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Hello! I've just started following you about two weeks ago, and I'm wondering if there are some blogs out there blogging the way you do? I mean some pics but also talks and updates? Because I've noticed most blogs are divided into just pics or just drama but I'm trying to find a balance to have my dash filled with a bit of both. Thank you!!!!!!!!!

Hi! Mmh to be honest most of the blogs that I follow are almost equally split between pics and videos and talk so I’d suggest you give them a look but some that I can recommend more specifically are @zapboobear @louehlighthouse @la-paritalienne @anulloamato @ostricacida @lrrystyles @spookyshit91 @boonanastagram @bunboyfriend @curlyhairedcuntandboobear @cathuniverse @droppingtheveilofmaya and @greenandbluebubblegum

Major Discovery: BotW’s Adventure Log = Link’s Diary?!


(Spoiler Alert)

At this point, our beloved game Breath of the Wild has been out for around half a year already. If you have played the game, you are probably very familiar with the Adventure Log feature in BotW that helps you keep track of all your missions and side quests. Or else its pretty much impossible to remember if you were catching chickens for this guy or collecting weapons to show that kid who’s boss.

But here’s the thing- Have you ever thought about the Adventure Log’s origin? Who or what is helping Link keep track of his missions?

If your answer is the Sheikah Slate or the “system”, which is what I’ve always thought, I’m gonna go ahead and assume you own an European/American copy of the game. Because apparently, in the Japanese version of the game, there is evidence that shows that LINK is the one who wrote the adventure log to keep track of his own journey.

“Ok… So what?”

So Link wrote the Adventure Log. Big deal. It’s not like this is gonna change the gameplay in any way.

…True. However, Link didn’t JUST record his missions in the Adventure Log. According to the Japnese version, Link would often type up some of his own thoughts and comments on what he was doing aside from his current objectives. This could give us a deeper insight of Link’s character.

Here’s an example:

This is what shows up after you complete The Hero’s Sword quest. The content of the two versions are very similar, but notice the use of “自分” (myself) in pic 1. This is evidence that the adventure log is written by Link, who’s talking about himself in first person narrative, instead of “the system”. With that in mind, the Japanese version can be translated to:

(I) Finally retrieved the legendary Master Sword. (I) Don’t know if it’s just an illusion, but the sword itself seems to be delighted about this.

To this moment, Princess Zelda is still inside Hyrule Castle, fighting to suppress the Calamity.

She is still holding on to the faith in me, believing that I will definitely come for her…!

But with the power (that I have) now, can she really be saved (by myself)…?

You see what they did there?

The English version replaced every first person pronoun Link has used with “you”!

As someone who owns an American copy, and has never set the system language to Japanese, I was absolutely SHOCKED when I was told about this (credits at the end).

Remember how we could find diaries of NPCs all across Hyrule? Link’s was right under our noses this whole time!

Now that you know about this, does your adventure log seem a bit different from before?

(I) finished visiting all 13 of the locations in the old pictures. I remembered everything I’ve been through together with Princess Zelda.

In those memories (of mine), Princess Zelda always strived to complete the task burdened onto her…

Even if it’s just a moment sooner, (I) want to save her as quickly as possible

(I) want to see her smile again, with these eyes (of my own).

The translation on this one is just OFF. I can’t believe the English version completely omitted the last part, and replaced it with some kind of mission instruction.

Link has been fighting all this time to see Princess Zelda’s smile again with his own eyes.


Not to mention those side quest logs. Once you realize that all of the entries were written by Link himself, the seemingly trivial information recorded in those suddenly opens up so many more hidden sides of Link. It basically re-introduced Link as someone with normal human emotions instead of the silent hero depicted throughout the game.

The caring Link, who was worried about a girl he only met twice for putting herself in danger:

…(I) ventured inside and found part of the Royal Guard’s Series, famous among equipment collectors.

When those were shown to Parcy, the traveler at the stable, her curiosity about it seem to be provoked more than ever (by me). (I) Hope she won’t do anything reckless…

The compassionate Link, who felt glad for other peoples’ happiness:

As a sign of appreciation for bringing the town together and as compensation for the work done (by me), a hefty amount of gems that were unearthed during the town’s construction were given by Hudson (to me).

(I) wish the couple could live happily ever after.

The reckless Link, who apparently felt thrilled when he managed to knock out some monsters with his new companion:

(I) captured the giant horse in Taobab Grasslands

So that’s why. It’s indeed a really big horse. It trampled whatever kind of monster in its way with ease when it galloped. That was really cool.  

When it was brought back to Straia (by me), he was very surprised.

Link the foodie, who carefully noted down new recipes he learned along the way for future use: 

(I) brought Kiana the goat butter and hearty blueshell snail required for cooking seafood paella. She shared some of the dish (with me) as thanks!


