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I’m crying because I tweeted Pete about his Spotify playlist that he shared with everyone and he replied and included a heart and I think this is heaven


Henry + his swan nightlight


Mizuki Hisahito 水樹 寿人

“I’m the captain, Mizuki. Nice to meet you all.”

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Im so sorry to say/ask that, but do you still not notice that dan and phil don't really care about their audience and do anything to get maximal money out of it..? Don't worry, I love them, too, though I finally noticed and I just wanted to ask you this

in my personal opinion, it seems as if dan and phil don’t exploit their audience for money but rather make a moderate amount of content which money comes along with (they do need to make a living of course). the spons they do on their gaming channels are usually some contract they have going (for doing their app or paying for the tour) and then there was the one video where the money was going to charity. the cost for tatinof was quite affordable (at least where i was) and the show more than compensated for that. comparatively, other youtubers are sponsored every video and make videos every day. others make vapid books with no substance whatsoever. meanwhile dan and phil worked for months to create something they are incredibly proud of and was such a sweet and creative inside joke for their viewers. their merch is well thought out and they take pride in what they make. i do think dan and phil care about their audience as seen through literally touring around the world (on a very draining tour which wasn’t just short q&a sessions) and doing liveshows and all that fun stuff. i don’t see the problem with making money as long as they aren’t pressing the boundaries and selling out every single video.

Something that hits me when I watch interviews with Rufus is just how much out of my depth I would be if I ever had a conversation with him. The guy is so intelligent and articulate (and sexy as fuck of course), that it’s lucky I can admire him from a distance and not feel like a completely idiot when he’s quoting Oscar Wilde etc.

i hate it so much when im clearly upset and pushing someone away and they literally just leave?? like.. nobody ever wants to say “hey i know you dont really wanna be alone so im not gonna leave and im gonna make sure ur okay and happy before i ever do have to leave you by yourself” am i really not worth doing that for?


I want what you want
I want to make this city a better place

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O. M. Goodness. I was, like, tagged by a person? Someone noticed me?? And then tagged me in a thing??? *internally dies*

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1. I wish that free pie was given out to all people on Pi Day.

2. I constantly think in French, but with random splashes of English filling in the words I don’t know.

3. I feel super appreciated when people hold doors for me. Like you’re being polite?? To me???

4. Spreading good humor is a life goal.

5. I have a list of words that I want a British person to say if I ever meet one.

6. The first word is “cucumber”

7. I tend to see hot strangers and create all sorts of ridiculous back stories for them in my head. (I automatically assumed one guy I saw at the movies moonlighted as a were-giraffe that was a stripper)

8. I like. Big. BOOKS. And I CANNOT LIE. (You other bookworms can’t deny…)

9. Sushi should be advocated more. I mean, it’s edible raw fish!??

10. For a Klondike Bar….I’d fight a Swedish bear. Then split it with them afterwards.

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