just now finished crying over this tbh

biancaros3  asked:

your future cs fics make me want to make an appointment with my dentist, they're so sweet! if you're taking prompts how about this one: CS + first night away from their first baby. (could be a date night or anything else, knowing these two and the trouble they get in)

Bianca you’re so wonderful <3 I hope you like this! 

“Swan,” Killian grumbles tiredly against his pillow.

She doesn’t open her eyes. She just growls and smacks her arm against her forehead as she arches her back and attempts to allow sleep to find her again. 

“He’s your dog when you choose to feed him that close to bed and only walk him once.”

“It wasn’t me.” Killian snaps back. “I wouldn’t do that again.”

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