The playful Link, who tried to mimic the way Gorons speak- by adding “goron” at the end of every sentence- after he passed the Test of Will and became one of the bros:


Ah… (I) kinda want to write down Kabetta’s Bro Motto, but there’s not enough space goron?

That’s too bad goron…

The empathetic Link, who felt nervous for the guy in this side quest, then relieved when the couple finally got together:

…and… THIS:

The last line on the left is the Japanese equivalent of What the heck…

I guess the statue is a bit too weird even for our great adventurer.

Finally, we have the entry that shows up after you complete the DLC trial:

(I) finally conquered the merciless Trial of the Sword.


(I believe that) Princess Zelda would be quite happy about how much I’ve improved

As we all know, Breath of the Wild is a game that focuses a lot on the freedom given to the players. Even the main story line is broken down into the form of memories, waiting for the players to find. As the players venture on into the wild, they would eventually find the information they need to learn about this world. The amazing amount of details you can find about Hyrule and its people is an important reason why BotW is so attractive.

On the contrary, the info available about our protagonist is very limited. The only piece of description that directly describes Link is in Zelda’s diary, where she points out that he is a very quiet person, and that’s it for our hero.


Link had always had the most extensive character description. Right under our noses.

Nintendo got us. They got us GOOD.

But now we know.

SIX months after the game’s launch.

…Better late than never.


P.S.: Fun fact about BotW Link- he seems to like the sand seal game a lot. Of all the entires about racing minigames, the sand seal game is the only one where Link wrote “(I’ll) try to get a better score next time!

He’s so adorable I can’t //////


Disclaimer: I did not discover this.

This discovery was made by a Chinese gamer @atomaruU about a week ago. To make sure that her theory is correct, she cross referenced the English version of the game, only to discover that the language is completely emotionless and robotic. Therefore, to allow more people to see who Link REALLY is, I was asked to write this post based on the Chinese article she published. 

Her Twitter: https://twitter.com/atomaruU

Tweet Link: https://twitter.com/atomaruU/status/902172455661211649

Chinese article Link: http://weibo.com/ttarticle/p/show?id=2309404145837893616605

Pic credits: @lulubuu0609 (She’s an amazing artist btw check out her blog)

Hope you enjoyed this :3    

My Moon, you’re too busy admiring the sun to notice how beautifully you glow.

I have yet to draw these two being intimate so I fixed that

I hope you guys don’t mind if I just tag this ship ShuYuu? No one seems to know what it is (but let me know if there is an existing tag already LOL)


It kind of feels heart-fluttering, or dreamy… or comfortable…

It feels very… special.

Scarf v. Crabot, Docket No. 3838

Citizens of the jury. Check this shit out.

Before I show you this shit, I would like to remind you all what brought us here today. Exhibit A:

That’s right. This beautiful, good man. But more specifically, this, Exhibit B:

What exactly the hell this is has teased inquiring minds for years, one can safely presume. There have been theories and inquiry into the neckwear of antiquity. But this man’s fashion sense has eluded precise articulation. The prevailing theory is that it is a cravat, but a Google Image Search shows otherwise. Exhibit C:

A cravat seems to be like an extra puffy necktie scarf thing. It certainly does not flutter to that extent, being tucked inside the shirt.

An alternate, but equally doomed theory arose–that of the jabot. Exhibit D:

A more likely option, with the layers and the fluttering, but, please observe again Exhibit B:

See how the collar is a few inches tall, with dimples in the cloth, around his neck, and how the fluttery layers seem to come out from the top of it and down? Here’s an image of him in his daily asskicking duties to compare as well, Exhibit E:

Well, it clearly doesn’t have the thin collar and flat lay of the jabot, because the fluttery front comes over the top of the collar, not attached to the bottom like the jabot.

I too was resigned to ambiguity, until I was sitting on my bedroom floor writing fanfiction one Sunday afternoon and my mom brought me something. She had been cleaning out her closet and found something interesting from her Los Angeles department store days in the 1980s. It is a booklet guide from Nordstrom on how to wear scarves. The booklet, Exhibit F, is in such a state due to Dog:

Cute, wholesome, etc. But the true revelation waited inside. Citizens of the jury, my decisive evidence, Exhibit G:

[Transcript: 6 SQUARE SCARVES 1. Take a square scarf and make accordian (sic) pleats from top to bottom 2. Wrap around neck and flip one end over the other. 3. Fan out pleats and wear off to the side or in front.]

BROS DO U SEE THIS RN??? This shit has the exact same features that were missing in the cravat and jabot, and is identical to the Chest Kleenex on this beautiful man. Once more, Exhibit B:

Conclusion: He’s been wearing a specially folded square scarf this whole time. The prosecution rests. *mic drop*

*hasty scrambling to pick up dropped mic* The prosecution takes official notice that there are three layers of ruffle in every official art, not two. The prosecution saw that just now and has no idea how that could be but stands behind its argument. Okay, thanks guys. *puts mic back into stand*



My wonderful friend @sailor-matcha pointed this out to me, I quote her:




EXHIBIT B:  CLOUD AND TIFA/AERITH (srry i don’t ship cloti or clerith i just pulled whatever pics i got from google image searching ‘ff7 golden saucer date’ lol)



…. and finally, this.


