just noticed this on their facebook haha

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Maybe I'm a skeptic but why would Kerry's mom have a public Facebook? It's just seems odd. Maybe it's some weird PR thing haha. Was it always public?

No idea since I have never noticed that FB before. But is it extremely weird you can see her posts when they are always oh so careful what they put out there 

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henrik does to have that rare natural charm that distracts people for a second, his eyes are so intense yet they have like a light sparkly humour in them so I'm not surprised by that 'seems like he's flirting with you' I'm glad he's lovely as well☺

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the real question is: how does it feel to tell henrik ur order??? like thats goals tbh
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Is henrik as beautiful or more so as he is in Skam, what’s he like in the flesh?? Sorry this must be annoying, just sometimes I see him and I’m like ‘can he be real’ but everyone from Norway seems to be stunning so… lol

Haha! Well considering he’s been making my coffee since before i saw him in SKAM it’s really been natural for me, though obviously I noticed his… strong facial features. He’s definitely a handsome dude, actor or not! And he’s definitely a natural flirt, unintentionally haha! I’m pretty sure he raised the income of that coffee shop by like 300% just by working there. I remember when I saw the first episode of skam I didn’t recognise him, but when I was waiting for my coffee Even popped up on my Facebook feed and I was like ’?? Is this you?’ And he just 'yea you watch skam that’s awesome!’ And I asked him if Isak was gonna end up w him and he refused to answer me lmao! He’s super friendly


Happy Sunday (again)! It feels like it’s always Sunday. How many of you have enjoyed our Sunday Smut posts so far? We’ve enjoyed so much of sharing these with you. Seriously, Sunday doesn’t feel as bad as it did before because you can share this awesome smut fics with you, guys. 

My Sunday have been a shitty one. To tell the truth, it’s one of these days when nothing works out with a way it should and you just wanna slam you head against a wall because fuck this shit. That’s why I wanted to share some awesome smut with you. This fic is one of my favorite smut fics, even though it’s top Dean and even though it'a pet role play. Role playing is one of the most hottest things in fics, even if I usually prefer other kinds of roles, though I can’t imagine myself to wear some nurse costume. Lol, that would be awkward. It was enough when six or so years ago me and Admin A wanted to dress-up like Russian mail order wives and took pictures of that. It’s been six years and I’m still not over it. Admin A probably wouldn’t be happy if I’d told her I’ve those pics in my Facebook in a secret folder, haha!  But you know, in fics everything is hot because Dean and Cas… Anyway, I hope your Sunday is better than mine and that you’ll enjoy this fic as much as I’ve done (many times).  – Admin J

Title: Pretty Baby

Author: intotheruins

Rating: Explicit

Words: 3,152 – Finished

Summary: Dean, Castiel, and pet play.

( Read here )

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