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14 and 15 or just 15 please

14. Take. It. Off.

It is no secret that Harry has a unique style. He always chooses his clothes with humour and sometimes he doesn’t put too much thought into what he will purchase next. The weirdest thing though, is the fact that he can pull off literally anything; from a ripped t-shirt to a patterned suit. And it drives you nuts. Whenever there are new pictures of an appearance of him, you are at a loss for words.

Your favourite piece of clothing on him though is that pink, silk button down shirt that he wore at the shooting of the Perfect video. When your eyes first landed on it, your brain was flooded with filthy scenarios and all the things you could do to him.

Harry knew very well what that particular shirt did to you and he wasted no time making your fantasies come true. He really enjoyed that he was capable of playing with your mind and your body just by wearing that shirt. What he didn’t really notice though, was that shirt brought out the dominant side of you. Of course Harry still had the upper hand but when his body was wrapped up in that pink silk, his dominant skills were down the hill.

“Y/N, why aren’t yeh ready yet? We are goin’ to be late”. Tonight you two had arranged to visit your parents, who came to the country to check up on their daughter who hadn’t seen in so long.

“Harry I am almost done”, you were already in your outfit. The only thing left was your shoes and you were ready to go.

“Ok love just makin’ sure”, Harry explained before entering your bedroom. In an instant, you froze. No. He wasn’t serious. He knew what that shirt did to you and still he decides to wear it for your parents’ get-together. You tried to pretend you were angry but the wetness between your thighs blurred your mind.

“Ha- Harry what are you wearing?”, you couldn’t contain it.

“Your favourite button down pet”, he said smirking. You knew the game he was playing. You see, all day Harry was needy for you but you, being consumed with work for your college, had no time fulfilling his wishes. And that way was the only one to get what he wanted. He was very cunning.

“Did you choose it because I had no time for my boy all day, huh? Is that so?”, you were moving dangerously close to him and he was wearing that winning smile that made you weak in the knees. But things were going to take a turn.

You attacked his lips before he had time to respond to your question. He glued your body to his and he started kissing you back. His lips moved to your jaw and after a second to your neck.

“Take it off Harry”, he kept kissing you like you had said nothing.

Take. It. Off.”, your demanding tone turned Harry on more and he instantly obliged. His shirt was on the floor and your dress was next. Kisses were shared upon the released skin; kisses that would soon turn into marks.

“Do we have time fo’ at least two rounds baby?”, Harry said between moans, trying to get the answer he was seeking for.

“We- we do. Now back to where we left off”, you said and soon the pleasure was the only thing you felt.

 15. Well, you’re coming home with me whether you like it or not.

“I just find it weird that you won’t come with Harry, that’s all”, Y/F/N explained and you rolled your eyes at her for what felt like the millionth time. You see, the boys had invited you and Harry to a small gathering at Liam’s house to celebrate his restored relationship with Cheryl. Things between them were a bit off and they decided to put all their effort into their relationship and their newborn. When you told Harry where you were invited to, he promised to come but after you because he had a prescheduled appointment with Jeff. You frowned at first but his sad expression that he would miss the start of his mate’s celebration showed you that he was genuinely sorry. You asked Y/F/N to accompany you to the gathering and she accepted even though she was unsure at first.

“Why are you so skeptical about it? You know Harry is extremely busy lately. I still appreciate his going tonight even though he will be tired. I don’t think I would do that”, you playfully said and Y/F/N acted as if being hurt.

“C’mon drama queen. Let’s go get ready for tonight”, you grabbed your friend’s arm and dragged her to your room to finally get dressed.

At Liam’s house.

“I am so glad you could make it Y/N. Same goes to you, Y/F/N.”, Liam greeted you both with a heartwarming hug.

“Are you serious Payne? We wouldn’t miss it for the world!”, you said earning a smile from Liam.

“Where is Cheryl though? We need to catch up with her as well!”, Y/F/N beamed and you started following her after Liam answered.

There weren’t a lot of people invited. This gesture showed that Liam and Cheryl wanted their close ones to know their decision and to thank them for being so good friends and relatives. You felt really happy with them and you wondered when Harry would arrive. A certain voice behind you caught your attention. And not in the best of ways.

“Ryan. How are you doing?”. You really didn’t expect him to be here but what could you say. Ryan had tried to make a move on you in the past but you were already with Harry and when you told him he just kept going. Only when Harry stopped him did he get the message. And you knew that if Harry saw him here, this night would not be so pleasant anymore.

“I am fine. Still trying to find my match you know”. For a moment you thought that he had moved on from you until the next words were spoken.

“But no one seems to be as good as you babe”.

“Ryan why don’t you understand that I am with Harry? Do you want to be beaten up again?”. You instantly regretted those words because Ryan pulled close to him and whispered in your ear.

“But now your Harry is not here right?”. Panic. That’s what you were feeling right now. Harry was still nowhere to be seen and you wondered what you could do on your own.

“Harry, I don’t know why but Cheryl invited Ryan as well. You need to come right now mate. He has your girl cornered and terror is written all across her face. Be quick”. Liam said through the phone. Thank God he knew the history between Ryan and Harry and he felt obliged to let him know he was here.

Just as he heard the words “Ryan” and “He has your girl cornered”, Harry was seeing red. Just the thought about another male, especially Ryan, touching you had him up immediately. You were his and no one else’s. If he had to beat him up again, nothing was stopping him.

Just when he entered the house, his eyes were trying to spot you and when they did, he lost it. There you were, trying to escape from Ryan’s tight grip but with no success. He hurriedly came up to you and Ryan backed away in an instant.

“Oh now yeh are backin’ away? Yeh didn’t understand last time right?”, you knew Harry was furious and you had to calm him down before he spoiled Liam’s and Cheryl’s celebration.

“Harry it’s ok. He won’t come near me again. Please let’s go and congratulate Liam and Cheryl”. Even though being in the same place as Ryan made you uneasy, you had just arrived. Besides, you had your friend here too and you couldn’t just vanish.

“Y/N, step away now! He needs to understand one and fo’ all”, you were panicking once again now and tried to search for Liam but he beat you at it. He was already coming towards you.

“Harry enough. He won’t get near Y/N again”. Liam warned and tried to reason with Harry. He wanted to kick Ryan’s ass but he stopped himself.

“If it weren’t fo’ all the people in here, yeh would be knocked out. Don’t yeh ever breathe near her again, got it?” Harry threatened and Ryan disappeared.

“Harry, let’s go get some drinks oka-“, but he cut you off.

“Y/N we are going home now.”, he said still a bit angry.

“But I don’t want to go just ye-“.

“Well, you’re coming home with me whether you like it or not”. He said looking into your eyes. You should be angry at him that he didn’t let you enjoy Liam’s invitation but this dominance of him was a massive turn on for you. You could only imagine what would happen later that night.

“O-ok Harry.”, you said before brushing your hand accidentally from his hard-on. And you were correct. Harry was already hard for you and his smirk only reassured you that tonight would be good.

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