FUCKIN FIREWORKS and she also says: 

❝ Yesterday, sorry I didn’t give you my name and left. I guess the most safest place is by your side. May I ask your name? ❞


if anyone wants to get on this one-way ship to lunyx hell, feel free to join me oi

usc trojans + team snapchat
  • the trojans, inevitably, create an official team snapchat
  • it’s started with the intention that they’d post videos and pictures from practice and official team things, announcements for games and “jeremy’s doing an interview on espn at 8 check it out!!” but
  • it does not stay that way
  • it lasts maybe a couple weeks, where it’s proper and nice and being used for its original intention, but then alvarez, naturally, derails it
  • a series of videos goes up late one evening that feature jean and laila, dressed all in dark clothes, carefully sneaking into the dorm kitchen where jeremy has left a fresh batch of cookies.  alvarez is behind the camera, narrating, stopping to laugh when laila nearly drops the tray completely over the floor
  • it’s so careful and elaborate and they nearly make it safely back to laila and alvarez’s dorm with all the cookies when they run into jeremy, who’s coming back from his own room with a container to put the cookies in. there’s a short pause in the video where everyone freezes, a sudden jolt of motion, and then it cuts off
  • the story concludes with a very blurry snap of jean, laila, and alvarez running down the hall, jeremy behind them
  • it’s a couple of days later when the story is updated again, this time at two in the morning, and from the looks of it, they’re at a completely empty walmart.  there’s a freshman backliner sitting in one shopping cart with a sophomore striker behind him ready to push it, and another cart with laila in the basket and jeremy behind her
  • it’s a Classic Trojan Tradition of shopping cart races (while jean does the actual grocery shopping with a pair of dealers) that ends - always, inevitably - with someone (jeremy and laila) crashing into a shelf of pasta noodles, and someone else (the striker and backliner) nearly tipping over
  • everything derails from there.  any possibility of serious story updates is gone
  • they try, of course.  there’s a full set of pictures featuring the trojans trying on their new uniforms, making sure they all fit properly.  it starts with a few of some of the juniors laughing at a goalkeeper’s Way Too Big jersey, and one of jeremy knox looking Amazing in his uniform
  • but then it turns to alvarez helping jeremy with his jersey.  there’s a couple where she’s trying to adjust it, and he’s saying who knows what, but then there’s one of alvarez locking eyes with the camera, followed by her nudging jean and pointing over at it, and then a series of them posing for the camera, laughing and doing their best runway walks
  • it’s concluded, twenty pictures later, with the full team in their uniforms, in the most ridiculous team photo, in which everyone is laughing and making the Best poses
  • there’s one night where jean updates with a video that has the little time filter over it reading something like 3:26AM, and it’s just jean dancing to “electric love” at full volume in their dorm.  the very last two seconds consist of jeremy noticing jean’s recording him, and there’s a very brief Jean Laugh before the video cuts
  • pictures of the trojans on the bus after a game. jeremy feeding jean oreos while a backliner paints his nails, laila getting increasingly frustrated over a game of tic-tac-toe with one of the freshmen, two strikers trying to toss jelly beans into each other’s mouths (followed up with a pic of the bus floor, littered with jelly beans)
  • jeremy and alvarez performing tango: maureen in the kitchen at 5:14 in the morning while their breakfast cooks
  • the team drawing with chalk out in the court parking lot on a particularly nice day.  someone’s drawn a very shaky kevin day, distinguishable only by the chess piece on his face that doesn’t look anything like a queen, right next to a very immaculate dragon
  • it’s all just. an entire mess of things it was Not created for, and it’s beautiful

Hey Coraline fans!

I was watching the movie for the idk what millionth time and I noticed in the scene where the Other Mother suggests playing hide n seek in the rain the lightning that appeared just before it started to rain looked like a creepy hand, y’know the hand

@coralinenotcaroline @hellocoraline

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I just found a pic of two John's aunties together, playing inside a house, and I've noticed Paul behind them and I was just like WHAT THE F*CK WAS HE EVEN DOING HERE ? DID HE JUST PHOTOBOMBED A FAMILY REUNION PIC ?

are you talking about this?

because Paul’s perfect eyebrows literally photobombed the Smiths

Paul’s eyebrows are judging you Mimi


Fandom: Marvel

Summary: For the contest, based on: “Imagine returning to Peter’s apartment after a date, only to find your dad, Tony, waiting for you.” by @thefandomimagine

Word count: 1,637


Originally posted by sexy-stan

“Trust me, my aunt’s cake is almost as bad as that was,” Peter exclaimed mockingly, while the two of you exited the Chinese restaurant of Peter’s choice.

