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This may well be my favorite comma in all of literature. It’s not grammatically necessary; you might, if you were so inclined (I’m not), argue that it’s incorrect. But here it is, the last breath of the paragraph, and I like to think that it’s SJ’s way of saying, “This is your last chance to set this book down and go do something else, like work in your garden or go down the street for an ice cream cone. Because from this point on it’s just you, and me, and whatever it is that walks, and walks alone, in Hill House.” I don’t think that anyone’s going anywhere. Right?

Shirley Jackson’s Sublime First Graf in ‘Hill House’, Annotated

We asked Random House copy chief Ben Dreyer to annotate the eerily memorable and exceptionally well-constructed first paragraph of Shirley Jackson’s The Haunting of Hill House, and it’s just marvelous.


Top 3 OTP confrontation scenes

1. Shirbert (Anne Shirley & Gilbert Blythe) - Anne with an E

“Hey… Carrots!”

“I’m not talking to you!”

“You just did.”

2. Baby Batcat (Bruce Wayne/Batman & Selina Kyle/Catwoman) - Gotham

“You… and her- you both lied to me.”

“But for very different reasons…”

“Fight me! Hit me! Fight me!”


3. Bellarke (Bellamy Blake & Clarke Griffin) - The 100

“You can stop this, they’ll listen to you! I saw you in the woods with Atom, I know you’re not a killer! You can’t do this! No! Bellamy! No!”

“This is on you, princess! You should have kept your mouth shut!” 

gifs do not belong to me. scene links on title names <3 ps: this is for you anon!!

countolafnph  asked:

Ok first off your Art is amazing. Just wanted to tell you. Anyway, I was wondering if you could do some art of Olaf and Georgina Orwell together? They are my fav pairing besides him and Esme. :3

Thank you so much!! Here’s Georgie and Shirley, because YES

anne the series season finale

me: aye they got the monAYE green gables is SAVED jerry can STAY

matthew: we have two [boarders] confirmed

me: no…?

*dinner scene with asshole #1*

me: no.

anne: *goes to answer the door*

me: no!

asshole #2: *exhales while looking at anne*

anne: *exhales while looking at asshole #2*

me: *sobbing* NO!