just not that girly things

I should just open a period store

It’ll sell pads, tampons, diva cups, assorted pain killers, sweat pants, comfortable underwear, XXXL t-shirts, fuzzy socks, heating pads, hot water bottles.. There will be a snack session, assorted sweet and salty treats, assorted flowers, stuffed animals, people can drop off coupons (Free ice cream cone anyone?) as donations.. There will be a lounge in the back of the store where you can chill and watch chick flicks and snack and bitch about your bitchiness, it’ll be great

thanks for inviting me to the party. if you need me, i’ll be in the corner, drinking & trying not to make eye contact

guys last night I had a dream that I became Spider-Girl but instead of spending the whole dream being lit and excited and swinging around kicking some ass like…I was just super distressed over what bra to wear? I was like “am I gonna have to just wear sports bras 24/7 now??? Those are so unflattering on me! But my regular bras would be AWFUL to wear for heavy physical activity, that’s the whole reason sports bras were made in the first place. A bralette could be a nice middle ground, but they’re also super cute and I don’t want them to get destroyed in a particularly bad fight!’ and like for a good majority of this dream I had this ENITRE inner monologue/freakout over it WHILST trying to change into my costume in a moving vehicle and when I finally got everything sorted out I tried to pull the mask on only to go ‘oh FUCK my hair!' and that’s the story of the time  a city was almost destroyed because it took me too long to get changed and even though I did save the day in the dream I woke up clutching my boobs in mild panic