Both of you enjoyed fast food, whether it was Chinese, Mexican, or something else, so it wasn’t anything strange for you to just choose a random restaurant for your date. You decided to check on every one of them in the quarter Peter lived in, and it resulted in a variety of unusual experiences. You were certain you would never again step foot in the one you just left. The strange taste their food left on your tongue was enough of a warning. Who knows what they would bring you next time?

“But that was just a simple chicken! I wonder what they would do if we ordered something more complicated,” you shivered in terror at the mere thought of that disaster-to-be.

“I’m pretty sure we wouldn’t survive that. Or at least you,” he laughed at your expression.

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dating would include's // ezra miller

request by anon– Hey guys, not sure if you’d do this but could you write some headcanons for ezra? Like maybe dating him or liking each other and realizing you’re falling in love? I’d love it if you could write these yall :’)


Originally posted by may-th

  • You two would meet because you were a new photographer and was supposed to work with him on one or two projects
  • (Ezra has so many swoon worthy model pics in existence but Wikipedia and IMDb doesn’t say he’s a model?? so imma just assume he did modelling)
  • You had a different style from the other photographers he’s worked with before, and had different instructions to how he should pose and stuff. He finds out he likes your style over the others.
  • He also noticed your great looks /personality /character /attitude /intellect /(your best features). Drawn to it, he would try flirting constantly, but because it was your first time working with a real model, you thought they were all as playful and happy-go-lucky as he was.
  • Besides, he seems so cute and genuine and lovely… so you flirt back.
  • You two would call each other cheesy names, like him calling you “buttercup” and you calling him “honey” or “darling.”
  • Then there’s the smirks and wriggle of shoulders and eyebrows, before you two snap out of it and laugh.
  • Yes, laughter. There’s so much laughter between you two, it makes flirting  much easier and keeps the conversation light and casual.
  • He realises he likes that. But any guy who is interested in someone would like to take it up to the next level of ‘flirting’. So, taking a bold move, the following day you receive a single red rose from him, with a note and a cheesy pick-up line.
  • The pick-up line would be a Harry Potter based one, (because we all saw that interview ;) ), and after he sent it, he immediately regretted it because if you didn’t get it, it would be awkward on both sides.
  • He thinks that he might have very well doomed your relationship if you didn’t get the reference, and you might think he’s an ultimate nerd.
  • So the next time you guys meet to complete the photoshoot, he awkwardly asks if you got the Harry Potter reference.
  • Little does he know, you had almost swooned from the pick-up line, because all your exes never got the point of Harry Potter, and you were a big big big fan.
  • So very enthusiastically, you squealed and almost tackled him with a hug when he brought it up, but clumsily tries to redraw at the last moment, so you kinda crashed into him instead, knocking over a lot of lights and backdrop equipment as both of you fall.
  • Very cliché–ly, your lips crashed together, with you on top, and the entire studio goes, “OOHHH” because your flirting hasn’t gone unnoticed by them for the entire project.
  • When you get off him, scrambling to your feet and stammering non-stop, he blushes too, but then very romantically cups your face and kiss you again gently.
  • Imagine his lips though. He would be soft and hesitant, wondering when you would push him off until he realises you won’t, then he would deepen the kiss by tilting your head and oH MY GOD WHAT HAVE I DONE.
  • Cue the “AWWW” from the other cast.
  • Then he pulls off, grinning so hard he thinks his face would spilt from it all, and you blush and make weird stuttering sounds. You try to shut up and stop your face from burning, but he finds it really cute that you’re flustered.
  • Then he clears his throat and officially asks you out to dinner that night, with a deep bow and everything dramatically because EZRA IS A CUTE GENTLEMAN AND WILL MAKE EVERYTHING LESS EMBARRASSING FOR YOU
  • You laugh and of course say yes.
  • Then you realise that the entire studio was silent since the kiss, and that the guys were staring and the girls were almost swooning from the whole romance of it.
  • (the girls of the studio would have very high expectations on how guys would ask them out ;DDD)


- whenever you two need either a model or a photographer, you would automatically get each other, so he helps you out with your individual projects and you help him take nice photos


- when Ezra becomes globally known for FBAWTFT, he constantly asks you if his performance was OK and if anyone likes Credence or anything, you would assure him that it was brilliant, going as far as to threaten him with the search results of the gradence tag on Tumblr (whoops)

- also, the entire HP fandom would just die of fluffness when they find the photoshoots you two do together




