense. Go home, Mallory. Yerrr drunk. 

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For real??? He unfollowed her? Isn't she like one of lat's closest friends? I don't want to get my hopes up or anything. But what do you guys think it means? I'm not surprised he unfollowed newhope stunts guy because from what we know GG never met him. But he met the other two girls. He in fact liked one of K@rissa's post less than a month ago. And like you said went to a party with the other one. Just seems an odd thing to do.

GG is an odd duck, there is no telling what it means. He may have just wanted to declutter his IG timeline a bit, which is perfectly normal and understandable. It makes sense to remove people that you no longer see or really have any type of relationship with.

On the other hand removing people that you have met and more than likely *could* interact with again in the future since they are related/connected to the person you’re involved with is a a little strange to say the least…

But like we said, Grant is an odd duck.

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Not body shaming or name calling or even putting down but is it just me or does Sam look old next to her. I mean he's almost 10 years older then her right? It just looks odd to me.

Okay, let’s put Sam and the girl aside for this discussion, because my answer is not about them.

I am answering this ask only because I am honestly baffled as to why in this day and age a 10 year difference would be frowned upon.

Women certainly marry men much older than them on a regular basis, every f…ing day.

I have no problem with it as long as they are both old enough and consenting adults.

In this particular case, she is not a young 18 year old, not even early twenties, she is late twenties, almost 30…she is not exactly a young chick…he is not exactly robbing the cradle….

SMH at some of these notions, regardless of who we are talking about.

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Cris, I can reassure you (not that you need reassuring) that the English idom 'turn in the oven' does NOT refer to being pregnant. 'Bun in the oven' - yep. 'Turn in the oven' -errr. That's just an....odd turn of phrase!

Yeah, I didn’t think that was a common phrase ANYWHERE! LOL!  But it’s The Sun, who expects literacy from them?


she had the world || panic! at the disco

To be honest, the tumblr witchcraft community taught me more than any book on witchcraft I ever read.

So I was rereading the Fantastic Beasts textbook...

… And there was something that got me wondering. Newt loves all of his Beasts. “None of the creatures in that case are dangerous!” Even including the erumpent and the Nundu (which his book describes as, “Possibly one of the most dangerous beast in the world.”). He cares so much about all of them. 

But according to the About the Author, Newt was also responsible for the creation of the Werewolf Registry. The thing that stopped Remus Lupin from being able to live like a real person for most of his life. 

Why would Newt create something so vile?

Why does Newt seem to hate werewolves? Unless…

We know this happened in 1947. After the franchise ends (1945). We know Newt and Tina are still alive and in the 90′s. But we know nothing about the futures of Queenie, Jacob, Leta, or Credence…

What if one of them gets killed by a werewolf? Maybe even a werewolf Newt had defended. Stood up for. Trusted.

Newt just wants to protect the Magical Creatures of the world. He doesn’t understand people as well, but he wants to protect them too. Just what would it take to break that?