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I’ve started watching my favourite spooky movies in the build up to halloween and I’ve just watched Corpse Bride and okay this might a bit of stretch but all I can think about is a Sanders Sides AU

Just imagine, Virgil as the introverted and anxious son of the richest business owners in town, who hates social gatherings and all the posturing of his parents, and would rather stay in his room and play music for the rest of his life but who’s being forced into marrying the local lord’s son in his family’s desperate attempt to climb the social ladder

and Logan as the lord’s son who’s curious and clever and who loves to read more than anything, and who doesn’t particularly want to get married, but he knows of his family’s financial troubles and he’s observed admired Virgil from afar and has overheard his piano playing from his bedroom window, and doesn’t really mind the thought of spending the rest of his life with Virgil, in fact the thought is actually quite…pleasant

and when they meet Logan is nothing like Virgil feared he’d be, and suddenly the thought of marriage isn’t quite as awful, not if he gets to spend the rest of his life with Logan nearby, with his clever comebacks and quiet smile, and so he heads off into the woods to practice his vows

and then he accidentally ends up married to Patton, the heartbroken corpse groom, who fell in love with a man against his parents wishes, and ran away with the family jewels (cos’ what are a few jewels when you’re in love?), but rather than his love be returned, he was murdered and his heart torn in two, and so he swore to never rest until he could marry for love

and Patton really does love Virgil, cos’ finally he’s married like he always wanted, and yeah Virgil is a bit shy and might have been a bit frightened at first, but he plays the piano so beautifully and he’s so kindhearted, underneath all that sarcasm and dark humour

and Virgil does love him back, in a way, loves his corny laugh and his awful jokes, and when he hears the truth about Patton’s death he wants to protect him from anything that would hurt him, including himself, but marrying Patton was an accident, and he really really wants to get back to the world of the living, cos’ Logan is waiting for him

(and Roman, well, he’s tricky to place, and he’d probably hate the thought, but I think he’s Patton’s worm friend, who cares deeply for Patton and just wants him to have a happy ever after of his own, and who truly isn’t happy that Virgil won’t declare his undying love for his friend and is instead fixated on some other man in the land of the living)

i found love
in the form of
her lips,
her laughter,
her smile,
her hands,

and you will not take this away,
you will not take her away.

call me a sinner for i will sin
if it means waking up next to her daily
and i will meet the devil’s eyes
on the day i die
if it means
im with her
for the rest of my life


David Tennant characters shouting costars’ names



she had the world || panic! at the disco

Fun fact!! cishet male survivors of abuse are just as deserving of love, comfort, understanding, and recovery as the rest of us. Privilege doesn’t negate trauma.


not everyone
not y o u


{ a beautiful moment captured in time }

  • Me: *definitely knows that northern downpour comes right after I have friends in holy spaces*
  • Also me, while listening to pretty odd straight through when northern downpour comes on: oh GOd plEase GIVE ME A WARNING NEXT TIME YOU GAY ASSHOLES!! FUck YOu rYaN rOSs and YOUR FUCKING BOWL CUT!! I AM GOING to MeLt mY eNtIre boDY ALONG WITH MY HEADACHES!! I wAS nOT PREparED I wAS n

An idea I had while eating ramen at 4am.. o 3o ialsoreallywantedtodrawbakugou