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ooh~ ooh~ my turn for an ask lolol how would the rfa + saeran react to an mc who has a really big, mean, and just generally aggressive looking dog but it turns out to be the sweetest thing (like my sisters' pitbulls, omg they're so cUTE??? HOW ARE THEY CONSIDERED SO BAD HOLY SHIT) sorry if it's a little confusing but i just love dogs

d’aw… i kinda relate to this… I used to have a very mean looking husky but he was just a cuddly sweetheart, like he’d run up to someone and just walk around them. The fun part was when people were seated because he’d jump on them and lick them. he was adorable af, and then my mom gave him away ;-;  f u allergies…


  • glad you don’t have a cat
  • when he sees him e’s a bit surprised
  • then you just tell him he’s a cuddly sweetie
  • he doesn’t look like one but ok…
  • after a bit he just notices how sweet he is and he’s just ???
  • he falls in love with your dog
  • probably sends a pic of ur dog to Jumin}
  • “Furball better watch out”
  • Gets along pretty well with your dog


  • no just no
  • why would you have dog when you can have a cat?
  • Jumin bby pls…
  • when you tell him your dog is the sweetest thing he calms down a bit
  • then he sees it…
  • shook
  • Mc he looks aggresive
  • he’s not coming near Elizabeth 3rd, no
  • takes a while for him to notice it really is a sweetie
  • holy shit he was wrong
  • still not a fan tho
  • cat mom
  • after noticing how sweet your dog is he’ll let him come close to Elizabeth
  • not for too long tho
  • Jumin pls


  • Thank goodness it’s not a cat
  • when you tell her your dog is increadibly sweet she can’t wait to see it
  • sees it and just
  • well… looks fool sometimes so…
  • unfazed by how ur dog looks
  • notices it’s really sweet 
  • well with an owner like you no wonder it’s so nice
  • pretty sure even ur dog noticed u blushing
  • oops


  • this boy loves animals
  • you tell him you have a dog and he’s just
  • YES
  • sees your dog
  • bit scared
  • MC what if your dog eats me?
  • Yoosung… Sweetie no
  • also effing omelette yoosung just popped on my mind after writing that goddamit
  • when he notices your dog’s a sweetheart
  • He’s  so happy
  • d’aw the two puppies…


  • Probably found a pic of your dog when he stalked researched you
  • he jumped when he saw it
  • and now you’re telling him to meet your dog
  • scared
  • he remembers how a pic of your dog almost gave him a heart attack
  • he can’t tell you that tho
  • he’s a brave chip
  • you take him to see your dog
  • your dog leaps towards him
  • probably yelps a little when your dog tackles him
  • then he realizes your dog is literally just liking his face
  • omg yes
  • forget Elly not really
  • he’s always near your dog now
  • they’re so fucking adorable you just wanna take pics 
  • cute babes 


  • umm ok?
  • desn’t really care tbh
  • has he ever seen a dog?
  • holy shit if he hasn’t this would be so cute yo
  • Let’s say you forgot to tell him your dog was sweet af
  • so when he sees your dog he just
  • fuck
  • your dog just walks towards him and he’s like welp this is how i die
  • then your dog just sits in front of him
  • “Saeran, he wants you to pet him”
  • You’re telling him to touch this beast? are you insane?
  • *pets him*
  • your dog just jumps at him
  • shook
  • “Oh he likes you”
  • oh okay… what would your dog do if it didn’t like him holy shit
  • your dog grows onto him
  • loves how he looks pretty scary
  • edgelord here wants a scary pet pls let him be
  • also loved how scard his bro was of your dog at first

hope this is what you wanted! 

things i think about a lot:
  • Tamaki trying to give Kyoya piano lessons
  • (He’s not v good but he’s doing his best ok)
  • Tamaki having a whole album of cute Kyoya pictures on his phone
  • Cute-but-grumpy morning Kyoya, candid pics, selfies of them together, etc
  • He always has one of them as his lock screen
  • Kyoya keeping a polaroid of the two of them taped on the inside of his notebook
  • The first time Tamaki notices it he melts. his bf is adorable
  • Tamaki is always listening to silly pop songs and Kyoya makes fun of him for it a little, but sometimes Tamaki catches him singing them under his breath and he just. smirks bc his bf is so cute.
  • After school they go home together and immediately take naps/cuddle for at least an hour
  • Kyoya like never takes care of himself bc he works too hard, so sometimes Tamaki has to force him to rest and gives him tea and back rubs and kisses
  • At first Kyoya acts like he’s annoyed from being interrupted but honestly? he loves it
  • Tamakyo getting a cat that ends up liking Kyoya more than Tamaki
  • Kyoya doesn’t think he’s one for pets but he falls in love w that kitty right away
  • It gets SO SPOILED
  • Tamaki has taken to calling him “cat mom”
  • Kyo does not approve
  • Kyoya meeting Tamaki’s mother (again) but as his boyfriend, and she instantly loves him like her own son
  • “Oh, Réne, he’s quite handsome- but so skinny! we need to give him a good meal!~”
  • no, m’am, h’es just an actual twig,,
  • Tamakyo wedding with all their friends and close family..…everyone’s emotional and there are tears
  • Both of them holding their kid for the first time. once again, lots of tears
  • Tamaki wishing his and Kyoya’s family could all have tea under the kotatsu together, like one big family

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Dood, DEH at prom! Your Hcs! For characters! With their s/os! Please!

this is cute omg thank u

since i’m probs not gonna post tomorrow unless something just hits me, i’ll post this tonight <3

((everything is short and its 4 am and i just wanted to write somethin happy n cute n small))

haha fun fact i didnt go to prom last year and i regret it

evan hansen

  • probably asked you to prom after a loooot of pep talk from his friends. ev’s not the big “promposal” sort of guy, so if he did anything special, it’s probably something small. jared probably talked him into giving you a lil dessert that had a little sign that said ‘will you grow to prom with me?’ and looked like a sapling. it was adorable. evan was v nervous about it.
  • evan gets rly starry-eyed when he sees you. he compliments you a lot and gives u a quick peck on the lips
  • heidi takes a few pics of u and evan and she’s like ‘u both look adorable stay safe!!!!’ and shes just nice n i love her
  • v nice dinner. evan is sweet. you two actually go out with friends n it’s nice
  • the two of u dont rly dance? like, you do dance a lil - mostly to slow songs but apart from that?? not much dancing
  • the two of u also sneak away at some point and just kinda stay outside for a bit, sneakin lil smooches
  • the two of u probably also leave a bit earlier than the rest of the group?? you head over to evan’s house n change into comfortable stuff n cuddle
  • ice cream + tv post-prom cuddle session. good time, v warm

jared kleinman

  • im not saying he might have asked you to prom with a meme, but he might have asked you to prom with a meme.
  • you told him no. he was sad. connor laughed in the distance.
  • a few days later he pops up with a pizza and he’s like ‘prom???’
  • ‘pizza?’
  • ’… they were out of donuts.’
  • ‘oh my god jared’
  • dances with u all night long and smooches u a lot, tells u that u look amazing at least 1000 times
  • u two probably wander into the BEST party after prom
  • probably some drunk dancing
  • mORe sMONCHE S 
  • smonch
  • “can u two not” - everyone, probably
  • i shoudl sleep hhhhonestly u two probs end up having sex if ur cool with that
  • lil smooches.
  • s MO O CH E S 

connor murphy

  • “babe are we going to prom” 
  • connor just shrugs “do u want to”
  • “yeah”
  • it’s decided. u two will go to prom.
  • zoe texts u and says connor is hopeless when it comes to tuxes n shit and ur like ??? and she’s like ‘you’ll see.’
  • you do see. he pulls it off and he looks cute and u smooch him and tell him he looks great
  • oh my god cynthia takes a lot of pictures of u two because CONNORS ACTUALLY GOING TO PROM HOLY F U CK 
  • probably a v nice dinner and it’s just the two of u 
  • do the two of u dance??? maybe to a slow song and u basically have to pull connor out and guide him n it’s basically just the two of u swaying
  • no after party. not rly connor’s scene.
  • u two probably go to ur house n maybe makeout or something idk
  • u have a selfie of u and connor from prom and its ur background for a bit
  • sometimes zoe’s still surprised that connor even went to prom tbh

zoe murphy

  • my love. probably got ppl from jazz band to serenade u with ur fave song and then asked u to prom and it was s u p er c ut e 
  • zoe probably dances with u a lot ngl
  • she complains about her heels and eventually kicks em off and she’s like “fuck that”
  • all
  • the
  • prom
  • photos
  • uh. probably went to prom after party where a lot of ppl from jazz band were. probably got a lil drunk at the very least. probably fell asleep together somewhere
  • cynthia also took a lot of pictures of u two because p r o m
  • thats all i got rn for zoe but ill probably properly write these headcanons later maybe idk
  • if they suck then send me the thing and be like ‘pls tell me u slept’

alana beck

  • she probably bought u flowers or candy n stuff and asked u that way
  • honestly she’s definitely on prom committee and if u are too, u two flirt the entire time and other ppl are like ‘oh my god st o p’
  • alana looks amazing. everyone looks amazing. she’s wearing contacts??? it’s rare, man
  • very nice dinner. very nice pics. everything’s rly nice and she seems rly happy so the night is going well
  • prom itself goes pretty great
  • she probably noticed some shit might have gotten broken and was like ‘n o’ and ur just like ‘nonono its fine babe!!! i promise it’s fine, someone probably wasn’t paying attention to what they were doing’ and she calms down
  • also probably went to a nice after party for a bit before going back to ur place or her place n cuddling n whispering sweet nothings to each other
  • good times

hhhh feel free to send these to me again if this sucks

but thank u anon

Sweet Dreams, Love.

A/N: Hello! this is my first little drabble! I got this because Taron always looks super tired in pics and that bb needs sleep ;o;

Summary: Eggsy has been working non stop for the past two weeks, and you notice he’s becoming incredibly tired. He comes home after his last mission and you have a night-in to let him recoup.

The door slammed from behind you, followed by a long yawn and a few curses muttered under an exhausted sigh. Eggsy had been on missions constantly the past two weeks. It was just one at first, but Kingsman kept buzzing him in, asking him to take someone’s place on a mission or to go as an extra precaution. After each one, he’d come home, more tired than ever, and curl up on the couch for an hour or two, before being notified again that he was needed. It was painful to watch, and you’d ask him to stay home for a few minutes more and sleep. It was so evident in his dazed eyes and the bags that got extra crinkled when he’d give you a sympathetic smile that he need rest. However, he’d pass it off, saying that he was fine before kissing your forehead and trudging out the front door.

So when he came in, you stopped writing the email you were sending to your boss, and ran to meet him at the front door where he was hanging his coat. He looked terrible. Of course, he was wearing a suit, which helped him appear sharp, but the man underneath was exhausted. He didn’t even notice you were there.

“How was your mission?” You asked quietly.

His posture jolted up at your voice, but sank down once again as he recognized it was you. “It went well. They said I could take the next few days off, if I wanted to.”

You walked over to him and caressed his cheek, trying to get a better look at his condition. Not only was he tired, but he now had a black eye and a deep gash on his forehead, along with a few stray scratches.

“Jesus, Eggsy.”

“You don’t have to say my name twice, (Y/N).” He gave you his award winning smirk, causing you to roll your eyes, but you still felt the corners of your mouth giving in. He took your hand and held it in his own, lacing your fingers together as he gave you as soft peck on the lips.

“I really am sorry, Love. I probably had you worried sick.” He murmured.

“Yeah, you really have me in a tizz, and not the good kind. You’ve been so tired recently and now you’re hurt… I understand Kingsman is your job, and I’m so, so proud of you knowing everyday you walk out the door you’re going to save the world. You don’t need to apologize for that, okay? You just need to start taking better care of yourself and you have to establish your limits so that you don’t wear yourself out too much.”

“So that we can use that energy for…?” He sing-sang as he wiggled his eyebrows.

Your cheeks turned red as your cast your eyes to anywhere but his face. “Go get washed up, I’ll order a pizza. You look like shit.” You over exaggerated a sniff and added, “ Ew, you smell like it too!” as you waved in front of your nose.

“Breaking news, I have a five year old for a girlfriend.” He snickered as he walked past you towards the shower, giving your butt a a soft tap as he walked by. 

You stuck your tongue out at him in retaliation as you dialed the pizza place. So much for those manners.


“Oh my gosh, I hate you.”

You looked at Eggsy like a deer in headlights, one piece of pizza hanging out your mouth and another in your hand as you sat criss-cross on the couch.

“It came before you got out!” You tried to say with a full mouth. While Eggsy had been in the shower, the pizza man came with the pizza. You tried to resist opening the box until he got out, but you were weak.“Sorry, babe.”  

“I’m kidding, but I will have to say, part of the reason I’m forgiving you is the fact you have a Salvador Dali marinara mustache on your face.” He grabbed a slice from the box.

“Ugh, you’re kidding me.” You groaned.

“Nope.” He laughed, taking a picture of you with his phone as he sat down next to you.

“You are so mean, you know that?” You pouted.


You gave him the evil eye as you stuffed another slice in your mouth as you grunted a “Whatever, loser.”

Eggsy turned silent, and after a few minutes, you noticed he was sleeping, his slice of pizza resting on his blue, cotton shirt. You took a quick picture of the scene before gently putting the piece of pizza in the box and put the box in the fridge. You gently smiled at him as you contemplated waking him up to bring him to the bedroom or to let him sleep on the couch. You decided he probably wanted to wake up tomorrow morning without a neck cramp, so you gently shook his shoulder, causing his eyes to flutter open.

“Hey, sleepyhead.”

“How long was I out?” He murmured, rubbing his eye with his fist, his hair cutely sticking up every which way.

“Not long, maybe fifteen minutes. But let’s get you to bed, Eggs. You must be really tired” You whispered, placing a kiss on his cheek.

“Mhm.” He said, slowly getting of the bed with your help. You held his hand as he stumbled down the hallway and into your bedroom. Before you knew it, he was in the bed, his mind out like a light.

You giggled as you crawled in next to him, trying to steal the covers back from him. As you did, he opened one eye at you.

“Having trouble?”

“Yes.” You said in a small, high pitched voice.

“Come here.” He said, patting the spot next to him. “Be my little spoon.”

You blushed as you cuddled up next to him. “How can express your emotions so bluntly and not get embarrassed?”

“My mum says it’s because I’m just naturally cheeky. Now go to sleep, love.” He mumbled into his pillow as he draped his arm over your waist.

You sat there for a few minutes until you heard his breathing even out. Your face heated as you let the words that had been circling your mind the whole day slip from your lips.

“I love you so, so much, Eggsy. Please be safe. I don’t know what I would do without you… ”

You felt your muscles relax as you said it, but immediately felt a pair of lips of your neck press a loving kiss against your soft skin.

“And I love you, (Y/N). More than you could ever know. And don’t worry. I won’t be leaving for a long time. Now, sweet dreams, love.”

He had no idea that someone was wearing his hoodies for a good long while. Just that when Jack and him ended up not being put together for whatever, that he would come back and find a number of his clothing washed, mostly his hoodies and beanies and some lame excuse that Jack had washed whatever clothing he found laying on the ground of their shared quarters.

At first he was just glad he had fresh comfort clothing to come back too, but he noticed a pattern. There was a hoodie for exactly every seven days apart. One week one hoodie, two weeks two hoodies and so on and so forth. Then he began to remember if he had tossed hoodies on the ground or not, one time he even took a quick pic of a completely tidied up side of his room, left two weeks and come back to two washed hoodies folded and laid on his bed. Then of course Ana asked him if he knew Jack was wearing his hoodies when he was away.

He… ‘confronted’ Jack about it when he came back super early from a mission that everyone was sure would take a month but really only took a week. He silently crept to their room and threw open the door to find Jack huddled up the hoodie that he had specially left out for him.

“Hheeeeeyyyy, Jackie!” He yelled as Jack tried to quickly throw off his hoodie. He tackled the asshole to the bed and held him there, laughing as Jack yelled and tried to get the hoodie off of him. He pinned Jack’s flailing arms to his side and smiled as Jack blushed and refused to look at him.

“So you’ve been wearing my hoodies,” He laughed.

“I was cold and it was on the floor,” Jack snapped.

“It was on my bed, because I put it there just for you,” He retorted. Jack turned beet red, caught with his hand in the metaphorical cookie jar before pulling the hoodie up to his cheeks.

“I don’t mind, Jackie-boo,” He chuckled, knocking foreheads with the blushing blonde, “It’s kinda cute.”

“I just… miss you and they smell like you,” Jack muttered, only slightly muffled by the hoodie.

“I’ll make sure to leave one out for you whenever we’re apart,” He laughed, hugging the boy scout close.

Years and years later, after the fall, Gabriel went hunting through Jack’s drawers for anything even remotely dirty looking so he could wash the man’s terribly neglected clothing. While he was pulling out a rather ratty and waded up t-shirt, he saw something black. He pulled it out to and…

“You kept one of my beanies?” He asked.

Jack was already wearing his hoodie because he had already commandeered the man’s jacket to wash and he had pouted without it until he had handed over the hoodie to replace it. When he saw said beanie, Jack looked embarrassed and refused to look his way. He just chuckled before walking over to him and gently tugging it over his silvered hair.

“It’s still cute, Jackie,” He smiled. Jack huffed and buried himself in his hoodie and goddammit he did not think that he could love the man more but here he was, falling for him all over again as the man tried to make himself smaller in his hoodie and his old beanie.

anonymous asked:

Colin's nose confuses me. Sometimes I think it's a bit big, sometimes extremely cute as a button and quite different from different angles. I can never paint his nose exactly like it should be. Argh! Why is he like this!!!


I said it once before, Nonny, but no one even responded to it, like I was crazy or something, but I’m gonna say it again: Colin O’Donoghue has two noses and he switches them out randomly just to keep us on our toes. Maybe more. He might have as many noses as other people have, like, shirts. Or pairs of shoes. That might be why he’s always wearing the same shirts and shoes, because he spends all of his money on his collection of noses. Okay, so that’s a bit of an exaggeration, BUT I SWEAR HE HAS TWO OF THEM.

Okay, this is his basic nose right here:

That’s the one he wears all the time. It’s just a basic model, but it suits him well. Notice the normal sized bridge, the flared bottom, the tip that is noticeably lower than the overall bottom of the nose. That part’s important.

Because this is a flat nose right here:

In fact, in that second picture, the tip almost looks upturned - like it rests marginally higher than the overall base of the nose - not lower. Ah, but maybe it’s a fluke? Or maybe since these pics are both from the same photoshoot, maybe they photoshopped something? Nope. Check these out:

“Okay, so maybe then that’s the basic nose and the other ones are flukes?


The tip

is almost always


than the rest.

And then there’s this nose:

I think he borrowed this one from somebody else or something, because I’ve never seen it before. The bridge is wider and the flare is thinner, making them almost appear to be the same width. Very strange.

So Nonny… You really don’t have to worry about drawing his nose exactly right. If anyone ever says his nose doesn’t look right, just smile and say, “Oh, no, I wasn’t drawing that nose. I was drawing his other one.”

That’s me - solutions for all your Colin-related problems!